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Mesham Rishabham Midhunam Katagam Simham Kanni Thulam Vrichigam Dha

nur Makaram Kumbam Meenam

Aries (Mesham)
Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020 for Aries (Sani Peyarchi Plalan 2017 for Mesha Rasi)
Saturn transit from Scorpio to Sagittarius on 26th January 2017. Saturn leaves your 8th house and will be
in 9th house till next transit. From 9th house, Saturn aspects your 11th, 3rd and 6th house which
represent wealth and speech. So these houses will become auspicious and give positive results.
Due to the presence of Saturn in your 8th House, you must have experienced various misfortunes,
troubles and sadness in your life, dealing with unnecessary lawsuits, problems, confusion and bad name
in the society for you. You must be feeling like coming out of a wringer. Along with Saturn, your sign Lord
Mars was in an unfavorable position for the last six months, bringing bad luck, accidents and operations.
Now, Saturn is transiting to your 9th House, i.e., to Sagittarius. Henceforth this will bring some good cheer
and happiness to you at last. The presence of Saturn in the 9th House will fetch the blessings of God
upon you. Also, the presence of the North Node in your 5th House and Jupiter in the 6th House and the
South Node in the 11th House will bring some good changes in your life.
After the transition of Saturn, you will see your troubles going away and you will take sharp, clever
decisions in a swift manner. You will take the leadership position and execute correct judgments, resulting
in your position rising in the society. People in higher positions will take notice of you. Many people will
now try to get to know you and be friendly with you.
Your deftness in speech will increase. You will have good cash flow in your hands. You will buy new
clothes and jewels. Others will respect your words and act accordingly. Expected and unexpected windfall
in terms of money and articles will come by you. You and your brothers will come together for festive
occasions. Your sisters will prove beneficial to you. The jobless will get employment now. Generally
speaking, good things will start happening in your life from now on.
Frequent travel will be necessary, especially long distance travel. Change of place is indicated for some.
You will receive good news from your relatives. Your new endeavors will be successful and your interest
in learning new things will increase.
However, you should not indulge in too much partying. Due to the presence of the North Node in your 5th
house, trouble will seek you in the parties. Childless couples will be granted their boon. The presence of
the North Node in the 5th House indicates trouble in conceiving children. Do not invest unwisely in share
markets. Do not lend money to anyone. You will face both good events and troubles due to your children.
For the unemployed, you will get good opportunities and situations will arise that will help you sort out
your career. You will gain through your employees. Cases in courts will work out in your favor.
Own business and marriage prospects are in the cards now. Obstacles in the way of passport and visa
will clear away. You will obtain your ancestral properties. You will indulge in spiritual voyages and
devotional interests. Some will get the opportunity for foreign travel. Some will get opportunities for
learning from home. Marriage in foreign places is in the cards for some.
You will face progress in your career; some may be promoted to ownership. You will gain from your new
friends; True friendships can blossom. You will get support from your brothers and sisters. Foreign trade
and investment might be beneficial to some, depending on your interests and talent.
When Jupiter is in the 6th House for your sign, it is generally a good time for your career. You will get
promotion , recognition, new and better job opportunities, pay rise and such. But due to the presence of
the North Node in your 5th House, you should not leave your old job in haste for new unconfirmed
opportunities. You might have to take several leaves of absence at work. But you will have the support of
your employer and your co-workers. You might face needless disturbances of the heart and mind. The
presence of the South Node in the 11th House will bring benefits to your career.
Some will get the opportunities for starting your own business. Businesses in production will be gainful.
Other businesses like agencies, contractors, broking and consultancy are advantageous. Medicine,
research and chemical industry see good rise in prospects. Those in judicial, banking and insurance fields
see good rise in this period. Compared to these fields, the gain in electric, electronic and construction,
clothing, food and ornamental businesses will be less. Street vendors and small businesses see
moderate profits this time of the year. Those in spiritual, entertainment and media can see good growth.
Dealers in beauty products and movie distributors, theater owners will face low profits. Share market
investments might prove better.
Based on current Dasa and Bhukti(Sub period) the impact of this Saturn transit for Aries sign will change.
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These are general predictions based on the transit of planets during the entire year. Specific accurate
predictions depends upon the birth chart & time calculated as per the panchang. For an in depth analysis
your horoscope has to be analysed in detailed with our senior vadic pundits.
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