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Lesson Plan Ref: FREN 2.2.

8 Course Ref: French II

Subject/Course: French II
Topic: Les Vacances en Martinique
Lesson Title: Allez en Martinique
Lesson Duration: 90 minutes

Lesson Objectives:
Students will be able to...
● identify the location, its geography and its climate of Martinique.
● identify the official language of Martinique and other native languages.
● identify popular activities and vacation places on Martinique.
● use the passé composé and imparfait to talk about vacation activities in Martinique.

Summary of Tasks/Actions:
Warmup (5 minutes): Students discuss with a partner “Qu’est-ce que tu as fait ce week-end et qu’est-ce que tu vas
faire ce soir?” During this period take attendance then circulate around the room asking students what their partner
did over the weekend. (Interpersonal Mode of Communication)

After bellringer ask 3-5 students to share what they or their partner did over the weekend and use this to review the
passé composé and imparfait. Then use this to transition to asking students what we did yesterday (“Qu’est que nous
avons fait en classe hier?”).

Draw a Venn Diagram on the board with “Américains” on one side and “Français” on the other side. Get students into
groups of 4 and have them complete a Venn diagram together like the one on the board comparing what Americans
do on vacation vs. French people (using the article we read and the audio clips we listened to last week). Then
complete the diagram on the board with students’ answers they volunteer.

Tell students to look at the objective on the board (“I will be able to identify activities to do in Martinique for
vacation.”), then ask what they think this means we are going to talk about today. Use this to lead into “What are
some activities we do on vacation? Based on what we’ve learned so far, what are some activities French people do on
vacation?” using the Venn diagram on the board to make predictions about “What is Martinique?” and “What do
people do in Martinique?” to transition into watching the video. (Pre-listening/Pre-reading scaffolding)

Pull up the Youtube video of advertisement clip about traveling to Martinique. Listen to the video 3 times as a whole
class with the following goals while listening: 1. listen and try to pick out the subject of the video 2. each student pick
out 3 words they hear and recognize and share them with a partner 3. Answer the following questions: Based on the
video where/what do you think Martinique is? What are some activities you can do in Martinique? ---> lead into
whole class discuss about the video. Based on the video, would you like to go to Martinique? (Pre-reading
scaffolding)(Interpretive Mode of Communication)(Connections to world)

Then students go to and complete the “Chasse au Trésor” (on their own or in groups).
(Interpretive Mode of Communication) (Connection to self and world as well as culture)

In partners/groups, students respond to the questions “Voulez-vous aller en Martinique? Pourquoi?” and share the
activity they chose from the “Chasse au Trésor” (Interpersonal Mode of Communication)
Finally, students use the Chasse au Trésor and the website to plan a vacation to Martinique with a group of 3.
Students choose a hotel and activities to do and give the information about their choices including price, location, and
what days/times. Groups make a visual representation (including pictures) about their trip to Martinique (for

Google Slides with all the information for the day including the objectives
Youtube video of Martinique travel advertisement (
Martinique information cite for the scavenger hunt (
“Chasse au trésor en Martinique”

Take Home Tasks:

Students finish the “Chasse au Trésor” and visual representation of trip if not finished in class