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Types of Presentation Function Form

Brochures To increase attractiveness for a A single or multi page folded
Leaflet To inform public the superiority A printed sheet of paper
of a product
Pamphlet As an identity for a product A small booklet
Banner To promote a product It’s made from cloth

The similarities of designing banner,brochures,leaflet and pamphlets is have basic similarities structural
features such as : 1) Title & a slogan 2) Introduction 3) Subheadings 4) Attractive Illustrations and
photographs 5) Include contact information, and where to get further details .

No Question Yes No
1 Do you v
understand what
banner is?
2 Do you v
understand what
brochure is?
3 Do you v
understand what
leaflet is?
4 Can you v
leaflet and
5 Can you v
brochure and

Types of Function Form Design

brochures To increase A single or multi page attractiveness folded for a product leaflet To inform public A printed sheet of the superiority paper of a product pamphlet As an identity A small booklet for a product banner To promote a It’s made from cloth product .