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Document splitting

2. Zero balance clearing

3. Co-FI reconciliation

4. Segment reporting

5. Parallel ledger reporting

6. Integration with other modules

7. Passive split

8. Cash discount to Asset Account

Document splitting:

Business transaction and business transaction variant are assigned to Document type and Account
assignment category is assigned to GL Accounts these all combination mentioned in splitting method
then only document will split other wise document will not split.


In below example item category for bank account is 01000 (Balance sheet Account)

For document type SA Business transaction is 1000 and variant is 0001 Assigned

In this combination ( 1000 & 0001) item category (01000) no defined in splitting rules and if item
category not defined hence here document splitting will not happen
Here 1000 not defend in below item categories

System generates below entry:

If you change item category to 4000 then whatever gl is assigned it will split

Conclusion: BT & BTV assigned to document type and with this combination item categories are defined
in splitting rules. Whatever GL is assigned to this item category and item category is exist with this
combination in splitting rule then during posting it will split and display the document.

1. Document splitting:

IMP Points:

In GL View only document will spilt

Below example salary related to PC1 and wages related to PC2

Vendor line items are active split based on it document is splitting

Salary A/C Dr

Wages A/C Dr

To Vendor A/C Active split

To Vendor A/C Active split

Based on vendor item salary and wages accounts are splitted . It is based on splitting method

Check in expert mode:

Based on line item 000000003

Amount 6000 splited

Based on line item 000004 Amount 4000 spllited

Scenario 2:

Zero balance clearing Account

In above Example Two line item having profit centers PC1& PC2 but bank is having different profit center
HRHO2 entry as follows:
Vendor A/C Dr 60000-----1 PC1

Vendor A/C Dr 4000------2 PC2

To Bank Account 10000 -------3 HRHO2

Zero Balance Account:

Zero balance clearing Account Dr 6000 HRHO2

Zero Balance Clearing Account Dr 4000 HRHo2

Zero balance clearing Account Cr 6000 PC1

Zero Balance Clearing Account Cr 4000 PC2

Scenario 3: CO-FI Reconciliation posting:

Whenever you are doing assessment or distribution it transfer the postings from co to FI

It help to balance the PC level and no need to run the report KALC

Step 1:

FI Entry:

Salary A/C Dr 28000 CC1

To Bank Account 28000

Step 2: Internal allocation (KB11N)

8000 Transfer from CC1 to HRHO2

CC1 is having PC PC1


HRHO2 Dr 8000

CC1 (PC1) Cr 8000

Because of New GL concept PC1 is crediting and HRHO2 is debiting hence we can take report any time
with any issues

Profit center report shows PC1 20000 and HRHO2 8000

Step 3:

Check FI Entry for CO FI

Step 4: Check the PC balances

Step 1:
Step 2


Step 3:

Check FI Entry:

Step 4: Check PC report:

HRHO2 8000 debit and PC1 credit 8000

Check PC1 Profit center:

Check HRHO2 Profit center :

Check FI Balance sheet

Scenario 4:

Passive split

Scenario 5: Parallel ledger

Scenario 6: Integration with Asset Accounting

Scenario 7: Integration with MM

Scenario 8: Integration with SD

Scenario9: Production order process

Scenario10: Segment and Functional area wise reporting

Scenario 11: Posting Tax items with new GL

Scenario 12: Posting Asset Account discount

Scenario 13: Inheritance

Scenario 14: Constant

Scenario 3: Zero balance clearing

The same above example to balance additional account assignment objects Zero balance
clearing accounts are required.

I have posted transaction Expenses A/C Dr 5000 PC1

To Cash Account PC1

I am transferring internally:

3000 from PC1 to PC2

Entry is that

PC2 A/C Dr 3000

PC1 A/C 3000

To balance PC2 Zero balance Account is required