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レアジョブ英会話 オフィシャル教材

TOEIC Intermediate/Advanced Reviewer – (Reading and Listening)

Main Topic 3: Meetings

Lesson 26: Giving Opinion (Agreeing/Disagreeing) (18-25 minutes)

Today, you will practice your Reading and Listening Skills as you study texts
related to MEETINGS.


Exercise 1: What’s missing? (5-6 minutes)

Read the following ANNOUNCEMENT carefully. Choose the best word that would fill in the

CTech International Announcement

CTech International Vice-President for External Affairs John A. Arcilla announced on May 4, 2009 that a
new company policy will be implemented and will be effective immediately. The new policy is
____________ the deduction in salary of employees who will not reach their quota. Instead of a 15%
1.a. about
b. to
c. with
d. against

deduction, it will now be increased to 30%.

The new policy aims to improve the performance of employees in terms of selling the company’s
products. Based on current competition on technological ___________, the company is being left behind.
2.a. advancements
b. advantages
c. adventures
d. assessments

According to Mr. Arcilla, this policy will raise the standards of the company and will probably result in
effective ____________. He also added that if the company will continue with the current 15% deduction
3.a. profits
b. environment
c. economy
d. employees

rate, the situation might even get worse, and can probably result to massive dismissal of employees.”We
are doing this not only for the company but also for our employees”, said Mr. Arcilla.

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レアジョブ英会話 オフィシャル教材
TOEIC Intermediate/Advanced Reviewer – (Reading and Listening)

Exercise 2: Reading Check-up (3-4 minutes)

Answer the following questions based on the previous text.

1. What is the announcement of Mr. Arcilla all about?

2. With the new policy, if you are an employee of CTech who didn’t meet his/her quota,
what then will happen to your salary?

Exercise 3: Compare and Connect (3-5 minutes)

Read the following SURVEY and try to answer the questions that follow.

CTech International Survey Report

CTech International, the leading hardware manufacturer, conducted a survey regarding the new
policy of the company of increasing the salary deduction from employees who don’t meet their quota.
According to the survey, among the 100 employees, 95% or 95 were dissatisfied with the new policy
and only 5% or 5 employees agreed to it. Of those who were not satisfied, 80% or 76 said that it is
not right, while the remaining 20% or 19 find the policy unfair. It is also important to note that among
the 5 employees, 4 out of 5 saw the negative consequences of the new policy. Majority of the
employees left critical comments regarding the unjust treatment of the management towards the
employees and the implementation of new rules which abuse their rights.


1. What kind of company is CTech International?

2. If majority of the employees disagree with the new policy, what contributed to their
3. What do you think will the management do after getting the results of the survey?

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レアジョブ英会話 オフィシャル教材
TOEIC Intermediate/Advanced Reviewer – (Reading and Listening)

II. LISTENING (1-2 minutes)

Exercise 1: What’s in the photo?

Study the following picture carefully. Then listen to the audio clip that follows.

Question: Which of the following statements is true about the picture?


Exercise 2: Fill in the details (3-4 minutes)

Listen to the following audio clip once then try to answer the exercises that follow.


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レアジョブ英会話 オフィシャル教材
TOEIC Intermediate/Advanced Reviewer – (Reading and Listening)

Read the following sentences carefully. Try to supply the missing word or phrase based on the
listening clip.

1. “I just want to ask about the new company ______, have you heard about them?”
2. “It is not fair to _________ such a rule without the consensus of the employees.”
3. “Employees might even ________ against the company.”


protest policy strategy implement

Exercise 3: Answering Questions (3-4 minutes)

Read the following questions about the audio clip then choose the best answer from the four
choices. You may opt to listen to the clip one more time with your tutor.

1. What does the supervisor want to ask Ms. Soriano about?

a. the new company employees
b. the new company products
c. the new company policy
d. the new company strategy

2. Why is the company pressuring the employees?

a. because of the government
b. because of the economy
c. because of the employees
d. because of the competition

3. Why is it unfair to implement such policy?

a. because there is competition
b. because there is no reason for such policy
c. because there is an existing policy already
d. because there is no consensus among employees

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レアジョブ英会話 オフィシャル教材
TOEIC Intermediate/Advanced Reviewer – (Reading and Listening)

4. What is the reaction of Ms. Soriano regarding the new policy?

a. She agrees with it.
b. She disagrees with it.
c. She does not care about it.
d. She is confused about it.

5. According to Ms. Soriano, what might the employees do if the policy is implemented?
a. They might protest.
b. They might work harder.
c. They might get used to it.
d. They might ask for higher salary.

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