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Nama Kelompok :

 I Gede Jacky Capri Eka Putra (3)

 Gede Marta Hartawan (4)
 I Komang Marasta Yuda (13)
 Kadek Rian Andinata (18)

Jacky : Hello bro, How Are You Today ?
Marasta : I’m Fine thank you and you ?
Jacky : I’m fine too. How your holiday ?
Marasta : It’s bad. I must help my father to build a
new house
Jacky : Oh,That’s bad.
Marasta : How Your Holiday ?
Jacky : I’m so satisfied. I went to USA This Holiday.
Marasta : Oh, that sound good. Where have you
been ?
Jacky : I visited many kind of place. For example, I
watched a boxing match.
Marasta : Really ? That must be expensive ?
Jacky : Oh yeah, I have a lot of money, I’m
confused, how to spend it.
Marasta : why we don’t buy video games, such as
Fifa2018, Pes2018, GTA V.
Jacky : That’s a good idea. But where we can play
it ?
Marasta : We can play at Marta’s home, there is rian
too. Let’s go!!

Jacky and Marasta go to Marta’s home

Jacky : Woy bro, you play game never invite us, damn
Rian : Sorry bro, hours ago, I looking for you, but
your mother solid, you not at home.
Marta : Yeah bro, where did you go ?
Marasta : We go to game shop.
Marta : Really ? what did you bought ?
Jacky : I bought video game, such as Fifa 18, Pes 18
and GTA V.
Rian : Don’t talk anymore, let’s play together
Marasta : But wait a minute. I’m very thirsty.
Marta : What you want to drink. I have many kind
of drink, for example, Coca-Cola, Aqua, Sprite, and
Marasta : I just want mineral water I keep my healty
Rian : But our refridgerator empty. I think we
must buy some drink, for example, aqua, coca-cola,
and etc.
Marta : And some food, for example, pizza, burger,
fried chicken, and etc.
Rian : Okay. I will buy it. But I don’t have a lot of
money, last night I and my Girl friend party together
Jacky : Don’t worry I have a lot of money, just buy
what you want.