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The STRESS of various unpleasant situations in family
or personal life as well as wars, riots, crimes, frauds,
scams and so on; is a common feature today. When there
are fundamentalist crimes, fanatic and indiscriminate
violence and religious riots and wars; we rightly despise
the sectarian, divisive, discriminatory perspective.

But instead of going to the root of the STRESS; we often

resort to a vague doctrine of humanity, which we
conceive only ambiguously; as something global,
international, liberal, nonsectarian, considerate, and
tolerant; and so on! In addition; we conceive humanity as
something egalitarian, kind and philanthropic.

There is nothing wrong in being humanitarian; as

against Zionist dictatorship, religious fundamentalism,
fanatic terrorism, ideological oppression. But humanity
per se; is too non specific, too superficial and hence
ineffective solution. Humanity is a very loose term; and
includes all our drawbacks, deficiencies, ills and evils; in
as much as it includes our virtues!

The study of definition, causes, effects, mechanism,

control, support systems and management of STRESS,
reveals to us that the root of STRESS lies; in the
prevalence of pettiness, and its manifestations; in all the
fields; such as economics and politics; in the world; and
this root cause can be treated by the holistic solutions
provided in Total Stress Managements.

But Total Stress Management also may not be easily

accessible and practicable to every common or average
person amongst us. However; within Total Stress
Management; its core NAMASMARAN; is really
practicable for every common or average individual
amongst us.

NAMASMARAN is so much gentle, delicate and free of

any kind of indiscriminate violence; that it does not give
any “satisfaction of vengeance or having revolted, fought
or even resisted the “unjust or unpleasant issues” causing
STRESS in life.

Hence; NAMASMARAN appears to be a mere “oral or

lip activity”; that has no influence on our life. We may
even feel that it is a kind of meaningless escapism and
begin to despise it!

However; if we continue to practice NAMASMARAN;

we begin to realize that even if we practice it (initially)
with utterly selfish motive and involuntary or
subconscious sociopathic intentions; which may creep in
our mind (not that one should try to do so!); we the
shackles of pettiness begin to get loosened. We begin to
empathize with the others regarding the issues troubling
them. Our horizons widen and our feelings outreach the
mankind as well as the animals and plants; in every nook
and corner of the world. This is not necessarily implied
or practiced in resorting to the vague doctrine of

Thus; NAMASMARAN practiced by us; NEVER

realizes mere individual emancipation without universal
blossoming. It is actually an expression, a holistic
solution as well as a prophase of the fulfillment of the
innate and inarticulate aspirations of the billions of
universal beings!

NAMASMARAN takes us beyond all pettiness, as aimed

by (but not embodied in) humanity; and takes us beyond
the horizons of; as well as into the core of humanity! It
takes us into the innate core of the cosmic consciousness
that encompasses everything! It ensures simultaneous
blossoming from within and also from the outside; in an
individual and the world.