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RowAnalytics Secures Seed Funding for Its precisionlife AI Enabled Data

Analytics Business

Precision Medicine is not new, but Precision Agriculture is. Two major investors (Wheatsheaf &
Astia Angels) are now backing RowAnalytics (an innovative AI enabled decision support solution
start-up) to pioneer the field of Precision Agriculture. Together, they'll bring new solutions for
animal and crop health to address increasing global supply chain problems of feeding billions of
people. RowAnalytics is now poised for rapid growth.

Boston, MA, March 08, 2018 --( Funding from global investors Astia Angels and Wheatsheaf
Group will help bring innovative AI enabled analytics to an international audience.

RowAnalytics Ltd. announced today that it has secured seed round investment from global investors
Astia Angels and Wheatsheaf Group Ltd., part of the Grosvenor Estate.

RowAnalytics uses its precisionlife range of patented AI analytics tools to interpret complex genomics
data and other influences to provide a deeper and more useful understanding of how foods, medicines and
healthcare can be combined to improve peoples' lives.

The investment will enable the company to accelerate its programme of product launches and expansion
into new international markets. Steve Gardner, CEO of RowAnalytics, said: “We have developed
innovative analytics and AI capabilities that enable a new generation of precision medicine and precision
agriculture solutions. The ability to deliver combinatorial, multi-omic analysis at scale is a critical
missing piece in realising the benefits of the genomics, IOT and AI revolutions. This investment will
enable us to scale our business to address the significant global opportunities in these high-growth

Sharon Vosmek, CEO of Astia and Astia Angels, lead on the investment into RowAnalytics, said: “We
are excited to be investing in a hugely experienced leadership team creating new value from complex life
science data. Astia Angels member investors around the globe are participating in this deal: from Silicon
Valley, New York and Boston to London and Frankfurt, reflecting the truly global nature of our network
and our ability to identify high growth potential companies with women in positions of equity and
influence. The potential for RowAnalytics is extremely exciting and there was real enthusiasm for this
investment and team from our members.”

Peter Kristensen, European Portfolio Development Director for Wheatsheaf Group, said: “RowAnalytics
has a uniquely enabling combination of deep genomic, semantic and real-time decision support analytics
that is perfect for the type of complex multi-trait optimizations required in precision agriculture. We are
excited to work with this fantastic team on developing ground-breaking capabilities for the animal and
crop health markets. It further strengthens our portfolio of businesses that seek to make better use of
global resources and, with our support, we believe it will enable food producers across the world to
operate with increased efficiency and help meet the increasing demands of a changing global population.”

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As part of the company's growth strategy, RowAnalytics has moved to larger, hi-tech premises in
Kidlington, Oxfordshire in preparation for the company's plans for significant growth in the next 6

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About RowAnalytics Ltd.

RowAnalytics is an AI solutions company innovating high dimensional, hyper-combinatorial data
analytics to solve grand challenges in health, food and smart living. Its precisionlife platform powers
massive disease population studies, identifying novel combinatorial, multi-omic associations of multiple
genomic, phenotypic and other factors with disease risk and therapy response, a radically new capability
in genomic analysis. RowAnalytics' innovative tools enable the personalization at scale required to
deliver next generation precision medicine, digital health and smart IoT solutions, with exciting potential
in the field of precision agriculture. Headquartered near Oxford, UK, RowAnalytics was founded by a
diverse team of highly experienced life science, healthcare, AI and computer science leaders.

For more information, visit

About Astia Angels

Astia Angels is the premier global network investing in companies with inclusive executive teams. Since
its launch in 2013, members have invested over $18M (more than $190M in syndication) into 54
companies, with at least one woman in position of leadership, holding equity and significant influence.
Averaging more than 2 investments per month, Astia Angels is quickly becoming one of the most active
private equity investment networks. Astia Angels syndicates globally with top tier private equity firms,
venture capital firms, family offices, and high net worth individuals. Astia Angels is a program of Astia, a
global 501(c)3 organization committed to propelling the success of high growth start-ups with gender
inclusive leadership teams.

About Wheatsheaf Group

Wheatsheaf Group directly operates, invests in and helps to develop businesses in the food and
agriculture sectors. Working in partnership with its portfolio companies, through the activities of over
2,500 people in 34 countries and the development of innovative technologies, it aims to contribute
enduring solutions to improve efficiency in the production of healthy and nutritious food to meet the food
supply needs borne out of the increasing demands of a changing global population. Wheatsheaf is one of
three constituent parts of the Grosvenor Estate which represents all of the business activities of the
Grosvenor family. The others include: Grosvenor Group, one of the world's largest privately owned
property businesses. It develops, manages and invests in property in more than 60 cities globally. The
Family Investment Office, which manages the Grosvenor family's other interests including securities
investments, rural estates in the UK and Spain, the Westminster Foundation charity, a fine art collection
and a family archive.

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Dr. Steve Gardner, CEO
Phone: +44 1865 575170

Sharon Vosmek, CEO Astia
Mobile: +1 415 806 8252

Wheatsheaf Group
Paul Mannion
Public Relations and Communications Executive Wheatsheaf Group
Direct Line: +44 1244 684440
Mobile: +44 7715 080138

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