DETAILS OF THE MOVIE Director Name of the movie Producer Screenwriter : Kenny Ortega : High School Musical : Don Schain : Peter Barsocchini

Main actors/actresses : Zac Efron,Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Alyson Reed,Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman, Olesya Rulin, Chris Warren Jr.

SUMMARY OF THE MOVIE Troy Bolton is the captain of East High Basketball Team while Gabriella Montez is the key member of Math Decathlon team. Both of them met when they were forced to sing a duet at a New Year's party in a ski resort. During the party, they exchanged numbers and had promised to call each other in the future. A week later, they find out that they are from the same high school. After homeroom, they start to re-introduce themselves and see a sign-up sheet for the winter musical auditions. They end up auditioning for the musical audition where they would be up against Sharpay and Ryan Evans for the lead role. However, Sharpay is so nervous and feels uncomfortable since she has been the stars of their school's musicals for few years and all of the sudden she has to compete with a new girl. Therefore, she and Ryan look up Gabriella Montez in a search engine on the Internet to investigate her background and surprisingly discover that she is an "Einsteinette". After the finding, Sharpay submits Gabriela's credentials to the Math team in school without the knowledge of Gabriela. Taylor McKessey who is the scholastic decathlon captain, approaches Gabriella and invites her to join the school's scholastic decathlon team. Actually, this is Sharpay¶s plan to make sure that Gabriella would stay at the decathlon team and off the musical. However, both Troy and Gabriela still stick with their plan to participate the audition. Conflict happens when both of them are not supported by their respective teams. The whole basketball team members feel that the idea of Troy auditioning for the school musical is totally preposterous. Even Troy's father is unsupportive of Troy's interest in musical auditions because he fears the musical will take Troy's focus off basketball which could gain Troy a scholarship to study at University of Albuquerque.


These kinds of motivation are called extrinsic motivation in Organizational Behavior since it is performed to acquire material (scholarship and title). He is the captain of the team as well. In this case. In addition. Of course. Besides that. this is done for his own sake.GSM 5101 ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 2009 The basketball team and the scholastic decathlon team decide that to make both of their key members off the musical. he assumes that Troy just like his father will lead the team to win the INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT 2 . they also find out that Troy and Gabriella are no longer interested in the basketball game or the decathlon. Besides that. Darbus to change the callbacks to the same time as the basketball championship and scholastic decathlon. Unfortunately. Wild Cat Basketball Champion in 1981 and reminds Troy that it is a tradition for him to lead the team to the title just like what his father had done. most of the captain would focus on the game without taking part on activities like musical audition and that¶s the reason they become legends. Chad Danforth. we could see three different social identity concepts. Being the captain on the basketball team has motivated him to put more effort in order to win the championship. another crisis occurs when Sharpay convinces Ms. a basketball scholarship to study at University of Albuquerque would be offer to Troy if he could perform well in the game against West High. They trick Troy into saying that Gabriella isn't important while she watches them through a webcam. In addition. Troy is intrinsically motivated as well because Troy always trains with his father at the basketball court in front of his house so that he could sharpen his skill and tactics. However. Troy is brought to the basketball change-room by his best friend and fellow teammate. However. the scholastic decathlon and basketball team work together to come up with a plan that makes their key members win in both competitions and perform excellently in the audition. in the past. Chad and Taylor decide to tell Troy and Gabriella the truth after feeling guilty about ruining their friendship. Just like Chad. Luckily. Troy Bolton is the star player on the basketball team at East High. SPECIFIC SCENES FROM THE MOVIE THAT ILLUSTRATE THE OB CONCEPT In High School Musical. On another scene. Chad has mentioned about Troy¶s father. 2008). according to Chad and his members. Chad and his team members try to convince him to pull out from the musical audition which will held a day before the championship. the behavior is performed not for its own sake but rather for its consequences (George and Jones. The first one is categorization which used to compare the characteristics of our group with other group.

New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall.GSM 5101 ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 2009 championship. Taylor McKessie has stressed that they (Math Decathlon team) are the side of education and accomplishment is the future of civilization while the Wildcat Basketball Team will only contribute little to civilization.. INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT 2 . For the last one. 2008.R. AND JONES.M. 5th ed. We could see differentiation here where Taylor tries to develop less favourable image of people in the basketball team. Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior. REFERENCE GEORGE. J. Another concept is homogenization where all the members collectively think that all Wildcat Basketball Team Captains become legends because they won¶t get involve in musical audition or other activities before the tournament. G.

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