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Abstract: In this time when nothing is permanent but change, humans have become more insatiable

as technology arises. The need of the world to evolved has been an answer to the call of its
beings and living constituents to grow and develop to their optimum reach. In an advent of
the fast-changing competitive environment, people rely on machines that make them live
easier and relatively better. Technologies int the present time are the trends people look
forward to in living. Technologies have changed people's lives far greater then they have
ever imagined and are still changing people's lifestyle up to the present. Indeed, computers
have become a need to equip human activity with full satiation. In the Industry today,
computers often run businesses more than manpower could ever do. From Corporations to
the Academe, computers play a very important role in the performance of their work and
processes. Automated systems and computer programs have replaced manual processes
that usually put transactions and operations into a slack. This is why we focus on bringing
technology close to a particular manually-operated business - the Dental Capital Clinic.
With all the advancement technology brings, the Dental Capital Clinic will have to function
very efficiently and effectively to its patient information, the proposed Information
Management System will make every record accessible at any time without the hassle of
flipping a pile of files stored in an old cabinet. It will easily maintain patient information as it
gives complacency by just adding and changing some of the patient's dental and/or
medical history in an admin account basis. It also generates sales report on a specific
period of time. The security of the file is maintained by an administrator wherein it manages
every user who wishes to use the said system. Moreover, this is to display business
reliability as well as business competency with regards to other dental clinics. It mist be on
the other hand, promoted wisely so as not to spoil the reputation that the business has
been projecting over the years.