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The evalotation of video game consols

Brice Biszantz perod 1

Oct 18th 1985 Aug 23rd 1991 Nov 21st

May 8 1972 nentendo Sep 9th 1996 Oct 28th 2012
May 10th the super netendo 2004 the
this was entertaiment nentindo 64
1980 the intertainment nintindo ds WII U hi
wanna of the systym .Came out came out with 2
intellivision system this consel It hade a defanishion
first consols & it had better with new games new games
had advansed build in grafics
iact that you grafecs than along with it so it super mario and
grafecs from its last micro phone
could play on Atari pilot wings
was popular consol and touch
May 8th 1975 the Nov 10th 1982 Aug 10th Sep 9th 1995 Nov 15th 2001 the Nov 22nd 2005
pong this was the atari 5000 1989 playstation it xbox it was Xbox 360 the
ataiys first at un like the the game boy was the fist of made to prefome online
home game preves atari this It was the it kind better then the compeat
consol atari controler first hand play station 2 and network
has a joy stick held consol has computer