My steps fall heavily on the dark sand; no rhythm complimenting the crashing of the black waves. Beside me walks my brother, tall and straight in wet sand, quiet for a time. We walk together, further from the safety of the cabin, further into the darkness. We look often out towards the blended horizon, unable to tell land from sea and sky. In the distance floats the disturbing glow of a ship. About these flares on the derelict fisher we begin to speak. We walk and we talk, not caring for distance or time. We are free. For a time, we are at peace, but inevitably, the talk dies down as we continue past the silhouetted fishermen in the water. Within minutes, we can see the bright lights of Warrnambool flashing in the distance. Suddenly, a strange blast shoots into the sky, but it is gone before we can comment. Neither of us knows what it is, but both of us grow alert, for we wish to see it again. As brothers, our talk rises. We talk of this and that, but nothing to remember. The disturbing boat still floats silently on the water, eerie lights shining our way in the absence of stars. Again they flare near Warrnambool, but still we do not know what they are. More appear now, and they keep shooting onto the grey clouds. We watch in wonder, my brother and I, curious as to their cause, but this we may never know. Before our time, we have reached the dunes, our final destination. Our talk dies down as we return home. We stalk in the silence, left to our own thoughts. We are alone in the dark, by the sea, nobody to watch us. For the first time in days, we are free.

Sam Commadeur, JR7

A Moment From...

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