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Jonah Radebaugh

Physical Education K12/Coaching Leadership & Professional Development

Physical Education/coaching majors must complete a total of 15 points before student teaching/internship.
Points may be earned in any of the categories below, with a maximum of 5 points per category. Students are
responsible for submitting verification of completion (letters from supervisors, team rosters, membership cards,
etc.) to their advisors.
National or State Organization (SHAPE) (2 points per)

Local Organization or Club, and Professional Networking Organizations from recommended list (1 point per)

National certification from recommended list (2 points per)

Other certification from recommended list (1 point per)

Deliver a presentation at a national or state professional conference or publication in a peer-reviewed journal or from
the recommended list (2 points per)

Deliver a presentation at a local conference, workshop, seminar or publication in an approved newspaper, magazine, or
newsletter (1 point per)

Attend a National or State Conference, Serve as an officer in a National or State Organization or Club (2 points per)

Attend a local professional conference, Serve as an officer in a local organization or club (1 point per)

Actively participate in a Level 1 approved event (2 points per)

Actively participate in a Level 2 approved event (1 point per)

Volunteer at an SES event (3 hours = 1 point, maximum 4 points per event)

Volunteer at a community, Rec Sports, Athletic or other approved event (4 hours = 1 point, maximum 4 points)

Professional Development Plan Jonah Radebaugh


Event/Action/Activity/Item When? Points

UNC PE club February 2018 1 point
Shape Colorado March 2018 2 points
UNC SAAC member March 2017 1 point

TOTAL Points 4 points


Event/Action/Activity/Item When? Points

CPR Certification May 2018 1 point
First Aid certification May 2018 1 point

TOTAL Points 2 points


Event/Action/Activity/Item When? Points

TOTAL Points


Event/Action/Activity/Item When? Points

MBB team captain November 2019 1 point
Attend SHAPE Colorado October 2018 2 points

TOTAL Points 3 points


Event/Action/Activity/Item When? Points

Intercollegiate Men’s Basketball August 2015-May 2020 2 points
Daily workout routine August 2016-March 2020 2 points

TOTAL Points 4 points


Event/Action/Activity/Item When? Points

Volunteer Chappelow K-8 Field Spring 2018 8 hours= 2 points

TOTAL Points 2 points

TOTAL POINTS OVERALL ____15 points_____