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Could you please introduce yourself to the jury

2. Where were you on the night of 15 Jan 2016?
3. Were you with someone?
4. With whom?
5. What are you doing in that place?
6. While you and Ms. Agnes Rea Alanzalon were eating, is there somebody who approached
7. Do you know this somebody who approached you?
8. What is the name of that person?
9. Do you personally know Mr. Sherwin Coz?
10. What did you do when he approached you?
11. Why?
12. What did Mr. Sherwin do when you ignored him?
13. How did the people around reacted?
14. What did you do when Mr. Sherwin grabbed you by the arm and began yelling at you and
insulting you?
15. Could you please describe Mr. Sherwin's body built and how tall he is?
16. Did Mr. Sherwin persisted on causing you harm?
17. What did he does?
18. As you and Mr. Sherwin struggled against each other, what happened?
19. Do you feared for your life that time?
20. Could you described how you feared for your life at that moment?