. Skillful7 is dedicated to creative and efficient solutions that generate impact in the consumer’s mind while reaching the marketing goals and objectives previously determined. full-service advertising agency that specializes in Internet marketing and viral campaigns in order to position a brand successfully. highly creative. Skillful7 expertly manages everything from marketing strategy and guerrilla advertising. The ultimate mission of Skillful7 is to provide each client with a custom-designed strategy that will increase their ROI. to establishing and growing brand recognition in the mind of the consumers.ABOUT SKILLFUL7 Skillful7 is an award winning.

MISSION STATEMENT “ To deliver innovative campaigns that generate brand recognition and increase our clients’ ROI. based on efficient marketing strategies ” .


it is the only pet poop vacuum in the market. It is so simple to use that the user just press the clean button and the VaPoof does the rest. even when he/she is out. Automatically avoids stairs. The VaPoof has a powerful suction system and convenient solution that eliminate poop odor. The Schedule Upgrade accessory will also update. Currently. and is easier to clean. This device works with an Advanced Power System (APS) Battery.99 2 . The VaPoof operates with internal nickel-metal hydride batteries and must be recharged regularly from a wall plug. It has powerful suction and rotating brushes that navigates automatically for best cleaning coverage. As well as the “Easy Clean Brush” a brush better designed to tackle all pets’ disposals. a rechargeable battery that enable the VaPoof to clean for up to 200 minutes. It is an 8x6 inch disc and less than 2. It can be use indoors (carpets) as well as outdoors (lawns).ABOUT VAPOOF VaPoof is a new category of a known domestic appliance: the vacuum cleaner. Its current price to the market: US $79. It is simple to use and easy to store.5 inches (9 cm) high. The VaPoof has a carrying handle fitted on the top of the unit for easy handling. This product is meant to be a practical yet fun alternative to the traditional process of cleaning up pet stools. The VaPoof has a scheduler that allows the user to program the VaPoof to clean around your schedule. It is a vacuum that cleans/picks-up dog poop and then converts it into an eco-friendly fertilizer. It is self-adjustable from carpets to hard floors and back again. drop-offs and off-limit areas.

floors or lawn. effectively lifting poop and cleaning after whether it’s on the carpets. these product development and Science.E.COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE The VaPoof is an affordable mechanism that cleans up pet poop. This robotic vacuum poop cleaner operates with internal nickel-metal hydride batteries and must be recharged regularly from a wall plug. Engineering and Mathematics (S.M. It’s a pre-assembled mobile robot platform that provides an out-of-the-box opportunity for homeowners.) education helps make our life easier.T. pet lovers and owners. Technology. The VaPoof is making a difference in the advancement of robotic vacuums. The VaPoof is specially designed with suspension allowing it to maneuver over cords and effectively move itself from difficult angles. The VaPoof automatically transitions from one surface to the next. 3 .

4 . The VaPoof then sprays a cleaning substance that scrubs the floor or dry washes the carpet leaving the area where the pet pooped completely odorless. It then moves over your pets disposals and sprays a cleaning chemical that is eco-friendly and dissolves the poop.PRODUCT OPERATION OUTDOORS MODE When the outdoors-cleaning button is pressed. the VaPoof begins its work. The VaPoof can sense any poop in a 1-mile radius that your pet had disposed of. This cleaning substance is as well totally harmless against pets. Such solution is also totally harmless against pets. the VaPoof moves over your pet’s disposals and vacuums it. INDOORS MODE When the indoors-cleaning button is pressed.

MISSION STATEMENT “ To provide pet owners with an effortless yet efficient solution when picking up their best friends’ poop. ” 5 .

SLOGAN / TAG LINE “ Bye-Bye Pet Poop ” 6 .

• To assert the company’s name as market leader in product innovations and original branding. • To become the market leader in pet poop cleaning devices category. 7 .MARKETING OBJECTIVES To successfully launch and market a new category of vacuum cleaners that has no direct competitor at the moment. in order to achieve the following: • To create a strong consumer awarnes of VaPoof through the 4Ps.

• To constantly offer special promotions and rewards for previous customers and new motivations and incentives for potential ones. • Beign the first option in the consumer’s mind when it comes to dealing with their pet’s poop. • To become an internationally sold product within three years of beign launched.MARKETING GOALS • To achieve brand recognitions within the first quarter and customer loyalty within the first year of beign launched. 8 .

• To be sold also at www. • Introductory discounts when visiting the website and registering online. • Strong internet and viral campaigns.MARKETING MIX (4Ps) PRICE STRATEGY • Competitive pricing. • Product: eco-friendly. affordable. convenient and innovative. 9 . PLACE STRATEGY • Exclusively sold at Petsmart nation-wide. focusing on guerrilla advertising. fun mascot and visionary • Benefits: it does the dirty job for you so that you and your best friend can focus on having fun. PROMOTION STRATEGY • Highly creative advertising (through traditional media such as TV and print). PRODUCT STRATEGY • Brand personality: colorful logo.vapoof. • To establish and continuously grow VaPoof internet presence and worth of mouth (eventually avoiding print and direct marketing) to be finally recognized as an eco-friendly brand.

unique product. THREATS • More expensive than other pet pop cleaning devices. • May not seem as user-friendly to use as it is. WEAKNESSES • Not a proven system. • New brand. 10 . Target. OPPORTUNITIES • No direct competitors. • Eco-friendly • Deals with the down side of having a dog. • Affordable • Practical and easy to use. • Not available at most popular retailer stores such as Wal-Mart. • Follows eco-friendly trend. • Creative positioning and advertising strategy. etc.SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS • Innovative. therefore it has no credibility yet.

including people that own small dogs and don’t have an outdoors area. however. The most obvious group within this potential market are people that own large dogs and big backyards (since Vapoof primarily use is outdoors). PSYCHOGRAPHICS The potential market includes a wide-rage of people with a desire of avoiding cleaning up after their dogs while helping the environment. California and distributed nation-wide. 11 . there are many other potential customers.TARGET MARKET DEMOGRAPHICS Males and females 18 years-old and up that own a dog and that currently in a house/apartment with carpet and/or garden. GEOGRAPHICS VaPoof will be launched in Los Angeles. Our target market are the people that currentlly resides within the US.

000 Business cards .000.President Two sided.00 299. full color Total Corporate ID & Stationery Cost 299.000 Business cards .00 12 .00 TRADE SHOW DISPLAY Custom-made 20 x 10 ft.BUDGET (IN US$) CORPORATE ID & STATIONERY 5. full color with die cut 5.288. full color 10.Distribution Manager Two sided. premium opaque.000 Envelopes #10.000 Letterheads #70.00 1. text uncoated. Can be divided into two 10-foot inline displays Reconfigurable into an island exhibit Includes 2 flat screens and a small podium Can be re-skined to promote new marketing messages Total Trade Show Display Cost 85.00 435.00 255. full color with die cut 10.

for 3 months Los Angeles (near dog parks and beaches) 20.00 TV SPOT AND INFOMERCIAL PRODUCTION Models 4 males.000.POINT OF PURCHASE Custom-made H42” x W42” x L60” Three levels for displaying merchandise VaPoof model on top with grass finish on bottom 200 units for most popular stores Total Point of Purchase Cost 20 hours Spokesperson 20 hours Editing & After Effects Includes TV spot adaptation.00 BILLBOARD AD South Miami (near dog parks and beaches) 20. 1 female.000.000 sq. for 3 months Total Billboard Ads Cost 350.00 13 .ft.000.000. 10 hours Total TV Spot and Infomercial Production Cost 10.00 10.00 380.00 80.00 730.00 300.000.000 sq. 20 hours Equipment Includes location and lighting.000.00 200.ft.

TV SPOT AND INFOMERCIAL PLACEMENT TV Spot Jay Leno Show. 30-sec spot.500.00 10.000 coupons Free VaPoof Ellen Degeneres Show. one time edition Total Advertorial Cost 5.00 28. 3 months Total TV Spot and Informercial Placement Cost PRINT ADVERTISING LA Times Sundays only.000.000.00 8. half page.00 PROMOTIONS Guerilla Coupons 25% OFF.800. full color Total Print Advertising Cost 4. full color. 1.00 14 .00 ADVERTORIAL LA Modern Dog Magazine 3 pages. 2 minutes.500.000.00 5.000. 100 pieces Total Promotions Cost 20. full color Miami Herald & El Nuevo Herald Sundays only. half page. 3 months Informercial Local and cable channels.

colors green and orange Total Giveaways Cost 2.000 Balloons Green. with VaPoof logo 1.00 15 . brown finish with ring Confetti 5lb.00 100. colors green and orange 1.000 Super Absorbent Towels With logo.00 8.00 TOTAL BUDGET COST 1.000 balloons Total Guerilla Cost 480.910.00 GIVEAWAYS 1. full color 1.00 500.998.00 50.000 Coupons Glossy. Puppy shape Helium For 1.00 780.00 6.00 1.000 Fake stools Eco-friendly.GUERRILLA 1.000 Dog Collars Nylon. 17 inches.

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