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Cyber security is a big

Get cyber secure It starts at the top
Three quick steps to serenity It starts and finishes with
people in management. problem for small business
Adopt these protections within your business… This is how it affects your business…
You should put at least one person in your
Prevention – Protect your assets business in charge of cyber security. It should • Small business is the target of 43% of all
be someone trusted in management with access cybercrimes.1
• Back-up regularly to protect against loss. to assets.

• Patch applications by installing security updates. • 60% of small businesses who experience a
significant cyber breach go out of business within the
Get everyone on board
• Use complex passwords and use two-step authentication.

following 6 months.2
You need to have complicit support
• Limit access to administrator accounts and sensitive from everyone in the business from
• 22% of small businesses that were breached by the
information. top to bottom to ensure your actions
2017 Ransomware attacks were so affected they could
are employed. not continue operating.3
Well-being – Do things safely Discuss cyber security regularly. Make it a

• Communicate safe practice and talk about cyber security

day-to-day priority, just like locking your
doors each night.
• 33% of businesses with fewer than 100 employees
don’t take proactive measures against cyber security
• Browse safe sites and ensure your staff do too. It’s a hands-on effort

• Only allow applications you trust on your computers. There is no single-fix for cyber security. • 87% of small businesses believe their business is
You can’t solely rely on antivirus software safe from cyberattacks because they use antivirus
to keep you safe from attacks. software alone.5
Response – Report and recover from an attack Educate yourself, staff and customers in the • Cybercrime costs the Australian economy more than
• If you think an attack has happened, tell staff and tell the many ways to stay safe online. Encourage
staff and customers to report incidents and $1bn annually.6
anything that seems out of place.
• Restore backups from before the incident. Cyberattacks
• Consider cyber insurance. Know your risks and Know what you are at risk from…

Speak to a trusted advisor
vulnerabilities Email Attempts to trick you by sending
hoax emails, getting you to click on
When it comes to cyber-attacks, it’s not a phishing a dangerous link, or providing
Whether it’s your accountant, your IT specialist, or us, know where to go for
more guidance on your risks, vulnerabilities, and how to enhance your matter of if, but when. If you use the personal or financial information to
an unauthorised source.
security online. Government agencies can provide more information: internet, you are at risk.
Familiarise yourself with the Stay Smart Online guide Understand the ways your business can be Malware Malicious or intrusive software,
( for simple tips for attacked. Perform regular checks and audits including viruses, worms, Trojans,
protecting your business. ransomware, spyware and
of your online ‘footprint’, so you can prioritise adware.
The recommended place to go for a comprehensive list of practical actions to
your risks.
make your computers, networks and systems more secure is the Australian Hijacking your files and locking
Ransomware you out of your system, then
Signals Directorate’s (ASD) Essential Eight
(, which aim to prevent malware
Protect your business ransoming access back to you.

from running, and to limit the extent of incident and recover data. The right approach for you depends on
your business, the people in it, and the Denial Using a network of computers to
For useful statistics on how cyber security affects small business, the send requests to your system and
Australian Cyber Security Centre ( nature of the assets you need to protect. of overload it and make it
produces and regularly reviews statistics from cyber security incidents. unavailable.
Secure your Point of Sale systems, mobile service
Report a breach to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network devices, networks and stored data with
(ACORN) ( If a data breach has serious consequences, recommended actions. Familiarise yourself with Watering Setting up a fake (or
you may be required to report it to the Australian Information Commissioner, compromised) website you are
more advanced techniques to become cyber hole attack known to go to, then using it to
secure. infect visiting users.

The Small Business Cyber Security Best Practice Guide

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2 Testimony of Dr. Jane LeClair, Chief Operating Officer, National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College,
before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Small Business (Apr. 22, 2015), available at