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Propel Biofuels Recent News Date 07/08/08 07/01/08 07/01/08 06/27/08 06/13/08 Announcement Advent Solar appointed new Chief Strategic Officer Powerit: Automated Buildings Interviews Bob Zak [H2Gen] U. including alternative energy. is on investments in the cleantech sector. and water including finance and business development. Powerit Holdings. advanced materials. Marc currently serves on the board of directors of cleantech companies Powerit Solutions. The exclusive focus of the firm's fifth fund. Prior to joining @Ventures. Suite 120 Menlo Park. Suite A260 Wilmington. hydrogen maker sees car filling stations soon Propel Launched Biodiesel Fuel Station in South Lake Union [212 Resoures] The Next Big Thing: Water Management and Investment Partners Management Peter Mills Marc Poirier Matt Horton Rob Day Title Managing Director Managing Director Principal Principal . He also spent eight years with Ernst & Young in the Entrepreneurial Services Group and in the Mergers & Acquisitions Group. summa cum laude. where he served as a vice president in several operations roles. Advent Solar. H2Gen Innovations. Portfolio Companies Energy & Cleantech 212 Resources. Marc has nearly two decades of experience working with entrepreneurial companies. in Business Administration. M2E Power. Marc was a co-founding employee of an online content company for internet service providers. Managing Director Marc Poirier has been a General Partner with @Ventures since 1998 and operates out the firm’s Boston-area office. CA 94025 (650) 322-3246 ND Speaker Bio: Marc Poirier. and H2Gen Innovations. from Providence College and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He also serves on the North American Advisory Board of the Cleantech Group. Marc received a B. M2E Power. among others. @Ventures has funded more than 75 companies across a broad set of technology sectors. energy storage and efficiency.@Ventures Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 187 Ballardvale Street. where he was a Senior Manager.S. Cobalt Biofuels. MA 01887 (978) 658-8980 ND Business Overview @Ventures provides venture capital and growth assistance to early stage clean technology companies.S. Established in 1995. formed in 800 Menlo Ave.

The Company has relationships with the Business Overview Access 360 Media is a multi-platform media network that connects young adult consumers (12-34) with the products they seek.Retail. a $720mm+ business. where he was executive vice president. television and broadcast music industries. The company works together with national advertisers who want to reach this audience and leading young adult retail chains to create fully integrated marketing programs that combine in-store. Otremba currently sits on several boards. New York.Access 360 Media Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 1255 Electric Avenue Venice. presenting at such events as the Forbes CFO Conference. where he rejuvenated the brand. Sales Vice President. The Economist Conference. music and content companies that young adults are passionate about. Previously. merchandising and promotional solutions. Retail Development Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 11/06/06 Round 1 Amount ND Valuation ND Investors Bessemer Venture Partners .000. and helped position the company for a successful IPO in (now EasyLink Services Corporation) and helped guide them through an IPO in 1999. Advertisers Access 360 Media captivates young adult media multitaskers by exposing them to brand messaging enhanced by the surrounding content. and again. Before that. online programs and POP. responsible for developing CNET's highly successful revenue model in interactive media and television. Internet World. Prior to joining Access 360 Media. he served as executive vice president of America Online's Interactive Marketing Group. with messaging that encourages participation in your brand communication. he held various senior executive management positions at Ziff Davis Publishing and CMP Media. From custom branded video programming. Chief Executive Officer A well-known interactive media pioneer. Speaker Bio: Lon Otremba. including EEI Communications and GGL. online and mobile entertainment. print. via interactive online and mobile media. Internet publishing. restructured their operations and streamlined the organization. Access 360 Media's integrated solutions keep young adult customers engaged. and AdTech Conferences. He is the Co-Chair of the Research and Standards committee of OVAB. publishing. the world's largest provider of commercial music services. Partners Access 360 Media partners with the entertainment and lifestyle brands to make both the retail and consumer experience unique. serving as president and COO. Access 360 Media's . Lon Otremba is a veteran operating executive and advisor in the digital out of home. He also served on the executive board of the Interactive Advertising Bureau and is a trustee of the Buckley Country Day School in Roslyn. online. The First and Only Turnkey Mobile Marketing Network Designed Exclusively for Retailers CEO Lon Otremba Spoke at Mediapost's Digital Out of Home Forum Management and Board of Directors Management Lon Otremba Roman Tsunder William Powers Christopher Goumas Title Chief Executive Officer President and Founder Executive Vice President. to cross-promotions and mobile marketing. and mobile media elements. where he was responsible for developing and leading the short and long-term strategy and operations for AOL's advertising and ecommerce business turnaround. Access 360 Media reaches over 170. This 360 degree solution allows advertisers and retailers to form a relationship with these media-savvy consumers by encouraging them to engage and connect with the marketing message. so they're willing to spend and want to come back to your store again. Before that. He's a frequent commentator on interactive marketing and operating strategies. Recent News Date 05/29/08 05/06/08 05/05/08 04/29/08 04/22/08 Announcement Selected by AlwaysOn as an OnHollywood 100 Top Private Company Award Winner CEO Lon Otremba Spoke at Annual Digital Hollywood Conference Announced Advisory Board Launched Popbandit Mobile.000 young adult consumers in 14. and has executed campaigns for many of the world’s leading retail brands and national advertisers to drive entertaining and engaging consumer experiences. LLC. Many of the initiatives undertaken during his term formed the foundation for AOL’s reemergence as an interactive marketing leader. Mobile and Online platforms reach young adults where they hang out. and numerous BusinessWeek. He began his career at Procter and Gamble.000 locations across the United States each month. he was one of the founding members of the CNET Networks management team. That is what makes the Company's programming and marketing solutions work for retailers and young adult brands. Products and Services Retailers Access 360 Media helps young adult retailers create innovative in-store. CA 90291 (310) 309-3788 (310) 309-3789 www. He was also part of the team that launched Mail. Otremba was CEO of Muzak.

he. Intel Managing Partner. storage. Murgo is a Certified Public Accountant. The Company’s suites enable centralized remote operation. Acronis True Image Echo integrates seamlessly with all Windows.and Linux-based servers. Sales Vice President. Murgo joined Acronis from OpenServices. Mr. This virtually aware technology automatically customizes the data being migrated to its new environment. The program supports multiple data destruction algorithms. and restoration of either full partition or partial file backups of almost any computer or server via any standard web browser. XenSource(R). retrieval. He joined Openservice fom Dirig Software. MA 01803 (781) 222-0920 (781) 222-0919 www.acronis. Products and Services Acronis Disk Cleanser is used by corporate customers and consumers to wipe an old hard disk before it is disposed of or repurposed as additional storage. healthcare. Director Executive Vice President. serving as a manager in the Boston office of the international accounting firm Coopers & Lybrand (now PriceWaterhouse Coopers). a leading software vendor in the security information and event management market. Chief Financial Officer. technology. Mr. regardless of whether those servers are physical or virtual. Recent News Date 07/17/08 07/09/08 06/30/08 06/25/08 06/16/08 Announcement Selected by AlwaysOn as an AO Global 250 Winner CEO Walter Scott Named Finalist for 2008 CEO of the Year Announced Free Webinar Series in July Will Focus on Data Protection and PC Deployment Announced The Company's True Image Now Available with Intel Desktop Motherboards Exhibited Backup & Recovery at Joint Warfightning Conference Management and Board of Directors Management Walter Scott John Murgo Ellan Murphy Ed Harnish Ed Benack Directors Serguei Beloussov John Goldsmith Ravi Jacob Scott Maxwell Michael Triplett Ilya Zubarev Title Chief Executive Officer. image encryption. the Company provides technical consulting and product maintenance services. Lux Research Vice President. Insight Venture Partners Founder. retail. Acronis Recovery enables customers to restore Microsoft Exchange to working order back to the point of failure without having to completely re-install Exchange. SWsoft(R) and Parallels(R). Marketing Chief Information Officer. investor relations and other financial responsibilities. Earlier Mr. served as the acting Chief Operating Officer where he was responsible for all SEC filings. Secretary Mr. Torc (Future) enables the installation. and manufacturing sectors. develops. professional services. Secretary Vice President. Executive Vice President. The product builds upon the award-winning technologies from Acronis to manage partitions and edit hard disk drives. government. Murgo plays a significant role in guiding corporate strategy and enhancing company operations. eventually becoming President and Chief Executive Officer. and data management services. Murgo also served at one of the Big Five accounting firms. Chief Financial Officer.Acronis Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 23 3rd Avenue Burlington. Additionally. In addition to his financial duties at HPSC. this onestep process returns an Exchange database to the last known good state just before failure. Microsoft(R). AEA Investors. Swsoft. Acronis Former Partner. scheduling. Acronis caters to banking. OpenView Venture Partners Managing Director. consolidated backup integration. disaster recovery. He serves as a Director of Hands Free Network Business Overview Acronis designs. Instead. where he worked with a number of public companies and reviewed Securities and Exchange Commission filings. Acronis Full Circle is based on FAST (Fast Accurate Simple Transmission) engine technology that enables users to migrate and convert data seamlessly between physical and virtual environments. Chief Customer Officer Title Co-Founder. 2006. Acronis Disk Director Server provides users with powerful partition and hard disk management utilities to ensure that servers are running efficiently. where he served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer from January 2004 to October 30. Murgo served in various positions at Process Software. and markets storage management and disaster recovery solutions. He served as Chief Financial Officer at Boston-based HPSC Incorporated. Rolsen & Infra Telesystems . Acronis also supports major major virtualization operating systems such as VMware(R). Mr. Speaker Bio: John Murgo. where he served as Chief Financial Officer. which define how and how many times data is overwritten. Director Gerson Lehrman. a turn-around expert.

DIF Enterprises Former 28th Commandant. 1. Managing Director. grid augmentation. and congestion relief. MA 02090 (781) 461-8251 (781) 461-1261 www. such as military. rain. where he provided advice on the future directions of the industry and the sources of strategic advantage. Boston Ventures Chairman. available in 1. including primary power. Co-Founder. as well as oil drilling.Acumentrics Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 20 Southwest Park Westwood. Gary also served four years as the head of forecasting and planning for the California Energy Commission and five years as senior consultant to the energy committees of the California State Assembly. The Company's products include fuel cell emergency generator power systems. Cambridge Energy Research Associates Vice Chairman. He was responsible for analysis of markets. which guarantees power in dust. Prior to Acumentrics. industrial and commercial UPS. It also has options for DC input Commercial UPS is a single phase UPS. clean single-phase power to your critical system. distributed generation. for elegant yet robust power.6 Million DOE Fuel Cell Development Contract Gen. Operations Title Non-Executive Chairman.0kVA. and consulting to major energy companies. vibration. tubular solid oxide fuel cells in a complete test stand. It produces 5kW of power electrochemically. Former Marine Corps Commandant. X. Gary had a major role in over $2. amplifiers. home Business Overview Acumentrics engages in the development and manufacture of fuel cell generators and uninterrupted power systems (UPS) in the United States. In that position. This combined-heat-and-power unit (micro-CHP) can even meter excess electricity back to the grid. USMC . 2. high temperature. and exploration. and survive real action. Products and Services Rugged UPS (uninterruptible power supply) products extend mission duration and agility because they convert electrical output from almost any generator. and thermal management. Cells are located in an accessible rack in parallel. current control. President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Simon has a broad-ranging 33-year career that includes Fortune 500 companies. Kelley. shock and even blowing sand. heat. telecommunications. Earlier. Speaker Bio: Gary Simon. Gary was Vice President of sales and marketing for El Paso Natural Gas Company. Industrial-UPS products accept a wide range of voltage and frequency.5kVA. electrical power backup. peak-shaving. Gary was Senior Director and head of the Global Power Practice for Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) for nine years. Superior Controls President. new business ventures. AHEAD: Residential Fuel Cell Heat & Power System uses fuel cells to generate heat and power for the home. Ameresco President. Gary was the Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development at Northeast Utilities. Chief Executive Officer. and homeland security. and automatically condition it for clean. was the head of corporate venture investing.0kVA & 3. Senior Advisor. it is able to supply uninterrupted. reliable AC power. 5000 Electric Power Generator produces electricity at twice the efficiency of traditional generators. wind. fuel cell cogeneration systems for home energy. including the emergence of new technologies. with individual fuel metering. Engineering Vice President. It runs off municipal gas or propane. Senior Vice President. cold. mining. competitors. P. The Company's products are also used for various applications. with peak demands being handled by the grid or batteries.5 billion of transactions. small start-up businesses. and was a member of the senior management committee. Each cell produces approximately 35 watts and is operational within 45 minutes of start. AcuTestR features our innovative. As a double conversion on-line UPS. Recent News Date 06/04/08 05/06/08 04/29/08 04/18/08 01/30/08 Announcement Received $15. where he had responsibility for corporate R&D as well as for business planning and strategic M&A transactions. by the migration of oxygen ions through a semi-permeable ceramic structure. Chief Executive Officer. The Company provides its products for various applications. and solid oxide fuel cell systems. Humphrey Enterprises Co-Founder.acumentrics. regenerators. This series offers both the tower and the rack mount design solutions. seamlessly back up power interruptions. transportation. Previously. Director Chief Financial Officer Chief Technology Officer. This revolutionary power system contains an array of solid-state tubes. Joined Board of Company Announced New Ruggedized Uninterruptible Power Solution in a "2U" Chassis Announced Plan to Display Wall Mounted Combined Heat and Power Fuel Cell at 2008 Hannover Fair Received ISO 9001 Certification Management and Board of Directors Management Gary Simon John Cerulli Norman Bessette Ersson Zapata Directors James Rosenfield James Wilson John Humphrey Rick Pierro George Sakellaris Douglas Foy Paul Kelley Title President.0kVA. Owner. acquisition targets and business unit performance. Our flagship 2kW UPS unit (2500VA) has the same rugged design as our military-grade products. Principal.

Current collection in the emitter on the front surface allows for use of solar-grade crystalline-silicon materials. The Broughton Group Director. Enertech Capital. 3. Fort Washington Capital Partners Air Products & Chemicals ND . he led the Integrated Power Group at ON Semiconductors in Phoenix. Electrical Engineering. our laser-drilled holes allow the electric power to flow to the back surface where the electric contacts carry the current away. including general manager of XScale and Handheld Computing. Enertech Capital. Georgia Institute of Technology Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 06/19/07 11/10/05 12/09/04 10/31/03 08/11/03 Round 4 3 2 1 Seed Amount $70 30 8 0. SE Albuquerque. corrosion-resistant. Lyon Timothy Bruton Peter Fath Ajeet Rohatgi Title President. where at the Allen Clark Research Centre he was a scientist responsible for design and implementation of missile guidance systems for the Ministry of Defense. Photovoltaic Technology Research. Fort Washington Capital Partners @Ventures. 1.Advent Solar Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 5600 University Blvd. Peter was educated in the U. Battery Ventures. The multicrystalline cells are protected by sheets of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) then laminated between weatherproof multi-layer back film and high-impact-resistant tempered glass. No grids on the front surface for increased light absorption. University of Konstanz Professor. Products and Services EWT . NaREC Photovoltaic Technology Centre Director. he managed acquisitions and joint developments in addition to his GM roles and is well known for starting many new successful initiatives for the company in digital imaging and portable computing. Engineering & Technology Founder. NM 87106 (505) 243-1800 (505) 243-9200 www. long lasting assembly. Modules are manufactured to the strictest engineering guidelines. Business Overview Advent Solar is a manufacturer of advanced technology solar cells and modules. Speaker Bio: Peter Green. 2. and began operations in 2003. he held sales and marketing roles at Texas Instruments in Europe and Houston. Firelake Capital Management. Advent Solar Modules 1. Chief Executive Officer. Prior to ON. ensuring each module meets the highest levels of quality and safety. SCATEC Founder.S. and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and a Master of Science degree in Microwave and Telecommunication Theory. Battery Ventures Chairman. Tough. Recent News Date 07/04/08 05/12/08 03/19/08 02/25/08 01/23/08 Announcement Appointed New Chief Strategic Officer Participated in PNM's Load Management Program Released 68 Members of Its Work Force Won NMAMA Marketer of the Year Award Mesa Del Sol Announced U. Green Building Council Awards Management and Board of Directors Management Peter Green Martin Hermann Fares Bagh James Gee Shari Montoya Directors Tucker Twitmyer Kenneth Lawler Alf Bjørseth David Marsing Ryan Waddington J. 2. The company was founded in 2002.Emitter Wrap-Through Unlike conventional cells with contacts on the front that inefficiently block sunlight. TX.K.adventsolar. NextEnergy Managing Director. Peter held various senior management roles during his 22 years at Intel Corporation. improved aesthetics. Most recently. At Intel. Peter joined Texas Instruments from Plessey U. anodized aluminum alloy frames produce a durable. and enhanced power output. Chief Scientist Director. Firelake Capital Management.4 ND Valuation ND ND ND ND ND Investors @Ventures.K. Chief Executive Officer Chief Strategic Officer Vice President. 3. ZBI Ventures Chief Technology Officer. Fort Washington Capital Partners @Ventures. B. Features 1 and 2 are accomplished by using the laser-drilled holes to conduct current collected in the front surface emitter through the diffused holes to the back surface.S. Battery Ventures. EnerTech Capital. EnerTech Capital General Partner. Prior to joining Intel. President and Chief Executive Officer Peter joins Advent after 30 years in the semiconductor industry in Europe and the U. The Company's solar cells eliminate grid obscuration. Human Resources Title Managing Partner. Entrepreneurial Programs..

he was President and CEO of SpeechWorks International. Chief Executive Officer For 25 years. Managing Director. water filters. The Company serves consumer. where he led their ascendance into a highly respected market leader and the eventual merger of SpeechWorks with ScanSoft. SpeechWorks and BBG New Media. Paladin Capital Paladin Capital . MA 01880 (781) 224-7100 (781) 246-3340 www. Emerald Technology Ventures Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 09/12/05 01/04/05 01/28/03 Round 4 3 2 Amount $8 7 11 Valuation ND ND ND Investors BASF Venture Capital. air conditioning and heating units. Paladin Capital Motorola Ventures. H. The Company has strategic partnership with BASF Venture Capital. Emerald Technology Ventures. Mr. H. Agion Technologies was formerly known as HealthShield Technologies. Patterson has served as Vice President at Voxware and was co-founder and CEO of Vicorp Interactive Systems. including cell phones. Products and Services Agion offers: * Antimicrobial protection that differentiates your product * A recognized brand that assures you of quality * Regulatory expertise and guidance * Guaranteed performance that meets your objectives * All the professional services you need to succeed. Prior to ScanSoft.agion-tech. a leading provider of speech and imaging technologies and solutions. He is Chairman of the Board of Courion. General Counsel. and faucet handles. from concept to commercialization * Marketing expertise and support to take your differentiated product to market. H. healthcare. Fuller Ventures. ice machines. Management.thatsrevolting. to educate consumers of all ages on the prevalence of microbes in the environment. and industrial markets. Patterson holds a B. Executive Director Chief Technology Officer Chief Financial Officer Vice President. Political Science. keyboards. His career began in Europe at France Telecom and Hewlett-Packard.B. Motorola Ventures.A.B. and Paladin Capital Group. Professional Services Title Chairman. AgION Technology Business Overview Agion Technologies provides antimicrobial solutions based on silver. and has served on the Boards of ScanSoft. Speaker Bio: Stuart Patterson. from Harvard and an MBA from Yale School of Management. Fuller Ventures. Paladin Capital Group Professor. Recent News Date 06/20/08 06/12/08 05/22/08 05/20/08 05/12/08 Announcement “That’s Revolting!” Series Starring Florence Henderson Premiered Second Season Announced Agion Natural Alliance Will Debut at 2008 APIC Annual Conference Partnered with Fit & Fresh to Bring Antimicrobial Protected Shaker Cups Vollrath Partnered with Agion Technologies Introduced First Line of Antimicrobial Treated Smallwares Partnered with Walter to Make Food Cutlery Cleaner Management and Board of Directors Management Stuart Patterson Jeffrey Trogolo Patrick Sweeney Paul Ford Joseph Geary Directors Alf Andreassen Paul Bracken Roger Freedman James Griffin Walter Locher Title Chief Executive Officer. Fuller's Specialty Construction Brands Partner.B. medical catheters. Yale University Former Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Mr. He also currently serves on the Board of the Dimock Community Health Center.Agion Technologies Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 60 Audubon Road Wakefield. shoes. The Company also operates a Website known as www. Emerald Technology Ventures. pens. Patterson has helped identify and develop technologies and companies that change the way we live. Motorola Ventures. Patterson was formerly President of ScanSoft. Secretary Vice President. The Company’s technology is used in various products.

servers. John served as COO and Interim General Manager for SMaL Camera Technologies which was acquired by Cypress Semiconductors. Akorri also offers consulting. North Bridge Venture Partners Bluestream Ventures. storage. Prior to joining Pirus. databases. These mathematically advanced algorithms provide intelligent alerting and proactive service management tools to help with remediation. ScanPoint agent-less discovery and data collection provides performance and utilization data from O/S and VMware. Previously. ViewPoint unique performance topology visualizations show the performance impact on data center applications running through all the physical and logical layers of IT infrastructure. optimization. North Bridge Venture Partners Matrix Partners. He also served as Vice President and CFO of Pirus. and educational services. and planning.akorri. GuidePoint actionable recommendations and analyses are based on Akorri’s Cross-Domain Analytics technology. Globespan Capital Partners. where he was instrumental in developing business strategies and optimizing planning processes that were critical to the company’s successful acquisition by Sun Microsystems. North Bridge Venture Partners . and infrastructure software. fulfillment. Products and Services Cross-Domain Analysis technology collects information from servers. and measuring key resources in the areas of applications. Chief Executive Officer Founder. Prior to Joining Akorri. The Company’s solutions include datacenter optimization/consolidation. Application Fingerprinting technology profiles and characterizes application workloads and models how applications use different infrastructure resources over Business Overview Akorri provides application service level management software for the virtualized data center. and ITIL and service management. Chief Financial Officer Vice President. Marketing & Product Management Vice President. he held senior financial executive management positions at Compaq and Digital Equipment. Sale & Partners Vice President. Matrix Partners. Sales and Marketing for North America. Customer Support & Services Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 09/10/07 04/03/06 05/05/05 Round 3 2 1 Amount $15 15 8 Valuation ND ND ND Investors Bluestream Ventures. customer support. Recent News Date 07/14/08 06/23/08 06/12/08 05/19/08 05/13/08 Announcement FFVA Mutual Insurance Leveraged Akorri BalancePoint Software for Proactive Management of Performance and Capacity in Virtualized Data Center Vancouver Coastal Health Leveraged Akorri BalancePoint to Ensure Data Center Virtualization and Consolidation Success Colorado Housing and Finance Authority Selected Akorri BalancePoint for Performance Management and Monitoring within Server Environment Added Citrix XenServer Support to BalancePoint Virtualization Management Capabilities Appointed VPs for Channel Sales and Marketing/Product Management Management and Board of Directors Management Thomas Joyce Rich Corley John Gavin Eric Fischer Bob Fusaro Steve Ricketts Paul Marichal Title President. monitoring. server and storage virtualization. servers. Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer John Gavin is responsible for leading Akorri’s financial. MA 01460 (978) 431-1200 (978) 428-0091 www. Performance Dynamics Modeling gives early warning to potential application performance problems before they happen. and storage. He brings more than 27 years of financial and operations experience from leading technology organizations. and automatically correlates application performance across these domains. and BalancePoint Analyzer that delivers analysis for quantifying performance in the areas of shared resources and produces actionable recommendations for deploying new resources. and support organizations. Chief Technology Officer Chief Operating Officer. Speaker Bio: John Gavin. where he was one of the chief architects of the $430 million merger of C-Port and Motorola. including Vice President of Finance. tiered storage/ILM. including server and storage virtualization. Matrix Partners. Channel Sales Vice President. John was Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for C-Port Corporation.Akorri Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 305 Foster Street Littleton. and storage infrastructure resources. The Company's products include BalancePoint Examiner that provides foundational cross-domain management capabilities of discovering.

In addition. Prior to alfabet. Insurance Firm Licensed Alfabet's PlanningIT in Major Deal to Strategically Align IT With the Business Topped Competitors in Comprehensive Study of Enterprise Architecture Products by Technical University of Munich Management and Board of Directors Management Erik Masing Oleg Kovrigin Frank Schiewer Ulrich Kalex Thomas Dürre Martin Clemm Jürgen Bonn Directors Friedrich Bornikoel Bernd Seibel Title Founder. Oleg Kovrigin were selected for the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award. Release Management derives operational instructions for deployment and communication with CMDBs from approved solution plans. consolidate locally developed target architectures.S. it offers professional services. Value Management module is used to document and align business and IT strategies and to define and assign KPIs. TVM Capital General Partner. Product Line Management Vice President Finance Vice President Corporate Affairs Senior Vice President Sales Title Managing Partner.alfabet Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: Leibnizstr. Investment. Erik Masing has received numerous awards of distinction for business innovation. Alfabet was formerly known as mip Holding AG. T-Venture Holding. Masing founded and led two other companies. Speaker Bio: Erik Masing. control. the US and the Asia Pacific. Compliance Management is used to scope compliance-relevant systems. Erik Masing has an MBA in Business Administration from the European Business School. Enterprise Strategy & Master Planning module is used to analyze and assess the application portfolio (redundancies. Products and Services Business Demand Management module captures demands not only in the context of their technical and strategic alignment but also their associated architectural objects so that demands can be easily compared and consolidated into proposals. Masing is also a member of BITKOM. Chief Financial Officer. These services enables companies to see. which includes Logical IT Inventory for transparency and modules that enable collaborative IT planning. Director Vice President. From 1991 to 1993 he served as a Senior Manager for the Defence and Hi-Tech sector at HBS Consulting Business Overview Alfabet provides strategic information technology planning and management services for automotive. telecommunications. Masing has led alfabet since its foundation in 1997 in Berlin Germany. perform evaluations and audits and eliminate any risks posed to the systems through ongoing transformat ions to the IT landscape. and align IT initiatives with business priorities. In 2000 he received an “Elite of the Future” award by the German Economist magazine and 2001 he and alfabet co-founder Dr. Mr. financial services. prepare migration plans. and logistics industries. roles and project evaluation criteria. Director Chief Sales Officer. Germany 10629 49 30 88 03 450 49 30 88 03 45 999 www. embedding of IT processes for SOX compliance. 53 Berlin. Mr. Enterprise Architecture Management module is used to define enterprise standards and guidelines and ensure standards compliance. and create an IT master plan. NIB Capital Private Equity. into what is today recognized by leading industry experts and analysts as a market leader with operations across Europe. is the founder and CEO of alfabet. Chairman Founder. born in 1965. and business IT architecture management. Recent News Date 07/30/08 06/30/08 06/18/08 06/16/08 05/20/08 Announcement Announced Record Results for First Six Months of 2008 Positioned in the Leaders Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools Magic Quadrant European Tech Tour Association Named alfabet One of the Top 25 Most Promising Technology Companies in Germany Leading U. analyze. ENF (Elite Network Foundation) and is a member of the advisory council for economic affairs for the CDU political party in Germany. Application Architecture Management module supports detailed analysis of as-is and target architectures and is used to develop and compare target scenarios for defined project proposals. Program Portfolio Management module is used to assign defined projects to programs and conduct bottom up and top-down analysis of budgets and programs. TVM Capital Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 02/12/02 Round 2 Amount $5 Valuation ND Investors Allianz Venture Partners GmbH. costs and usage levels). strategic IT business alignment and planning. Techno Venture Management . perform gap analysis.alfabet. Chief Technology Officer. which include strategic service oriented architecture management. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Erik Masing. bmp management consulting GmbH and mip AG. which paved the way for the foundation of alfabet. alfabet also provides consulting and product services. The Company offers planningIT. Chief Executive Officer.

Arbor Networks
Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 430 Bedford Street Lexington, MA 02420 (781) 684-0900 (781) 768-3299

Business Overview

Arbor Networks is a leading provider of secure service control solutions for global networks. Its customers include over 70 percent of the world’s ISPs and many large enterprises. Arbor solutions deliver best-in-class network security and visibility, along with the power to improve profitability by deploying differentiated, revenue-generating secure services. By employing flow-based and deep packet inspection (DPI) technologies, Arbor solutions measure and protect the entire network – from the service provider core to the broadband edge.

Speaker Bio: Jack Boyle, Chief Executive Officer

A seasoned executive, Jack has successfully led high growth companies and small startups to multi-national enterprises. He brings more than 30 years of expertise in the networking, service provider and information technology industries. Most recently, Jack served as the president and CEO of EqualLogic, Inc., the market leader for intelligent, modular storage area networking (SAN) solutions, where he grew the company and led it through a successful Series C round of funding. Previously, Jack was co-founder of Cogentric, a software company that simplifies the management of security and risk information. As CEO, he grew the company from idea to $6 million runrate in 2 ½ years. Before joining Cogentric, he spent a number of years as Chairman, President and CEO of Saville Systems, a developer of software billing systems. Jack grew the company from 135 employees and $15 million in revenue to 1,800 employees and $185 million in revenue, market cap in excess of $1 billion, with offices worldwide. Jack took the company public in 1995 and completed a secondary offering in 1996, splitting two times. He was appointed Chairman of the Board in 1998 and completed the successful sale of the company to ADC Telecommunications in 1999. Prior to Saville Systems, Jack served on the senior management team at Telic, a provider of network and budgeting workforce management applications, and grew the company from 15 employees to 600 employees with $75 million in revenue. Jack has a bachelor of science in business administration from Northeastern University, Boston, MA.

Products and Services

Arbor delivers secure service control solutions that both protect global networks from the edge to the core from a host of threats, as well as help customers gain networkwide visibility they can translate into actionable business intelligence to generate new forms of revenue and maintain a competitive advantage. Arbor’s solutions give customers a single, unified view into their networks’ performance, helping them to quickly detect anomalous behavior, mitigate threats and enforce policy. Arbor also maintains the world’s first globally scoped threat analysis network – ATLAS – which uses technology embedded in the world’s largest ISP networks to sense and report on The Company offers a comprehensive suite of technical training courses, each geared to participants with distinct skill sets: from novice network operators to senior systems administrators. Seasoned technical instructors with extensive real world security and networking experience lead the classes, which include all needed training materials. Each training session combines classroom instruction with tailored, hands-on experiences in live networks, so participants learn practical rather than theoretical skills. This process enables participants to gain the knowledge required to maximize product performance and lead to the ongoing successful operation of the Arbor solution.

Recent News

Date 08/20/08 08/18/08 08/05/08 06/16/08 06/16/08 06/03/08 05/27/08 05/06/08

Announcement Arbor Networks' Founders Recognized for Groundbreaking Paper on Internet Routing Instability Arbor Networks Published Largest Study to Date on IPv6 Traffic on the Internet Arbor Networks Significantly Extended Reach into Latin America U.K. Provider PlusNet Addressed Network Management With Tiered Services and Transparency 10 Gig Threat Management System Delivered Protection of Critical IP Services OpSource Selected Arbor Networks Peakflow SP Experts Spoke at Prominent Conferences in Asia Pacific World’s Largest DDoS Detection and Mitigation Service Launched via Arbor Networks Peakflow

Management and Board of Directors

Management Jack Boyle Farnam Jahanian Robert Malan Kurt Dobbins Donald Pratt Colin Doherty Lisa Landa Directors David Crowder Barry Fidelman
John Becker

Tom Crotty
Bob McBride

Title Chief Executive Officer Co-Founder, Chairman Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer Chief Technology Officer, IP Services Chief Financial Officer Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales Vice President, Marketing Title General Partner, Co-Founder, Thomas Weisel Venture Partners Partner, ATLAS Venture Retired CEO of Cybertrust, now part of Verizon GeneralPartner, Battery Ventures IONA , chief financial officer

Financing Activity
(US$ in millions) Date 08/05/02 02/05/01 Round 2 1 Amount $22 11 Valuation $25 11 Investors Battery Ventures, Cisco Systems, Comcast Interactive Capital, EDF Ventures, Ironside Capital Group, (2 others) Battery Ventures, Cisco Systems

Asempra Technologies
Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 3200 Patrick Henry Drive Santa Clara, CA 95054 (408) 215-5800 (408) 215-5802

Business Overview

Asempra Technologies is the leading provider of instant recovery solutions for Windows applications and data. When an outage occurs, the Asempra Business Continuity Server™ restores Exchange, SQL and Windows file server to operation in seconds or minutes, allowing users to access email or complete transactions while the full data set recovers in the background. Asempra BCS simplifies recovery processes, prevents downtime and data loss, and reduces the capital costs of data protection and recovery. Asempra has strategic partnerships with Hitachi Data Systems Corporation, BakBone, LeftHand Networks, Microsoft, VMware, Riverbed, and other leaders in systems, storage, and applications.

Speaker Bio: Gary Gysin, President and Chief Executive Officer

Gary brings over twenty years of software and networking experience in early stage and established technology companies. Prior to joining Asempra, Gary was senior vice president of sales and service at McDATA Corporation where he was responsible for setting and executing strategies that resulted in exponential revenue growth through the expansion of strategic partnerships, customer and channel relationships. Gary also held the role of vice president and GM Sanera/Nishan while at McDATA. Before joining McDATA, Gary was the senior vice president of products at Volera, a majority owned subsidiary of Novell. Earlier roles at Volera included vice president of product management and business development. Prior to Volera, Gary held a variety of executive leadership roles including president and CEO of PGSoft, and vice president at Crosswise Corporate, WorldTalk and Touch Communications. Gary holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of California Santa Cruz.

Products and Services

Business Continuity Server (BCS) The Asempra BCS is a software appliance that delivers the fastest recovery for Microsoft applications and data. One-click recovery allows mid-market IT departments to restore Exchange, SQL, and Windows file server in seconds or minutes, preventing downtime and data loss. The unique all-in-one solution trims capital and operating expenses for protection and recovery, reducing needs for storage, snapshot, replication, backup, VTL, and high-availability solutions. The "secret sauce" of the Asempra BCS solution is a patentpending virtualized recovery and data protection technology (Virtual On-Demand Recovery™), that allows applications to restart in seconds without waiting for a full data recovery.

Recent News

Date 08/12/08 07/26/08 07/21/08 07/21/08 06/04/08 04/24/08 04/22/08 04/07/08

Announcement Asempra Teamed With Riverbed to Protect, Speed Recovery of Windows Applications, Data Over a WAN InfoStor - BakBone added Windows recovery to NetVault ByteandSwitch - Asempra Beefs Up Business Continuity New Business Continuity Server 2.7 Helped Midrange Companies Eliminate the Pain of Application Downtime Honored With Network Product Guide's 2008 Product Innovation Award Signed Technology and Reseller Agreement With Hitachi Data Systems Named Technology Alliance Partner by Lefthand Networks Inked Technology Partnership With Bakbone

Management and Board of Directors

Management Gary Gysin Siew Sim-Tang Mark Bagby Joseph Wang Michael Hughes Mike Morando Michelle Johnson Cobb Chris Hyrne Directors Sonja Hoel Perkins Steve Krausz John Gannon Gordon Eubanks

Title President, Chief Executive Officer, Director Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer Chief Financial Officer Vice President, Engineering Vice President, Sales Vice President, Business Development Vice President, Outbound Marketing Vice President, Product Strategy Title Managing Director, Menlo Ventures General Partner, US Venture Partners General Partner, Polaris Ventures Former President, Chief Executive Officer, Oblix

Financing Activity
(US$ in millions) Date 02/13/06 10/01/03 Round 2 1 Amount $20 9 Valuation ND ND Investors Menlo Ventures, Polaris Ventures, US Venture Partners Polaris Ventures, US Venture Partners

Asset Control
Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 1450 Broadway, 19th Floor New York, NY 10018 (212) 445-1076 (212) 445-1079

Business Overview

Asset Control International provides centralized data management (CDM) solutions worldwide. The Company offers its products that support applications in front, middle, and back office environments, as well as for infrastructure optimization in support of enterprise initiatives, such as risk compliance and STP. In addition, the Company offers professional, support, training, and e-learning services. The Company serves firms in various areas of capital markets operations, as well as portfolio managers in energy and private asset management.

Speaker Bio: Phillip Lynch, President and Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive, Phil Lynch is highly experienced in the strategic growth and transformation of financial services, technology and media businesses into customer-focused organizations. Prior to Asset Control, his contributions at Reuters America led to doubled revenue over five years as CEO, and the advent of enterprise solution offerings as co-CEO, EVP and other positions since 1988. Earlier in his career, Phil played key roles at brokerage Centennial Farms and the New England Patriots.

Products and Services

AC Plus, a structured data management platform servicing various functional domains, including custody, settlement, revaluation and pricing, and risk management. AC Server, which contains the core functionality to process and store time series and reference data. AC Data Vendor Interfaces that process and represent data from data vendors. AC Data Logic which comprises the business logic related to the further processing and storage of data. AC Link modules that are used for data consumption and distribution through APIs, notification, and replication. AC Data Analyzer scripting language, which offers standard functions for data manipulation, as well as standard business rules for, as an example, suspect detection. AC Desktop which contains a host of modules for data administration functions, data viewing, and for data manipulation functions. AC Business Suite to leverage the data layer through applications targeted at various areas within the financial services industry. TAPMaster, a suite of modular product components designed to meet requirements for the acquisition, management, and application of reference and business data.

Recent News

Date 08/05/08 05/27/08 05/07/08 05/06/08 02/18/08

Announcement Essent Trading Went Live on Asset Control for Data Management Enhanced Data Management Capabilities for Asset Managers and Hedge Funds Named Best Enterprise Data Management Vendor Martijn Groot Published Book on the Financial Information Supply Chain Expanded Financial Data Coverage

Management and Board of Directors

Management Phillip Lynch Peter Bennfors David Hirschfeld Bridget Piraino Directors Ger Rosenkamp Anne Mitchell Simon Clark

Title President, Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Senior Vice President, Operations Vice President, Marketing, Alliances Title Founder, Asset Control Partner, Fidelity Ventures Partner, Fidelity Ventures

Atlas Venture Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 890 Winter Street. Miragen Therapeutics. NxStage. KDS International. bluespec. Helicos BioSciences. VirtualLogix. ARCA biopharma. Liquid Machines. SGX Pharmaceuticals. Ahmet was a capital market strategist with Goldman Sachs. Marathon Technologies. ExtendMedia. He joined Atlas Venture in 2003. Miasole. Most recently. Ocean Broadband Networks. Ahmet was a consultant for Bain & Company in its technology practice and worked extensively with telecommunications equipment vendors and service providers as well as enterprise software companies. Zafgen Recent News Date 08/06/08 08/06/08 08/05/08 08/05/08 08/05/08 Announcement Phase Forward. Akela Pharma. High Availability to Server Virtualization Management Management Jeffrey Andrews Peter Barrett Axel Bichara Jeff Fagnan Barry Fidelman Jean-Francois Formela Eric Hjerpe Ahmet Ozalp Bruce Booth Peter Shannon Title Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Principal Principal . Avila Therapeutics. he was Vice President of Marketing at Narad Networks. He obtained an MBA degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvannia and an MS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia. Cancer Center for Cancer Stem Cell Research Marathon Technologies' everRun VM Named 2008 Editors' Best Award Winner by Windows IT Pro Magazine for Bringing Fault-Tolerant. and wireless Aureon Laboratories.S. xelerated. OwnerIQ.atlasventure. convergence. Collax. Since 1995. Partner Ahmet Ozalp is a Partner in the technology group. and Europe. Myvu. Speaker Bio: Ahemt Ozalp. Suite 320 Waltham. SafeID. Momenta. Pixtronix. Prior to Narad. Phase Forward. Blue Shift. Sirion Therapeutics. CLK Design Automation. DisplayLink. Resolvyx Pharmaceuticals. SkinStore. Stromedix. a start-up in the broadband access and cable infrastructure space. Portfolio Companies Technology Active endpoints. Scali. digital media. Songbird. broadband. Archemix. and focuses on investment opportunities in cable. Lilly Extended Multi-Year Agreement Bit9 Announced Application Whitelisting Solution for Point-of-Sale Helicos and Uppsala University Collaborated to Study Genome Structure and its Effects on Gene Expression Utilizing True Single Molecule Sequencing Technology Helicos Announced Order for a Helicos Genetic Analysis System from a Leading U. with an aggregate market capitalization in excess of $20 billion. The Firm is currently investing from its seventh fund and manage over $2 billion in capital. Atlas Ventures has helped build over 300 companies in more than 16 different countries. Started in 1980. Isilon Sustems. Vitae Pharmaceuticals. Mascoma. Prestwick Pharmaceuticals. Bit9. Veracode. NaviMedix. Visual Mining. SimpleTuition. Proprius Business Overview Atlas Venture invests primarily in early stage technology and life sciences businesses in the U. IVREA Pharmaceuticals. VideoIQ. Globoforce. 47 of the investments have been acquired and more than 40 have gone public. InfaCare Pharmaceuticals. Lilliputian Systens. Earlier.S. Dynogen. consumer electronics. Gotuit. advanced electron beams Arbor Networks. Xtera Life Sciences Achillion. MA 02451 (781) 622-1700 (781) 622-1701 www. Kalido.

Paul’s first entrepreneurial success was as co-founder and CEO of Groundswell. Foundation Capital . With 25 years of security. Before that. Chief Executive Officer Stich was President and CEO of Counterpane Internet Security which was acquired by BT. network and IT management experience. Allegis Capital Partner. media. a premier Internet consulting firm. The Autonomic Networks solution is centrally managed and supports enterprise wide reporting. or non-compliant with corporate policy and regulatory requirements. and other information resources. Management and Board of Directors Management Paul Stich John Vastano Robbie Forkish Robert Collins Alan Norquist Directors Ray Rothrock Lara Druyan Bill Elmore Title Chief Executive Officer Chief Technology Officer Vice President. entertainment. Product Management Title Managing General Partner. he was a partner at KPMG Consulting. zero changes are required to the existing application and network infrastructure. in charge of the National Telecommunications practice. Venrock Associates General Partner. outside corporate risk tolerances. file servers. Prior to starting Groundswell.Autonomic Networks Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 490 E. Either way. supporting out-of-line deployment for discovery and audit or in-line for enforcement. and utility industries for North and South America. he was a vice president at IBM Global Services. Stich built a team and product line that improved regulatory compliance and protected against insider threats for the largest companies in the world. The networked devices are easy to deploy in data centers. where he was responsible for the telecommunications. Customizable dashboards and reports provide executives with measurable metrics for managing access risk “by the numbers”. Middlefield Road Mountain View. Speaker Bio: Paul Stich. Marketing.autonomic-networks. highlighting audit issues requiring remediation and pinpointing suspicious access activities. Before joining Counterpane. Engineering Chief Financial Officer Vice President. Paul was president and CEO of Peak XV Business Overview Autonomic Networks raises the bar for achieving compliance and managing the risk of user access to applications. He was responsible for the direction and vision of the company’s innovative real-time managed security services. Products and Services The Access Risk Management Solution (ARMS) audits user activity for access that is fraudulent. a global network management and engineering firm. CA 94043 (650) 526-2600 (650) 526-2601 www.

Speaker Bio: David Yeger. credit. The Company's proven technological platform solves the highly complex data. financial control and regulatory reporting. 10005 (212) 248-4188 (212) 248-4354 www. IntegrationCenter™ – Complete data integration platform and datamart management solution supported by a robust data federation engine specifically designed for accessing disparate databases of risk and financial data. adapting to different data and technical environments. regulatory reporting and compliance.axiomsl. Risk Managment Processing. The Company’s products help these clients deal with the dynamics of business and technology changes. The Company's professionals cover a range of disciplines. and Technical Support. ControllerView® – Set of applications for regulatory and financial reporting with worldwide regulatory coverage. Regulatory reporting. The Company's products include: RiskMonitor® – Complete suite of tools for market. The Company serves major global financial institutions. liquidity. large corporations. FinETL™. Risk management. Financial control. Data integration and warehousing. data management.S. operational risk and economic capital analysis.Axiom Software Laboratories Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 67 Wall Street New York. FinETL™ – Collaborative data management platform providing standard transformation capabilities plus the ability to enrich data on the fly with the built-in financial analytics libraries. N. Chief Operating Officer ND Products and Services Axiom Software Laboratories' range of products equip enterprise and their customers with infrastructure and analytical applications for: BASEL II Solution. database and middleware technology. risk and financial management challenges faced by the world’s leading financial services clients. allowing mission-critical activities to be performed across an entire enterprise. foundation and advanced IRB. market and operational risks that covers approaches and constituencies for standard. Compliance and trade surveillance. Recent News Date 07/07/07 10/01/06 06/06/06 05/16/05 02/01/05 10/19/04 Announcement SL Dynamic Solutions was Purchased by Barclays Capital for U. the Company is a leader in software solutions for enterprise risk management.Y. asset managers and energy companies. including risk Business Overview Founded in 1989. The Company also provides Consulting. BASEL123™ Suite – Complete set of capabilities integrating credit. Regulatory Reporting Provided a Major Swiss Bank with the FSA Basel II Capital and Boe Regulatory Reporting Solutions Recognized as a Laureate by the Computerworld Honors Program for its Basel II and Integration Center Solutions Deployed Software Laboratories’ ControllerView® for ABN AMRO Regulatory Reporting and Data Management Deployed for Market and Credit Risk by RBC Capital Markets Prime Broker And Risk Management Group ControllerView® Recognized by The Bank of England to Provide Electronic Reporting Management Management Alexander Tsigutkin David Yeger Title Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating Officer .

Europe's second largest software company. Director Founder. which analyzes processes. which provide monitoring. Ignition Partners Former Senior Vice President. monitored and managed remote access solution for enterprises using BlackBerry smartphones. managed e-mail infrastructure. an email appliance that integrates Microsoft exchange. archiving and management software into a turnkey solution. Phil was the CFO for enterprise endpoint security provider Sygate Technologies. OneStop disaster recovery services that provide dual-site disaster recovery capabilities. and QuickStart E-Mail Assessment. compliance. design.6 Valuation ND ND ND Investors Ignition Partners. and configuration support. Chief Technology Officer. He has also served in senior executive roles in larger organizations such as Baan. Second Avenue Partners Second Avenue Partners . web browsers. ProtectXchange is a comprehensive anti-virus/anti-spam service that prevents threats from penetrating your network and safeguards your data from malicious interference. Chief Executive Officer Phil Van Etten is a 20-year technology industry veteran who has helped early stage companies including Kiva and Sygate become extraordinarily successful. Phil was the senior vice president of investor relations and the corporate treasurer for the Baan Company. Speaker Bio: Phil Van Business Overview Azaleos provides enterprise-class managed email solutions. QuickStart E-Mail Assessments is the most comprehensive service available to evaluate the health of an enterprise e-mail environment -. Products and Services OneServer appliances provide the most cost effective way for organizations of all sizes to rapidly migrate to Exchange Server 2007. handling both dial tone and mail storage restoration to minimize the impact on employee productivity and business continuity. MobileXchange that delivers a highly reliable. Recent News Date 07/08/08 06/16/08 06/05/08 05/21/08 05/19/08 Announcement Plugged iPhone 3G into Exchange E-mail Won Two Prestigious Industry Awards for Hybrid Managed Messaging Service Presented at HP Technology Forum 2008 OneServer Virtual Edition Named “Best of TECHED 2008 Finalist” by Windows IT Pro AND SQL Server Magazines Enhanced Remote Monitoring Service for Deeper Visibility into Microsoft Exchange Management and Board of Directors Management Phil Van Etten Keith McCall Scott Gode Matt Bell Directors Mike Slade Charles Porter Cameron Myhrvold Richard Fade Richard Devenuti Title Chief Executive Officer. ArchiveXchange contains the rapid growth of e-mail by removing e-mail from the Exchange server and storing that content so users can access all of their mail seamlessly with Outlook. patch management. Microsoft Exchange. site topology and connectivity. backup. Prior to joining Azaleos. Microsoft Services Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 11/06/07 07/11/05 01/01/04 Round 3 2 1 Amount $10 6 0. Second Avenue Partners Chief Information Officer. and architecture. monitoring. firmware. Worldwide Sales Title Co-Founder. Marketing. The Company offers OneServer. The Company also offers OneStop managed services. Phil is a CPA and is a graduate of the University of Southern California. software. security. Product Management Vice President. Director Vice President. Earlier in his career. ViewXchange combines the remote monitoring capabilities of the Azaleos OneServer and OneStop services with next generation graphical monitoring and reporting capabilities to be able to visualize Exchange data and access IT reports on demand. prior to and during its sale to Netscape.Azaleos Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 1938 Fairview Avenue East Suite 100 Seattle. Phil served as CFO of Kiva Software. or Novell GroupWise. acquired by Symantec in October 2005. WA 98102 (206) 926-2000 (206) 260-7480 www. Insight Ventures Founding Partner. backup and optional business continuity. an appliance for managing and provisioning mobile devices. and OneServer with mobilexchange. and disaster recovery services. Before Sygate. 24 hours a day monitoring and management for all aspects of on-the-road Exchange connectivity including hardware. while also ensuring a highly available. Second Avenue Partners Ignition Partners. MobileXchange services provide 7 days a week. RestoreXchange services support complete dual-site disaster recovery capabilities. Ignition Partners Partner.whether customers are running Lotus Notes/Domino. or mobile devices.

Further. In this role. the Company offers training.11a/b/g and the new 802.A. North Bridge Venture Partners . In addition. Administration Vice President. Before E Ink. and data devices and networks. WiMAX Performance. range. and benchmarking. Jim has a B. video. Jim joined Molecular Devices from the semiconductor industry where he worked at both IBM and VLSI Technology. Philips Electronics. Wi-Fi Performance: test scripts that evaluate performance such as rate vs.azimuthsystems. including scalable system platforms that measure client/infrastructure reactions. and technical support services. The Company serves wireless semiconductor industries. Jim joined E Ink as a technology start-up. certification and interoperability testing of mobile client devices delivering converged voice. the Company provides Azimuth DIRECTOR. Products and Services Azimuth offers a wide range of test tools and test software running on Azimuth’s industry leading platforms. he served as president and CEO of E Ink Corporation. Chief Executive Officer. system vendors. LTE: MIMO channel emulation to assist LTE developers and users validate advanced 4G radio technology from design level through to performance and Interoperability testing. Recent News Date 06/30/08 06/16/08 06/10/08 06/09/08 04/08/08 Announcement Named George Reed as Vice President of Marketing and Product Management Keithley and Azimuth Systems Announced Collaboration to Create LTE. and certification devices that automate the conformance and functional tests. Vendors and service providers need a repeatable multipath fading configuration to test and certify base station and subscriber stations products. The Company offers tools designed to enable faster product cycles and lead to better quality WiMAX. Previously. and embedded devices. Marketing. MA 01720 (978) 263-6610 (978) 263-5352 www. and optical systems industries. Kodiak Venture Partners Founder. The Company also offers test platforms. LTE. handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular. Chief Executive Officer Vice President.Azimuth Systems Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 31 Nagog Park Acton. North Bridge Venture Partners Kodiak Venture Partners. from Boston College and an M. WiMAX: critical tools to facilitate WiMAX performance and IOT (Interoperability) testing for vendors of infrastructure and subscriber stations as well as for Service Providers deploying WiMAX Networks. and Azimuth STUDIO database management software. Business Development Title General Partner.S. roaming and power consumption. channel emulators to test wireless devices based on multiple-input-multiple-output technology. and grew the company’s market capitalization to nearly $250 million. access point. Granum Partners Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 12/12/06 07/01/04 11/10/03 09/09/02 Round 4 3 2 1 Amount $8 11 7 6 Valuation ND ND ND ND Investors Kodiak Venture Partners. Fixed-Mobile Convergence: a suite of test scripts that automate performance. Research & Development Vice President. Business Development Vice President. North Bridge Venture Partners President. he completed a successful Business Overview Azimuth Systems provides wireless Internet protocol test tools and solutions for voice. from Harvard Business School. an integrated database and reporting tool. he was president. Wi-Fi Performance for the measurement of device interoperability. Wi-Fi and Fixed Mobile Convergence devices. The Company provides Wi-Fi Interoperability for certification of client. North Bridge Venture Partners Kodiak Venture Partners. Speaker Bio: Jim Iuliano. and Toppan Printing among others. led an oversubscribed IPO. Wi-Fi Certification: test scripts that automate Wi-Fi certification testing for pre-certification or lab certification of PC clients and Access Points as well as Application Specific Devices like handsets and game consoles for 802. professional services. director. WiMAX RF Testing Solutions ACE™ 400WB MIMO Channel Emulator Received 2008 MITX Technology Customer Impact Award University of Nebraska-Lincoln Used ACE™ 400WB Announced Channel Emulator for LTE and Emerging 4G Wireless Technologies Management and Board of Directors Management Jim Iuliano Chris Gollihur John Griesing Peter Paglia George Reed Sudeep Gupta Directors Richard D'Amore Rob Held Louis Volpe Peter Williams Title President. life sciences. North Bridge Venture Partners Kodiak Venture Partners. network capacity and QoS performance of infrastructure devices. an analytical instrumentation company in the life science market. and CEO of Molecular Devices. and service providers. Managing Director.B. Sales. range on clients. building a global presence and strategic alliances with SONY.11 draft n certification. roaming of clients. President and Chief Executive Officer Jim Iuliano has more than a decade of CEO experience in the semiconductor. video & data services in real world conditions and with interference and network load. and Fixed Mobile Convergence for the performance benchmarking. display. education programs. Chipcom Managing General Partner. he was an entrepreneur in residence at North Bridge Venture Partners. Prior to joining Azimuth Systems. a testing hardware and software to address the needs of WiMAX providers and users. Product Management Vice President. a privately-held materials technology company that developed an electronic ink to create paper-like displays. a software management tool.

equity. the Company May Seek $5 Billion Rio Unit Tender Offer for D&M Ended in Success Named One of the Lead Bidders for Huawei Phone Unit Among Bidders for PCCW Unit Among Bidders for Lehman Brother's Neuberger Berman Management and Board of Directors Management Joshua Bekenstein Ajay Agarwal Domenic Ferrante Dewey Awad Andrew Balson Steve Barnes Ulrich Biffar Board Shintaro Hori Maarten Vervoort Title Co-Founder. Banks. Media.baincapital. he was Vice President of Internet Infrastructure Research at Soundview Technology. Diversified Consumer Services. Bain Capital is a principal investment firm specializing in private equity. Healthcare Equipment and Supplies. MA 02199 (617) 516-2000 (617) 516-2010 www. Capital Goods. The investment activities of the Company's affiliates include private equity & venture capital as well as long/short public equity. rigorous investment approach. Mr. Speaker Bio: Dewey Awad. Automobiles and Components. and high yield debt obligation public markets. Software. credit products and global macro hedge funds. Industry Areas Bain Capital invests in Energy. Mr. Materials. Japan Partner. Capital Markets. Awad joined Bain Capital in 2000. Financials. The Company's affiliates manage over $78 billion in assets. Internet and Catalog Retail. Industrials. Machinery. Internet Software and Services. The Company seeks to invest in seed. start up. the Company manages hedge funds and invests in fixed income. Managing Director Managing Director. Diversified Financial Services. spin offs. Retailing. Hotels. Restaurants and Leisure. Healthcare Providers and Services. venture capital. Food and Staples Retailing. Awad was Director of Applications and Middleware Consulting at Gartner Group and he spent several years at Electronic Data Systems in the U. AlpInvest Partners. Utilities Recent News Date 09/09/08 09/08/08 09/02/08 08/29/08 08/27/08 Announcement Along with Apollo and Amcor. Consumer Discretionary. The Company's competitive advantage is grounded in a people-intensive. and family/founder Business Overview Established in 1984. Consumer Finance. Thrifts and Mortgage Finance. Commercial and Professional Services. Information Technology. Communications Equipment. and leveraged debt assets. Biotechnology and Life Sciences. Computers and Peripherals. Earlier in his career. and Asia. Portfolio Manager. Venture Capital Managing Director. Multiline Retail. commodity. Technology Hardware and Equipment.S. Energy Equipment and Services. Consumer Durables and Apparel. growth capital. emerging growth. management buyouts. corporate divestitures. Awad received an MBA from Georgetown University and a BA from Colgate University. public equity. Commercial Services and Supplies. industry consolidations. Insurance. Consumer Staples. Software and Services. Managing Director Mr. Consumer Services. Pharmaceuticals. Diversified Financials. Telecommunication Services. Healthcare Equipment and Services. Biotechnology. Prior to joining the Company. Additionally.Bain Capital Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 111 Huntington Avenue Boston. Metals and Mining. Electric Utilities. . Healthcare. Specialty Retail. early to late stage. Brookside Fund Managing Director Managing Director Managing Director Managing Director Title Chairman. Automobiles.

Black Duck Transact is a hosted service (SaaS) for identifying open source and other third party code within a software code base. a company that he took public in 2007. outsourcers. Senior Vice President. product developers. Earlier in his career. Shoplink. Black Duck Protex SDK is a software development kit that extends the capabilities of the Protex development platform. Flagship Ventures Partner. in their software industry investment banking Marketing and Business Development Vice Flagship Ventures. managing and deploying open source software (OSS). and licensed. and Red Hat. Most recently Ken was SVP & CFO of Salary. The Company’s customers include enterprises. MediaMap. Engineering Title Managing Director. Products and Services Black Duck Protex is a platform that helps companies administer how their software assets are created. Black Duck Software has strategic alliances with IBM. MA 02451 (781) 891-5100 (781) 891-5145 Code Search Engine IONA Technologies Deployed Black Duck Software?s Protex to Streamline Development with OSS Open Source Momentum Drives Market Leadership for Black Duck Marked the One-Year Anniversary of GPLv3 with an Examination of Trends in Use Management and Board of Directors Management Doug Levin Kenneth Goldman Alan Facey Bill McQuaide Peter Vescuso Andreas Zink Directors Larry Bohn Roger Heinen Dave Power Janpieter Scheerder Title Founder. he was a Principal with Mirus Capital Advisors. as well as enables enterprise or software development team to integrate Protex into native development processes. Chief Financial Officer Executive Vice President. Board Member Senior Vice President. Chief Financial Officer Ken brings more than 25 years of financial and operational experience to Black Duck. Prior to that. a provider of enterprise software solutions. Flagship Ventures. Intel Capital.S. Sun Microsystems Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 02/13/07 06/06/05 07/26/04 Round 3 2 1 Amount $12 12 5 Valuation ND ND ND Investors Fidelity Ventures. Black Duck helps companies accelerate time-tomarket and reduce software development costs by providing products and services for finding. Red Hat . Fidelity Ventures Former President. General Catalyst Partners.Black Duck Software Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 265 Winter Street North Entrance Waltham. Novell. Focus Ventures.blackducksoftware. Ken held executive positions as Chief Financial Officer at Student Advantage. Black Duck Export is a solution for encryption and cryptography export compliance management in software and software-based assets. SAP Ventures Flagship Ventures. Black Duck Code Center enables organizations to efficiently manage and leverage open source and third-party software. SAP Ventures Fidelity Ventures. Red Hat. Speaker Bio: Kenneth Goldman. Goldman holds a B. Ken began his career as a CPA with KPMG. General Catalyst Partners. Recent News Date 07/28/08 07/28/08 07/21/08 07/14/08 06/24/08 06/18/08 Announcement Black Duck Partners With Adnetwork in Asia to Continue Market Penetration Expanded Presence in Taiwan by Partnering With E-Soft Technologies Added C/C++ Open Source Software to Koders. General Catalyst Partners. Liberty International Holdings. and the Senior Vice Business Overview Black Duck Software is a provider of software tools and infrastructure for open source software management. SunSoft Division. Products and Services Senior Vice President. Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Lodestar Corporation. Founded in 2003. managed. Focus Ventures III. and other organizations. Intel Capital. law firms. General Catalyst Partners Partner. and Goldweitz & Company. degree in business administration from the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. government agencies. Sales Executive Vice President.

Flagship Ventures. Services Vice President. Reach Internet Incubator. Principal. the Company offers assistance and program management. and presentations to enhance corporate communications. Gustafson founded Relational Courseware (RCI). The Company serves financial services. The Company also provides sales campaigns. and Alignment. Brainshark's MSE Suite optimizes communications. and healthcare companies. Brainshark was formerly known as Active Communications. and lead generation. publishing and Information Services. and changed its name to Brainshark in 2000. Ticonderoga Capital 3i Group Plc. Flagship Ventures ND . He holds a BS from Babson College. Reach Internet Incubator. SI Ventures Citizens Capital. shortens the sales cycle and increases Business Overview Brainshark develops on-demand business communication solutions. He is an experienced entrepreneur in the IT and technology-based training industry. Marketing. SI Ventures.Brainshark Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 51 Sawyer Road Waltham. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mr. and training. Brainshark consultants help to create and track the content. Rapid Results eMarketing Programs combines eMarketing campaign services with a limited license of the Brainshark solution for a specific campaign. Products and Services Email Marketing Best Practices Workshops are the first of a series of Workshop offerings. a privately held company that produced and marketed self-paced. In 1996. life sciences. deliver. on demand communications. pharmaceutical. Citizens Capital. Services Vice President. Citizens Capital. Speaker Bio: Joe Gustafson. Finance. and content enhancements. In addition. Prior to founding Brainshark. where he served as Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning for it's Learning subsidiary until leaving to found Brainshark. MA 02453 (781) 370-8000 (781) 370-8202 www. and track voice-enriched presentations for improving sales. insurance. technologydelivered training products for IT audiences and also served as its Chief Executive Officer. They are designed to provide email marketers the specialized knowledge necessary to produce higher-impact. Engineering Executive Vice President. communications. Flagship Ventures. distribute the campaign. Marketing Title Co-Founder. Readiness. Gustafson is responsible for charting Brainshark's strategic direction and growth and overseeing its operations. Vice President. Marketing and Sales Effectiveness (MSE) Suite combines Brainshark's award-winning on-demand solutions to address critical business applications for Marketing Productivity. Chief Financial Officer Chief Technology Officer. online marketing. Products. and track results. On-demand Business Communication Solution Version 16 sets new standards in empowering business users to create high-impact. Business Development Vice President. higher-reach. Ticonderoga Capital Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 06/13/05 08/01/00 01/01/00 09/01/99 Round 3 2 1 Seed Amount $7 14 2 3 Valuation ND ND ND ND Investors 3i Group Plc. best practices workshops. application development services. Web-based training. The Company offers software that enables the user to create. Mr. high technology. and more traceable email marketing campaigns. highly traceable on-demand business content with ease. Recent News Date 06/16/08 06/09/08 06/05/08 05/27/08 05/13/08 Announcement Collins & Associates Selected Brainshark To Deliver On-demand Risk Management Training For Customers Fitlinxx Put Customers Through Training 'bootcamp' With Brainshark Premiere Global Offered Brainshark's On Demand Presentation Solution To Enrich Marketing And Collaboration Unveiled On-Demand Content Portal for Enterprise Collaboration And Business Learning Partnered with Silverpop's Vtrenz Solution to Improve Marketing Campaign Results Management and Board of Directors Management Joe Gustafson Mike McEachem Arnie Greenfield Dave Fitzgerald Andy Zimmerman Greg Flynn Joan Babinski Directors Tyler Wick Title Founder. RCI was acquired by GartnerGroup. Sales. learning programs. Chief Executive Officer Vice President. Sales Productivity. optimize response through testing. marketing.brainshark.

IPC Systems General Partner. 2 company in the Internet recruiting and job market segment. RRE Ventures. directing calls and applying enhanced call treatments within and outside of a provider's packet telephony network. business Business Overview BroadSoft develops VoIP application software that enables the delivery of hosted telephony and multimedia services. The Company serves telecommunication service providers. Charles River Ventures. Crescendo Venture Management Bessemer Venture Partners. Prior to CareerBuilder. The Company's products include sets of communication features. network architectures. including media-based and personal calling features. BroadSoft Xtended is an initiative created to highlight the integration of voice and Web 2. Tholen was an integral player in growing CareerBuilder into the No. Crescendo Venture Management. He also served as vice president of corporate development at Legent Corp. and CFO at The Compucare Co. mobile and cable operators on the migration path to an all-IP network and the delivery of Rich Communications. Teamed up with Fonality to Offer Managed IP PBX for Service Providers Selected to Expand Samsung Networks' Successful Hosted Voice Services for Large Enterprises in Korea Calling Innovators: Build Voice Mashups for Cash Prizes Comdasys and BroadSoft Completed Interoperability Validation for Comdasys FMC Solution Management and Board of Directors Management Michael Tessler Scott Hoffpauir James Tholen Ken Rokoff Geoffrey Hicks Directors Robert Goodman Phil Livingston Jay Markley Andy Miller Joseph Zell Douglas Maine Title Co-Founder. The Company also provides third party development programs to enable carriers and development companies to commercialize enhanced applications.BroadSoft Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 220 Perry Parkway Gaithersburg. Chief Technology Officer Chief Financial Officer Vice President. Charles River Ventures. Products and Services BroadWorks delivers features with unmatched flexibility as applications operate independently of the underlying architecture and transport network. Crescendo Venture Management. and marketing and service launch support services. competitive operators to the incumbents. the Company offers technical support. and operating systems that are deployed across the application. RRE Ventures Bessemer Venture Partners. Director Co-Founder. Grotech Capital Group. Speaker Bio: Jim Tholen. The Company enables fixed and mobile service providers to offer hosted private branch exchange. and service providers of retail-based offerings. Recent News Date 07/16/08 07/15/08 07/15/08 07/08/08 07/01/08 Announcement Belgacom Selected BroadSoft for IMS-based Voice Services. Tekelec Bessemer Venture Partners. MD 20877 (301) 977-9440 (301) 977-8846 www. Charles River Ventures. Columbia Capital. and residential broadband applications. Columbia Capital . training. marketing support. agents. In addition.. Internet protocol centrex. Chief Executive Officer. a professional security services company acquired by MCI (now Verizon Business). Prior to NetSec. as well as resellers. MCI Communications Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 07/16/07 01/30/02 06/26/00 05/03/99 Round 4 3 2 1 Amount $10 33 23 5 Valuation ND ND ND ND Investors Bessemer Venture Partners. mobile PBX. cable/ multiple system operator. modular architecture that uses common protocols. service providers that offer mobile wireless voice and data services. Columbia Capital Executive Vice President. professional services. administrative features. client applications. and industry-standard. Comdisco Ventures. MeriTech Capital Partners. Multimedia Telephony establishes global standards for fixed. and was a technology investment banker at Morgan Stanley & Co.broadsoft. media. residential operators.. BroadWorks award-winning product design provides user services. Inc. service providers of local and long distance voice services. President. TouchTunes Music Partner. open interfaces. Chief Financial Officer Jim Tholen brings to BroadSoft more than 20 years of financial management experience. and media-based functionality from a software-based. Tholen is an alumnus of Davidson College and holds a master’s in Public and Private Management from Yale. Columbia Capital. Charles River Ventures. and value-added resellers. Internet service providers. Grotech Capital Group Executive Vice President. NEBS-compliant hardware. and network servers. Columbia Capital. Business Development Vice President. Grotech Capital Group. Tholen was COO and CFO for FTP Software. He served as both chief financial officer (CFO) and chief operating officer (COO) at NetSec. Operations Title Chairman Chief Financial Officer. he served as chief strategy officer and CFO for CareerBuilder and was a founding member of that company’s board of directors.0 technologies. and helped architect its initial public offering and later sale to leading newspaper companies.

BzzAgent Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 500 Harrison Avenue Boston. the advertising industry’s only cross-continental word-of-mouth media channel. Product Management Chief Operating Officer Chief Technology Officer Senior Vice President. MA 02118 (617) 451-2280 (617) 451-9922 www. BzzAgent’s digital tools and online platform enable its community of 450. Dave was recognized as a Future Legend by the AdClub and he was named to the “40 under 40” list by The Boston Business Journal and Advertising Specialty Institute. IDG Ventures Atlantic (nka:Flybridge Capital Partners) . Dave co-founded the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. Speaker Bio: Dave Balter. you'll see that Awareness (impressions) + Credibility (word of mouth) = Results. and the Boston Boys & Girls Club Marketing and Communications Committee.bzzagent. and sustain their engagement with brands over time. real-world conversations among everyday consumers. and he currently serves on its Executive Council and as Chair of the Association’s International Committee. P&G and Unilever. which spans North America and the United Kingdom. He launched BzzAgent in 2002. The venture-funded company has conducted more than 400 programs for clients including Kraft. Sales Senior Vice President. Since its Business Overview BzzAgent is an international word-of-mouth media network that helps brand marketers accelerate and measure honest.000 consumer volunteers to become brand advocates. Recent News Date 07/14/08 04/24/08 01/10/08 01/07/08 12/17/07 Announcement Guaranteed Word of Mouth Will Outperform Other Media by 20% 25 Companies Won Worldwide Award for Democracy in the Workplace Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide and BzzAgent Forged Strategic Alliance to Offer Clients More Word-of-Mouth Communications Solutions Rogers Media and BzzAgent Announced Exclusive Canadian Partnership Word-of-Mouth Reached 34MM Consumers in 2007 Management and Board of Directors Management Dave Balter Michele Pearl David Wagner Kurt Overberg Michael Bird Dave Dugan John Bigay Directors Jeffrey Bussgang John Simon Title Founder. spread widespread word of mouth. Chief Executive Officer Senior Vice President. When you add BzzAgent word-of-mouth marketing to your mix. Audience. and in 2007 the university dubbed him one of Boston’s “Hottest Technology CEOs. BzzAgent has been featured everywhere from the CBS Evening News to the BBC to The New York Times Sunday Magazine. General Catalyst Partners Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 01/13/06 Round 2 Amount $14 Valuation ND Investors General Catalyst Partners. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dave Balter is the founder and CEO of BzzAgent. Partnerships Vice President. Dave sits on the advisory boards of Crowdsprout. Products and Services Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing provides targeted reach and measurable returns. Marketing Title General Partner. Strategy. Grapevine and The Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II. a collaborative commerce start-up. Dave lectures around the world on trends in word of mouth and social media. and today nearly 450. 40% of WOM conversations include a reference to another form of media — breathing life into traditional media buys and increasing the effectiveness of your overall marketing campaign. Flybridge Capital Partners Managing Director. BzzAgent is the subject of two Harvard Business School cases.000 consumers have joined the Company’s network. The author of two books on the subject. It helps bring the right brands together with the right consumers to enhance traditional media buys.” In 2008.

SafariView™ Element Management System (EMS) supports the full Fault. Building 3 Derry. system integration and operations costs for providers of telephony services while increasing network integrity. Following the acquisition in 2000 of Excel by Lucent Technologies. Murphy served as an Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales of Cedar Point Communications until June 1. Mr. Performance and Security (FCAPs) suite of management functions and integrates FCAPS functionality into a feature-rich management system with a powerful Graphical User Interface (GUI) for complete management of the SAFARI C³™ Media Switching System. (4 others) Ascent Venture Partners. which delivers Internet protocol multimedia subsystem (IMS) capabilities that support the anticipated migration to IMS architecture for converged networks. He also served in several sales positions with ADC Telecommunications.Cedar Point Communications Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 16 Route 111. Mr. and solution services. significantly reducing capital expenditures. 2008. where he led the internal effort to return Excel Switching to a separate corporation. The Company's products include SAFARI C3. Chief Executive Officer Founder.Excel entity. He worked with Cantata Technology. carrier-class Voice over IP (VoIP) switch that incorporates all of the components that make up the voice switching infrastructure and provides SIP-based features today and a seamless evolution to an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture. security and privacy. Charles River Ventures. He served as President of Excel Switching Corporation from 2003 to 2005 and played a key role in the acquisition of Brooktrout Technologies by EAS Group. Speaker Bio: JC Murphy. Battery Ventures. New Management Portal at Anga Cable Management and Board of Directors Management JC Murphy George Kassas Mark Dzuban Kimberly Manion Len Hayes Mark Tubinis John O'Hara Donald Halsted Directors Bruce Sachs Jeanne Bayless Curt Hockemeier Chris Albinson John Goddard Maurice Castonguay Tom Crotty Title President. (1 other) Ascent Venture Partners. Charles River Ventures. Charles River Ventures. the SAFARI eMG supports wireline. NH 03038 (603) 898-3070 (603) 898-3090 www. operations and engineering management positions at established and startup companies.cedarpointcom. President and Chief Executive Officer Mr. He served as an Officer in the United States Coast Guard for 4 years. Comcast Interactive Capital. Accounting.016 channels in a compact chassis. customer. Charles River Business Overview Cedar Point Communications provides integrated voice over Internet protocol and multimedia switching technologies for the service provider and enterprise telecommunication industries. Viacom Cable Former Senior Vice President. and SAFARI eMG. From 1998 to 2000. Recent News Date 07/07/08 06/25/08 06/24/08 06/02/08 05/26/08 Announcement Cobian and Cedar Point Partnered to Bring Integrated Voice and Multimedia Services to Caribbean Network Operators Teamed Up with Cablemas for Expanded Voice Deployments in Mexico Demonstrated New Business and Residential Services Capabilities and Management Portal at Cable-Tec Expo Named JC Murphy President and CEO Exhibited Additional Business Services Capabilities. Products and Services SAFARI C3™ Media Switching System is the only totally integrated. cable operators and telecommunications carriers. Comcast Interactive Capital Ascent Venture Partners . Operations Chief Technology Officer Executive Vice President. Murphy holds BS degrees in Government and Engineering from the United States Coast Guard Academy. Executive Vice President. Chief Executive Officer. SAFARI eMG delivers a compact MG solution that is targeted towards small market environments. Arbinet-thexchange Managing Director. he served as Vice President of global sales and General Manager of open network platform division of Excel Switching. and enterprise customers and educational institutions. MatrixOne General Partner. The Company also provides training. Battery Ventures. Comcast Interactive Capital. Cedar Point Communications serves information technology departments and network operators. Battery Ventures Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 08/08/05 04/13/04 03/06/03 01/01/02 11/01/01 Round 4 3 2 1 Seed Amount $15 20 25 19 ND Valuation $140 ND ND ND ND Investors Ascent Venture Partners. SAFARI C3 provides superior performance and reliability. a media switching system. he served as General Manager and Vice President of the Softswitch Solutions Division until 2003. Treasurer. Supporting up to 2. Configuration. Strategic Accounts Senior Director. a media gateway that delivers flexibility. Comcast Interactive Capital. Business Development Executive Vice President. Battery Ventures. Human Resources Executive Vice President. Chief Executive Officer. parent company of Excel and the creation of Cantata as a combined Brooktrout. Engineering Chief Financial Officer Title General Partner. Murphy served in senior level sales. He was named New England Telecommunications Executive of the Year by Mass High Tech in 2006 for his accomplishments as president of Cantata. broadband access and fixed-mobile-convergence applications. Battery Ventures. cable. Panorama Capital Former President. Charles River Ventures Managing Partner. wireless. STAR Ventures Former President. Chief Financial Officer. (2 others) Ascent Venture Partners.

He has addressed the House Agriculture Committee. (5 others) GIMV NV. GIMV NV. stalks. Hambrecht & Quist Capital Management. He has also been active in the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO). Mr. miscanthus. energycane and short-rotation woody species. of Energy’s Biomass R&D Technical Advisory Committee. the Keck Graduate Institute Advisory Council and is a founding member of the Council for Sustainable Biomass Production. From 1990 to 1991 he was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School. Business Overview Ceres develops energy crops for the generation of bio fuels. a greenhouse gas. Operations Title Founder. GIMV President. Development Vice President. Secretary Vice President. KBC Private Equity Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 09/27/08 01/01/01 01/01/98 Round 3 2 1 Amount $75 18 ND Valuation ND ND ND Investors Artal SA. Warburg Pincus Attorney. biofuels and energy crops. Chief Executive Officer. Chief Executive Officer. General Counsel. where continues to serve as a governing board member. soy. The Company serves farmers and biorefineries. Other crops in the pipeline include: miscanthus. Geron Founding Partner. the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology and the National Academy of Sciences. Biobank Technology Ventures Executive Investment Manager. a sugarcane variety that focuses primarily on biomass yield and stress tolerance traits. a perennial grass. UCLA Managing Director. KBC Investco NV (nka:KBC Private Equity NV) GIMV NV . Speaker Bio: Richard Hamilton. Commercial Development Vice President. The Company's products include switchgrass. In addition to his leadership role at Ceres. Mr. Invus Group Professor. Chairman President. The prior four years he served as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer. Recent News Date 07/21/08 05/01/08 04/29/08 02/27/08 02/07/08 Announcement Seed Industry Veteran Joined Ceres Dedicated Energy Cropa .Ethanol Today Introduced the First Seed Brand for Bioenergy Crops Corn Sequence Data Helped Public Researchers Complete Genome Project Supplied Energy Crops to Next-Generation Biorefinery Management and Board of Directors Management Richard Hamilton Richard Flavel Wilfriede van Assche Kenneth Feldmann Peter Mascia Anna Rath Michael Stephenson Directors Walter De Logi Pascal Brandys Frank Bulens Raymond Debbane Robert Goldberg Chansoo Joung Thomas Kiley Edmund Olivier Floris Vansina Title President. Thousand Oaks. Oxford Bioscience Partners Managing Director. scheduled for release in 2009 under the Blade Energy Crops brand. one of the leading investors in the genomics field and a founder of Ceres. Early products will include high-yielding switchgrass cultivars and high-biomass sorghum hybrids. Richard Hamilton has been the chief executive and a board member of Ceres since 2002. Hamilton frequently speaks before policymakers. where he has served as Vice Chairman of the organization and has chaired its Food and Agriculture Governing Board. Director Chief Scientific Officer Senior Vice President. among others. Products and Services Ceres provides an extensive field trialing program in order to determine the best crops and varieties for likely production locations. Mr. Ceres develops energy crops using plant breeding and biotechnology as raw materials for the generation of bio fuels made from plant stems. he currently sits on the U.D. Hamilton was a principal at Oxford Bioscience Partners. Earlier in his career.Bringing Scale to the Cellulose Solution . a candidate to sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide. The Company also supplies traits and technology to crop developers of corn. and poplar. Research. President and Chief Executive Officer Mr. energycane. business leaders and scientific organizations regarding biotechnology. Hamilton holds a Ph.S. and leaves. Product Development Vice President.Ceres Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 1535 Rancho Conejo Blvd. a tall Asian perennial grass. KBC Group NV. and other non-energy crops. CA 91320 (805) 376-6500 (805) 498-1002 www. in Molecular Biology from Vanderbilt University. Dept. The Company is also developing agronomic practices and determining what grower economics will likely look like in this new industry.ceres. high biomass sorghum for use as a feedstock for cellulosic bio fuels.

Product Management Vice President. Certeon provides Web application and wide area file services performance acceleration.certeon. Sigma Partners. WAN optimization. Engineering. enterprise content and product lifecycle Business Overview Certeon provides application acceleration solutions and services to corporate and institutional clientele.Certeon Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 4 Van de Graaff Drive Burlington. Operations Chief Technology Officer Chief Scientist Vice President. RRE Ventures Managing Director. SAT enables aCelera to use application whole object compression and optimization techniques to securely accelerate HTTP and HTTPS traffic over a WAN. and scalability needs of the globally distributed enterprise. Additionally. Union Carbide Employee's Pension Plan Globespan Capital Partners. He built his entrepreneurial success on a prior record of achievement and leadership in broadcast management. a pioneering software compression company which expanded into streaming media products. a virtual appliance that delivers acceleration. Recent News Date 06/30/08 06/16/08 05/19/08 05/19/08 05/05/08 Announcement Unitus Selected Certeon’s aCelera in its Quest to Fight Global Poverty CTO Presented at the Virtualization Conference and Expo Delivered Industry’s First Virtual Appliance for Application Acceleration Joined VMware Technology Alliance Select Partner Program Provided Welocalize with Application Acceleration Worldwide Management and Board of Directors Management Peter Dougherty Shawn Amershek Donato Buccella Tom Scott Jeff Galin Jack Reiden Gareth Taube Directors Jeffery Black Jack Blaeser Robert Davoli Richard McGinn Ullas Naik Jonathan Seelig Title Co-Founder. President. aCelera software delivers the same application response time reduction as its proprietary hardware appliance counterparts do. Before co-founding Certeon. virtualization. The S-Series is a physical appliance that resides in both the data center and the branch office for those environments that have not implemented a virtualized infrastructure. Globespan Capital Partners Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 07/16/07 01/01/04 Round 2 1 Amount $15 6 Valuation ND ND Investors Globespan Capital Partners. and manageability. Sigma Partners General Partner. Secure Acceleration Technology™ (SAT) is the only solution that can meet the complete application delivery speed. Products and Services aCelera™ is the first virtual appliance software to run natively within a virtual machine (VM) infrastructure and to provide true application acceleration across the wide area network (WAN). Concord Communications Managing Director. Dougherty led the product development and marketing of streaming solutions at EMC. following that company's acquisition of Digital Bitcasting. Mr. Sigma Partners . Worldwide Marketing Title Founder. S-Series Application Acceleration Appliances provide high performance application acceleration to remote users. RRE Ventures. Chief Executive Officer. Globespan Capital Partners Managing Director. security. Director Co-Founder. MA 01803 (781) 425-5200 (781) 425-5210 www. the Company offers secure acceleration technology including Application Acceleration Blueprints and Object Differencing Engine. Worldwide Sales Vice President. President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Dougherty is President and CEO at Certeon. The Company also manufactures application intelligent networking solutions that reduce application response time over the Wide Area Network (WAN) and s-series application acceleration appliances. Vice President. Speaker Bio: Peter Dougherty. and application delivery solutions. Chief Scientist Former Chief Executive Officer. Co-Founder. Dougherty was also the CEO and co-founder of Bitcasting. Mr. single-purpose boxes. with the added benefit of eliminating the hardware footprint and high cost of separately managed. The Company designs and develops aCelera.

Certica Solutions
Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 301 Edgewater Place, Suite 110 Wakefield, Massachusetts 01880 (781) 245-4515 (781) 245-4132

Business Overview

Certica Solutions is the leading provider of K-12 data certification software solutions, which deliver a pro-active, systematic approach to data validation, reporting and monitoring. The Company’s solutions enable local education agencies (school districts) to maximize funding, streamline regulatory reporting for compliance and accountability purposes and improve productivity by optimizinmg information management processes. Founded in 2001, Certica counts among its customers the U.S. Department of Education, several state departments of education and numerous school districts nationwide. The Company was formerly known as The Center for Data Quality and changed its name to Certica Solutions in March 2007.

Speaker Bio: Mark Rankovic, President and Chief Executive Officer

Prior to Certica Solutions in October 2006, as president and CEO of Kubi Software, Rankovic successfully repositioned the company’s collaborative technology as a sales effectiveness solution for team-based sales organizations, and orchestrated its acquisition by Pragmatech. Prior to Kubi Software, Rankovic was vice president of worldwide field operations at Alphablox, a leader in analytic application platform software, and managed the integration after the company was acquired by IBM. Prior to Alphablox, he was vice president of worldwide professional services and vice president of the Asia Pacific region at Prism Solutions, a pioneer in data warehousing solutions. Rankovic had founded two companies on separate occasions, based in Australia, that were the distributors for Alphablox and Prism Solutions in Australia and New Zealand, before working for both of them as a result of acquisitions. He holds a BS degree in computer science and applied mathematics from the University of Adelaide (Australia).

Products and Services

Certica Solutions develops and markets a web-based data certification software solution called Certify™, which enables K-12 education agencies to maximize funding, minimize penalties and audits, and reduce costs associated with mandatory state and federal compliance reporting. Certify software helps K-12 districts attain necessary funding and avoid potential penalties and audits, by ensuring the accuracy of data and identifying potential problems that could get flagged at the state level as a result of the mandatory compliance reporting imposed on all 16,000 school districts nationwide. Certify’s ability to alert districts to compliance issues on a daily basis gives the districts a chance to rectify data problems, provide necessary student interventions and modify administrative processes. The Certify software was recently named as a finalist in the data management category of the 2008 MITX Technology Awards.

Recent News

Date 08/19/08 05/08/08 05/02/08 04/28/08 03/19/08 06/14/07

Announcement Texas K-12 Districts Chose Certica to Ease Compliance with Education Mandates Certify Software Named as a Finalist for the 2008 MITX Technology Awards Database Software Firm Cleaned Up $3.3M in VC Orange County Public Schools Partnered with Certica Solutions to Improve Data for Florida State Reporting, Funding and Compliance Brook Venture Partners Led $3.3 Million Investment in Certica Solutions Deer Park Independent School District Chose Certica to Improve the Quality of Education Data Reporting

Management and Board of Directors

Management Mark Rankovic Jeffrey Averick Richard Paar Ayikudy Srikanth Don Cross Sarah Bassett Lynn Wolf Directors Edward Williams Mark Rankovic Jeffrey Averick

Title President, Chief Executive Officer Chief Technology Officer Vice President, Professional Services Vice President, Engineering and Product Management Vice President, Solution Development Sr. Director, Marketing Corporate Controller Title Partner, Brook Venture Partners President, Chief Executive Officer Chief Technology Officer

Financing Activity
(US$ in millions) Date 10-23-06 03-19-08 Round Series A Series B Amount $1 3 Valuation ND ND Investors Management Team Brook Venture Partners

Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 125 CambridgePark Drive Cambridge, MA 02140 (866) 621-0330 (617) 374-9015

Business Overview

The cMarket Network is a cause based marketplace that is connecting thousands of charity/school fundraising auctions with hundreds of thousands of affluent consumers and dozens of marketers. The $16 billion fundraising auction market is typically closed and inefficient. Using cMarket's advanced online auction system fundraisers raise more money while providing quantifiable data and lead generation for marketers. The award winning consumer shopping portal,, aggreagtes all open auctions into one convenient shopping destination of unique items, most of which are available at a good value and where 95% of proceeds support charity.

Speaker Bio: Jonathan Carson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Jon Carson is a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at cMarket. Jon is a nationally recognized entrepreneur with a passion for mission-based social entrepreneurship. Other than brief stints at Boeing and McKinsey & Company, he has always worked on new ventures. He has founded and profitably sold three companies in which no investor has ever lost money. Cumulatively, Jon has returned in excess of $175 million to investors, cash on cash. Jon's most recent company was FamilyEducation Network (, which offered web services to local schools as well as a network of websites for parents, children, and teachers using a unique public/private partnership model, ultimately becoming the largest education website on the Internet.

Products and Services

The cMarket Network offers three services. For non-profits, our cMarket Auction Manager enables fundraisers to easily build their fundraising auction website to integrate with their gala event. For consumers our shopping portal enables easy searching for items by item category (e.g. red sox tickets, dining), location (e.g. Boston), or cause category (e.g. cancer research). For marketers, cMarketPlace enables product placemement programs into hundreds of targeted auctions (geo targeteing, cause targeted) that reach

Recent News

Date 06/16/08 05/12/08 04/14/08 04/03/08 02/06/08

Announcement Survey Showed Economy Starting to Impact Non-Profit Fundraising Auctions Named to Smaller Business Association of New England Innovator List as One of Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in New England Reached Record 4,000th Auction and $40 million Raised for Nonprofit Organizations Selected by AlwaysOn as a Northeast 100 Top Private Company Award Winner Muscular Dystrophy Association Partnered with cMarket to Reach More Donors and Raise More Funds for Medical Research

Management and Board of Directors

Management Jon Carson Harris Fishman Todd Rodgers Mike McInnis Devin Golden Directors Rick Faulk Foster L. Aborn Steve Green Anthony Morris Stephanie O'Brian

Title Chairman, Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Chief Technology Officer Vice President, Marketing Vice President, Sales Title CEO, Mzinga, Vice Chairman/C(retired) John Hancock Canaan Partners Principal, Morris & Associates Morningside Ventures

Financing Activity
(US$ in millions) Date 11/18/05 01/01/03 Round 2 1 Amount $10 11 Valuation ND ND Investors Canaan Partners, Morningside Group Morningside Group, Sound Point Ventures

Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 10 Milk Street, 10th Floor. Suite 1050 Boston, MA 02108 (617) 330-4100 (617) 330-4101

Business Overview

Code:Red, a software company, provides research and idea management software to the investment management industry. The Company offers Red Alerts RMS, a research management solution that acts as a portfolio manager and analyst workstation; and IdeaNet, which facilitates the communication and collaboration of ideas, meetings, and high-touch research from sell-side providers to the buy-side consumers. The Company serves hedge funds and asset managers.

Speaker Bio: Tim Gavin, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Tim Gavin has worked in the investment management software industry for the past 12 years. Gavin joined Eze Castle Software (ECS), a leader in Trade and Portfolio Management systems for buy-side investment managers, in 1996 as the 3rd employee and assisted in managing the company's growth to approximately 150 employees with 5 offices located throughout the US and the UK prior to his departure in 2004. Tim Gavin spent his last several years at ECS serving as a Senior Vice President and as a member of the executive team focusing on strategic initiatives. In October, 2004 Gavin co-founded Code:Red, Inc with the former head of software development at ECS, Dwight Wyatt. Code:Red offers a software solution called Red Alerts, the technology leading Research Management System (RMS), and caters to some of the largest investment managers throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. Tim Gavin graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Boston College with a BA in Computer Science and a minor in Slavic and Eastern European studies. Tim Gavin resides in Boston, MA, with his wife Cara and their 4 children.

Products and Services

Red Alerts RMS™ is a research management solution specifically geared to the needs of portfolio managers and analysts who manage large amounts of research from numerous sources. Red Alerts RMS™ helps the user quickly and easily store all materials, and interfaces with 3rd party providers to streamline information gathering. Red Alerts RMS™ then lets the user quantify and qualify all data within the system to help you analyze the efficacy and value of research sources, and share that information with your organization. Red Alerts RMS™ ensures quick and easy storage and access to all the research a firm accumulates and lets the user see how valuable the information was in producing results.

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Announcement Released Red Alerts RMS 3.3: Central Information Platform for Investment Professionals Announced Enhanced Integration to help Eze Castle Software Clients adopt Research Management Software Released Red Alerts 2.2 Released Red Alerts 2

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Michael was the chief financial officer of ASI Solutions Inc. upgrades and optimization. Schneider Electric Ventures . Michael became a CPA in New Jersey in 1978. design.ConsumerPowerline Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 17 State Street. We seek to partner with you and help provide clarity in the fast moving energy environment. a venture capital backed provider of on demand document management services.consumerpowerline. Lenox Hill Hospital. Expansion Capital Partners. Chief Financial Officer As chief financial officer. Bessemer Venture Partners Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 09/24/07 Round 1 Amount $17 Valuation ND Investors Bessemer Venture Partners. Director President. Industrial Vertical Title General Partner. energy conservation measurement. NY 10004 (212) 796-7100 (212) 361-6385 www. Our services fall into one of three tiers from our market leading demand response services to our forecasting and commodity purchase strategic services. Field Operations Chief Financial Officer Executive Vice President. Commissioning. Forest City Ratner Corporation. Asset improvement (controls. Incentive management. Basic Demand Response Services include: Asset classification and bidding strategy. Investec Trust.. Revenue Generation. Director Founder. Prior to joining ConsumerPowerline. Michael served as the chief financial officer of Archive Systems Inc. and strategic consulting Business Overview ConsumerPowerline offers energy conservation and management consulting services.. Capitalization for merchant power plants. Hines Property Management. 19th Floor New York. behavioral shift). Co-op City. a NASDAQ listed provider of human resource outsourcing services. Control development. Macy’s. Earlier in his career. Cooper Square Realty. usage forecasting. Chief Strategy Officer. New York City Investment Fund Manager. Forward energy usage forecasts. Newmark Properties. University of Massachusetts. Speaker Bio: Michael Mele. Products and Services ConsumerPowerline offers Strategic Energy Asset Management (SEAM) via a comprehensive set of service offerings. KW/KWH optimization. measurement and financing. fuel switching. The State of Massachusetts’ Division of Capital Asset Management. The Company’s suite provides revenue generation. Michael earned an AB in Economics from Rutgers College and an MBA from Rutgers University. Amherst. New York Presbyterian Hospital. Michael is responsible for the company’s financial and administrative operations. Comprehensive ESCO Services include: Energy Conservation Measure (ECM). Macklowe Properties. RFR Realty. Expansion Capital Partners Partner. Recent News Date 07/14/08 06/25/08 06/02/08 04/30/08 04/10/08 Announcement Expanded Executive Team with Technology Services Leaders Hired Seasoned Technology Executive as President of Field Operations Awarded Exclusive Demand Response Contract with Central Vermont Public Service for the Coolidge Connector Affected Area Entered Canadian Market with Ontario Power Authority Demand Response Contract Won Demand Response Contracts with Southern California Edison Management and Board of Directors Management Gary Fromer Michael Gordon Steven Minisini Michael Mele Malcolm Smith Directors Diana Propper de Callejon Justin Label Title Chief Executive Officer. Starwood Hotels. and Wentworth Management. Equity Office Properties. Douglas Elliman Property Management. The Company's clientele include CB Richard Ellis. Strategic Services include: Commodity purchase. Michael joined ConsumerPowerline in 2008.Morgan Stanley.

-based firm offering products and services that allow companies. insurance underwriters and other decision-makers. governments and fund managers to better understand their environmental performance.thecorporatelibrary. from the University of Southern Maine in Business Overview The Corporate Library operates as an independent research firm that specializes in corporate governance issues in the United States.S. Editor Chief Executive Officer Sales & Marketing Officer Vice President. Custom and Historical Data — A longitudinal view of corporate governance for clients' research needs. USA Today. The Daily Deal and Barron's. The Company serves as the resource for independent corporate governance and compensation information and analysis of the United States corporations. Mr. ME 04101 (207) 874-6921 (207) 874-6925 www. which are relied on heavily by investment analysts. shareholder proposals. Fortune and The Wall Street Journal. Bennett has been written about in Pensions & Investments. He worked as Director of Corporate Governance for Lens Investment Management from 1997 to 2002. Suite 201 Portland. executive compensation. a U. Recent News Date 08/06/08 08/04/08 06/20/08 06/17/08 Announcement Ratings Helped Predict Securities Litigation. President and Chief Executive Officer Richard Bennett has an extensive background in politics and government service as well as a wide range of private sector experience. Research and Ratings . He is a member of the President's Commission on White House Fellowships. distilled by the Company's expert research team. Continued Global Expansion Minow Honored at ICGN Annual Conference Opened Research Archives in Support of UNPRI Signatories Management and Board of Directors Management Nell Minow Richard Bennett Drew Buckley John Kipp James Cox Edward Ropple Ric Marshall Kimberly Gladman Title Co-Founder.200 U.B. New Study Shows Celebrated Tenth Year. He graduated with honors from Harvard University in 1986 and received his M. A former president of the Maine State Senate. the University of Southern Maine School of Business and for The Conference Board. based on Board Analyst data from 2001 to 2007. and much more for over 3. securities class action filings. Products and Services Board Analyst® — The Company's flagship product provides easily-accessible information on corporate boards. among other institutions. Speaker Bio: Richard Bennet. Bennett served four terms in the Maine Senate and two terms in the state's House of Representatives. TCL Ratings — Proprietary ratings reports.The Corporate Library Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 45 Exchange Street.S. Custom Research and Advisory Services — The wealth of information in Board Analyst. and Canadian public companies. Columbia University. experience. Mr.A. He is an independent director of Biddeford Internet Corporation and a non-executive director of Trucost. Securities Litigation Risk Analyst® (SLRA) — A new tool developed to help predict securities class action (SCA) litigation. LeaderBoardTM — A research and business development database of global corporate leadership that allows users to screen and identify individuals based upon selected criteria such as position. Securities and Exchange Commission. Mr. Finance and Administration Data Operations Officer Chief Information Officer Chief Analyst Director. including the founding and management of several businesses. Governance Information Screening Tool® (GIST) — An advanced interface that allows users to customize analyses by assigning weights based on your own criteria. corporate board relationships and non-corporate affiliate relationships. and has been cited in numerous publications including Business Week. directors.K. Bennett has spoken publicly about corporate governance issues at the U. Plc.

Admin Reporting Module w/ Ad Hoc Reporting Tool & STATS. Customer Reward System includes a Customer reward activation (data access point). Marketing . Admin Reporting Module w/ Ad Hoc Reporting Tool & STATS. Program Rules. Client specified SPIFF structures and flexible contest timelines. NY 10016 (212) 689-1200 (212) 202-7977 www. Opt-In. Program Rules. a Sales/Contest Winner Upload Component. He held several international roles. territories. Program Rules. Welcome Media Page. and loyalty programs for companies both large and small. territories. and dealer incentive programs. Data Upload/Sharing Capabilities. Customer suggestion boxes. E-statements on activity. Brookshire spent 18 years in international advertising and marketing. Customizable data sets (groups. The Company helps Fortune 1000 companies and small businesses alike take advantage of the Internet to run efficient and effective online employee recognition and rewards programs. Customizable data sets (groups. FAQ Section. Welcome Media Page. most recently as a Senior Vice President of Bozell Worldwide (now part of IPG).corporaterewards. Sales. brand-centric account structures for Chrysler and Jeep in Europe. 4th Floor New York. regions etc). FAQ Section. regions etc). Birthday Award / Service Recognition Option. Announcements etc. where his accomplishments include: managing a core team in developing a global Bozell Intranet. and the Japanese press to neutralize public opinion regarding the effect of Rice imports to Japan. Dealer Incentive System includes a Rep. Contact Center for User Q´s. Admin Reporting Module w/ Ad Hoc Reporting Tool & STATS. US lobbying groups. Customizable data sets (groups. Opt-In. Sales verification (scrubbing) of up to 100k data groups at a time. Hierarchy Roll-ups. Contact Center for User Q´s. Contact Center for User Q´s. VP´s etc). Opt-In. Roll-up reporting to Master Dealers/Agents as well as A User Reporting Modules with Reward Combine in 2001. and a 350 + Retailer Redemption Portal. and a 350 + Retailer Redemption in 1999 and CorporateRewards. Budgeting Capabilities. before moving to New York. Edward´s extensive international experience includes postings in Europe. FAQ Section. Announcements etc. Announcements etc. Chief Operating Officer Vice President. managing profit centers in Europe and the Middle East. Contact Center for User Q´s. Asia. Opt-In. territories. User Reporting Modules with Reward Combine Technology. Welcome Media Page. President and Chief Operating Officer Prior to founding GiveAnything. AM Tracking Modules. Admin Reporting Module w/ Ad Hoc Reporting Tool & STATS. reward. and a 350 + Retailer Redemption Portal. Leaderboards. and working with the US Embassy. launching the Chrysler brand in Korea. Incentive System includes User Tracking Modules. FAQ Section. and ran multi-million dollars accounts. Announcements etc. Program Rules. Leaderboards. The Company's online applications and patented Universal Gift Certificate technology allows clients to enjoy an entirely new level of program branding. Founder. and a 350 + Retailer Redemption Portal. President. User Reporting Modules with Reward Combine Technology. Master Dealer/Agent. Speaker Bio: Edward Brookshire. Management and Board of Directors Management Steve Perry Edward Brookshire Thomas Silk Title Chief Executive Officer Founder. incentive programs. Approval Options.Corporate Rewards Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 307 Fifth Business Overview Corporate Rewards is the leading provider of online incentive. and ROI. Products and Services Employee Recognition System includes a Spot Recognition Component. Data Upload/Sharing Capabilities. regions etc). creating horizontal. participant satisfaction. Welcome Media Page. and the Middle East. Customer referral programs. Data roll ups (supervisors.

a policy verification solution. The Company's products include AccountCourier. Courion has developed a comprehensive collection of tools. Zannetos Co-Founded and served as Partner of Onsett International. government. Director Co-Founder. Paladin Capital Group. Riggs Capital Partners. AgION Technologies Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 11/08/04 01/28/03 11/28/00 05/10/99 Round 5 4 2 1 Amount $5 9 13 4 Valuation ND ND ND ND Investors JMI Equity. methodologies and artifacts that the Company makes available to customers in the form of Courion's Best Practices. PasswordCourier. Profile Courier and CertificateCourier. healthcare. Massachusetts Technology Development. Speaker Bio: Chris Zannetos. managed service providers. RoleCourier. a password management solution. ComplianceCourier.courion. Mr. UST Capital . President. including aerospace. Recent News Date 07/21/08 07/11/08 07/09/08 07/09/08 06/23/08 Announcement Joined the OCEG Technology Council Automated Computer Access To Keep Data Where It’s Supposed to Be Made Data Breach Prevention a Matter of Policy Two Courion Customers Named Winners of the Info Security Products Guide 2008 Best Deployment Scenario Awards Released Enhances Enterprise Identity and Access Management Management and Board of Directors Management Chris Zannetos Brian Milas Bob Cirrone Todd Chambers Bill Norberg Directors Philippe Amouyal Harry Gruner Niloo Howe Stuart Patterson Title Business Overview Courion offers identity management solutions that automate business processes of various companies. Massachusetts Technology Development. Mr. PasswordCourier. technology. Courion offers its products through authorized resellers. Massachusetts Technology Development. consumer/retail. a profile management solution. ComplianceCourier.Courion Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 1881 Worcester Road Framingham. The Company serves customers in various areas. ProfileCourier. (1 other) JMI Equity. Products and Services With a base of over 330 successful customer implementations. Chief Executive Officer. Before Onsett. These solutions include Courion's AccountCourier. he worked for 6 years in a variety of marketing and engineering management roles at Data General. Courion's identity management solutions automate business processes and simultaneously drive cost. and utilities. security. Invus Group Partner. QuestMark Partners JMI Equity. consulting and information services. RoleCourier. Paladin Capital Group Chief Executive Officer. QuestMark Partners. manufacturing. a role management solution. He serves as Director of Courion Corporation and TechNet. MA 01701 (508) 879-8400 (508) 879-8500 www. Zannetos has Bachelor of Science degrees in both Economics and Political Science from MIT and a Master of Science degree in Management from the MIT Sloan School of Management. JMI Equity Partner. a user provisioning solution. a digital certificate registration and recovery solution. Field Operations Title Managing Director. QuestMark Partners. and service quality results for our customers. Riggs Capital Partners JMI Equity. The Company provides enterprise provisioning and access compliance solutions. Chief Technology Officer Chief Financial Officer Chief Marketing Officer Senior Vice President. Co-Founder. communications. financial services. and CertificateCourier. President and Chief Executive Officer Prior to Courion. and system integrators/consultants. banking.

Prior to Egenera. where he served as CFO. intrusion detection systems. He joined IBM as a result of the company’s acquisition of Ascential Software. Mass. During his tenure.S. and others. adaptability and resiliency. By consolidating application processing and providing virtualization capabilities. Crossbeam offers the only security platform that delivers unparalleled network performance. North Bridge Venture Partners. virtualize the deployment and delivery of security applications. security services are not embedded in the networks as racks of special-purpose appliances. Inc. North Bridge Venture Partners. Bay Networks President. Engineering Vice President. and has offices in Europe and Asia Pacific. Intel Capital. Speaker Bio: Pete Fiore. Partner. Chief Financial Officer Pete Fiore has served as Crossbeam Systems' President and Chief Executive Office since June 2007. he led an IPO effort and raised over $130 million in private equity and $45 million of debt financing. Prior to joining Crossbeam. RSA Security President. he served as vice president of IBM’s Information Integration solutions business. Worldwide Sales Chief Marketing Officer Vice President. General Partner. with more than 16 of those years as a senior financial executive in the technology industry. Matrix Partners. Tom holds a B. Fiore received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Engineering and Applied Sciences from Harvard University. the Next Generation Security Platform creates a security layer that overlays the company network. Chief Executive Officer. Tudor (2 others) . content gateways. Matrix Partners.. switches. The basis of Crossbeam’s solution is its Next Generation Security Platform. While at Egenera. Chief Executive Officer. Customers choose Crossbeam to intelligently manage risk. responsible for all financial. Mr. Corporate Strategy Title Former Executive Vice President. Commonwealth Capital Ventures. where he served as president since the company’s inception in July 2001. and load balancers. Director Chief Financial Officer Vice President. accelerate and maintain compliance. North Bridge Venture Partners. Recent News Date 08/17/08 08/10/08 06/09/08 06/04/08 05/30/08 Announcement Helped Cox Communications implement and scale its network security services Certified Imperva Securesphere on the Crossbeam Next Generation Security Platform Published White Paper to Help Companies Meet the Challenges of PCI Compliance Helped BT Strengthen Its Virtualized security Offering Expanded presence in Japan Management and Board of Directors Management Pete Fiore Tom Sheehan Jim Vedda Jim Freeze Chet Gapinski Tom Nolette Throop Wilder Directors Stephen Cheheyl Arthur Coviello Pete Fiore Rick Ganong Jeffrey Hurst Jeffrey McCarthy Rob Soni Title President.Crossbeam Systems Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 80 Central Street Boxborough. Commonwealth Capital Venture Partners General Partner. Tom joined Crossbeam from Egenera. Tudor (2 others) Commonwealth Capital Ventures. where he oversaw all aspects of the $500+ million business segment’s strategy and Business Overview Crossbeam Systems transforms the way enterprises. Matrix Partners Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 4/27/2007 & 1/18/08 06/17/05 05/07/04 Round F E D Amount $25 20 10 Valuation ND ND ND Investors Commonwealth Capital Ventures. Operations. he led Ascential through its transition to an independent public company and grew revenue by more than 140%. virtualization and simplification of security services delivery. Matrix Partners. a highly scalable hardware/software platform that facilitates the consolidation. in Accounting from Syracuse University and has practiced as a Certified Public Accountant. service providers and government agencies architect and deliver network security services.crossbeam. Crossbeam has the unique ability to tightly integrate leading-edge hardware with industry-leading third-party security applications like firewalls. while preserving the customers’ choice of best-of-breed security applications. and administrative matters. Chief Executive Officer. The Next Generation Security Platform allows companies to consolidate racks of security appliances and network equipment like switches and load balancers. Quality Vice President. Products and Services The Crossbeam Next Generation Security Platform transforms the way enterprises and service providers architect and deploy their security services. North Bridge Venture Partners General Partner. President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Sheehan. from firewalls and content gateways to intrusion prevention systems. Crossbeam is headquartered in Boxborough. where he raised $32 million in private equity and helped integrate a major acquisition. As a result. Tudor Ventures Founder. MA 01719 (978) 318-7500 (978) 287-4210 www. Tom Sheehan has more than 25 years of financial and operating experience. intrusion preventions systems. becoming the revenue and market share leader. Intel Capital. Tom was CFO for The MacGregor Group. and protect their businesses from evolving threats. scalability. Tudor (3 others) Charles River Ventures. Crossbeam Systems. legal. and dramatically simplify delivery of security services.

com Business Overview Cyber-Ark Software develops and markets digital vaults for securing and managing privileged identities and highly sensitive information. Product Management Title Chairman. intellectual property. Cabaret-ArbaOne. design plans. Jerusalem Venture Partners President. Vertex Ventures. Featuring an easy to use and adopt fully functional web client for requesting. Cyber-Ark’s customers include ADP. Oracle. simple to adopt and efficient to administer. JP Morgan Chase Partners . as well as Application accounts embedded within mission critical scripts. credit card data. In this role he is responsible for the management. insurance data. Citigroup.Cyber-Ark Software Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 57 Wells Avenue Suite 20A Newton. and is a member of the Oracle Extended Identity and GRC ecosystems. Mokady established Cyber-Ark's headquarters in the US and orchestrated its market expansion. secure and update privileged identities within individual networks and distributed applications. flexibility and detailed tracking capabilities missing from today's plethora of one-dimensional encryption only based solutions. auditing. This unique platform provides a central location for policy definition. Business Development Chief Technology Officer Vice President. Sample customers include Comerica. Chief Executive Officer Cyber-Ark Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 03/20/05 03/25/02 Round 3 2 Amount $3 $12 Valuation ND ND Investors Jerusalem Venture Partners. paving the way for the Company to acquire over 400 Global enterprises in the US. partnerships with IBM. Shell. To date. Customers use the Sensitive Document Vault to securely manage and share highly sensitive information such as financial reports. and for secure internal and cross-enterprise data exchange and sharing of their highly sensitive information. The Products include a centralized. Sales Vice President. Israel Operations Vice President. Jerusalem Venture Partners Founder. Royal Bank of Scotland. patent pending. including shared. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Newton. the Product creates a multiple-layered information security infrastructure that is easy to use. accessing and connecting to privileged accounts on target systems. IBM. Dell. clinical trial records and other highly-sensitive information The product is built to meet the stringent security. Cyber-Ark is the market leader within the Privileged Identity Management space. A veteran of a Military Intelligence unit. solution for managing application identities within most application servers that requires no additional code changes. Prior to Cyber-Ark. a fast growing area that it helped create. Co-Founder Founder. applications and application servers. ICSA certified Digital Vault for ease of administration. Customers are able to easily automate information exchange services and to seamlessly integrate with back-office enterprise applications to facilitate the reliable and secure exchange of sensitive information. Chief Executive Officer. Highly Sensitive Information Management Suite Inter-Business Vault® Cyber-Ark's Inter-Business Vault provides a cross-enterprise data sharing and automated exchange platform for highly-sensitive information. execution. manage. HR documents. In his previous role as Cyber-Ark’s COO. Sensitive Document Vault™ Sensitive Document Vault addresses business concerns and regulatory mandates by providing a centralized secure repository and sharing platform for an organization's most highly sensitive information. Products and Services Priviliged Identity Management Suite: Enterprise Password Vault® and Inter-Application Authentication Manager™ Cyber-Ark's Enterprise Password Vault coupled with with the Inter-Application Authentication Manager enable organizations to secure. Target. he previously served as an executive at Tadiran Spectralink. Based on patented and ICSA validated secure Digital Vault technology. over 400 enterprise customers. control and logging requirements posed by governmental and industry regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley. Today. Strategy. personalize. JC Penney. AIG Bank and AstraZeneca. Asia and the Pacific Rim. Europe. who rely on Cyber-Ark as their secure infrastructure for exchanging information with customers and third parties. PCI and Basel II. IDB Development Corporation. generic Administrative accounts such as SysAdmin and Root User. Managing Partner. Vertex Management Israel Chief Executive Officer.cyber-ark. President and Chief Executive Officer Udi Mokady co-founded Cyber-Ark Software in 1999 and serves as the company's President & CEO. Examples of such business enablement include the exchange of financial transactions. a highly specialized producer of secure wireless communications systems. Seed Capital (Softbank). and Asia. Vertex Management. all while providing the security. Products. marketing campaigns. President. access management and delivery tracking for all types of information exchange services. including 15 Fortune 50 companies and 5 of the top 10 global banks are using Cyber-Ark's digital vault based products to secure manage and monitor all the Priviliged Identities across the IT infrastructure including both Administrative and Application Identities. define and grow into a significant element of the overall Identity Management market. President. Courion and Getronics. coupled with a distributed component architecture designed to manage. MA 02459 (617) 965-1544 (617) 965-1644 www. over 280 enterprises around the world have selected Cyber-Ark as their Privileged Identity Management solution of choice. Mokady specialized in legal management and business development for international high-tech companies. reporting and management. IT documents etc. the products also provide a complete. and the Public Compa Speaker Bio: Udi Mokady. Director General Manager. HIPAA. and strategic direction of the company as the market leader in managing and securing Privileged Identities and Highly Sensitive Information. Cabaret-ArbaOne Jerusalem Venture Partners. Cyber-Ark has more than 80 channels worldwide. Long recognized as an innovator within the information security market for it’s patented Vaulting Technology®. Comerica Bank. Mokady has also led the implementation and management of channel development and international marketing for Cyber-Ark's award winning information security products in Europe. The Sensitive Document Vault is also used to share these documents in a secure manner with telecommuters and external parties Recent News Date 08/25/08 06/19/08 06/11/08 05/07/08 3/19/2008 Management Udi Mokady Chen Bitan Adam Bosnian Richard Weeks Nir Gertner Roy Adar Directors Alon Cohen Erel Margalit Elisheva Yakobovich Eitan Bauch Udi Mokady Announcement Cyber-Ark joins McAfee Security Innovation Alliance Survey Revealed Scandal of Snooping IT Staff A third of IT staff secretly peek at confidential data Cyber-Ark Signs Global Deal with Getronics Awarded Network World's "Clear Choice" Winner for Privileged Account Management Cyber-Ark Celebrates Record Year with 70%+ Revenue Growth and Leading Position in the Privileged Identity Management Market Title Co-Founder. Gillette. MA. automate and audit all types of Privileged Identities. Co-Founder.

an electronic design automation software company. a pre-silicon environment for the insertion of reconfigurable instruments directly into RTL. Peter Levin was previously a General Partner in the Munich-based venture capital firm TVM. allowing silicon bring-up teams to more narrowly focus time and expense for root cause identification and resolution. enable in-silicon performance monitoring. Only through the application of innovative validation solutions will companies reduce the time for post-silicon development and related expenses associated with delayed product release. ClearBlue is composed of an extensive set of applications designed to accelerate first silicon bring-up. Co-Founder. as well as employs the on-chip instruments to provide visibility and control of the instrumented signals. The Company serves design engineers and managers. power. and was a tenured member of their Electrical and Computer Engineering Department prior to his appointment as research dean in Boston University's College of Engineering. MA 01701 (774) 204-0020 (508) 875-9422 www. discover. as well as for generating scripts to interoperate with other commercially available EDA products. ease hardware and software integration. and diagnose functional errors. configuration problems. event-based validation and assertion-based debugs. It provides a comprehensive suite of post silicon applications designed to reduce the time between first silicon availability and volume production. provide a comprehensive platform for inspection and diagnosis of on-chip. business unit managers. a design automation system for use in post silicon validation. and ClearBlue Silicon Validation Studio that offers a spectrum of in-system analysis capabilities. where he focused on EDA and semiconductor manufacturing. signal integrity. and performance monitoring. Bay Partners. from Carnegie Mellon Business Overview DAFCA. or process related issues. Products and Services ClearBlue Silicon Validation Platform is a design automation system for use in post silicon validation. Recent News Date 06/05/08 06/03/08 02/04/08 11/26/07 05/25/07 Announcement Entered Japanese Market With CYBERNET Systems Partnered With Denali Software to Announce Collaboration to Expand FlashPoint Platform Integration Features Partnered With GiDEL to Announced Cooperative Development Relationship Announced Free Evaluation Kit as Part of its 2007. offers silicon proven instrumentation IP and software for on-chip and in-system SoC validation. Dr. and field application engineers. Support Vice President. ClearBlue can help isolate the scope of such problems. Chief Technology Officer Vice President. at-speed behavior. and unexpected behaviors resulting from functional. IP core developers. President. Director Co-Founder.dafca. The Company's ClearBlue Silicon Validation Platform includes ClearBlue Instrumentation Studio. Levin was a White House Fellow and presidential appointee during the Clinton Administration. Chief Executive Officer. New Venture Partners. including logic analyzers. Development of nano-era SoC devices necessitates superior tools that allow teams to not just observe circuit behavior but subject circuits to stress and fault conditions. Vista Ventures . The Company’s products include ClearBlue Silicon Validation Platform.3 Release Infineon Relied On DAFCA for Post-Silicon Validation Management and Board of Directors Management Peter Levin Miron Abramovici Dave Miller Paul Bradley Directors Bruce Eastman Scott Yaphe Atul Kapadia David Shapiro Title Co-Founder. Engineering Title Chairman General Partner. The Company’s software suite and silicon proven instrumentation library allows design teams to incorporate its reconfigurable infrastructure into their designs to observe. He holds three degrees. all in Electrical and Computer Engineering. allowing the early discovery and diagnosis of integration problems. Kodiak Venture Partners. He began his career at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. ABS Ventures Managing General Partner. Applications. Speaker Bio: Peter Levin. system and product engineers.DAFCA Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 10 Speen Street Framingham. Bay ND Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 12/01/03 Round 1 Amount $8 Valuation ND Investors 3i Group Plc . and in general.

com Re-Platformed with PFSweb’s End-to-End Solution Powered Compact Appliance and Living Direct eCommerce Sites To Power lucy. Earlier in his career. an eCommerce company he founded in 1992. Demandware customers pay only for usage and can adapt service levels on demand. Schambach studied physics at Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena. By leveraging e-commerce technology.demandware. Recent News Date 08/18/08 08/12/08 07/08/08 06/24/08 03/10/08 Announcement Shared 10 Tips for Getting Your eCommerce Site Holiday-Ready Roots. Bazaarvoice. Worldwide Client Services Title Managing Director. Enhanced eCommerce Web Site to Support lucy’s Rapid eCommerce Growth Reported Record Growth in Business Overview Demandware designs and develops ecommerce merchandising and marketing platform. the Company provides training and client success programs. and the low operating costs of an ondemand service. Worldwide Sales. He is the developer of a number of industry standards for the technology and also produced the first integrated eCommerce software package. T-Venture Holding General Catalyst Partners. Schambach was CEO of Intershop. Demandware provides an enterprise-grade e-commerce solution that does not require any investment in IT infrastructure. Prior to founding Demandware in 2004. Executive Chairman Executive Vice President. The Company also offers product and solution support services. Loyalty Lab. Schambach was among the first to recognize eCommerce as a major software market. Schambach also currently serves as a board member of the SIIA (Software Information Industry Association of America) Software Division and regularly speaks in the industry about emerging technologies. Continues Momentum into 2008 Management and Board of Directors Management John Pearce Stephan Schambach Jeffrey Barnett Tony Leach Directors Larry Bohn Michael Skok Dan O'Connor Title President. Founder and Executive Chairman Stephan Schambach is Executive Chairman and Founder of Demandware. Speaker Bio: Stephan Schambach. North Bridge Venture Partners General Catalyst Partners. and a scalable grid-computing architecture. MVI Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 06/02/06 02/13/06 10/04/04 Round 3 2 1 Amount $15 12 7 Valuation ND ND ND Investors T-Systems Venture Fund. Long an eCommerce visionary. North Bridge Venture Partners . North Bridge Venture Partners Founder. and Lyons Consulting Group. Certona. The Company partners with Allurent. and was among the first to found a company in East Germany after the Berlin Wall came down. brought public in 1998 on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange's Neuer Market. Additionally. Web services. Chief Executive Officer. the flexibility to customize and integrate.Demandware Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 10 Presidential Way Director Founder. Products and Services Demandware Ecommerce Platform combines the functionality found on the best e-commerce sites. enabling major global brands to sell and service over the internet. General Catalyst Partners Managing Director. The Company offers ecommerce strategy and planning services focusing on Website development and implementation. provider of the leading on-demand eCommerce platform for consumer brands. MA 01801 (781) 756-3700 (781) 756-3747 www. built to market leadership. Germany. and led to a successful NASDAQ listing in 2000. EDS. Fluid. Account Management Executive Vice President.

and integrates various virtualization layers. Virtual-D Elements Virtual-D Elements are the building blocks of a virtual desktop utility grid. Highland Capital Partners. including storage. Sales. processing. Sales. and at Arthur Andersen. a privately held. in Finance from Bentley College and a B. improved management. dramatically reduced deployment complexity.Desktone Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 100 Apollo Drive Chelmsford. it allows enterprises to continue using the best practices and skill sets already employed for managing desktops in the physical world. and customizable end-user experiences. facilities and legal functions. Executive Chairman.0 interface for rapid navigation of large data sets and one-click virtual machine Business Overview Desktone provides desktop virtualization infrastructure solutions for enterprise desktops. a self-service. activate and manage their virtual desktops without relying on a system or desktop administrator. The Virtual-D Portal also allows users to rate their virtual desktop experience and even request additional resources (such as memory or CPU) for their virtual desktops.desktone. servers. DayJet Managing Partner. It allows enterprises to quickly realize the full potential and benefits associated with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments. an international manufacturer of configuration software. anytime. client devices. Products and Services The Desktone Virtual-D Platform is the only solution that enables desktops to be delivered as an outsourced. The Company offers a vDesktop Platform that enables enterprise class virtual desktop environment. as well as operations. Director Chief Operating Officer Chief Financial Officer Senior Vice President. Marketing. applications. and concluding with an acquisition by Novell. He joined Desktone from Empirix. Virtual-D Enterprise Center Virtual-D Enterprise Center is a web-based management interface for the enterprise desktop administrator. it is built with a Web 2. help desk. virtualization resources and Desktone software required to support its population of virtual desktops. SOA Software General Partner. Service providers use that grid to deliver and scale desktops as a service (DaaS) offerings. Chief Financial Officer Jim Eliason brings 20 years of corporate finance experience to his position of Chief Financial Officer at Desktone. raising over $250M. He also held manager level positions at MatrixOne. Eliason held the position of Corporate Controller for Concentra Corporation. without the capital expense and complicated systems integration of building and deploying a customized internal solution. he directed finance. Eliason was Vice President of Finance for SilverStream Software. subscription service. Eliason holds an M. MA 01824 (978) 710-0170 (978) 256-5803 www. Recent News Date 06/19/08 05/20/08 05/12/08 04/29/08 04/21/08 Announcement Executive to Explore the Future of Virtual Desktops at 2008 Virtualization Conference & Expo Announced Support for Citrix XenServer Partnered with HP to Deliver Virtual Desktops as a Service Announced Support for System Center and Planned Support for Hyper-V Announced Industry's First Solution that Delivers Virtual Desktops as an Outsourced Service Management and Board of Directors Management Harry Ruda Paul Gaffney Jim Eliason Les Yetton Directors Eric Pulier Peter Bell Jose Carreiro Ron Fisher Title Chief Executive Officer. The Virtual-D Portal enables users to quickly provision their own virtual desktops and access them anywhere. HR. Designed to enable enterprise IT to support large user populations. until the company's acquisition by Oracle. With the Virtual-D Portal. In essence.S. Business Development Title Founder. venture-backed provider of testing and monitoring tools for voice and data applications. Speaker Bio: Jim Eliason. a telecommunications provider of broadband solutions to cable operators. security and compliance. Each Element is a self-contained. Virtual-D Portal The Desktone Virtual-D Platform includes the Desktone Virtual-D Portal. The Virtual-D Element makes it easy for service providers to scale their DaaS environment. including those for OS and application deployment. and security policies.A. provider of business-to-business internet collaboration solutions. SoftBank Capital . and network technologies. users can create. As Chief Financial Officer for Empirix. Highland Capital Partners Former Vice President. policy-based portal that enterprise users can access from any browser. Prior to Empirix. Equally important. Marketing. Earlier. SoftBank Capital Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 07/27/07 Round 1 Amount $17 Valuation ND Investors Citrix Systems. where he helped raise more than $30 million in venture capital over two rounds of financing as part of a re-start team. Active Directory. where he was involved in the company's IPO and secondary offering. in Accounting from Providence College. Eliason was Chief Financial Officer for Narad Networks. a provider of web application platform software. independent modular unit of virtual desktop service delivery. IT.B. an Element is a rack with all the compute hardware. based on policy set by desktop administrators.

Text and Widget creative. Previously. and can accommodate Flash. 5000 list Announced online marketing leadership position in comScore Appointed Marc Porcelli President Don Mathis spoke at the CEO Showcase at The AlwaysOn & STVP Summit at Stanford Selected by AlwaysOn as an AO Global Top 250 Winner Announced Bill Softky as Chief Algorithm Officer Announced pCPM: A New Patent-Pending Online Metric Management and Board of Directors Management Don Mathis Rich Okin Mike Sprouse David Graff Bill Softky Charles Nowaczek Young Kim Brett Lofgren Mitchell Richler Title President Chief Information Officer Chief Marketing Officer General Counsel Chief Algorithmist Senior Vice President. Image. A/B Test Landing Page advertisers utilize A/B Testing of landing page to see different landing page conversion rates in an automated and optimized manner. and targeted. as well as service as a Naval Officer. our knowledgeable account management team is able to provide advertisers with invaluable data pertaining to which offers and creative campaigns are performing best.epicadvertising. He joined the company in 2005 as Chief Operating Officer. Don was the COO of the online fantasy sports company Small World Sports. Speaker Bio: Don Mathis. We support all IAB sizes along with non-standard sizes ( Business Overview Epic Advertising is as a global online performance marketing company that provides advertisers with measurable Internet advertising impact. HTML. Don received an MBA degree from Harvard Business School and a BA degree in Asian Studies and Economics from Vassar College. He serves on the board of directors of Mystic Entertainment Corporation and Vector Mobile. President and Chief Executive Officer Don Mathis is the CEO of Epic Advertising. Azoogle Ad Network is its highly-acclaimed performance advertising network made up of a marketplace including 35. Recent News Date 08/25/08 08/18/08 07/31/08 07/27/08 07/22/08 06/03/08 05/27/08 Announcement Named to the Inc. NY 10018 (212) 308-8509 (888) 666-3120 www. Global Ad Sales Senior Vice President.e. and on the advisory board of Affinity Labs (now a division of Monster). which was sold to Vulcan Ventures and merged into The Sporting News. Epic provides its advertising partners performance and direct response marketing services. Additionally.000+ publishers and hundreds of top-tier advertisers. media planning. worldwide internet reach. and to offer expanded agency-style services to select advertisers. Products and Services Ad Serving and Optimization effectively distributes display advertising campaigns into the hands of our diverse and expansive publisher network. Operations Vice President. Facebook). His prior work experience includes McKinsey & Company and the turnaround firm AlixPartners. Finance Senior Vice President. Epic Search (SEM) allows Epic to help advertisers drive high volumes of qualified consumers via proprietary web-search technology through Epic-certified search publishers.Epic Advertising Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 512 7th Avenue 12th Floor New York. branded marketing campaign planning. Distribution Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 01/31/05 Round ND Amount $48 Valuation ND Investors Stripes Group. TA Associates . and is responsible for the strategic vision and overall management of the enterprise.

Marty was also the CFO and Vice President of Operations at Xedia Corporation. as well as to enable administrators to manipulate the content published to areas within the template. At SightPath. he managed the merger and acquisition negotiations. human resources. which enables customers to define reusable sets of business rules that streamline the process Storefront Publisher. Marty holds a B. a publishing tool for managing the PC and the TV/MCE-based storefront templates. Atlas Venture General Partner.S.ExtendMedia Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 199 Wells Avenue Suite 105 Newton. Marty was also responsible for overall financial planning and the Company's relationship with the investment and financial communities. Products and Services The Company’s products include OpenCASE. due diligence. Communications Technology. engineering and operations with both fast-growing startups and established technology companies. deliver. where his leadership was key to its acquisition by Motorola.3 0. Speaker Bio: Marty Meyer. Before joining ExtendMedia Marty was CFO & COO of Bowstreet a provider of enterprise portal software solutions. Venrock Atlas Venture. Technology Group. Stratus Computer. and legal processes during the Cisco acquisition. Lightningcast Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 04/06/07 03/16/06 07/27/05 04/26/05 Round 2 1 ND ND Amount $12 7 0. which was acquired by Lucent Technologies in Business Overview ExtendMedia provides software and media services that enable content providers and distributors to create. Marty's background also includes CFO and operations roles at SightPath. The Company serves media companies. Marty was CFO with Ucentric Systems.3 Valuation ND ND ND ND Investors Atlas Venture. which comprises various components such as: Commerce Engine that manages business rules and package product that customers buy. Prior to joining Bowstreet. AT&T linked for Net content delivery Extended Movie Downloads to Canada Webinar Held January 24th . and retailers. He is responsible for finance. and Xedia Corporation. Venrock MWI & Partners MWI & Partners . As Ucentric's CFO."The Media Consumption Evolution: Leveraging the Online Video Craze" Powered SanDisk Broadband Video Initiatives Featured in Web Video Platform Survey Management and Board of Directors Management Keith Kocho Marty Meyer Chris Gardner Neil Black Todd Hinders Directors Leland Verner David Masotti Ahmet Ozalp Edward Braginsky Tom MacIsaac Title Founder. and monetize online content offerings over various devices in North America. legal and business affairs at ExtendMedia. and has participated as a guest lecturer at both Harvard Business School and Babson College. Chief Executive Officer. as well as television and media centers Recent News Date 06/25/08 05/22/08 01/24/08 11/27/07 11/26/07 Announcement ExtendMedia. MA 02459 (617) 332-5700 (617) 332-5712 www. He has held various finance and engineering positions at Cisco Systems.extend. delivering and revoking licenses. and providing intelligence on reporting Customer Care system to manage OpenCASE services Digital Storefronts for various types of media players and personal computers. Invesprint Director Partner. Chief Operating Officer Marty brings 20 years of high-tech experience in finance. President Chief Operating Officer Chief Marketing Officer Chief Technical Officer Senior Vice President. Information. a modular platform. Lucent Technologies. a provider of networked DVR software services. as well as provides the ability to support multiple business models from one platform Automation & Workflow. in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University and an MBA from Babson College. Business Development & Sales Title President. such as promotional offers and product categories Media Agent that manages media downloads on the customer's device by ensuring user authentication. and Raytheon. Inc. TVM Capital Chief Executive Officer. President. network operators. Marty helped lead the Company's successful acquisition by IBM in December of 2005. manage. TVM Capital.

financial services companies. Speaker Bio: Peter George. complete visibility and control. and manages insider use of the Internet. MD 20814 (301) 652-7190 (301) 657-1104 www. Point Judith Capital. Point Judith Capital General Partner. Previously.. George spent the last seven years as President and CEO of Crossbeam Systems. At the end of an assessment. Tudor Ventures. The Company serves federal government agencies. responsible for managing more than 5. and also held senior management positions at Ungerman Bass. Mr. Executive Chairman General Partner. and enabling network visibility and control. Products and Services Fidelis Extrusion Prevention System®. the market leader in the high-end segment of the Unified Threat Management market. Fidelis XPS™ The Fidelis Extrusion Prevention System®. Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. an extrusion prevention system. is the industry’s only next-generation data leakage prevention solution with the power to deliver comprehensive prevention over all ports and all channels. Tudor Ventures General Partner. Inflection Point Ventures. George came to Nortel via their 1998 acquisition of Bay Networks where he was serving as vice president of European operations. and the lowest total cost-of-ownership to stop network data leakage on gigabit-speed networks. President and Chief Executive Officer With more than 25 years of global network security experience. He received his BA from the College of the Holy Cross. he was President of Nortel Networks Enterprise Business in Europe. FidelisProtect™ Data Privacy Assessment The FidelisProtect™ Data Privacy Assessment is a two-week network assessment that allows organizations to quantify and qualify their risks of data leakage. assuring compliance with government and industry privacy regulations. Ascent Venture Partners Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 03/25/08 06/02/08 Round 2 1 Amount $22 4 Valuation ND ND Investors Ascent Venture Partners.fidelissecurity. Inflection Point Ventures.0 Release Management and Board of Directors Management Peter George Gene Savchuk Kurt Bertone Sean Price David Etue Gerald Mancini Directors Timothy Sullivan Rick Ganong David Martirano Geoffrey Oblak Title President. where he took the company from being a pre-revenue start-up to over $50 million in revenue. Middle-East.Fidelis Security Systems Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 4416 East West Highway Suite 310 Bethesda. WS Investments Ascent Venture Partners. Chief Technology Officer. Peter George has an established track record of building companies that deliver sustained growth and profits and in identifying critical worldwide partnership opportunities that strategically expand market share. which protects digital assets. Chief Executive Officer. Mr. organizations are able to understand their risks in a range of areas including protecting intellectual property and identity information.P. Recent News Date 07/14/08 06/16/08 05/05/08 04/07/08 04/01/08 Announcement Hired Sean Price to Lead Worldwide Sales Strengthened Management Team with Addition of Kurt Bertone Announced Strategic Technology Partnership with Verdasys to Address the Growing Demand of Integration Between Best-of-Breed DLP Technologies Secured $22M in Venture Investment Released Fidelis XPSTM Internal Sensor as Key Component of v5. assures compliance with privacy regulations. Director Co-Founder. Prior to joining Wellfleet. and has done graduate studies at Harvard and Oxford University. and Africa. Strategic Alliances Vice President. and healthcare organizations. Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. Fidelis XPS™. Maryland Venture Fund L. Director Vice President. George served as the Northeast regional manager and GM of Canada at 3Com Corporation. WS Investments . educational Business Overview Fidelis Security Systems provides extrusion prevention systems that identify and stop data leakage in the organizations. Prior to becoming President and CEO of Fidelis Security Systems in 2008. Worldwide Sales Vice President. During his tenure at Wellfleet and Bay. Mr. he played key sales executive roles in New England and in Europe. including identity information and intellectual property. Product Management Vice President of Engineering Title Founder.000 employees and $2 billion in revenue. The Company offers Fidelis XPS. telecommunications enterprises.

Abla-Tx. Jim formerly served as a Navy fighter pilot including duties flying combat missions from aircraft carriers. life science tools and diagnostics.000 million and $5 million. Helicos BioSciences.Avidimer Therpeutics. Speaker Bio: Jim Matheson. The Firm seeks to invest in therapeutics. and bioenergy and cleantech sector. and a Bachelor of Science (with honors) from the United States Naval Academy and he continues to serve as a Commander in the US Naval Reserves. and as a TOPGUN Instructor. He brings to this task 20 years of technology and leadership experience across a variety of organizations and roles designing. Ensemble Discovery. Chairman General Partner General Partner Chief Financial Officer. Mascoma. with over 80 percent of the investments in seed or first round stage. Quanterix. MA 02142 (617) 868-1888 (617) 868-1115 www. binatoRx.5 million and $4 million in its portfolio companies. VisEn Medical Diagnostics/Medical Devices . Partner Senior Partner Partner Partner Partner . Concert Pharmaceuticals. nano-technology. Helicos BioSciences. CGI Pharmaceuticals. Pervasis Therpeutics. Black Duck Software. TransMedics. Avidimer Therpeutics. Alvine Pharmaceuticals. TetraPhase Pharmaceuticals Tools . Acceleron Pharma. testing and procurement. BIND Biosciences. BG Medicine. He also gained broad experience in emerging weapons system design. specialty materials. Portfolio Companies Life Sciences Therapeutics .Accuri Cytometers. with a typical investment between $2. T2 Biosystems Technology Platforms . Aveo Pharmaceuticals. Ensemble Discovery. Agios Pharmaceuticals. and energy) arenas.Codon Devices. General Partner Jim joined Flagship Ventures in 2000 and focuses on new ventures in the IT and special technology (e. Jim earned an MBA from The Harvard Business School. VisEn Medical Breakthrough Technology BioEnergy/CleanTech . LS9.Abla-Tx. BIND Biosciences. T2 Biosystems. Resolvyx Pharmaceuticals. Codon Devices. Interactive Supercomputing. Seahorse Bioscience.flagshipventures. Codon Devices. engineering and deploying sophisticated technology platforms. and was deeply involved in many of the military’s IT modernization initiatives. Epitome Biosystems.Flagship Ventures Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: One Memorial Drive 7th Floor Cambridge. SiCortex Recent News Date 08/11/08 08/06/08 08/04/08 07/17/08 07/08/08 Announcement Affinnova’s New Client Gains and Increasing Frequency Propeled Sales Up 63% Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals Completed Series A Financing to Support the Advancement of Breakthrough Synthetic Chemistry Platform SiCortex Named Christopher Stone President and CEO BG Medicine Closed $40 Million in Series D Financing Codon Devices and Algenol Biofuels Announced Partnership for Development of Biofuels from Algae Management and Board of Directors Management Noubar Afeyan Ed Kania Doug Cole Jim Matheson Harry Wilcox Steve Ricci Doug Levinson Chris Varma Bill Strecker Title Managing Partner.g. The Firm generally serves as the lead investor.Affinnova. The Firm also considers investment between $15 million and $20 million during the life of a venture and typically forms a syndicate with other venture Business Overview Flagship Ventures is a venture capital firm specializing in seed stage and early stage investments. Ensemble Discovery. Novomer. Ze-gen Nanotechnology . Chief Executive Officer Managing Partner. The Firm prefers to invest between $250. Genstruct. Pervasis Therpeutics.

Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 11/19/07 Round 1 Amount $10 Valuation ND Investors Fairhaven Capital Partners. with offices in Chantilly. and reporting on all virtual machines as they move throughout preproduction and production environments -Fortisphere Virtual Foresight™: A policy-based management product that delivers out-of-the box best-practices for enforcing operational and IT security policies. Fortisphere is backed by Fairhaven Capital and Globespan Capital Partners. and Policy-Based Control. Globespan Capital Partners . DC area. tagging. in electrical engineering from Tulane University. control and automation around the inventory. Products and Services Fortispherre Virtual Essentials is a suite of policy-based virtualization management solutions that enable enterprises to manage the growth of virtualized environments by delivering solutions that address today’s most pressing management barriers. configuration and policy management of heterogeneous virtual infrastructures.S. Headquartered in the greater Washington. Mike has held leadership positions with innovators in server virtualization including IBM and USinternetworking (USi). where he was instrumental in building USi from a startup to the ASP market leader. Business Development Chief Financial Officer Title Managing General Partner. Fortisphere is built on a culture of creativity. sales. Chief Technical Officer Chief Marketing Officer Co-Founder. marketing and corporate development with both start-ups and large public companies delivering high technology products and services. including VM Business Overview Fortisphere is the leading provider of policy-based management software for heterogenesous virtualized infrastructures. Prinicpal. Jefferies & Co. Led by a team of industry veterans. Mike holds a B. The Virtual Essentials suite consists of two products: -Fortisphere Virtual Insight™: An operational management product that enables enterprises to automate the process of identifying.fortisphere. Unique among its peers. Configuration Managment. Director Founder. EMC Former Managing Director. Chief Executive Officer. Fortisphere has created patent-pending solutions that were built expressly to address the operational challenges associated with virtualization. and Boston.Fortisphere Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 4530 Walney Road Suite 203 Chantilly. Security Solutions RSA. technological rigor. Speaker Bio: Mike Harper. MA. and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Mike has also held leadership positions at Silicon Graphics. VA 20151 (888) 339-7775 (410) 741-3330 www. tracking. Glenwood. MD. with decades of experience in successfully bringing new technologies to market. Marketing. Syfact and BNX. President and Chief Executive Officer Mike has more than 20 years of successful experience in general management. Fortisphere is pioneering solutions that provide a new level of visibility. VA. Fairhaven Capital Partners Managing Director. Vice President of Engineering Vice President. Technology Investment Banking Group. and market innovation. Globespan Capital Partners Vice President. Sales Vice President. Recent News Date 09/02/08 08/18/08 07/28/08 07/16/08 06/02/08 05/20/08 05/13/08 Announcement Fortisphere Announced New Version of Policy-Based Virtualization Management Suite Nixon Peabody LLP Turned to Fortisphere to Help Manage Their Virtualized IT Infrastructure Joined VMware Community Source Program Supported VMware VMsafe™ Technology Selected to Join Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program Achieved Citrix Ready Status John Suit Presented at Citrix Synergy Conference 2008 Management and Board of Directors Management Michael Harper John Suit Dave Capuano Vipul Sharma Dan Harding Jeff Puffenberger Vince Zumbo Directors Paul Ciriello Dave Fachetti Jim Melvin Richard Vieira Title President. growing the annual revenue in his business unit from zero to approximately $120 million with a contract value in excess of $200 million.

Prior to joining GENBAND. GENBAND’s products are open standards-based. INVESCO Senior Vice President. and G2 Compact Media Gateway. which was acquired by Tekelec in March 2004. which allows service providers to deploy various multimedia services.GENBAND Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 3605 East Plano Parkway Suite 100 Plano. During Vogt’s tenure as President and CEO of Taqua. while enabling service providers with legacy networks to transition to next generation networks. Texas Instruments. Products Include: G9 Converged Media Gateway. Vogt was President and CEO of Taqua. Oak Investment Partners. Vogt held executive leadership positions at Santera Systems (acquired by Tekelec). M5 Multimedia Applications Server. Vogt is an industry luminary with two decades of executive tenure and an admirable track record. Operations Title General Partner. Speaker Bio: Charles Vogt. and IBM. Oak Investment Partners. INVESCO Private Capital. Chief Financial Officer Executive Vice President. G2 Compact Media Gateway. ALLTEL Corporation President. GGV Capital. General Counsel Executive Vice President. ATIS. which enables advanced voice over IP and multimedia applications for business and residential Business Overview GENBAND develops and supplies IP multimedia application and infrastructure products and solutions for fixed wireline. and IP trunking solutions. a media gateway controller with an integrated signaling gateway providing advanced routing for voice calls across a service providers legacy or broadband networks. creating the industry’s first truly open-architecture platforms that accelerate the deployment of IMS architectures and high value multimedia services. Vogt serves on the Board of Directors of. and M6 Communication Applications Server. he held sales executive positions at ADTRAN. a small form fit and environmentally hardened media gateway designed for the central office and outside plant cabinets. Sequoia Capital. Thomas Weisel Capital Management. he led Taqua through one of the most challenging telecom environments to become the industry’s leader in next-generation packet switching. Vogt has been instrumental in the operational and financial growth of five standard-setting start-ups that either became public companies or were acquired. Accelerated Networks (IPO. IN. then acquired by Lucent Technologies). 8000 Media Gateway. where he also played Division I baseball. Before joining Taqua. Sevin Rosen Funds. Co-founder. The Company's products include G9 Converged Media Gateway and 8000 Media Gateway. The Company also offers C3 Signaling Controller. Investcorp International Former Managing Director. Chief Technical Officer Executive Vice President. Chief Executive Officer Executive Vice President. and unified communications. Recent News Date 07/01/08 06/16/08 06/16/08 06/16/08 06/16/08 Announcement CEO Charlie Vogt Named 2008 Ernst & Young Regional Entrepreneur of the Year NEC Selected GENBAND as Femtocell Solution Partner Continued to Lead Worldwide Media Gateway Market Integra Telecom Extended Relationship with GENBAND for IP Media Gateways and Signaling CTO Participated on Two Panels at the ATIS TechThink Technology Conference Management and Board of Directors Management Charles Vogt Jan Gaulding Shauna Martin Fred Kemmerer Keith Landau Pablo Gargiulo Directors Jon Bayless Mark Lancaster Eric Copeland Leland Murphy Johnston Evans Mike Dobbs Michael Flynn Stephen Dukes Alex Guira Steven Levy Title President. Siemens Venture Capital Alcatel Tyco Capital. class 5 derived voice over broadband to allow class 5 local exchanges to control voice services over packet access networks. As Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008. a high-density trunking media gateway designed for the central offices of fixed and mobile service providers. Sevin Rosen Funds. Venrock Associates Partner. Chief Executive Officer. then merged with Occam Networks). Vogt holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from Saint Louis University. INVESCO. Vogt is also a member of Young Presidents Organization. Development Executive Vice President. Technology Research. TX 75074 (972) 521-5800 (972) 521-5801 www. HLM Management. Earlier in Vogt’s career. GGV Capital. and Ascend Communications (IPO. Motorola. the Company offers advanced IP voice and multimedia services. and cable network service providers. Trellis Partners. Fixed Access Division Former Executive. SVC Information & Communications Mustang Funds GGV Capital. and prepaid services. Research. Trellis Partners Partner. Deloitte & Touche Partner. mobile. Venrock Siemens Venture Capital GmbH. Venrock. Alcatel-Lucent. Comptel and The Chief Executive Network and is Chairman of the Board of Kentrox. next generation gateways and application platforms for a diverse set of service providers worldwide. Wheatley Partners . Imaginary Universes Partner. HLM Venture Partners. G6 Universal Media Gateway. These products allow fixed and mobile operators to rapidly deploy new multimedia services and infrastructure. G6 Universal Media Gateway. and M6 Communication Applications Server. Lehman Brothers Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 03/20/07 07/27/05 03/01/05 04/26/04 07/16/01 Round ND ND 7 6 4 Amount $15 5 18 15 66 Valuation $115 ND ND ND ND Investors Alcatel-Lucent. Products and Services GENBAND is a leading supplier of carrier class. Siemens Venture Capital. President and Chief Executive Officer Vogt became President and CEO of GENBAND in September 2004. Oak Investment Partners.genband. Telesoft Partners. Sevin Rosen Funds. such as hosted IP PBX. a mid-sized media gateway designed for the central and remote offices. Sevin Rosen Funds Former Partner. C3 Signaling Controller. In addition.

and m-Qube that was acquired by Verisgn in May 2006. Hemant is a Board member of Advanced Electron Beams. president and CEO of Isovia. GameLogic. Imprivata. Vette Tech-Enabled Services BBN Technologies. rPath. SmartBargains. EveryZing. of General Catalyst Partners. and consumer-focused businesses. MocoSpace. ITA Software. DECA. Kayak.S. Mascoma Corporation. Before joining General Catalyst in 2002. Sand9 and Stion. Eons. in Biology & Biomedical Engineering. business development and technological expertise to provide portfolio companies with a catalyst for success through business-building and partnership development assistance. Hands-On Mobile. OutStart.General Catalyst Partners Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 20 University Road Suite 450 Cambridge. Hemant holds an M. TotalMove. wireless. Optaros. General Catalyst is headquartered in Cambridge. Lumenz. Managing Director As a Managing Director. Hemant also served on the Board of SiteAdvisor. Taleo FKA Recruitsoft. systems and components in various sectors including clean energy. in Operations Research. Hemant was founder. QuickPlay Media. IMlogic. EZ Prints. Mass.Eng. Portfolio Companies Communications & Wireless go2 Media. Ping Identity. Visible Measures. MA 02138 (617) 234-7000 (617) 234-7040 www. Jumptap. PhotoShelter Recent News Date 06/24/08 06/24/08 06/23/08 06/20/08 06/18/08 Announcement rPath Continued Momentum with Addition of $10M in Funding and Key Client Wins Companies Face Retention Crisis in Keeping College Recruits. Sand 9 Internet & New Media Brightcove. Hubspot.Com Added Two Key Industry Executives As Company’s Worldwide Expansion Continues Ping Identity Powered Internet Single Sign-On For More Than 100 SaaS Providers Management Management George Bell Larry Bohn Joel Cutler David Fialkow Bill Fitzgerald David Orfao John Simon Hemant Taneja Title Managing Director Managing Director Managing Director Managing Director Managing Director Managing Director Managing Director Managing Director . Tudou. in Mathematics. QUMAS. ViTrue. Laszlo Systems. Maven Networks. OnForce. a General Catalyst investment that was acquired by McAfee in April 2006. Grain Communications Group. Roost. m-Qube. Taleo Research-Sponsored Survey Reveals New Taleo Edge Delivered Affordable and Scalable Recruiting Solutions to Medium Sized Enterprises in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. all from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Speaker Bio: Hermant Taneja. Founded in 2000. SignalDemand. Areas of special interest include technology-intensive. and a B. ChoiceStream. a Boston-based mobile software and applications company that was acquired by JP Mobile in 2001. Highwinds Network Group.generalcatalyst. OLX. Venetica Systems Advanced Electron Beams. ScanScout. SiteAdvisor. General Catalyst Partners leverages its principals' extensive operational. ProfitLogic. Narad Networks. BzzAgent. Hemant invests in both new and existing technology businesses. Software Black Duck. Impress Software. CCP Games. disruptive software. an M. Prematics. Business Overview General Catalyst Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in exceptional entrepreneurs who are building the technology-based companies that will lead innovation and transform industries. Going. Reveal Imaging.S. WonderHowTo. a B. a B. Demandware. GTESS. Stion Corporation. Upromise. Mascoma. Elemental Technologies.S. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. Quickplay Media. Cyren Call.

Tom was president and Chief Operating Officer of Rational Software. His areas of focus include: software and development tools. Prior to Rational. MA 02451 (781) 622-2200 (781)-622-2300 www. his background was in finance and he served as a financial officer in public and private companies as well as positions in public accounting. an S&P 500 enterprise software company from 2000 until its sale to IBM in 2003. Troux Technologies Recent News Date 06/16/08 01/24/08 07/17/06 04/25/06 Announcement The Company and Accel Ventures Appointed Jeff Weiner as Executive In Residence Aneel Bhusri Named to Forbes 2008 Midas List Launched Dedicated Israel Fund Named James Slavet as Partner Management Management Henry McCance Daniel Gregory Charles Waite Arvin Babu Thomas Bogan Laurel Bowden Asheem Chandna Charles Chi Howard Cox Roger Evans William Helman Aneel Bhusri Title Chairman Founding Partner Founding Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner . Greylock Partners is one of the world's leading venture capital firms. Over the past 43 years. Tom was president and Chief Executive Officer of two early stage technology companies that focused on networking and peripheral products Pacific Data Products (1993 to 1996) and Avatar Technologies (1987 to 1993). with the Company working as an "invited guest" in a highly supportive yet consultative way to help entrepreneurs build outstanding companies. Partner Tom Bogan joined Greylock in 2004. Prior to joining the Business Overview Founded in 1965. Awareness Networks Development Tools: Mazu Networks. Portfolio Companies Software: Apptio. He previously had served Rational as its Chief Operating Officer and general manager of its testing business from 1996 to 2000. Before Avatar. Suite 300 Waltham. the Company has funded and helped build several hundred successful companies. Ounce Labs.greylock. Speaker Bio: Thomas Bogan. The Company's approach uniquely puts the entrepreneur first. Simply Continuous.Greylock Partners Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 880 Winter Street.

cost. distributing and installing high quality solar electric and solar hot water systems. serving other areas through an extensive dealer network. Business Development. and commercial installation in California as well as the eastern US. Inverters are critical to system operation. and strategic planning activities for the Company. Managing Director.S. Operations Co-Founder. efficiency and safety. operating characteristics. Dealer Sales National Sales Manager Title Co-Founder. He leads business development. and climate for each project. The Company integrates components from leading solar manufacturers including Evergreen Solar into efficient solar energy systems for its customers that generate clean. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jeff is Business Overview groSolar is a leading North American solar power company focused on designing. allowing us to provide the right racking for each project. Jeff is the elected chair of the PV Division of the Solar Electric Industry Association (SEIA). Racking and Mounting solutions to properly install modules. power tolerance.groSolar Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 601 Old River Rd White River Junction. Chairman Chief Financial Officer. and longevity of the system. groSolar selects from several manufacturers for modules to best meet the needs of the project.grosolar. Director Vice President. with over 4. Products and Services Photovoltaic Modules are solar modules which capture the sun's energy and provide effective energy solutions for powering homes and businesses. and cost are all considered in selecting the right module for individual projects. The Company provides residential installation in the northeast and mid-Atlantic states. module characteristics. His consulting experience spanned over 15 years. With a system of warehouses across the continent. and the Union of Concerned Scientists National Advisory Board. Recent News Date 07/21/08 07/08/08 05/18/08 12/06/07 06/26/07 Announcement Partnered with WinnDevelopment to Reduce Energy Costs for Low Income Families Acquired Chesapeake Solar Completed Installation of Solar Power System at Fenway Park Raised $10 million in Growth Equity Financing Introduced Special Pricing for Solar Energy in New York Management and Board of Directors Management Jeffery Wolfe James Resor Jim Merriam Dorothy Wolfe Paul Coughlin Paul Dekleermaeker Directors David Kirkpatrick Chris Sorrells Title Co-Founder.000. Jeff has a BSME Degree from Cornell University. the country’s leading PV trade organization. NGP Energy Technology Partners . NH. the Company has the broadest distribution capabilities of any solar provider. Prior to forming groSolar. He is a recognized leader in the solar energy industry and a leading voice on solar energy policy throughout the U. Rao + Athanas Consulting Engineers. Financial Manager Senior Vice President. and Chicago.000 square feet of building design and construction experience. Jeff was a Partner in Bard. The selection of the correct racking system impacts performance. marketing. Chief Executive Officer. primarily as a lead consulting engineer for large mechanical and electrical systems. Proper selection and engineering of the inverter installation results in higher power output and reduced maintenance. IL. SJF Ventures Managing Director. Speaker Bio: Jeff Wolfe. where he started and ran branch offices in Hanover. groSolar has supply agreements with the largest racking manufacturers. Chief Executive and Chairman of the Board of Directors of groSolar. Co-Founder. reliable energy for decades. Long-term warranty. He also serves on the Vermont Renewable Energy Development Fund Investment Committee. groSolar works with the leading inverter manufacturers to match system size. PV procurement. VT 05001 (800) 374-4494 (802) 295-4417 www.

Hearst Interactive Media Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 300 West 57th Street New York. Prior to Hearst. Brandwise.hearst. Portfolio Companies Double Fusion. iVillage. Current. Brightcove. E Ink. NR2B Research. Pandora. Medscape. Jingle Networks. Wide Orbit. Sphere. Referral Networks. govWorks. Scott was a Research Associate at Thomas Weisel Partners and played an integral role in launching the company's Internet Services LiveWorld. I PRO. Drugstore. Speaker Bio: Scott Wolfgang. Gather. Exodus Communications. MobiTV. The Firm typically invests in emerging media and interactive technologies. XM Satellite Scene7. The NewsMarket. NY 10019 ND (212) 649-2166 www. Strategic Investments . Mobility Technologies. Cymfony. Zip2. He serves as a board observer at Double Fusion and TurnHere and works closely with the management team of Kaboodle on strategy and integration with Hearst. MetaTV. He began his career in the agent training program at International Creative Management (ICM) and holds a BA in Economics from Haverford College and an MBA with a concentration in Finance from Columbia Business School. Idilia. Broadcast. Director of Strategic Investments Scott Wolfgang joined Hearst Interactive Media as a Director of Strategic Investments in June 2006. Netscape Management Management Kenneth Bronfin Michael Dunn Scott English Scott Wolfgang Title President Vice President Vice President. The Firm invests at all stages of development. Sling Media. The Firm was formerly known as Hearst New Media & Technology. StarMedia. Hire. Strategic Investments Director. Business Overview Hearst Interactive Media is the venture capital investment arm of The Hearst Corporation specializing in investments in development stage companies.

Hangout Industries. a mere nine months from inception to offering.Highland Capital Partners Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 92 Hayden Avenue Lexington. Castor & Pollux Pet Works. Starent Networks. Vibe Solutions Group Recent News Date 08/19/08 08/19/08 08/18/08 08/18/08 08/13/08 Announcement Rodale Leveraged Coremetrics Explore™ for On-The-Fly Analysis. Coremetrics. Metacafe. Avidyne. Pervasis Therapeutics. Under his leadership. Gotuit. BAROnova. UUSee. PhotoBox. CHiL Semiconductor. Tatara Systems. Bullhorn. He received a B. Desktone. lululemon athletica. ExaGrid Systems. Bit9. TriStar Investors. NetentSec. early stage. Before the October 2000 combination of Terra and Lycos. and healthcare sectors. Movik Networks. Topica. Quattro Wireless. Covergence. Magen BioSciences. CafeMom. General Partner Bob is a General Partner at Highland focusing primarily on digital media and the internet and has been with our team since 2001. consumer. MA 02421 (781) 861-5500 (781) 861-5499 www. Virtual Iron Software. Speaker Bio: Bob Business Overview Highland Capital Partners is a venture capital firm specializing in seed. Bob led Lycos from a start-up with $2 million in venture capital funding to a multi-billion dollar profitable business. Guitar Center. Archemix. US SEARCH. StreamBase Systems. Prior to joining Highland. BlueTarp Financial. Segmentation and Reporting Steve Lombardi Named CEO of Helicos BioSciences Corporation Virtual Iron Software Named Finalist for 2008 Massachusetts Technology Leadership Award Covergence Announced Gil Kaufman as Vice President of Engineering Quattro Wireless and MetaCafe Partnered to Deliver Video Entertainment on the Go Management Management Patrick Cammarata Michael Gaiss Kathy Barry Hugh Simons Title General Counsel Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer Chief Operating Officer . NameMedia. Codon Devices. Ocarina Networks. Lycos jumped from the fastest IPO in Nasdaq history. City Sports. Qihoo Technology. MokaFive. Bob was the Founder of Lycos and served as its President and Chief Executive Officer since its inception in 1995. Optasite. XORP. Quattro Wireless. picoChip. OpGen. Pacific Pathway. Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy Healthcare AccentCare. Imprivata. Innovative Silicon. to an esteemed member of the Nasdaq 100. Glasses Direct. Vertica Systems. Casero. StyleFeeder. Turbine. and growth stage investments. QD Vision. Going. Bob served as the Chief Executive Officer of Terra Lycos and was responsible for all aspects of the company’s business. AVEO Pharmaceuticals. O Beverages. from Northeastern University and an MBA from Babson College. Hyperion Therapeutics. Helicos BioSciences. Paragon Lake. Predictive Biosciences. Radiospire Networks. Zoove Internet & Digital Media Affine Systems. RedBrick Health. Fidelis SeniorCare.hcp. Portfolio Companies Consumer Fund Blue Tulip.S. The Firm is generally the first institutional investor in the companies they back and seeks to take a board seat on their portfolio companies. Top Ten Media. In just five years. The Firm seeks to invest in the information technology. Yoga Works Info & Comm Technology ANDA Networks. communications. Gotuit. Autoquake.

sim Business Overview Hindustan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (HSMC) is a semiconductor foundry. He is a seasoned operations executive. University of Austin Former Senior Executive. financial. Management and Board of Directors Management Deven Verma Rajvir Singh Bharat Gupte Vishal Verma Kris Goswami Ajit Dagur Board Directors/ Advisors Anant Agrawal Ankineedu Velaga Avtar Sani Cas Skrzypczak Krishna Saraswat Kumar Patel Lew Solomen Sanjay Banerjee Satish Gupta Title Chairman and Acting Chief Executive Officer Vice Chairman Executive Vice President of Operations Vice President of Finance Vice-President Micro Electronic Vice President. and was responsible for US India Space cooperation. Deven worked as a senior diplomat at the Indian Embassy Washington DC under the leadership of former President KR Narayan (Indian Ambassador to US) from 1979 to 1982. Devendra (Deven) Verma Ph. Intel South Asia/India Board of JDSU. ID cards.HSMC Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: email: 25194. Speaker Bio: Dr.Infrastructure development Title Former Senior Vice President. Webex. Deven was a Board Member and is a Charter member of TiE. a MS in Microwave Engineering and a MS in Physics. solar and supercomputer industries. CA 94022 (650) 961-2008. Chairman Deven has 25+ years of experience as a technologists. the world’s largest entrepreneurship organization. which will allow the Company to significantly reduce the capital intensity associated with the foundry business model. In summary Deven has been a Space Technologies and a Diplomat. (650) 906-2222. Deven worked at Indian Space for 10 years and worked on India's first communication satellite and with former President of India – Honorable Abdul Kalam. and automotive chip sets. Deven was an Executive at Intelsat managed a series of satellites. and the US-India Business Council. Deven was also on the business delegation member of Former US President Bill Clinton delegation in April 2000 during his visit to India. RF Mirco Professor. entrepreneur and investor. HSMC plans to provide fab capacity for major integrated device manufacturers that want a local manufacturing partner in India as well as a growing number of local design houses that need IC fabrication capacit . HSMC is poised to capitalize on the rapidly growing electronics industry in India and seeks to differentiate itself from the competition by focusing on selected markets and products like mobile phones. Deven was Senior Executive at Loral Corporation and has managed the largest commercial satellite project in the world. Sun Microsystems Independent Director Founding President. (650) 468-4744 (510) 217-2277 www.. electronic design. Deven holds a PhD in Space technology. Prior to Loral. HSMC's intends to operate at the 130 and 180 nm technology nodes. He has led investments in over 50+ companies in the semiconductor. software. Anadigics.D. Cirrus Logic . Entrepreneur and now a Venture Capitalist. La Rena Los Altos. set top boxes. materials and infrastructure partners. Terayon Professor. wired line telecom products like broadband. secure communication. in both small and large corporations. HSMC intends to be the leading semiconductor foundry in India and is founded by an experienced team of Silicon Valley executives and has a strong network of semiconductor. Pranalytica Board of Harmonic.Deven is a founding Managing Partner of Edgewood vishal@hsmcindia. and was a founding General Partner of Redwood Ventures.hsmcindia. Deven has also received many recognition over the years including the National Citizen’s award from India for his contributions from Mother Teresa. Stanford University Chief Executive Officer.

anti-snoring mattress. president and chief executive officer of Invention Machine. Only Goldfire makes innovation a repeatable and predictable process and empowers engineers to generate and validate the right ideas the first time. In addition. please visit invention-machine. Millennium 3 Capital Former Chairman.whether it's creating algae-based bio-fuel. 39th Floor Boston. (a former IBM subsidiary). Trident Capital . Speaker Bio: Mark Atkins. including the Board of Directors for the University of Massachusetts Foundation.. He has a B. so they can quickly and easily deliver market leading products. As national sales manager for the Data Networking division at Honeywell Information Systems. Marketing. energy and environment and life sciences. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mark Atkins has more than 25 years of management experience. increase profitability and competitive-edge.Strategy Vice President.invention-machine. Client Services Vice President. He also held executive management positions at Service Bureau Corp. Atkins is involved in philanthropic activities and serves on several executive boards. Administration Title Fred Fraenkel Peter Gyenes Venetia Kontogouris Chairman. Atkins served as chairman. Goldfire’s proven ideation and problem solving capabilities. building both entrepreneurial and Fortune 1000 firms in the computer and financial industries. As chairman. in Finance and Accounting from Babson College. MA 02199 (617) 305-9250 (617) 305-9255 www. He sold Vality in April 2002 to Ascential Software Corp. Product Marketing Vice President. use the software to deliver market-leading products. Atkins’ mission is to help drive sustainable innovation in major manufacturing companies and empower scientists and engineers so they can consistently conceive breakthrough ideas and accelerate product innovation. Powersoft was eventually acquired by Sybase in 1994. Global Finance. Chief Executive Officer. consistently.A.000 global companies.B. As senior vice president of Computer Solutions (precursor to Powersoft). an advanced banking degree from the American Institute of Banking. he was a key contributor to building the company from a startup to a nationally-recognized enterprise. including aerospace and defense. Chairman Chief Technology Officer Vice President. and M. Recent News Date 8/19/2008 07/08/08 06/17/08 06/03/08 05/19/08 05/13/08 Announcement Invention Machine and IEEE Announced Strategic Collaboration Added New Multi-Lingual and Risk Analysis Capabilities to Goldfire Innovator to Further Accelerate and Sustain Product Innovation Interface’s John Bradford Discussed Innovation Through Biomimicry on Invention Machine’s Sustainable Innovation Podcast Series Selected by OCE to Accelerate Product Delivery & Discover New Market Opportunities CEO Discussed Green Innovation Challenges and Opportunities at Future in Review Customer Spoke on Driving Sustainable Innovation Through Biomimicry At Front End of Innovation Management and Board of Directors Management Mark Atkins James Todhunter Stephen Brown Barry Daitch Jeff Boehm Jeff Jarvis Don Freitas Directors Title President. Best Practices. Polaroid Corporation. president and CEO of Vality Technology Products and Services Invention Machine Goldfire Innovator: Goldfire translates ideas into commercial products . More than 1. now a part of Bank of America). for a cash transaction valued at $100 Business Overview A leading provider of innovation software. engine for NASA or discovering corn-oil replacement. from the University of Massachusetts. Invention Machine drives sustainable innovation by enabling global organizations to consistently generate breakthrough ideas that accelerate product development.B. Ascential Managing Director.Invention Machine Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 800 Boylston Street. automotive. he was responsible for the global revenues of the division. which evolved from a startup in 1990 to a leader in the enterprise data quality market. and BayBank (acquired by BankBoston. North American Sales Vice President. including over 10 of The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies as ranked by Business Week. graduate program. Atkins held various sales and financial management positions. consumer technology. process improvement and market expansion. Atkins is also an adjunct professor at the University of Massachusetts’ M. Before joining Invention Machine. global content from different industries and patented semantic technology for precise content retrieval helps drive sustainable innovation across enterprises. Chief Executive Officer. Global 2000 manufacturers in more than 25 countries rely on Invention Machine for product innovation.A. For additional information. Invention Machine Goldfire Innovator empowers engineers and scientists to conceive and validate right ideas the first time. Its unique software fuels sustainable innovation across numerous industries.

the overall Ethernet network traffic volume and overall Ethernet network status from within their OPC client software environment. Built-in scaling. appropriate for raising his new family.J. and connectivity hardware products. and MySQL. and link data from multiple OPC servers.. DataLogger component you can seamlessly log any OPC item/tag from KEPServerEX to your favorite ODBC compliant database like Access. Corky graduated from Amherst College in 1977 and received an Masters in Business Policy degree from Columbia University. Corky also owns KEP (Kessler Ellis Products) in Eatontown. and LinkMaster that allows to access. RedundancyMaster increases the reliability and availability of OPC data by allowing multiple OPC Servers to be configured into redundant pairs. With powerful drag-and-drop controls or a full API. Today. Marketing .Kepware Technologies Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 400 Congress Street 3rd Floor Portland. These redundant OPC Server pairs seamlessly appear as a single OPC Server to any OPC Client application. Chief Executive Officer Corky Ellis is President and Founder of Kepware Technologies. U-CON Protocol Server enables the user to quickly and easily develop communications drivers for nearly any serial device or Ethernet device. and overall ethernet network status from within OPC client software environment. Sales. SQL. KEPServerEX is the leading OPC Server providing unsurpassed industrial connectivity with over 100 downloadable device drivers that support several hundred model types. The Company's products include ClientAce that provides tools for developers to build an OPC client application. the user can quickly OPC clientenable your . iSNMP Suite provides operators with a real time view of the health of their Ethernet network devices. provide total control of data flow and application access. OPC-DX provides for transfers of data from a source server to an OPC-DX target server. employs over 40 people and is the world leading company for communications and related products for use in the automation marketplace. organize. error tracking. N. an OPC server that provides industrial connectivity with various device drivers. which provides operators a real time view of the health of ethernet network devices. OPC Data eXchange (OPC-DX) is a standard that builds upon the existing OPC Data Access (OPC-DA) standard. collect. an area known as the historic Old Business Overview Kepware Technologies provides OPC and device-communication technologies for the industrial automation market. collect. allowing it to access. LinkMaster has the capabilities of both a "server" and a "client" application. organize. U-CON Protocol server that enables to develop communications drivers for various serial devices or ethernet devices. which employs 100 people and manufactures marine displays and industrial interface displays for automation applications. iSNMP Suite. KEPServerEX. and write optimization capabilities.NET applications. Kepware is located in downtown Portland. Corky started Kepware Technologies in 1995.kepware. useraccess manager. Corky's main focus is on Kepware’s long term direction through strategic acquisitions and organic growth. The process of founding Kepware also involved leaving New Jersey in search of a new home. which allows multiple OPC servers to configure into redundant pairs. The Company also provides RedundancyMaster. Products and Services ClientAce provides simple-to-use tools for developers wanting to build an OPC client application. and link data from multiple OPC servers. the overall ethernet network traffic volume. ME 04101 (207) 775-1660 (207) 775-1799 www. a Winner of Managing Automation's 2008 Progressive Manufacturing 50 Awards Opto 22 Partnered with Kepware for Communications Management and Board of Directors Management Corson Ellis Roy Kok Title Chief Executive Officer Vice President. Speaker Bio: Corson Ellis. Recent News Date 07/21/08 07/16/08 07/14/08 06/23/08 05/27/08 Announcement Columbia Weather Systems "Connected with Kepware" Wonderware Selected Kepware as Endorsed Partner for Expanding Device Communications Offerings DGH "Connected with Kepware" Named as Technology Partner for Itron.

to sell in providing that client's retirement income. * Wealth Advisors ensure that their best practices are automatically embedded into the income distribution services they provide their clients. It does this across multiple taxable and tax deferred portfolios in a way that maximizes income and minimizes risk and taxes throughout retirement. Paul founded Samuelson Portfolio Strategies. Prior to co-founding Lattice. which was acquired by Upstream in March 2002. Mark developed equity Business Overview LifeYield provides services and technology that automate the time consuming.A. President. Paul was a Co-founder and the Chief Investment Officer responsible for architecting the investment processes for the firm's asset management software. Boston from 1991-1993. CheckFree Investment Services Co-Founder. CheckFree acquired Upstream.both taxable and tax deferred . financial advisors and brokers) must go through in selecting which of a client's assets . Credit Suisse's Advanced Execution Services Sterling Professor. and recurring process Wealth Advisors (trust officers. Tykhe . Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Paul Samuelson. Paul graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Cum Laude from Williams College B. in order to deliver highly scalable and complementary capabilities to its industry leading separately managed account portfolio accounting platform. MA 02110 (617) 261-8425 (425) 940-2961 www. Speaker Bio: Mark Hoffman. financial analysis. Paul has over 25 years of experience in building. Boston 1981-1986. Management and Board of Directors Management Mark Hoffman Paul Samuelson Michael Benedek Ryan Gorer Directors Warren Cormier Michael Gianoni Michael Koehn Manuel Santayana Herbert Scarf Evan Schulman Title Co-Founder. among others. Most recently. and CEO of CheckFree Securities. Prior to Upstream. Mark has a B. At Upstream. * Retirees benefit because no matter how many or few assets someone has. User Experience Title Founder. New York. and an M. President. Mark became the Director of Electronic Trading for SSGA where he increased the Lattice Division client base to over 100 asset management institutions and lead a financial engineering team that built trading algorithms for its clients. tedious. Upon Lattice's acquisition by State Street Global Advisors in 1996. Chief Financial Officer Vice President. and Director of Portfolio Analysis at The Ford Foundation. Chairman Co-Founder. Mastrovita and Hewitt. * Wealth Advisors spend less time on the recurring income distribution process and more time on attracting new clients from an expanding target group.S. Vice President Colonial Management Associates.LifeYield Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 101 Federal Street. stock selection and fund management systems for Colonial Management and EDS. Paul was Chief Investment Officer at PanAgora Investment Management. * Wealth Advisors can increase their asset base from existing clients by providing a more holistic service over all their clients assets. Analysis Group Managing Director. in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin. Boston Research Group President. Yale University Founder. Before Upstream. From 1993-1998. 16th floor Boston. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. at Hagler.M. The platform can handle ad-hoc as well as scheduled withdrawals. Chief Executive Officer. Economics. or Unified Managed Household. Mark was Senior Vice President of Advanced Trading Solutions at CheckFree Investment Services. Fixed Income Securities. technology and start-up experience in the financial technology sector. Chief Investment Officer Co-Founder. CheckFree's broker dealer subsidiary. Boston and London. and holds a Ph. Mark was CEO and co-founder. Mark co-founded Lattice Trading. managing and representing portfolio investment strategies. At Upstream. enables Wealth Advisors to provide premium income distribution services efficiently to clients. a highly scalable advanced Alternative Trading System that integrates order-matching with order-routing. Products and Services LifeYield UMH™. which he joined with the Upstream acquisition in May 2007. Most recently. Consultant at Acadian Financial Management. President. which he joined in May 2007 when CheckFree acquired Upstream Technologies. LifeYield's automated process helps maximize both monthly cash flow throughout retirement as well as any bequests during the their planning horizon. Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer Mark has over 20 years of management.S. Paul was a consultant to Checkfree Investment Services and a Principal for its broker dealer subsidiary. Director. Paul was also a Partner.lifeyield.D. Boston 1986-1991. a leading portfolio manufacturing and trading solutions provider.

Logi 9 Ad Hoc Reporting. accurate. He holds a BS in Electronics Engineering from Ferdowsi University and has successfully led two other software companies before starting LogiXML. Services. Logi ETL. The Company serves user organizations. Mr. They will use their own everyday. Research & Development Director. With 19 years of experience in software development and architecture. Global Sales. and consulting companies. self-service reporting for non-technical business users. Products and Services Logi 9 Info. business terminology without having to know a query language or the technical intricacies of your data. Data Architecture Services. Chief Executive Officer. without waiting for IT to build reports for them. Web-based OLAP analysis for those users who want to compare and analyze their OLAP data. who can log in to create dynamic Web-based reports in minutes from any standard Web browser. Eshraghi founded LogiXML with a vision to provide superior. and analysis categories. value added resellers. Application Integration Services. (extract.logixml. independent software vendors. Sales Title Business Overview LogiXML offers a suite of business intelligence solutions. VA 22102 (703) 752-9700 (703) 995-4811 www.1 Managed Reporting Product Launched LogioDemand to Provide Next Generation Business Intelligence Solutions in Saas Mode Founder Profiled on "The Leader Spot" Radio Interview Program Nominated for Famed "Hot Ticket" Award in 7th Annual NVTC Program TEC Certified the LogiXML Logi 9 BI Platform in its Business Intelligence Evaluation Center Management and Board of Directors Management Arman Eshraghi Hormoz Hekmat David Ploger Bill Kotraba Directors Carter Griffin Alex Pinchev Renee Lorton Title Founder. which gives them the right tools to develop and deliver corporate reports and reporting applications across the enterprise. and specialized BI data services. mission-critical information that can support a variety of corporate applications. Red Hat Former Senior Vice President. Field Marketing. and Expert Services. The Company offers Webbased ad hoc reporting for those business users who want to create and run their own reports on demand. which help to optimize data environment and improve reporting and analysis performance. Director Chief Operating Officer. he has always focused on creating innovative solutions and software products that boost productivity and promote ease-of-use for end-users. Director Vice President. Speaker Bio: Arman Eshraghi. a comprehensive managed reporting solution for report developers. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Arman Eshraghi is a BI visionary who leads the overall direction of LogiXML's business and product strategies. transform and load) brings together disparate data spread across an enterprise to deliver consistent. The Company provides solutions for business intelligence. Updata Partners Executive Vice President. Recent News Date 06/23/08 06/17/08 06/12/08 06/11/08 04/28/08 Announcement Released New Logi 9. Cognos Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 12/10/07 Round 1 Amount $5 Valuation ND Investors Updata Partners . President. innovative report development and analysis solutions. reporting. managed corporate reporting for more technical report developers to build and deliver Web-based corporate reports to various users and groups across the organization.LogiXML Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 7900 Westpark Drive Suite T107 McLean. LogiXML offers comprehensive Professional Services and Training which include: Implementation Services.

Magnolia has developed broad-band anti-reflective nanocoatings that substantially enhance solar efficiency.Magnolia Solar Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 52-B Cummings Park Suite 314 Woburn. . in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. comprising about 1% of total output. Chief Executive Officer Dr.Magnolia’s process uses novel photovoltaic materials that are bio-compatible and contain no toxic chemicals such as cadmium telluride or cadmium sulfide. including flexible polymers. MA 01801 (781) 503-1200 (781) 932-0847 www. One important target location for Magnolia’s commercial production and distribution is India. Ashok Sood has a lifetime of experience in solar research. Products and Services . this thin film process will be significantly more efficient than existing solar cells for terrestrial applications. compared to silicon solar cells ranging from $3-$4 per Watt currently.magnoliasolar. Some experts foresee that solar sourced electrical power. transforming it into electron Business Overview Magnolia Solar is developing a highly innovative thin film material for high efficiency solar cells.D. Management and Board of Directors Management Ashok Sood Yash Puri Title Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer . . This improvement in efficiency could meaningfully reduce the “payback period” for consumers and industries making solar cell investments. Loral. thereby fueling additional demand. By absorbing a larger portion of the solar spectrum. including engineering and management positions at Lockheed-Martin.Magnolia has developed methods for applying nanowires of the novel material onto a variety of low cost substrates. Magnolia’s technology holds out the promise to deliver solar cell at a cost of $1 per Watt. Honeywell and Tyco. Speaker Bio: Ashok Sood. Magnolia will seek to supply this demand internationally. He earned a BS and MS degree in Physics from Delhi University in India. BAE Systems. will rise to 15%-20% over the next decade. He also received an MS and Ph.

rugged construction. he developed the first semiconductor based optical components for the fiber market. and Cisco which was used for Cisco TV as a delivery mechanism around the world. Hale Lane General Partner. Mr. he served as Vice President of Engineering and delivered the encoding system for Direct TV.Mariah Power Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 650 South Rock Blvd. etNetworks. Spectra Physics. quiet operation. a spin off of Raychem. and component level. He has to his credit six startups over a 30 year career. Appoints Ion Paraschivoiu CEO to Present at Dow Jones Conference Management and Board of Directors Management Mike Hess Chris Gabrys Michael Neary Tim Rodgers Glenn Carnahan Tracy Twist Mick Hansen Directors David Garcia Ian Rogoff Stanton Thomas Title Founder. integrated inverter. His additional experience served as Vice President. Recent News Date 06/24/08 02/11/08 02/05/08 12/10/07 08/08/07 Announcement Announced New CFO & VP of Business Development Selected for NREL Testing Completed Successful ETL Certification Formed Advisory Board. Hess is a Serial Entrepreneur who has the past 15 years bringing new technologies into the market. #10 Reno. At his last startup. where he delivered the first voice video and data over fiber to Cologne Germany in 1988. Designed for operation where we live and work. Sierra Nevada Partners Former Manager. Marketing Vice President. he served as Chief Technology Officer and co.mariah-power. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mike Hess founded Mariah Power and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Nevada 89502 (775) 831-9463 (775) 201-0467 www. Vice President. Director Founder. and wireless performance monitor. He served as a Member of Advisory Board of Infreeda.. Hess started Raynet. Chief Technology Officer Founder. Sierra Angels . Chief Executive Officer Founder. EDS Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 03/14/07 Round Seed Amount $0.founder and built the largest IP over satellite network for customers like IBM. Measurex and Meta Systems. first digital pager to software.995 and comes complete with a high efficiency generator. Raychem. Sales Chief Financial Officer Vice President. optical component technologies including three companies that he has co-founded. Products and Services Windspire The Windspire is a plug-n-produce wind power appliance that provides a safe method for harnessing power from the wind. Mr.8 Valuation ND Investors Keiretsu Forum. Speaker Bio: Mike Hess. At CLI. and affordable pricing. His experience ranges from hardware platforms. it sells for $4. As co-founder and Chief Executive Officer for Lightwave Microsystems. first MPEG2 encoding system for DirecTV. Windspire is distinguished by its propeller-free design. finance and Vice President of Operations for companies including etNetworks. hinged Business Overview Mariah Power offers energy turbine that provides power for residential and commercial needs. Engineering Title Corporate Attourney. At 30 feet tall and 2 feet in radius.

GeoSearchNews. MA 02139 (617) 661-6382 (617) 661-6384 www. Chevron Technology Ventures.metacarta. reports. FA Technology Ventures Chief Executive Officer.within Government. Ron holds an MBA from Northeastern University. Field Operations Vice President. In-Q-tel . and digital publishing. The company offers applications built on the platform including NewsMap. In-Q-Tel. Prior to iConverse. web pages. Finance. place of work. Most recently. Chisholm Private Capital Partners. Sevin Rosen Funds. he built a broad base of management experience in enterprise sales and marketing. including a position as National Sales Director for Atex. MetaCarta's technology "geoenables" information -. Chevron Technology Ventures. Microsoft. Sevin Rosen Funds. identifying and disambiguating 190M+ places. Chevron Technology Ventures. Chief Technology Officer Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 06/12/07 08/22/05 01/07/04 01/01/02 Round 4 3 2 1 Amount $5 10 7 1 Valuation ND ND ND ND Investors FA Technology Ventures. and hosted content collections such as GeoSearch News and GeoSearch Energy. Solstice Capital FA Technology Business Overview MetaCarta is at the forefront of the GeoWeb. Chief Executive Officer Founder. Vice President. New York City. or SaaS. which sends out email or text alerts when news happens in a users designated area of interest such as their home. Managing one zooms into an area. display results on ANY map (Google. Purkinje President. and map-driven data visualization technologies. assign a geographic rank and relevancy. most recently. Before that. MetaCarta offers several Hosted Content Collections including one for the petroleum/energy industry. NewsMap. as a hosted Speaker Bio: Ron Matros. he was CEO of OpenMarket. Sevin Rosen Ventures Partner. Hunt Ventures. Chief Technology Officer. BusRadio Co-Founder. Engineering Vice President. Local Alerts. presentations -. GeoSearchEnergy and. ESRI or proprietary maps). Marketing Co-Founder. not the cocktail). GeoSearchNews allows a user to see where the news is happening around the world as it's happening and perform searches on spedific keywords thereby combining geographic seach with traditional keyword search. The New England Business and Technology Association recognized Ron's efforts when in 2002 they awarded him the prestigious Mass eComm Top 10 Leaders Award. or where they may be travelling. geographic referencing. Worldwide Sales. Recent News Date 06/24/08 06/11/08 06/09/08 06/04/08 03/24/08 Announcement MetaCarta and Carahsoft Team Provided Government With Industry Leading Geographic Search Solutions Boston. in public databases or behind the firewall in corporate document repositories). Hunt Ventures. as well as Local Alerts. The platform includes components for connecting content and maps: allow users to access information wherever it may be stored (on the Web.000 sources including Reuters and AP. Chisholm Private Capital Partners. disambiguate between places -. children's schools. Chief Executive Officer.MetaCarta Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 350 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge. With newsfeeds from over 4. where he successfully completed an acquisition of the company. a division of Eastman Kodak. identify places within the content (geoparsing) and assign a latitude and longitude (geotagging). a mobile platform MetaCarta. Other GeoWeb applications that have been built with MetaCarta's GSRP include. In addition. Chisholm Private Capital Partners. AND Manhatten (the place. The leader in geographic search.and fifteen years as a senior manager . Operations. he was COO of WSI. Prior to WSI. which takes news articles from a source and displays them on a map. Director Founder. Solstice Capital Sevin Rosen Funds. large companies. results will include The Big Apple. In-Q-Tel. Solstice Capital Individuals. a publicly-traded Internet commerce and content management company. the leading provider of weather information for TV and aerospace. The technology can be purchased as an appliance. Products Vice President Corporate Business Development Title Partner. recognizing him for leading the effort to develop and deploy information and Internet technology. Ron was CEO of iConverse. only results for the area defined by the map will be shown. Director Vice President.making it actionable by location-based applications and devices-. President and Chief Executive Officer Ron brings ten years of experience as CEO . Products and Services MetaCarta Geographic Search and Referencing Platform (GSRP) is the company’s flagship product . Director Vice Selected MetaCarta's Geographic Search Technology to Develop Hyperlocalized Solutions for Users Launched Blog to Discuss How Geography and Maps are Transforming the Internet Opened New York City Office Launched New Web Site that Collects Local News from Around the World and Visually Displays it on a Map Management and Board of Directors Management Ron Matros John Frank John Donnelly III Claudine Bianchi Doug Brenhouse Josiah Strandberg Bob Warren Rick Hutton Directors David McLean Fred Bamber Don Zereski George McNamee Frank Ingari Ron Matros John Frank Title President. Solstice Capital Chief Technology Officer. Users can then select a specific area of interest and use the map as a search filter -.a comprehensive geographic text search solution that enables users to rapidly locate all information about a place. It's Geographic Search and Referencing Platform is the core of all of its when searching for information about Manhatten.

VA 22033 (877) 227-5054 (571) 432-4190 www.Professional Services Hosted Exchange. Columbia Capital Partner.® www. renowned for its ability to provide voice. Prior to Speaker Bio: Paul Chisolm. managed hosting. SharePoint and CRM from groupSPARK and 123Together. and Shawmut Bank. Fidelity Ventures Partner. sales and management positions at New England Telephone. TD Fund Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 08/29/06 Round 1 Amount $18 Valuation ND Investors Columbia Capital. Mr. Managed VoIP . Organizations use mindSHIFT’s managed IT services to focus on their core business. Mr. The Company offers managed IT services. England. fully managed IT infrastructure.e-Business Applications .mindSHIFT. the company became the largest and most successful European alternative carrier. AT&T. Chisholm’s leadership. archiving and compliance. Chisholm grew the company from inception to over $1 billion in revenue. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Before joining mindSHIFT in 2003. SharePoint and CRM through its groupSPARK and 123Together companies. He is also an Executive Committee member of the Boston College Technology Council.Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) . MegaPath. video and Internet services to Europe’s largest business customers.Managed Hosting . Columbia Capital Managing Partner. Under Mr. He is on the Board of Directors of Sycamore Networks. e-business applications. data. including end-user Help Desk support. managed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Fidelity Ventures. mindSHIFT Technologies and Cathedral High School in Boston. Fidelity Ventures Managing Partner.Archiving and Compliance . Hosting Solutions groupSPARK’s Private Label SaaS Services Now Available through Ingram Micro Seismic Named Among Fastest-Growing Companies in Massachusetts Expanded Market Reach with the Acquisition of Collaboration Online. Chisholm held various technology. managed hosting. he led the startup to become the largest competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) in Boston and the first to be profitable. We make IT work for your business. headquartered in London. hosted Exchange. mindSHIFT companies Recent News Date 07/11/08 06/16/08 04/22/08 04/18/08 04/01/08 Announcement Announced Support for Apple Product Line groupSPARK Named 2008 Microsoft Partner of the Year for Advanced Infrastructure Solutions. Products and Services Managed IT Services. software-as-a-service (SaaS). ranging from 24/7 monitoring and server management to an Business Overview mindSHIFT provides technology peace of mind to small and medium-sized organizations by delivering premier IT infrastructure and software services that utilize the most reliable and advanced systems and processes in the world. Paul Chisholm was President and CEO of COLT Telecom Group. Suite 200 South Fairfax. and professional services.mindSHIFT Technologies Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 3975 Fair Ridge Drive. with operations in 29 cities in 10 countries. Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating Officer Chief Financial Officer Title Partner. e-business applications.mindSHIFT. increase reliability and protect mission-critical data. As vice president and general manager of Teleport Communications Boston. TD Fund . Limited Company Management and Board of Directors Management Paul Chisholm Mona Abutaleb Lawrence Ingeneri Directors Matt Newton John Siegel Rob Ketterson Larry Cheng James Pastoriza Title Chairman.

Motionbox Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 55 Broad Street 10th Floor New York. Chief Architect Vice President. patent holder. He is also a U. for a cross-platform media synchronization abstraction layer. working full-time as a software developer at Bell Laboratories and Bell Communications Research. SAS Investors Canaan Partners. General Partner. Engineering Vice President. Constellation Ventures Principal. Canaan Partners Chief Operating Officer. The Company engages in streaming media. The Company's services include: * Unlimited Video Storage * Large File Uploads * Secure Video Sharing * HD Playback * High-Quality Downloads * DVDs and Flipbooks Made From User Videos Recent News Date 11/27/07 11/13/07 11/06/07 07/23/07 04/19/07 Announcement Closed Series B Funding Announced Premium Service Appointed New VP of Business Development Appointed Two New Senior Management Positions Selected for OnHollywood 100 Top Management and Board of Directors Management Chris O’Brien Shoshana Zilberberg-Winter Andrew Wason Chris Brown Liz Hughes Directors Josh Grotstein Liza Boyd Warren Lee Kathy Timko Title Co-Founder. Itochu Technology Venture Investment Division. Constellation Ventures. Business Development. and store personal videos. after a merger. edit. Speaker Bio: Chris O'Brien. Prior to founding Motionbox. President. Chief Executive Officer Chief Marketing Officer Co-Founder.S. with Motionbox’s Andrew Wason. of Interactive Video Technologies. Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Chris O’Brien is CEO and co-founder of Motionbox. NY 10004 ND ND www. the leading provider of software for corporate webcasting. O’Brien founded and was CEO of SoftCom and. Prior to SoftCom and IVT. SAS Investors Managing Director. and subscribing Internet products.motionbox. He began his software career as a high school senior. Before graduating from Brown University. which was later sold to Apple. Chris worked at Bellcore on early Internet product development projects including commercializing search engines and video conferencing. Products and Services Motionbox is a secure place to Business Overview Motionbox provides online personal video sharing services. IDT Telecom Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 11/27/07 09/06/06 Round 2 1 Amount $7 4 Valuation ND ND Investors Canaan Partners. SAS Investors . O’Brien was an early employee of Clearview Software. Business Development Title Founder. social networking.

Yavuz has led teams in developing more than $100 million annual business in heavy-duty. Dr. Yavuz joins Nanostellar after spending 19 years with the Engelhard Corporation. Nanostellar Pt:Pd 2:1 material is appropriate for light duty diesel vehicles requiring excellent low temperature performance combined with excellent thermal stability. motorcycles. including catalyzed diesel particulate filters (CDPF). and ozone emissions control. light.g. Other applications. 3i Technology Partners Co-Founder. Managing Partner. Co-Founder. Nanostellar serves car and truck original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). HCCI) that operate at low temperatures. resistance to sulfur and phosphorus and 25%-30% better performance over traditional platinum only materials. NS Gold™ (Pt:Pd:Au) material improves hydrocarbon oxidation by 20+% over Nanostellar Pt:Pd product and is suitable for heavy-duty trucks. The Company focuses on providing nanoscaled catalytic materials for diesel emissions control in the automotive market. new high efficiency diesel engines (e. Vice President. and manufacturers. 3i Technology Partners . The Company offers catalytic converters. are key to reducing toxic emissions from the engine in cars. Sales & Marketing Title External Director. Speaker Bio: Bulent Business Overview Nanostellar develops precious-metals containing materials for the automotive and stationary power industries in Europe. Products and Services Nanostellar promoted Platinum material is appropriate for applications requiring low CO oxidation light-off temperatures and tunable NO oxidation characteristics.D. Sales & Marketing Bulent Yavuz has been Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Nanostellar since July 2006. Vice President. Recent News Date 09/09/08 12/10/07 11/29/07 08/01/07 Announcement Appointed Edward Wolynic to Board of Directors World Gold Council and Nanostellar Joined Forces to Drive Automotive Demand For Gold Selected by The World Economic Forum as a 2008 Technology Pioneer Nanostellar's NS GOLD Oxidation Catalyst Named One of the Year's Most Innovative Products Management and Board of Directors Management William Miller Pankaj Dhingra Bulent Yavuz Directors David Aslin Neal Bhadkamkar Edward Wolynic Martin Lagod Louie Liu Kevin Scott Title Chairman. used in motor vehicle exhaust systems. Yavuz has a Ph. aftermarket suppliers. CA 94063 (650) 368-1010 (650) 368-1101 www. and is a Fulbright scholar with nine US patents in the field of diesel oxidation catalysts and ceramics. Monitor Ventures Former Chief Technology Officer.nanostellar. generators.and heavy-duty trucks. small engines. AisaTech Management Observer. Some applications require low NO2 emissions to reduce smog forming chemicals in the air. Dr. and Asia. require thermal stability and low CO light off temperatures in order more efficiently burn trapped soot. Dr.Nanostellar Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 3696 Haven Avenue Redwood City. VOC and natural gas engines. Founder Chief Executive Officer Vice President. diesel train engines. and any engine-equipped machine. Firelake Capital Management Observer. the United States. ammonia slip catalysts. coaters. Engelhard Managing Director.. in materials science from Penn State.

Sales & Client Service Co-Founder. and proprietary research to investment opportunities. and venture and private equity firms. prepare for SEC audits. a Global Securities Firm Linedata and Norbury Links Formed Marketing Alliance Management and Board of Directors Management Dan Dykens Dave Earley James Anderson Mike Earley Directors Tim Bryan William Craine Eric Pulaski Jay Sarles Title Co-Founder. market data. Chairman. Lightbulb Technology Partners Former. and prior to that was a research analyst at Renaissance Business Overview Norbury Links is an innovative research management tool that helps investment managers quickly identify and organize information relevant to their investment strategies. Director Co-Founder. web pages. Norbury Links. Speaker Bio: Dan Dykens. Recent News Date 04/16/08 04/11/08 04/10/08 04/09/08 04/07/08 Announcement Buyside Faces Rising Tide of Research Formed Marketing Alliance with Linedata to Bring Research Management Platform to LongView Clients Instinet Automated Research Distribution Partnered with Instinet. transcripts. and more. Directors of Research and Chief Operating Officers. industry contacts. The Company serves institutional investment management industry.norburyfinancial. Prior to founding Clipper Dan was an analyst at Maple Row Management. Prior to Maple Row. seamless and simple. models. Web pages. and across geographical locations. where he helped invest $400 million in emerging growth stocks and helped the firm focus on its investment strategy in small cap growth stocks. The Company offers. These systems developed internally by Clipper were ultimately spun off into Norbury. Analysts. Chief Operating Officer. a top performing long/short equity hedge fund. managers. link emails. Dan was a co-founder and Portfolio Manager of Clipper Capital Management. a long/short equity investment firm. and track time stamped recommendations for bonus payouts.including Portfolio Managers. stay on fund positions. a $700 million long/short US hedge fund. President. Products and Services Norbury Links saves investment professionals time by centralizing and indexing internal and external research for easy retrieval and cross referencing . Chief Executive Officer. Over a five year period while managing funds at Clipper Dan lent his research expertise toward the growth of internal systems developed by Clipper. including hedge funds. reports.making collaboration among colleagues. Chief Technology Officer Title Former. fund of funds. Chief Executive Officer. models. notes. an information management solution that is designed with an ASP/SaaS model of delivery for investment professionals to organize research. Partners Trust Financial Group Founder. Dan graduated from the University of Notre Dame where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Finance. Director Vice President. Blair Asset Management. market data. Vice Chairman. collaborate with colleagues. CCBN Former. produce research. Prior to founding Norbury. package materials for marketing. Dan was both a research analyst and a trader at C.Norbury Financial Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 136 Longwater Drive Norwell. a long/short US equity hedge fund. Institutional Services. Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dan is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Norbury Financial. emails. contacts. Bank of America . and generate reports. With one click users can index and store notes. the future of research software for managing the internal operations of investment professionals . Senior Vice President. in-house analysis. as well as to attach conversations with sell side analysts. MA 02061 (800) 667-2879 (617) 701-0520 www.

distribution and corporate strategy. trade capture. Mr. he has more than twenty-five years experience building emerging market start-up software companies and has contributed to three successful IPO's. O'Hanlon leads the company's day-to-day global operations. and support Business Overview NumeriX provides pricing and risk analytics solutions for fixed income. and NumeriX Portfolio. Mr. He has actively negotiated the sale of several companies for nearly $500M. NumeriX® 7 includes all of the necessary tools to model and price deals across multiple asset classes. LabMorgan. The NumeriX 7 product allows users to structure complex derivatives using NumeriX scripting language and a wide range of model and calibration options. traders. foreign exchange. training. and Asia. In addition. profiling. Chairman President.NumeriX Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 40 Wall Street Floor 28 New York. credit. and foreign exchange exotic derivatives and vanilla products. during and after the sale: Integration. the company provides integration. profiling and managing risk of credit derivatives and structured finance products. Mr. Through intuitive and user-customizable reports it NumeriX offers a comprehensive set of service solutions to ensure our clients’ and partners’ success. marketing. The Company also offers NumeriX SDK. With an intuitive. Mr. NY 10005 (212) 302-2220 (212) 302-6934 www. The Company serves customers in America. as well a custom training solutions. Global Head of Business Development. Prior to Network Express. NumeriX SDK allows partners and clients to integrate into any internal or third party trading. Customizing our services to your specific needs ensures maximum value before. O'Hanlon participated in the Network Express IPO road show in which $30M was raised. and portfolio management system. executive team. equity. cross currency. Products and Services NumeriX offers a “one-stop” cross asset pricing platform for sales. which drove eight years of unparalleled growth from $3M to $150M. A seasoned veteran. culminating in a successful IPO. and equity derivatives. Support Recent News Date 06/24/08 06/16/08 05/20/08 05/19/08 04/21/08 Announcement RiskVal Partnered with NumeriX to Extend the Scope of its Derivatives Trading and Risk Management Expanded Regional Presence in Asia/Pacific. All of the components of the NumeriX product suite allow the user access to an infinitely flexible deal definition language and the ability to choose from multiple market-tested and public domain models. and Thomson Reuters Named “Technology Company of the Year” by Structured Products Magazine for Third Consecutive Year Supported Financial Stability Forums Proposals to Enhance Market and Institutional Resilience Management and Board of Directors Management Gregory Whitten Steven O’Hanlon Mark Shornick Joseph Saporito Directors Mitchell Feigenbaum Gary Kussman Stewart Shiman Title Chief Executive Officer. and NumeriX Partner Solutions. Europe. The Rockefeller University Independent Director Independent Director Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 07/18/02 08/01/00 Round 2 1 Amount $32 22 Valuation ND ND Investors Gregory Whitten Bridge Information Systems. The Company offers NumeriX 7 that allows users to structure various derivatives using NumeriX scripting language. which allows users to access the analytics and pricing. and managing risk of credit derivatives and structured finance products. Opens Hong Kong Office Released Research Paper with Paladyne Systems. implementation. trade capture and portfolio management system for fixed income. commodities. straightforward approach the Pricing API gives developers the ability to turn lengthy integration into a simple data mapping exercise. Sybase . We provide personalized system support services at a variety of levels. Chief Operating Officer Chief Financial Officer Senior Vice President. Speaker Bio: Steven O'Hanlon. NxR2 Pro. which has resulted in unprecedented growth during the last three years. credit. He is the chief architect of the Company's sales. Mr. individual investors and public markets. Americas Operations Title Chairman. O'Hanlon has raised more than $50M through venture capital firms. which integrates various internal/third party trading and risk management systems. inflation rate. Prior to Banyan. quants and risk managers of derivatives and structured products. President and Chief Operating Officer As President and Chief Operating Officer of NumeriX.numerix. a solution for valuing. NumeriX® Portfolio is a scalable Front Office structuring. Physics Department. a front office structuring. NumeriX. Center for the Study of Physics and Biology. risk management or straight through processing system. O'Hanlon held Sales Executive positions at Avant-Garde Computing and Nixdorf Computers. Training. Gamma Investors. NxR2 Pro is a comprehensive solution for valu-ing. The Company has strategic partnership with Bloomberg. O'Hanlon was a member of Banyan Systems Inc. Implementation. It was his product and distribution strategy that led to the sale of this company to Cabletron for $110M.

The information resulting from Comprehend’s analysis is the first step these organizations must put into place before implementing any business improvement initiative Professional Services As a technology and business partner. Peters is the Chief Executive Officer of OpenConnect Systems based in Dallas. Leuven Discussed Process Discovery and Improvement at INFORMS Annual Meeting Katholieke Universiteit Lueven Sponsored Workshop for Business Process Analytics CTO Spoke on SOA and Mainframes at Dallas Chamber Event Management and Board of Directors Management Edward Peters Stuart Burris Charles Brockenbush Alex Moulas Jerry Chappell Christopher Houck Directors Hugh Balloch Title Chief Executive Officer Chief Technology Officer Chief Financial Officer Senior Vice President. Our customers have the option of voice or electronic access to our team of highly trained and seasoned Customer Support Representatives (CSRs). real-time views of the processes. Professor with K. OpenConnect provides businesses with continuous. With a rich history of developing innovative technology. Peters currently heads a research chair in Business Process Intelligence and Analytics for the Department of Informatics and Decision Sciences at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium. Product Marketing Title Managing Principal. Peters holds a Bachelor of Arts in government and a Master of Science in industrial engineering from Lehigh University. IBM/GUIDE International President’s Award. including DataDirect Technologies (MERANT spin-off 2001 acquired by Progress Software. visit OpenConnect offers a framework of services that covers the entire lifecycle of a project—from solution planning and implementation through to business improvement. By using advanced technologies and automated service functions our superior support infrastructure provides customers with the ability to easily contact us to ask installation and usage related questions.oc. as well as make technical inquiries. Armed with this information. He has also held executive positions with Cerebellum Software and INTERSOLV.oc. Entrepreneur of the Year. Speaker Bio: Edward Peters.U. Chief Executive Officer Edward M. incremental improvements that will significantly increase process efficiency. 2004). Comprehend. Mr. activities and variations that affect day-to-day operations. Goff Moore Strategic Partners . OpenConnect's products are distributed in more than 60 countries and used by more than 60 percent of Fortune 100 companies. Worldwide Sales Vice President. Products and Services Products OpenConnect provides technology that automatically discovers business process inefficiencies. Texas. For more information on OpenConnect. processes. Business Development. Mr. Using patent-pending process analytics. To each service. where he sets the company’s strategic direction to enhance market growth. executives can make the Business Overview OpenConnect has created the first software designed to automatically discover the business process inefficiencies that hinder operational growth. what. He was also an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist in both 2003 & 2004. OpenConnect can help its clients achieve successful implementation and deployment so they can maximize their business benefits and ROI. allowing organizations to quickly improve critical business practices. Mr. Recent News Date 05/19/08 03/06/08 10/25/07 10/05/07 06/18/07 Announcement Mark Logic and OpenConnect Announced OEM Agreement Comprehend Selected by Antares Management Solutions to Improve Critical Business Processes for Largest Customer Dr.OpenConnect Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 2711 LBJ Freeway Suite 700 Dallas. etc) and relationships of all the events and processes that occur within an organization’s systems to determine the root cause of business inefficiencies. TX 75234 (972) 484-5200 (972) 484-6100 www. Guido Dedene. and mitigate risk. Peters has been responsible for the revenue growth and acquisition of several companies. the R/A/D Award for Excellence in Repository-Based Application Development and a Lehigh University Williams Prize. Support OpenConnect is committed to providing world-class Customer Support. records the attributes (who. Marketing Senior Vice President. A seasoned technology executive. improve employee productivity and raise profitability. when. we bring the right people. He also is a Director of the Computer & Communication Industry Association and the Alex Brown Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland. The company’s product. Mr. where. He has also attended the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and is a graduate of the Entrepreneurial Management Program at Carnegie-Mellon University. Peters has received numerous awards recognizing his leadership including the 2004 Maryland Technology Council. and knowledge to insure success. Baltimore County (UMBC).

and media and entertainment markets. Rosenthal established PathScale as one of the most well-known and respected technology suppliers in the HPC industry. In April 2006. Novak Biddle Venture Partners. Chief Marketing Officer Len Rosenthal is responsible for driving global marketing strategies for Panasas. an instant backup and restore with intelligent snapshot technology for clustered storage. a unified storage solution that combines the blade architecture with the ActiveScale operating environment. QLogic acquired PathScale Corporation. higher education and research. The Company provides assistance in the product lifecycle ranging from initial product installation and on-going operations to storage expansion. FORE Systems Managing Director. and ActiveImage. The Carlyle Group Mohr. For environments that integrate batch and interactive applications the ActiveStor 5000 series provides industry-leading capabilities in a unified storage solution eliminating the need for multiple storage systems.Panasas Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 6520 Kaiser Drive Fremont. Products and Services Panasas ActiveStor Storage Clusters meet the demands of a massively parallel data movement by offering scalable performance and capacity via an object-based approach to Storage. The Company offers Panasas ActiveStor 5000 Parallel Storage Cluster. The Carlyle Group Carlyle Venture Partners II. as well as various commercial Business Overview Panasas provides parallel clustered storage solutions for the high performance computing (HPC) markets. Mohr. The Company serves government. oil and gas. Mohr. Davidow Ventures Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 06/16/08 08/19/02 10/01/01 09/11/00 Round 4 3 2 1 Amount ND $32 25 10 Valuation ND ND ND ND Investors Focus Ventures. Novak Biddle Venture Partners III. Centennial Ventures Managing Partner. eCompanies-Evercore Venture Management. ultimately leading to the successful acquisition by QLogic. Rosenthal brings more than 20 years of marketing and business development experience to the Panasas management team. Director Co-Founder. CA 94555 (510) 608-7790 (510) 608-4798 www. Goldman Sachs Group. ActiveGuard. Director Chief Financial Officer Chief Marketing Officer Senior Vice President. Technical Operations Title Founder. manufacturing. Mohr. Davidow Ventures Managing Partner. Speaker Bio: Len Rosenthal. The Carlyle Group Managing Director. Davidow Ventures. life sciences. Rosenthal held senior marketing and management positions at Inktomi Corporation. Chief Technology Officer. Focus Ventures III Centennial Ventures. Mohr. Rosenthal holds a dual bachelor’s degree in Economics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and a MBA from Haas School of Business. Recent News Date 07/01/08 06/12/08 06/09/08 05/14/08 05/06/08 Announcement Partnered with Penguin Computing to Improve Manageability of Linux-based Cluster Solutions Parallel Storage Boosted Performance and Productivity for the University of Cambridge Parallel Storage Powered Newest Record-Setting Hybrid Supercomputer at Los Alamos National Lab ActiveStor Parallel Storage Clusters Boosted Capacity by 33 Percent and Offer Enhanced Data Reliability Landmark Introduced Panasas Solutions to Accelerate Seismic-Processing Application Performance Management and Board of Directors Management Victor Perez Garth Gibson Stephanie Vinella Len Rosenthal Bill Wagstaff Directors Eric Cooper Robert Grady Neel Sarkar Jonathan Feiber Nancy Schoendorf Title President. which delivers an order of magnitude bandwidth and provides a solution for Linux clusters running batch type applications. Davidow Ventures .panasas. Silicon Graphics Computer Systems and Hewlett-Packard. Chief Executive Officer. Panasas ActiveStor 3000 parallel storage solution. Where batch processing is the driving consideration the ActiveStor 3000 series delivers unsurpassed capacity bandwidth and throughput enabling jobs to be processed as quickly as possible. a feature on the ActiveStor 5000 Storage Cluster. Davidow Ventures. Prior to PathScale. where Len was co-founder and served as vice president of marketing and business development. He joins Panasas from QLogic Corporation. University of California at Berkeley. Intel Capital. a leading supplier of storage networking products.

Edgeos. such as system virus and sypware protection. which provides the ability to identify phishing attacks and eliminate false Web sites. FLAG Telecom. provides managed network and security services. Email Defense helps safeguard clients' information with secure email solutions that are flexible. The Company offers vulnerability defense solutions.commercial. remote access. CT 06461 (203) 541-3400 (203) 878-1284 www. Telenet. cost effective and most of all meet ALL current and future regulatory requirements. Goldman Sachs Group. easy to use. User Defense is a cost effective security solution for small to mid sized organizations which helps them address the challenge of access security on their network. intrusion prevention and detection. Recent News Date 06/11/08 05/19/08 05/15/08 04/04/08 03/19/08 Announcement Acquired Provider of On Demand Vulnerability Scanning and PCI Compliance . Bessemer Venture Partners Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 08/23/07 07/31/07 12/22/00 Round 2 1 2 Amount $54 50 4 Valuation ND ND $6 Investors Bessemer Venture Partners. the Company offers system defense solutions. Perimeter has been successfully defending businesses from network intrusions regardless of type or point of origin. he is the President of USA. the Company offers network defense solutions. The Company also offers intrusion defense solutions. USA. he served as COO of BT Counterpane where he was responsible for the business's operations. wholesale . Trident Partners Group .Perimeter eSecurity Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 440 Wheelers Farms Road Suite 202 Milford. which include managed VPN/WAN.NET Chief Architect Chief Financial Officer Chief Information Security Officer Title Managing Partner. and marketing of BT Counterpane's product and service line. and redundant Internet connections. In addition. remote assessment. and Web browsing anti-virus. After the military. encrypted and hosted email. Speaker Bio: Doug Howard. including managed bandwidth and Internet services. and eSecurity training. System Defense is a Business Overview Perimeter eSecurity. President. comprehensive defense system that combines the best aspects of both human analysis and intervention to combat zero-day exploits (new viruses) and best-of-breed technologies for ongoing Malware defense. Doug formed an organization that developed and launched new security services for the Company's business lines of service . such as firewall. operations. implementation. operations. product management and business development for companies such as Sprint. Earlier he served as Vice President of Security and Business Continuity for AT&T. CounterPhish Service. including Web content filtering. He founded Technology Research International in 1989. Connecticut Innovations. Inc. and Pharming Service. and CSC. Merchant Banking Division. system intrusion protection service. Chief Strategy Officer Doug is responsible for the M&A and the Service Strategy for the Company. Merchant Banking Division 1to1 Venture Partners. There.perimeterusa. which was purchased by NBC Broadcasting in 1991. and email archiving. government. Products and Services Intrusion Defense specializes in detecting and preventing network intrusions. Since 1997. Launched Remote Backup & Recovery (RBR) Service Tricomix Offered Perimeter eSecurity’s On-demand Security Services to Technology Partners and VAR Awarded Outstanding Portfolio Company Award For the Second Year in a Row Rob Bolton Appointed North American Regional Vice President of Sales forPerimeter eSecurity and USA. and remote backup. Further. and email defense solutions. Stripes Group Goldman Sachs Group. which include internal/external scanning. he moved into the private sector and held positions in sales. engineering. In addition. These services are designed to help ensure that regulatory processes are followed while risks are managed and controlled appropriately.NET which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Perimeter.NET Management and Board of Directors Management Brad Miller Richard Dobrow Doug Howard Kevin Prince Patrick Curry Thomas Neclerio Directors David Cowan Title Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating Officer Chief Strategy Officer. and network connectivity. identity tokens. Web site monitoring. Vulnerability Defense assists clients by developing a comprehensive yet practical set of services to meet their specific regulatory or risk reduction needs. Prior to joining Perimeter. which protects customer's confidential data and company's reputation from pharming attacks. including anti virus and SPAM well providing direction for the business continuity practice that delivered solutions for AT&T and its clients. He led a team responsible for the development. Doug started his career in the US Air Force working under the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. system policy compliance and auditing. and user defense solutions.

Recent News Date 08/12/08 07/29/08 07/15/08 07/08/08 06/25/08 05/13/08 05/02/08 Announcement Awarded two patents covering scalable data deduplication Joined Forces With Atempo to Bring User-Initiated Disk-Based Archiving to Large Enterprises Survey Revealed Cost and Reliability are Top Concerns for Enterprises Purchasing Archiving Solutions Named New Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Announced Promotion of Human Resources Executive Added Leading Technology Sales Strategist.A. which he led from start-up to worldwide market leadership. Human Resources Title Co-Founder. and a B. visit Permabit Enterprise Archive is the industry’s most Cook has more than 20 years of experience leading companies ranging from start-ups to multi-million dollar technology companies. Prior to joining Permabit. At the heart of this system is a unique redundant storage grid that provides scalable performance and industry-leading data protection while making expensive data migration a thing of the past. Marketing Vice President. MA 02141 (617) 252-9600 (617) 252-9977 www. For more information. President and Chief Executive Officer Mr.permabit. low cost. Prior to Curl. disk-based storage system that can archive petabytes of information at a fraction of the cost of tape. Development. Mr. solution that can easily and reliably store data for the long term.permabit. Cook has a Master's degree in Business Administration from the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration. Director Founder. Joe Julian. disk-based archive solutions. The system combines space saving compression and deduplication with multi-petabyte scalability to provide Scalable Data Reduction™ (SDR). Speaker Bio: Tom Cook. a pioneering Internet broadcaster spun out of Cakewalk in Business Overview Permabit Technology delivers solutions that dramatically reduce primary storage costs by providing enterprise class. He also served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Soundsbig. Permabit was founded in 2000 by a technical and business team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is headquartered in Cambridge. Chief Technology Officer Senior Vice President. he led and completed the sale of Curl Corporation to a division of the Sumitomo Corporation.Permabit Technology Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 25 First Street 2nd Floor Cambridge. Products and Services Permabit Enterprise Archive is a enterprise-class. Dartmouth College. VERITAS Software Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 06/05/07 Round 1 Amount $13 Valuation ND Investors Private . MA. he was President and Chief Executive Officer of Cakewalk Software. cost effective. Director Vice President. With Permabit Enterprise Archive. Chief Executive Officer. companies can keep up with their growing information storage and business needs while implementing an advanced. BlueCrest Capital Management Former Senior Vice President. to its Board Received Network Products Guide 2008 Product Innovation Award Named as finalist for the 2008 MITX Technology Awards Management and Board of Directors Management Tom Cook Jered Floyd Clint McVey Michael Ivanov Ed Reilly Katherine Edwards Directors William Reeves Joe Julian Title President. Worldwide Sales Vice President. in Economics from Harvard University. and easy to manage archive solution.

Business Development Vice Business Overview PermissionTV. Operations. Chief Strategy Officer Vice President. Sales. scan. which became the leading provider of digital page processing software and technology for the office market. and was Sr. SAS Investors. President and Chief Executive Officer Most recently. Business Development Title Partner.PermissionTV Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 1601 Trapelo Road Suite 168 Waltham. a Web-based collaborative workspace that enables distributed teams to work together more efficiently. SAS Investors General Partner. Marketing Vice President. he served as Senior Vice President CFO for Individual. the recognized RFID framework leader. the channel operator (content owner) and the developer. Business Development Vice President. Chief Technology Officer Vice President. Point Judith Capital Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 06/12/07 06/01/05 07/01/04 Round 3 2 1 Amount $9 ND ND Valuation ND ND ND Investors Castile Ventures. The platform also enables publishers. Solutions. Nashua. brands. At the highest level.permissiontv. PermissionTV intelligently responds to individual viewer preferences and needs to optimize the experience and the marketing results. MA and eCopy. Woburn. Recent News Date 08/18/08 07/28/08 06/23/08 06/03/08 03/06/08 02/21/08 Announcement Tanglewood Leveraged PermissionTV's Interactive Features to Bring Its Summer Concert Series to Life on the Web Appointed James Alla as Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development Introduced Proven Tools for Interactive Marketers and In-house Developers Named a Finalist for the 2008 MITX Technology Awards Historic New York Philharmonic Performance Available Through PermissionTV Smartplayer™ Bob Vila and PermissionTV Maximized Online Video Advertising Content Management and Board of Directors Management Bob Lentz John Zahner Charlie White Matt Kaplan Kathy Ruggiero Joe Eldridge Corey Halverson Jim Alla Directors Josh Grotstein Mike O'Malley Jeffrey Sagansky Jack Stewart Carl Stjernfeldt Sean Marsh Title President. agencies. Previously. in different roles. MA 02451 (781) 419-9700 (781) 419-9701 www. Prior to joining OATSystems. Bob was Senior Vice President of Operations and CFO of OATSystems. Venture Capital Fund of New England Partner. (2 Others) ND ND . and subscription-based services. Point Judith Capital. Product Management Senior Vice President. Inflection Point Ventures Chairman. However. Products and Services The PermissionTV Platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering which addresses the complexity of publishing and managing online videos and players. Bob was Senior Vice President. provides a flexible online video publishing platform for media. it is often easiest to think about the PermissionTV platform from the perspective of how people. as well as monetize audience through ad-supported. publishers and other video content owners to achieve myriad marketing goals on the internet. Castile Ventures General Partner. Chief Executive Officer. maximize customer value and engage prospects. interact with it. Bob was a member of the management team responsible for the turnaround at Xionics Document Technologies. pay-per-view. Speaker Bio: Bob Lentz. a marketing technology company. PermissionTV's technology platform enables companies to configure and manage their own branded online video experience. there are three types of people who interact with the platform: the viewer. Cramer. Before that. Vice President and General Manager of Appex Corporation. brands and public service groups to generate awareness. Inflection Point Ventures. Bob is a member of the Board of Directors of Monotype Imaging Holdings. Engineering. copy. a software company serving the cellular telephone industry that was sold to Electronic Data Systems. Operations and CFO at eRoom Technology. Co-Founder. process and transmit documents to computer peripherals. which provides software for supply-chain management systems that utilize radio-frequency identification (RFID). Bob started his career as a CPA with Ernst and Young and has an MBA from Babson and a BS in Business from Northeastern. enabling users to print. an Internet information services company that merged with Desktop Data to become NewsEdge. NH. Director Senior Vice President. CommonAngels. Ardustry Home Entertainment Managing Director.

Intuit General Partner. The Company's services also include locating and removing spyware. The Company's remote services include support for PCs. adware.PlumChoice Online PC Services Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 5 Federal Street Billerica. Edison Venture Fund Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 08/16/07 Round ND Amount $8 Valuation ND Investors Comerica Bank. Additionally. He has a BSEE from Lehigh University in 1982 and an MBA from Northeastern University in 1992. connectivity or operating system level issues. telecommuters. college students. Spyware and Removal Programs. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ted Werth is a founder of PlumChoice Online PC Services and also serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Edison Venture Fund . He served as Development Director and Engineering Services Director at Chipcom. Main Street Partners President. digital cameras and any software. PDAs and other mobile devices. The Company offers remote computer and technology service to home and business PC users. Chief Operating Officer. MA 01821 (866) 811-3321 (781) 998-0264 www. persons with limited mobility and any PC user with Internet access.plumchoice. Senior Vice President. Unveiled Roadmap for Unprecedented Monitored Support Service for Home and Small Business Added to Its Accolades with PC Magazine's "Editor's Choice Award" Former Monster Worldwide Executive Among Team of Veterans Who Joined PlumChoice Management and Board of Directors Management Ted Werth Dan Baker Fred King Rich Surace Paul Neilson Directors Bruce Cohen Joseph Hadzima Steve Moore Thomas Proulx Michael Balmuth Title Founder. Digital Camera Setup and Wireless Network Setup. printers and other peripherals. and college students with Internet access. Enterprise Mobile Co-Founder. Operations Chief Information Officer Title Founder. digital cameras and software. Recent News Date 01/28/08 01/07/08 01/07/08 12/05/07 12/03/07 Announcement Launched Affiliate Reseller Program Visicom Media Added SAFElink™ from PlumChoice into Its VMN Toolbar Launched SAFElink™. Chipcom Managing Director. Marketing Senior Vice President. networking and network devices. The Company's remote services include support for PCs. Werth has over 20 years experience in the high technology and services industry. PDAs and other mobile devices. and online threats. business travelers. Werth served a Operations Director with Lucent for two years. MP3 players. viruses. The Company offers a variety of solutions and technology for PCs which include Program Setup. telecommuters. Werth worked as Vice President of Engineering and Operations for two Internet-based companies. He helped to define and develop the products (an Internet based collaborative service and Internet marketing platform) and deliver them to Business Overview PlumChoice Online PC Services provides online computer support for home. Mr. Sales. Mr. Products and Services PlumChoice's premium remote computer and technology service is available to home and business PC users. Speaker Bio: Ted Werth. business travelers. networking and network devices. MP3 players. and connectivity or operating system level issues. Network Security Setup and Windows Vista Training Programs. printers and other peripherals. and small business. home office. Mr. the Company offers solutions for MP3 Player Setup. Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Vice President.

Supreme Court and The Hon. J. TechTarget. Michael Luttig on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Portfolio Companies Technology Asempra Technologies. Sirtris Pharmaceuticals and more Growth Equity Art. He focuses on information technology. he led the Senate’s Microsoft hearings and supervised the Senate’s hearings on “Competition. Nanosys. Mike was a strategy consultant with Bain & Company. Pervasis. The Firm generally acts as a lead or co-lead investor. Mike practiced with the law firm Williams & Connolly. GlycoFi. and business service sectors. Mike joined Polaris in May 1999. Cushcraft. consumer products and services. He earned his AB in history from Harvard College. Life Line Screening. Mike served as counsel to the U. Mike received his JD from the University of Virginia School of Law. Managing General Partner Managing General Partner General Partner General Partner General Partner General Partner General Partner General Partner .com.polarisventures. General Partner Mike Hirshland is a general partner in our Boston office. liquidity. Innovation and Public Policy in the Digital Age. Managing General Partner Co-Founder. Xpressdocs and more Recent News Date 07/16/08 07/16/08 07/10/08 06/27/08 06/18/08 Announcement PV Developer Wakonda Raised $9. healthcare.S. where. The Firm prefers to invest in portfolio companies based in the United States and selectively in Asia and Europe. Senate Judiciary Committtee. leveraged buyout. Before becoming a technology investor. Prior to his legal career. MA 02451 (781) 290-0770 (781) 290-0880 Business Overview Polaris Venture Partners is a venture capital firm specializing in seed and early stage investments in middle market companies. Ironwood Pharmaceuticals.” Previously. ecommerce. and growth equity investments. The Firm also participates in recapitalization. Speaker Bio: Michael Hirshland. digital media. JibJab Media. VKernel and more Life Sciences Asthmatx. The Firm typically invests between $50. Heavy.S. Impinj.Polaris Venture Partners Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 1000 Winter Street Suite 3350 Waltham. internet. Confluence.5m in Series A financing MMO Developer Turbine Raised $25 Million Of $40 Million Third Round Alnylam Provided Update on “Glover” Patent Backers Smiled on Redmond Toothbrush Firm (Ultreo) The Computer History Museum Announced the 2008 Fellow Awards Recipients Management and Board of Directors Management Jon Flint Terry McGuire Alan Spoon David Barrett Brian Chee Peter Flint John Gannon Robert Geiman Michael Hirshland Title Co-Founder.000 and $60 million I portfolio companies with a maximum EBITDA of $25 million. The Firm prefers to make early stage investments in companies engaged in the information technology and life sciences sectors. and digital media. Investments in the middle market comprise of companies engaged in technology. and clerked for Justice Anthony Kennedy at the U. among other things.

Under his leadership. Sales . a boutique strategy firm specializing in the North American Wealth Management industry.. and expert services designed solely to enable advisors and managers. Mr.. Mr. revenue and fee-based advisory business. Integration Services Vice President. PriceMetrix ValueOne Program is a patented combination of business intelligence reports. Ontario and services a broad range of clients within Canada and the United States. PriceMetrix customers typically realize increases in assets.B. PriceMetrix has its principal place of business in Toronto. money managers and mutual funds. President and Chief Executive Officer Doug Trott co-founded PriceMetrix in 2000 bringing 18 years of strategy consulting experience in the retail and wholesale financial industries. Trott founded The Taddingstone Consulting Group. to proactively identify and close client. JP Morgan. Taddingstone conducted over 75 consulting engagements for banks. Wyman & Co. Vice President. Products and Services PriceMetrix focuses exclusively on improving the overall business of investment firms by helping individual financial advisors to become better 'CEOs' of their business. business intelligence reports. practice management tools and expert services designed solely to enable advisors and managers. Client Group Chief Financial Officer Vice President. Recent News Date 07/29/08 07/21/08 05/19/08 04/08/08 04/02/08 Announcement Clients Continued Increasing Production Appointed Chief Financial Officer Butler Wick Rolled Out PriceMetrix ValueOne Program Morgan Keegan Accelerated Roll-Out of PriceMetrix ValueOne Program GMP Private Client Extended Commitment to PriceMetrix ValueOne Program Management and Board of Directors Management Doug Trott Patrick Kennedy Jeff Marsden Brent Geddes Jong Choi Cory Weech Harold Westervelt Title Co-Founder. Trott holds an Honors Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Toronto and an M. Ontario M5J 1T1 (416) 955-0514 (416) 955-0501 www. to proactively identify and close client. setting the company's strategic direction in meeting the evolving needs of North American brokerage and Wealth Management firms. where he rose to become Senior Partner and Country Head for Canada. Citigroup and Fidelity. PriceMetrix customers typically realize increases in assets. product and pricing opportunities. The PriceMetrix ValueOne Program is a patented combination of personalized. Co-Founder. from the University of Chicago. UBS.PriceMetrix Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 40 University Avenue Suite 200 Toronto. Trott focuses on the business development and growth of PriceMetrix.Founded in 2000. revenue and fee-based advisory business. Inc. Global clients include ING. as well as improvements in household quality and pricing. practice management tools. Speaker Bio: Doug Trott. as well as. Technology & CISO Vice President. at all levels. Chief Executive Officer Co-Founder. PriceMetrix has become the leading global provider of Productivity Management solutions for the Wealth Management industry. at all Business Overview PriceMetrix focuses exclusively on improving the overall business of investment firms by helping individual financial advisors to become better ‘CEOs’ of their business. improvements in household quality and pricing.A. In his role as President & CEO. Product Group Co-Founder. President. Mr. retail brokerage firms. product and pricing opportunities. He began his consulting career at Oliver. Vice President. Prior to PriceMetrix.

He is a Principal at Ram Capital Resources. Stephen Saltzstein is Vice President of RAM Capital Management. which assists emerging growth companies through private financing. The Firm launched a Fuel Cell Venture Capital Fund in 2000. acquisition and strategic alliance candidates. Focal points for investment include fuel cells and hydrogen. AT&T Wireless and AT&T Wireless and AT&& to showcase these technologies. NY 10022 (212) 888-2224 ND www. assistance with sales and marketing. Prior to joining Ram. and RAM Capital operates a website.pemfuelcells.RAM Capital Resources Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: One East 52nd Street Sixth Floor New York. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Ithaca College in New York. www. Speaker Bio: Stephen Saltzstein. His telecom experience was established through operations. Recent News Date 07/21/08 07/08/08 05/18/08 12/06/07 06/26/07 Announcement Partnered with WinnDevelopment to Reduce Energy Costs for Low Income Families Acquired Chesapeake Solar Completed Installation of Solar Power System at Fenway Park Raised $10 million in Growth Equity Financing Introduced Special Pricing for Solar Energy in New York Management and Board of Directors Management Michael Fein Stephen Saltzstein Michael Coiley Krista Mihalik Mike Niziol Title President Principal ND Technical Professional Associate .com Business Overview RAM Capital Resources is a private hedgefund. Saltzstein leveraged his extensive background in the telecom industry by working as a consultant.ramcapital. marketing and sales positions with McCaw Cellular. Principal Mr. Mr. advising investors on telecom investments in the wireless arena. traditional Pipeline Funds and Secured Lending Funds. The Firm employs 2 Fund Strategies. and seeking out potential merger.

SAP Ventures Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 10/02/06 08/16/05 01/01/04 Round 2 ND 1 Amount $24 ND 6 Valuation ND ND ND Investors Charles River Ventures. Chief Executive Officer. site and operations management. North Bridge Venture Partners. Husak holds seven patents. SAP Ventures ND Charles River Ventures.Reva Systems Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 100 Apollo Drive Chelmsford. Husak was the founding engineer and system architect at Synernetics Inc. Yantra Vice President. The Company's products enable customers to deploy scalable solutions in any environment. Charles River Ventures General Partner. MA 01824 USA (978) 244-0010 (978) 244-0055 www. Reva products were installed in Fortune 500 companies within months of their introduction. Engineering Vice President. Reva Scripting Tool (RST) provides a scriptable command line interface for automating bulk operations such as upgrading TAPs. where he was the principal architect of the category-creating C-5 Network Processor. Reva Multi-site Manager (RMM) is designed to be installed at central datacenter locations to provide web-based access for enterprise-wide RFID device. Husak has contributed extensively to network industry standardization efforts. C-Port was sold to Motorola in May 2000. a fabless communication semiconductor company. As a result. Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer David Husak founded Reva Systems in August 2003 and focused the company from the start on standards leadership and strategic architectural issues of the RFID market. Reva's standards-based Tag Acquisition Network architecture and Tag Acquisition Processor products provide improved system performance. Husak previously co-founded and became CTO of C-Port Corporation. setting site configurations. The Company's products are deployed by enterprises using RFID readers from various vendors. Throughout his career. Chief Executive Officer. Prior to that. Cisco Systems Partner. and security. Wireless Networking. Business Development Title General Partner. with several more pending. Chief Technology Officer.. monitoring and managing individual sites. Recent News Date 07/15/08 06/24/08 04/29/08 04/15/08 04/15/08 Announcement Extended TAP Performance Range and Unlocked the Mystery of RFID Tag Direction Samsung SDS Offered Reva Systems' RFID Infrastructure Delivered Integration of RFID Data for the Oracle E-Business Suite Sirit Readers and Reva TAP Appliances Deployed at METRO Group's Expanded RFID Roll-out Enterprise RFID Management Solution Brought Multi-Site RFID Operations into the Mainstream at METRO Group Management and Board of Directors Management Ashley Stephenson David Husak Mike Grady Buck Devashish Directors Mike Zak Jamie Goldstein Gary Bowen Devdutt Yellurkar Maciej Kranz Jennifer Scholze Title Co-Founder. and Reva has won industry awards for the clarity of its RFID Business Overview Reva Systems develops radio frequency identification (RFID) network infrastructure products. Marketing. Cisco Systems. Chairman Co-Founder. North Bridge Venture Partners . North Bridge Venture Partners Independent Investor Former President. Reva Management Console (RMC) is a software application for graphically configuring. which was sold to 3Com. Husak is a recognized RFID industry thought leader and serves as co-chair of the EPCglobal Software Action Group responsible for driving standards for RFID data exchange. Speaker Bio: David Husak.revasystems. administering password security and changing facility parameters on TAPs and devices across the enterprise. manageability. Products and Services Reva TAPs are RFID network infrastructure appliances that enable scalable deployment of RFID for sustainable operations in any environment. He received a SBEE in Bioelectrical Engineering and has completed graduate work in communications systems at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. the pioneering Ethernet and FDDI LAN switching company. Husak was selected as "CTO of The Year" in the 2006 Technology Leadership Awards presented by the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council for contributions in the development of innovative business technology. he developed LAN interface hardware at Apollo Computer. Director Vice President.

education. Engineering Vice President. a non-profit organization focused on helping troubled youth in the Bay State area. North America Sales Vice President.Sloan Business School Greater Boston Executive Program. President and Chief Executive Officer Martin Bodley co-founded Revolabs in 2005 to capitalize on his broad technical and managerial experience in the wireless industry. Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating Officer Chief Financial Officer Vice President. medical. The Revolabs products facilitate natural mobility while providing superior audio performance for specific collaborative situations. He is also a graduate of the MIT . and universal wireless adapters for handheld microphones. tabletop wireless boundary Business Overview Revolabs. Marketing Vice President. delivers innovative wireless solutions to the enterprise collaboration space. Inc. EMEA . MA 01754 (978) 450-5400 (978) 450-5400 www. legal services and more. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts with both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Mr. Imago Group Expanded Distribution with CDW Sales Channel xTag Wireless Microphone Available to Shoppers at Apple Online Store Announced Fusion Wireless Microphone System Opened Operations in Hong Kong and Hired Seasoned Executive to Run Sales in Asia Pacific Management and Board of Directors Management Martin Bodley JP Carney Peter Hemme Paul Jones Simon Chin Gregory Shalov Susan Zaney Rick Larsen Title President. Martin serves on the Board of Directors for the Lazarus Project. a successful OEM development and supplier to major brands such as Motorola and Body Glove. Products and Services Revolabs offers wireless microphone products. including wearable wireless microphones. executive plug and play solutions for the audio/visual system that is not installed in the room as a permanent feature. Martin was CEO and founder of Maestro. Inc.Revolabs Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 63 Great Road Maynard. Bodley was responsible for instituting and growing a $70 million wireless product line. having authored papers and been issued many patents throughout his career. and podcasting. At GNNetcom.and audio-conferencing. Speaker Bio: Martin Bodley. is a wireless audio solutions company whose products are used throughout the world and across a wide range of industries including financial services. and accessories.revolabs. APAC Sales Vice President. Martin Bodley is widely recognized as an innovator and expert in wireless technologies. Revolabs. distance learning. such as video. executive components for permanently installed audio/visual systems. Prior to Revolabs. Recent News Date 06/26/08 06/18/08 06/18/08 03/31/08 02/20/08 Announcement Announced Strategic Partnership with Europe’s Largest Video Communications Distributor. USB solutions for personal computers.

safenet-inc. General Manager. AWM Investment. PolyVentures Former President. VPNs. Mr. Panjwani has over 15 years of experience in software. accelerator cards. security management. Global Government Solutions Group. BayStar Capital (26 others) . California Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 12/06/05 12/06/99 Round ND ND Amount $250 15 Valuation ND ND Investors ND Agile Asset Management. Synchronous Optical Networks. Prior to joining SafeNet. Apogee Fund. suppliers. intrusion prevention. software and entertainment content anti-piracy. including silicon chips. SafeNet sells its security solutions to the U. Chairman Senior Vice President. Wheatfield Ventures Vice President. Previously. engineering. and financial loss. and information and identities. The Company’s information security solutions enable the use of the Internet and wireless networks for secure business communications and transactions with customers. and revenue protection. servers. he often speaks at conferences and seminars focused in wireless and information security. responsible for SafeNet's sales to leading OEM companies around the globe. Mr. government. marketing. Panjwani spent over four years at Certicom Corporation in various management positions. Mr. Managing General Partner. and Telcordia (formerly Bellcore). wireless networks. With an indepth knowledge of the information security industry. Recent News Date 08/20/08 08/06/08 07/24/08 07/09/08 06/09/08 Announcement To Showcase Optimized IPsec Security Functions for New Family of Intel Processors at Annual Intel Developer Forum CCTV Selected SafeNet to Secure Online Broadcast of the 2008 Summer Olympics Provided Industry-proven IPsec Security Toolkit Optimized for New Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processors To Protect the Private Information of New York Citizens Announced World’s First Complete MACsec Embedded Security Solutions for LAN and Metro Ethernet Communications Management and Board of Directors Management Chris Fedde John Frederick Prakash Panjwani Phil Saunders Jim Summers Diane Smith Kevin Hicks Joseph Moorcones Directors Andrew Clark Steven Boutelle Arthur Money Thomas Brooks Shelley Harrison Ira Hunt Title President. and identity management and privacy of information to prevent security breaches that could result in unauthorized access to confidential data. financial institution. Link. Panjwani is a highly experienced sales and marketing executive with a strong track-record in the security market. Audit & Compensation Committees Founder. ALM Consulting Member. including asynchronous transfer mode. security and telecom industries. intellectual property. security protocols. cryptography and PKI. Chief Operating Officer. Human Resources General Counsel. including software and hardware solutions. Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Commercial Security Division Prakash Panjwani currently serves as Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Commercial Security Division. Panjwani holds a Masters degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Information Networking and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University. and software products to original equipment manufacturers. Pacific Architects and Engineers in Los Angeles. licensed intellectual property. he also served at Motorola Inc. Secretary Corporate Vice President Title Chairman. product marketing. including 802. Mr. Government Solutions Division Vice President. Chief Financial Officer Senior Vice President. Frame. Products and Services The Company's products and services are used to create wide area networks. and employees. His experience and position in selling to OEM channels has allowed SafeNet to accelerate its standing in the growing embedded security market. and virtual private networks over the Internet. MD 21017 (410) 931-7500 (410) 931-7524 www. Worldwide Sales & Customer Services Senior Vice President. and other security-sensitive commercial customers. Panjwani joined SafeNet as Vice President in Worldwide Embedded Sales in September of 2002. Agile Partners.S. and its network security products. stolen Business Overview SafeNet engages in the development. President. Mr. Mr. Commercial Security Division Senior Vice President. General Manager. Cisco Systems President. invasion of privacy. license management. quality assurance and information services. and sale of hardware and software information security products and services that protect and secure communications. Speaker Bio: Prakash Panjwani.SafeNet Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 4690 Millennium Drive Belcamp. In this role. Panjwani oversees product management. including Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Business Development.

where he became the Senior Vice President and General Manager responsible for the entire wireless business 1999. generating revenues in excess of $1 billion in 2000. a flexible baseband processor for original equipment manufacturers developing mobile Business Overview Sandbridge Technologies. develops multi-protocol wireless devices. Chief Financial Officer Vice President. Engineering Vice President. a fabless semiconductor company. Products and Services SB3500® series processor changes the rules of handset design and operability. the SB3500® packs sufficient punch to run any wireless protocol at power-efficiency levels that rival hardware-centric (ASIC) solutions. During this period he built the system solution business as well as strategic alliances in the wireless industry. Speaker Bio: Guenter Weinberger. Chief Technology Officer Executive Vice President. Business Development Title Tallwood Venture Capital Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures Summerhill Venture Partners Sandbridge Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 05/30/07 Round 1 Amount $23 Valuation ND Investors Tallwood. the SB3500® is the first truly universal next-generation handset platform-provisioning handset OEM’s with the ability to design. Since 1995 he built the wireless business at Siemens Semiconductor Group and later at Infineon Technologies. Samsung Ventures. Powered by Sandbridge's proprietary DSP cores. The Company's products include Sandblaster that enables handset manufacturers to create. Recent News Date 02/07/08 09/27/06 07/25/05 Announcement Demonstrated LTE at Mobile World Congress 2008 in Barcelona Readied Commercial Release of Third-Generation Mobile Handset Chip Enabling the Wireless Industry’s First Reprogrammable Universal Access Platform Unveiled WORLD'S FIRST Software-Radio “3G” Processor Management and Board of Directors Management Guenter Weinberger John Glossner Joseph Gonzalez Gary Nacer Tanuj Raja Directors Luis Arzubi Soren Hein David McCarthy Guenter Weinberger Title President. With its high-level “C” compiler and intuitive software design tools. Narra .sandbridgetech. Summerhill. The Company’s DSP platform provides a flexible alternative to baseband and multi-media hardware in mobile devices. Chief Executive Officer Co-Founder. and SB3500.Sandbridge Technologies Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 120 White Plains Road. test and revise in simple. Doughty Hanson. President and Chief Executive Officer Guenter joined Sandbridge from Infineon Technologies in 2002. and revise their designs in software. 4th Floor Tarrytown NY 10591 (914) 287-8500 (914) 287-8501 www. test. intuitive software-development methodology.

Appointed Reed Aguliere to Operations Director Management and Board of Directors Management Edward Adams Florence Mottay Jason Taylor Peter Jenney Reed Augliere Michael Gavin Title President. President and Chief Executive Officer As Chief Executive Officer.8 Supported Vista Joe Basirico. reusable. Symantec. easy-to-use. Security Analyst. Mr. FedEx. Visa. Adams is the founder and business owner of the Application Security Industry Consortium. and flexible. Fedex. IBM. Adams applies his information security and business skills. Chief Executive Officer Managing a way that can be leveraged immediately and repeatedly. Nationwide and HP. Adams earned his MBA degree with honors from Boston College and has B.1 Million Investment in Security Innovation Holodeck Enterprise Edition v. Suite A195 Wilmington. ING. TeamMentor™ provides each development team member complete Security Guidance up front and as they code . Mr. Testers and Developers work in a controlled. cost-effective. an association of industry technologists and leaders establishing and defining cross-industry application security guidance and metrics. ING. TeamMentor™ Is a Web-based application security learning and knowledge management system. Led Three Classes at Software Test & Performance Security Innovation and RSA Conference 2008 Presented "Security Smackdown" Program Expanded Executive Team. Global technology vendors and enterprise IT organizations such as Microsoft. Products Vice President.. risk mitigation and education services to mid-size and Fortune 500 Business Overview Security Innovation is an authority on application security and leading independent provider of risk assessment. Products and Services e-Learning Educates teams on application security awareness and/or secure development. degrees in Mechanical Engineering and English Literature from the University of Massachusetts. Mr. to direct software security experts in helping organizations understand the risks in their software systems and developing programs to mitigate those risks. Coca-Cola and GE rely on the Company's expertise to understand the security risks in their software systems and facilitate the software and process change necessary to mitigate them. MA 01887 (978) 694-1008 (978) 694-1666 www. as well as his pervasive industry experience in the Application Quality space. His organization has delivered highquality risk solutions to the most recognizable companies in the world including Microsoft. EMEA Chief Technology Officer Vice President. The e-learning titles are based on Security Innovation's instructor-led courses and yield the following benefits: scalable.securityinnovation. repeatable environment to analyze and debug error-handling code and application attack surface. In a wiki-like format. Holodeck Is a test tool that uses fault injection to simulate real-world application and system errors for Windows applications and services. Symantec. He is on the board of the National Association of Information Security Groups (NAISG). Visa. Recent News Date 06/25/08 04/08/08 04/07/08 03/31/08 02/22/08 Announcement Brook Venture Led $7. 2. Operations Security Strategist . IBM. Inc.Security Innovation Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 187 Ballardvale Street.A. Sony. Speaker Bio: Edward Adams.

Deployment of the NX Series requires absolutely no client.Silver Peak Systems Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 471 El Camino Real Santa Clara. and manage a Silver Peak-enabled WAN. Speaker Bio: Rick Tinsley. From 1993 to 1997. and increased management and security. DAG Ventures. compression. he co-founded Turnstone Systems and served as president and CEO for six years leading the company through a highly successful IPO. Web. and Secure Content Architecture. Chief Technology Officer Vice President Sales Chief Financial Officer Title Benchmark Capital Greylock Partners Duff Ackerman & Goodrich Private Investor Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 01/15/18 01/29/07 01/31/06 09/20/05 Round 4 3 2 1 Amount $21 17 13 13 Valuation ND ND ND ND Investors Artis Capital Management. monitor. manufacturing. disaster recovery. monitor. Tinsley was responsible for ATM products at TranSwitch Corporation and served as business development manager at Texas Instruments where he managed the startup of the TI486 program. health care. SQL queries and replication. The Company's technologies include Network Memory. NX Series appliances use Silver Peak's patent-pending Network Memory™ technology to significantly reduce the amount of data traversing the WAN and ensure LAN-like application performance. Benchmark Capital. In 1997. and manage a Silver Peak-enabled Wide Area Network (WAN). Tinsley held various positions at Newbridge Networks. and security and compliance. legal. NX Series Appliances lead the industry in performance. Tinsley was an “Entrepreneur in Residence” with the venture capital firms Institutional Venture Partners and Benchmark Capital. The Company serves financial services. and security. Pinnacle Ventures Artis Capital Management. which provides IT managers with the tools to configure. They seamlessly fit into any enterprise network. centralize servers/storage. Prior to joining Newbridge. President and Chief Executive Officer Rick Tinsley joined Silver Peak Systems in 2004 as president and chief executive officer. In addition. CA 95050 (408) 935-1800 ND www. Chief Executive Officer Founder. government. server. Pinnacle Ventures Benchmark Capital. email. and Quality of Service (QoS) to improve application usability across a distributed enterprise. file transfers. and technology customers. network backup. Greylock Partners Benchmark Capital. Greylock Partners. Benchmark Capital. It comes as a standalone network appliance with an integrated SQL database. Seligman & Co. Greylock Partners .silver-peak. In 1998. J. ensuring easy setup and maintenance in any enterprise environment. Tinsley earned his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Dallas and a bachelor of science in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Business Overview Silver Peak Systems provides wide area network (WAN) solutions. sitting between network resources and the WAN infrastructure that is used to connect them to remote users. application. most recently as vice president and general manager with global operating responsibility for LAN Products. DAG Ventures. The Company also offers global management system. scalability. which enables enterprises to deploy WAN. Greylock Partners. Recent News Date 06/23/08 06/16/08 06/09/08 05/19/08 Announcement Joined Brocade developer program as a select partner Selected by Unity Bancorp to accelerate offsite backup and recovery Choosen by PCC Natural Markets to organically grow WAN performance Delivered industry's first gigabit WAN acceleration appliance Management and Board of Directors Management Rick Tinsley David Hughes Duke Lambert Eric Yeaman Directors Andy Rachleff Roger Evans John Caddedu Robert Finocchio Title President. or application reconfiguration. The result is order of magnitude performance improvements. Products and Services Global Management Systems provides IT managers with all of the tools necessary to centrally configure. reduced IT costs. The Company offers solutions for data replication. Silver Peak appliances leverage a variety of latency and loss mitigation techniques. & W. which is used to inspect inbound and outbound WAN traffic in real-time and storing a single local instance of data on each appliance.

Chief Executive Officer Executive Vice-Chairman Senior Executive Vice President. Earlier in his career he was an investment banker. Chief Financial Officer Senior Executive Vice President. Network operators can deliver SIMtone Cloud Access Services with different levels of SLAs and OAM features.simtone. and has been a contributor to Internet Telephony magazine. SIP-interopable unified messaging platform in the industry. It enables network operators to offer enterprises. everywhere. With the SIMtone. High Performance Computing Executive Vice President\. Managing General Partner. Chairman. on-demand and on-the-fly. or on PCs. SIMtone-based desktop and application services provide a powerful. SMBs and other service providers ubiquitous access to all their Cloud Computing Services from any broadband connection with unmatched performance. SIMtone Corporation offers the base SIMtone Cloud Access Service for free. Fulbright & Jaworski Chief Executive Officer. The Canadian Institute. Desktop Services Co-Founder. He was a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts where he chaired their annual conferences on VoIP and wireless technologies. cost-effective and secure alternative to solutions such as Citrix. Cloud services such as virtual desktops. and Comptel/ASCENT. managed. enabling businesses to consolidate. Switzerland. NC 27713 (919) 926-7285 ND www. He was also CFO of Cybertel. and become usable without a Business Overview The SIMtone Corporation makes Cloud Computing universally simple. thin clients and mobile devices. Speaker Bio: Lorenzo Mejia. Mejia was Chief Executive Officer of Telic Communications. SIMtone Office Counsel. Chief Executive Officer. Operations Executive Vice President. Recent News Date 06/24/08 02/11/08 02/06/08 01/16/08 01/15/08 Announcement Established International Headquarters to Meet Growing Demand in Europe Announced the First Virtual Personal Computer in the Cloud Acquired ASPEED Software Expanded Management Team Changed Company Name from XDS to SIMtone Management and Board of Directors Management Mario Dal Canto John Abraham Lorenzo Mejia Tim Mason Kurt Ziegler Misha Nossik Helmut Salmen Directors Mario Dal Canto Gerry Dube Anthony Pantaleoni Solomon Trujilo Dave Furneaux John Abraham Title Chairman. virtualize and Cloud-enable their desktop and application infrastructures inexpensively. DaaS/SaaS. SIMtone Corporation’s North American headquarters are based in Durham. Chief Architect Title Co-Founder. or software terminals usable via browsers. The Company has developed and commercialized the patented SIMtone Universal Cloud Computing Platform that allows network operators and businesses to host. All this. without requiring a computer. The SIMtone cloud computing platform allows service providers. and ubiquitously deliver them to zero-touch terminals that can be standalone. SIMtone Co-Founder. Telstra Founder. from any device. are simple and very inexpensive to host and manage for businesses and providers. Products and Services The “SIMtone Universal Cloud Access Service” is a stateless network signaling service provisioned by the SIMtone carrier platform that provides secure on-demand and on-the-fly access to any Cloud Service to end users anywhere they are. for enterprise. The SIMtone enables multiple and diverse operating systems and applications hosted in datacenters to be simply aggregated. low-cost hardware appliances. Mejia is a Chartered Financial Analyst and received his BS from University of Maryland. by everyone. PC Remote Access or Web services. Kodiak Venture Partners Former Partner. Kodiak Venture Partners . a developer of real-time mediation and session control solutions for IP services providers. low cost and strong SLAs. small/medium businesses and service providers. manage and quickly provision any Cloud-hosted services. Mejia has been a speaker at numerous telecom events.SIMtone Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 2530 Meridian Parkway 3rd Floor Durham. Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Prior to joining SIMtone. enterprise organizations and small and medium businesses to easily transform existing application and desktop infrastructures into “cloud computing-enabled” infrastructures that are highly manageable and securely accessible on-demand and on-the-fly from any LAN. developer of the first commercially available. security. his MS from the University of California. without requiring a computer at the edge of the Cloud. Users enjoy full and secure access to their computing environment on-demand from any LAN or Internet access point. simply and safely. including the IEEE Communications Society. Berkley and his MA and MBA from Stanford University. migrated and provisioned as enduser Cloud Services. North Carolina and SIMtone International headquarters are based in Vevey. WAN or internet access point.

com Business Overview SkyeTek develops radio frequency identification (RFID) readers. Inc. (WTI). CO 80020 (720) 565-0441 (720) 565-8989 www. Rob has over 25 years of business management experience in high technology. SkyeTek’s Professional Services Team provides the following standard and ancillary services to ensure that the implementation and integration of MetaFi is seamless with little to no impact to customer’s existing staff and resources. such as RFID integration and its review. such as antennas and multiplexers. and developer kits that help to prototype RFID applications. cash collection time. and SkyeSecurity that provides a security layer to SkyeOS.skyetek. add RFID as a feature to their products. Finance Vice President. MetaFi employs distributed RFID readers and centralized web services to improve forecasting accuracy. retailers and service organizations to quickly and inexpensively implement RFID networks for optimizing field inventory management. the operating system for SkyeTek reader modules. Appian Ventures Partner. Jabber's XMPP protocol became the first complete industry standard for instant messaging and presence. network integration. The MetaFi implementation process is designed to be simple and straightforward for customers. Rob studied Communications Science at SUNY Albany and Drew University from 1975-1979. Using a ‘turn-key’ implementation model. and licensed manufacturing support. Strategy Vice President. culminating in profitability and a successful cash sale. which provides customers with the capability to embed RFID as a feature in existing products. He was also responsible for raising more than $16M in investment financing to provide necessary operating capital. an application programming interface that helps developers to build applications that talk directly to the RFID reader. Palomar Ventures. stock-outs & shrink. Telecommunications Development Fund Appian Ventures. SkyeTek delivers the most recognized and reliable RFID reader modules for highly performing embedded RFID applications. a capability that allows customers to incorporate various tags into their products and applications.SkyeTek Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 11030 Circle Point Road Suite 300 Westminister. primarily OEMs and systems integrators. Palomar Ventures. Grotech Capital Group Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 07/25/07 08/23/05 Round 2 1 Amount $10 8 Valuation ND ND Investors Appian Ventures. Director Senior Vice President. during and after MetaFi implementation. services and applications. Balgley led the company through seven years of successful operation. In addition to founding WTI. Products and Services Web Services RFID Software SkyeTek’s MetaFi enables manufacturers. sales. and field worker productivity. product development. accessories. security consulting and review. AURA powered SkyeModules and ReaderDNA reference designs that enable customers to design reader technology natively into their products. Sequel Venture Partners . SkyeModules are the industry’s most space. SkyeTek’s Professional Services staff performs several initial configuration steps allowing customers to focus on their core business before. Sequel Ventures General Partner. Grotech Capital Group. finished reader design. Finished RFID Readers Embedded RFID Readers Tag Selection / Provisioning Recent News Date 07/28/08 07/22/08 07/14/08 06/24/08 06/09/08 Announcement Added Support for UHF RFID ICs from EM Microelectronics Expanded Executive Team in Key Operations Areas Study Published in JAMA on RFID Interference Ignored Real-World Use Hosted Webinar Discussing RFID-Based Solution for Medical Sales Processes Automation Enabled Medical Implant Manufacturers and Distributors to Automate Inventory Management Management and Board of Directors Management Rob Balgley Martin Payne Kevin Mammel Jeff Battin Directors Phillip Dignan Kevin Jacques Tom Washing Joseph Zell Title Chief Executive Officer. Engineering Title Managing Director. Rob founded and served as CEO and chairman of Wireless Technologies. SkyeTek partners with industry leaders to offer a diverse portfolio of finished RFID readers in various form factors to create out-of-the-box RFID solutions for companies seeking to implement RFID networks. Sequel Venture Partners. operations and finance. Inc. Speaker Bio: Rob Balgley. While at Jabber. cost and power efficient OEM RFID reader modules. regulatory certification. The Company’s software products include Advanced Universal Reader Architecture. Under Rob's direction. Rob was most recently the CEO and President of Colorado-based Jabber. reference designs for RFID readers. With SkyeModules a diverse range of companies. Tagnostic. Prior to Jabber. a privately-held company that develops and sells instant messaging and collaboration software to corporate enterprises and service providers worldwide. he implemented a business plan that enabled the company to triple revenues. Chief Executive Officer Rob is responsible for strategic direction and operational execution for SkyeTek™. embedded into various products. Marketing. Its hardware products include RFID reader modules. SkyeAPI. Palomar Ventures General Partner.. software and hardware customization. The Company also offers professional services. including responsibility for marketing.

most recently as National Account Director. Through sophisticated optical software and an interactive video interface. is an early stage company positioned to capitalize on the growing consumer preference for self-directed health care services. Development. The Company's first product. In 2006 he was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for developing the EyeSite™ business venture. Sales Title Chairman.17. Prior to CIBA Vision. he completed an IPO on the Canadian Venture Exchange. A printout indicates the results. provides eye health information. in Marketing from the University of Florida. Canada. the Eye Care division of Novartis AG. 3) Data Mining Speaker Bio: Bart Foster. and Europe. He has an MBA in Global Management. In 1998 he was awarded the “Golden K” (Salesmen of the Year) for his entrepreneurial efforts in the Foodservice channel.08 Accepted Into Georgia Tech ATDC Program Management and Board of Directors Management Bart Foster Sanford Student Fred Baumbach Kevin Lavery Stephen Kendig Pat Griffin Directors Mike Eckert Mike Daley Michael McTigue Title Founder. GA 30097 Suite 285 (404) 920-0717 (404) 920-0710 www. Prior to founding SoloHealth. EyeSite™ Business Overview SoloHealth. and refers the user to a participating eye care professional nearby. Operations Vice President. Products and Services EyeSite™ is an innovative self-service eye health awareness and patient referral kiosk that will be installed in high-traffic consumer locations throughout the world. Including 'Best in Show' for EyeSite Innovation at KioskCom Expo and Digital Signage Show in Las Vegas 04. is an automated vision-testing kiosk.SoloHealth Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 6455 East Johns Crossing Duluth. Bart began his career with Kellogg’s in consumer marketing and sales. SoloHealth is a spin-out venture originating from CIBA Vision. users can accurately assess their distance and near vision. Chief Executive Officer Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer Chief Medical Officer Director. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Bart Foster is a proven entrepreneur with over 12 years of international sales and marketing experience in the consumer products industry. There he held a variety of leadership roles in sales. Bart has a B.solo-health. Former CEO of the Weather Channel President of Essilor USA Director Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 04/22/08 Round Seed Amount $2 Valuation ND Investors Atlanta Technology Angels . Bart worked at CIBA Vision. the eye care unit of Novartis AG. Bart was Director of Sales for Peachtree Network. which allows consumers to quickly and efficiently check their vision without assistance.S. Bart was recently elected to the Board of Prevent Blindness Georgia where he leads the strategic marketing committee. While there. The business has three recurring revenue streams: 1) Lead Entrepreneurial $100. a successful Internet start-up based in Montreal. Recent News Date 08/05/08 07/26/08 07/25/08 05/28/08 04/22/08 Announcement Named Semi-finalist in Forbes. marketing and management both in the U.000 Contest for its EyeSite Kiosk First EyeSite kiosk Debuted at Georgia Wal-Mart Aquired EyeSite Patent and related IP from Novartis Won Three Awards. 2) Product Advertising.

Bands come to the website for gigs. and much more.000-plus music buyers of all kinds. he worked on the “dark side” of the business as an international talent agent. Administration. Business Overview Sonicbids operates as an online community for promoters and musicians. usually traveling with more magazines than clothes. sort. His childhood dream of being alternatively the next George Best or the next George Benson came to an end when each canceled the other out. Products and Services Sonicbids is a website that helps bands get gigs. including promoters. promoters come to the website for bands. Panos hails from Cyprus and is a self-described "voracious" reader. music conferences. and promoters book the right bands. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Panos is the founder of Sonicbids. Finance Director. MA 02118 (617) 502-1300 (617) 275-7223 www.000 bands. an initiative launched by the Mayor of Boston to bolster the creative economy in the city. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1994 with a degree in Music Business. and review press kits online.Sonicbids Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 500 Harrison Avenue. songwriters. singers. In 2005 Panos was named as one of Fast Company Magazine's "Fast 50" entrepreneurs and is currently serving as co-chairman of CREATE Boston. and 14. Chief Executive Officer Director. Speaker Bio: Panos Panay. Before that. He is a diehard supporter of English football club Arsenal and by last count he owns over 25 jerseys of “The Gunners” dating back to 1983. The Company's community includes over 150.sonicbids. Engineering Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 08/13/07 Round 1 Amount $5 Valuation ND Investors Edison Venture Fund . The Company also enables promoters to collect. and performers of all kinds. licensing opportunities. The Company offers Sonicbids Electronic Press Kit. and clubs. Operations Director. Management and Board of Directors Management Panos Panay James Wooster Ford Englander John Moore Title Founder. The idea for Sonicbids came to him while reading the book "Blur" and decided to go for it in September of 2000. Fourth Floor Suite 404R Boston. which helps musicians to submit their works online for festivals. songwriting competitions. festival programmers.

StyleFeeder allows users to rate and recommend any product found anywhere on the Web. Business Development Vice President. and keep track of shopping stuff online using visual Business Overview StyleFeeder operates an online social shopping site. and FairMarket. widgets and key funuctionality into any e-commerce website Management and Board of Directors Management Philip Jacob Shergul Arshad Dina Pradel Jason Rennie Eric Savage Directors John Palfrey James Moore Jake Shapiro Ashton Peery Lee Barth Title Founder Vice President. Sports Loyalty Systems. and a B. Marketing Head. Schooner Capital Highland Capital Partners. Products and Services Personal Shopping Engine The user can chat with other people on the site via a built-in messaging system. Machine Learning Technology Vice President. Lucent Venture Partners Vice President. from Michigan. Technology Title General Partner. MA 02139 (617) 500-4101 ND www. Recent News Date 07/03/08 07/01/08 06/03/08 ND 03/30/08 Announcement Won Golden Link Award Won MITX Award for 2008 MarketingSherpa’s Viral Marketing Hall of Fame 2008: Top 10 Campaigns & Results Data Announced that it was chosen by AlwaysOn as one of the Northeast 100 Top Private Companies Launched an open API that enabled developers to create third party applications. Public Radio Exchange Partner.A. and keep tabs on what other people are adding to their StyleFeeds. He held senior business development and sales roles with eBay. where he led the sale of the company to eBay. Speaker Bio: Shergul Arshad. To differentiate themselves from their competitors. Schooner Capital . Digital Media. Dualstar Entertainment Group Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 01/28/08 10/05/07 Round 2 1 Amount $2 1 Valuation ND ND Investors Highland Capital Partners.A. shop online with friends. where he perfected his golf game. from Harvard. share. Shergul has an M. RSS Investors General Partner. StyleFeeder has been focusing on the personalized shopping search and its personal shopper tool application. Vice President of Business Development Shergul Arshad is a business and corporate development executive with experience in ecommerce and traditional advertising.StyleFeeder Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 614 Massachusetts Ave 4th Floor Cambridge.B. The Company provides a way to find. RSS Investors Executive Director.stylefeeder.

Products and Services TAGSYS believes that our strengths position us to lead the market in providing RFID infrastructure for item-level asset tracking in a variety of industries. Our industry leadership results from our sole focus on RFID applications. CDC/FCJE Enterprises. He has extensive experience bringing new technologies to market. Stuek has served as Director. ruggedized. Worldwide Sales Chief Financial Officer Vice President. conveyor stations. In addition. mobile/hand-held “wands”. Operations Title Co-Founder. Chairman and CEO of several private and public companies in the United States. Stuek has served as TAGSYS’ non-executive Chairman of the Board since September 2007. dfj esprit Former. More information on TAGSYS can be found at www. as well as RFID management software. Endeavour. Intermec Technologies Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 09/01/07 05/22/06 04/18/05 08/16/04 08/01/03 10/01/01 Round C-1 C European Investment Prior to US Incorporation Amount $17 22 12 9 6 14 Valuation ND ND ND ND ND ND Investors ADD Partners. Endeavour. Endeavour. Europe and Asia. Speaker Bio: Bill Stuek. Saffron Hill Ventures ADD Partners. Endeavour. Most recently. security pedestals * Software: TAGSYS e-connectware™ remotely manages RFID infrastructure like a network * Services: full complement of break/fix and professional services * Six Sigma Performance Program for pharmaceutical manufacturers – first Quality of Service (QoS) program in industry Recent News Date 06/02/08 05/31/08 05/28/08 04/15/08 02/27/08 Announcement Piloted RFID Infrastructure Deployment For Spanish Brand Apparel Manufacturer Boboli Announced White RFID "Button" Tag For Personal Garments Announced New High Performance RFID Systems For Textile Services Announced New RFID UHF Tag Family Optimized For Item-Level Applications Customer Throttleman Received 'Best Enterprise Solution' Award Management and Board of Directors Management Bill Stuek Alastair McArthur Fred Kohout Olivier Burah Harvey Schein Jean-Luc Sentis Directors Bernard Vogel Franck Tuil Paul Beckwith Shahan Soghikian Paul Murray Michael Ohanian Title Chief Executive Officer. Saffron Hill Ventures AXA Private Equity. Mr. President. and has been an active participant in building TAGSYS’ operational and strategic Business Overview TAGSYS designs and manufactures a comprehensive Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) infrastructure for item-level tracking in a variety of industries. This universal infrastructure includes purpose-built readers and tags. Elliott Management Corporation. Chairman Chief Technology Officer Chief Marketing Officer Vice President. Saffron Hill Ventures Elliott Management Corporation. short-range.P.tagsysrfid.000 reader systems to over 500 customers in more than 40 countries. TAGSYS has deployed over 150 million tags and 80. MA 01803 (617) 674-5500 (781) 272-3694 www. Elliott Management Corporation. all designed to work together seamlessly in the most demanding environments. DFJ Esprit. Mr. DFJ Esprit. chutes and cabinets. Endeavour Portfolio Manager.tagsysrfid. our emphasis on research and development. small HF and UHF * Readers: HF modules. J. and long-range with corresponding antennas * UHF long-range reader * Application Stations: HF and UHF tunnels.P. Endeavour. CDC/FCJE Enterprises. FCJE. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mr.TAGSYS Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 15 Third Avenue Burlington. TAGSYS' solution portfolio includes: * Passive Tags: Flexible. Managing Partner. high performance production systems. He is also a 30 year veteran of IBM where he served in a number of senior executive roles in both sales and product managing multi-billion dollar product lines and supply chains and understands how to propel a company through initial growth to sustained value generation. Panorama Managing Director. J. Endeavour. Saffron Hill Ventures AXA Private Equity. Morgan Partners. Morgan Partners. and our outstanding track record of technological innovation. Saffron Hill Ventures . Saffron Hill Ventures ADD Partners. Stuek was the Managing Director of CCMP Capital. The Elliott Group Independent Investor Co-Founder. With a proven track record of delivering reliable.

Tatara subscriber gateway acts as a 3GPP/2 AAA server with enhancements for the femtocell convergence market. In addition. Business Overview Tatara Systems invents. Chief Executive Officer. and as Chairman of its board from 2006 until March. PC convergence solutions include mobile broadband service that provides wireless Internet access over multiple networks from laptops.Y. Genuity Managing General Partner. and ultra-mobile PCs. which allow mobile operators to deploy IP based femtocell devices using the existing IP infrastructure.Y. 2007. Snowden helped to secure and deliver on nationwide real-time billing relationships with four of the largest carriers in America.Y. Snowden Fritz von Mering Doug Tucker Stephen Collins Directors Ed Anderson Chris Burke Paul Gudonis Sean Dalton Title President. including billing. Snowden. While overseeing a global enterprise of over 500 employees. Tatara Systems was formerly known as Broadwave. develops. as well as serving on the Board and Executive Committee of CTIA – The Wireless Association for the past three years. PDAs. Chief Executive Officer E. led the transformation of BCGI from entrepreneurial innovator into a proven. MA 01720 (978) 206-0800 (978) 206-0888 www. PC mobile softphone service that gives mobile phone users access to their mobile services from their PC using their primary mobile identity. North Bridge Ventures Former Chief Technology Officer.tatarasystems.Y. content filtering. North Bridge Venture Partners . Products and Services Tatara convergence server acts as a SIP-MSC/IWF in Pre-IMS networks and as a SIP application server in IMS networks. Snowden is a leader in the wireless communications industry.Y. network and payment services. Chairman Chief Financial Officer Chief Technology Officer Vice President. Tatara Systems provides fixed mobile convergence solutions. including significant operations in India and Israel. Business Development Title Manageing General Partner. Speaker Bio: E. North Bridge Venture Partners Highland Capital Partners. E. Tatara service manager allows for a user experience over multiple networks. Vodafone Former Chief Executive Officer. North Bridge Venture Partners Highland Capital Partners. having managed both carrier and vendor organizations. and deploys convergence products for mobile operators and integrated service providers. AirWalk Communications and Tatara Systems Partnered for Ground-Breaking Enterprise FMC Femtocell Solution Announced CDMA 1xRTT Convergence Server Collaborated with AirWalk on SIP-Based CDMA Femtocell Solution NETGEAR® and Tatara Systems® Showed Interoperable Femtocell Solution at CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas Appointed Doug Tucker as Chief Technology Officer Management and Board of Directors Management E. served as President and CEO of Boston Communications Group from 1998 to 2006. North Bridge Venture Partners Highland Capital Partners.Tatara Systems Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 35 Nagog Park Acton. Recent News Date 08/05/08 03/31/08 03/31/08 03/31/08 03/17/08 Announcement Tango Networks. carrier-grade provider of mission critical applications to the largest wireless operators in the world. Highland Capital Partners Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 06/13/07 05/27/05 02/20/04 03/17/03 Round 4 3 2 1 Amount $15 6 8 9 Valuation ND ND ND ND Investors Highland Capital Partners. Marketing.

The Company also offers various solutions. Giessen served as Managing Director. FIXLINK Direct provides broker neutral connectivity solutions to access exchange floor. From 1994 to 1995. and institutional investors to conduct trade communications electronically. MarketEdge is a Web-based application that facilitates the routing and receiving of hand written and digital market looks to and from the exchange floor. Summit Partners Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 07/12/04 Round ND Amount $6 Valuation ND Investors Summit Partners . Tradeware Global UK. and global markets. exchanges. Mr. he served as Senior Vice President of Republic National Bank of New York and Managing Director of Republic New York Securities. and GlobalX. front-to-back office integration and compliance reporting services. Director Chief Operating Officer Co-Founder. Global Business Manager. Prior to March 2007. International Equities for Bear Stearns International in London from 1992 to 1994.tradeware. FIX connectivity solutions. a cross-border trading solution that enables market participants to trade with counter-parties in various regulatory jurisdictions.. Head of International Equities for Smith Barney & Co. local and international direct market access. MarketCenter Exchange provides order management and connectivity for exchange floor trading. He is President of Tradeware Global. Mr.O. Charles served as Managing Director. which pioneered a unique business process for electronic processing of cross border equity orders. FIXLink IOI Network facilitates the transmission of the client’s indications of interest and trade advertisement messages to FIXLink participants or other third party networks. Speaker Bio: Chuck Giessen. broker-dealers. Marino Deployed Reporting Center Management and Board of Directors Management Chuck Giessen Howard Schwartz Stacey Marino Kerry Smithers Steven LaColla David Meredith Directors Mark deLaar Title President Chief Executive Officer. From 1995 to 1998. in New York. Prior to his time at Morgan Stanley International. in New Business Overview Tradeware Global provides electronic trading solutions in Europe and North America. From 1991 to 1992. Giessen is a graduate of Fordham University. Giessen served as C. Mr. International in London.O. Global Equities Division for Salomon Brothers in London. he served as Managing Director. Former Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Chief Technology Officer Title Principal. of Broker-to-Broker Networks. ECNs. order management for upstairs and exchange floor trading desks. he served as Managing Director. and founder. FIX2000 Toolkit is a Unix-based FIX translator and communications management system. Mr. Products and Services FIXLink Order Routing Network facilitates the electronic routing of equity order flow between FIXLink's buy side and sell side participants. New York and Tokyo. Equities of Rabobank International in London. OATS Consolidator is a broker-neutral compliance solution that offers OATS reporting for broker-dealers. a leading provider of financial technology and connectivity services for financial institutions worldwide. he spent nine years at Morgan Stanley & Co. Giessen served as Executive Director International Equities for Morgan Stanley International in London and Frankfurt. In March 2004 Tradeware Global acquired the business assets of B2B and established Tradeware Global UK. as well as business continuity services. From 1986 to 1991. The Company offers financial information eXchange (FIX) based equity order management systems that allow banks. From 1998 to 1999. Recent News Date 05/12/08 01/14/08 08/20/07 06/15/07 02/27/07 Announcement NYSE MatchPoint Joined Tradeware's FIXLink(R) Network Aqua ATS Connected to Tradeware FIXLink® AXES Joined Tradeware's GlobalX(TM) Network Announced the Passing of Chairman John J. President Charles Giessen has over twenty years of experience in international investment banking.Tradeware Global Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 40 Wall Street 36th Floor New York. MarketCenter is an electronic order management and automated order routing solution. From late 1999 to March 2004 Charles was CEO. Global Business Manager. and compliance and reporting for upstairs and exchange floor trading desks. NY 10005 (212) 809-7700 (212) 809-9401 www. including access to the United States exchanges.'s Chairman and CEO since founding the Company in 1998. Cigale brings over 15 years of experience in education. Internet. Magazine Management and Board of Directors Management George Cigale Kevin Donalds Bart Epstein Adam Masur Joan Rooney Sean Zinsley Sandi White Russell Greenspan Directors Daniel DeWolf Therese Crane Kylie Sachs Sang Ahn Title Founder. Netstar Venture Partners. Cigale has raised over $30 million in venture capital and secured strategic partnerships with top education and media companies. Tutor. Internet. Princeton Review. Cigale served on the Board of the Education Industry Association from 2001-2006. and Ask A Librarian product suites. and individuals. Dawntreader Ventures. Products and Services Tutor Service Tutor. test prep—whatever you need help with.tutor. is a guest lecturer on venture capital law at NYU Law School. Corporate Development. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Americans for Libraries Council. Mr. and information Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 40 Fulton Street New York. Mr. Adizes Institute. Ascend Venture Group Principal.5 Million in Expansion Funding Partnered with Actress. Dawntreader Ventures General Counsel Vice President. Intel Capital. Cigale received a BA in Political Science from the State University of New York at Binghamton. and The Princeton Review. Tutor. Mathematician and Author Danica McKellar to Inspire Girls to Excel in Math Named as One of the 5. Institutional Sales. Marketing Vice President. Former Vice President. Kidron Corporate Advisors Dawntreader Ventures. making professional tutors available to all students the minute they need academic help. after school education programs. Zoe Capital . His blog can be found at ceotutor. Founder and Chief Executive Officer George Cigale has served as Business Overview Tutor.blogspot. Chief Executive Officer Senior Vice Direct. and currently lives in Pleasantville. studying. NY 10038 (212) 528-3101 (212) 202-4324 www. New York. During his tenure. Dawntreader Ventures Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 05/09/07 06/20/00 09/07/99 Round 3 2 1 Amount $10 14 2 Valuation ND ND ND Investors Ascend Venture Group. educational institutions. Cigale's leadership. Live Homework Help. and has been published in the Library Journal.Tutor. in executive positions at The Share Group. Scholastic Garage. AOL Partner. Recent News Date 05/09/07 09/12/07 08/29/07 Announcement Secured $ Chief Financial Officer Senior Vice President. Princeton has created the leading on demand homework help and online tutoring offers online education and tutoring services to libraries. Mr. Under Mr. Speaker Bio: George Cigale.000 Fastest Growing Businesses by Inc. He has assembled an accomplished management team and Board of Directors. and Internet industries. Product Management Vice Venture offers its services through Tutor. There are no software downloads and no special equipment needed to use Tutor. connects you in real-time to a live tutor in an online classroom to work one-to-one on homework. software. with his wife and three children. Netstar Ventures. Technology Title Managing Director. The Company provides personal tutoring. Provider Management Vice President. Consumer Marketing Vice President.

where he transformed a beta product company with 18 developers into a competitive global communications software provider with marquee customers and international distribution. the 200 and 210. for management of up to 3. which enable carriers to interconnect legacy networks and equipment with Next Generation Networks. providing T1/E1. and Singer & Friedlander . Recent News Date 08/11/08 07/21/08 07/08/08 05/20/08 04/29/08 Announcement Announced Distribution Agreement with Interlink Communications Systems Appointed Curt Mason CFO INTECH Selected U4EA Technologies to Deliver Multi-service Business Gateways to Mexican and Latin American Telecommunications Providers Acquired NextHop Expanded Multi-Service Business Gateway Product Line with Fusion 500 Management and Board of Directors Management Ken Epps Curt Mason Jim Greenway Jay Bowker Peter Thompson Vivek Janakiraman Title Chief Executive Officer. CA 94539 (510) 279-3355 (510) 687-0006 www. ensure the secure.S. Epps was CEO of BayPackets. Fusion 420 Business Gateway is designed for the small to medium-sized business (supporting up to 70 simultaneous calls). U4EA also offers next generation network signaling gateways. supported by the company’s revolutionary QoS (GoS) mechanisms. internet. and services. and was instrumental in AT&T's revenue growth with the launch of some of the company's most successful services that included bundling wireless. from providing an Ethernet and a DSL WAN interface. the 700. and AT&T. a M. management. Ken holds an MBA from Stanford. from the University of Tennessee. The Fusion 420 provides a T1/E1 WAN interface. or VDSL connectivity. Global Marketing. Technology Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 06/09/07 01/01/06 04/01/05 04/01/04 Round 4 3 2 1 Amount $16 8 5 1 Valuation ND ND ND ND Investors IIU Nominees Business Overview U4EA Technologies is a leading supplier of multi-service business gateways (MSBG) that enable service providers and resellers to provide highly integrated and easy-to-manage IP communications solutions to SMB and SME customers. Ken Epps is responsible for the strategic direction and management of the company. and provisioning (OAM&P) of U4EA's Fusion Series Business Gateways. and Singer & Friedlander IIU Nominees Limited. Epps has also held key executive roles at Williams Communications. For more information about U4EA. Lucent. U4EA’s SMB solution includes a wireless LAN controller for mobility applications. The series consists of two rack-mountable models.u4eatech. Global Sales Chief Scientist Vice President. specifically around broadband network equipment and solutions as well as broadband and multimedia applications. and other offers with pricing and retention programs. data and video services.000 devices.S. Fusion 500 Business Gateway is designed for the medium-sized enterprise (supporting up to 250 simultaneous calls). Bluehone Investors LLP. Ethernet. respectively.u4eatech. Bluehone Investors LLP. software. allowing the support of legacy telecommunications equipment in Next Generation Networks. U4EA’s all-in-one customer premises devices. reliable and cost-effective delivery of converged VoIP. for management of up to 300 devices. Director Chief Financial Officer Vice President. FusionView 700 Series Element Management System provides for efficient operation. Bluehone Investors LLP. see www. and Singer & Friedlander IIU Nominees Limited. Bluehone Investors LLP. Fusion 1000 Series Signaling Gateway supports a wide range of signaling and transport protocols. and a B.C. Products and Services Fusion 200 Series Business Gateway is designed for the small to medium-sized business (supporting up to 30 simultaneous calls). and the 710. State University. Chief Executive Officer As Chief Executive Officer. Speaker Bio: Ken Epps. Epps has deep communications industry experience. Products Vice President. administration.U4EA Technologies Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 454 Kato Terrace Fremont. The Fusion 500 contains swappable WAN cards. Prior to U4EA. and Singer & Friedlander IIU Nominees Limited. The series consists of two small form-factor models.

com Business Overview Ubiquisys is a mobile communications company. he transformed the company from a niche. Business Development Founder. Vice President. The Company provides a ZoneGate femtocell solution that delivers outstanding cellular coverage and services in the home utilizing the speed of broadband IP. Atlas Venture . Director Founder. Ethernet. Google Accel Partners. ZoneGate plugs into a user's existing broadband gateway or may be built into a home gateway product that might include WiFi. The ZoneGate system is comprised of a cellular access point installed in a user's home or small business and a convergence gateway and management system integrated with the mobile operator's core network. Atlas Venture General Partner. Recent News Date 06/04/08 05/08/08 04/29/08 04/21/08 03/10/08 Announcement Announced Support for Emerging 3GPP Standard Interface (Iu-h) for 3G Femtocells Named Number One Femtocell Vendor (2nd year in a row) by ABI Research as Industry Moves to Commercial Deployments FierceWireless Named Ubiquisys as One of Its “Fierce 15" Appointed Scott Kauffman to Board Appointed Patrick Gallagher as Chairman Management and Board of Directors Management Chris Gilbert Will Franks Steve Dunn Len Schuch Pete Keevil Directors Patrick Gallagher Scott Kauffman Graham O'Keeffe Martin McNair Kaj-Erik Relander Title Chief Exexcutive Officer. Previously Chris had held senior roles with Motorola where he managed the Company's cellular infrastructure business in some 60 EMEA countries. Google. Accel Partners Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 03/03/08 07/20/07 09/07/06 Round 3 2 1 Amount ND $25 12 Valuation ND ND ND Investors Accel Partners. an Always On Top Innovator and was awarded Network Magazine Wireless Product of the Year. The ZoneGate system uses technology to provide indoor coverage for consumers using their existing handsets. Wiltshire SN5 6NX United Kingdom +44 20 7183 3400 ND www. Advent Venture Partners. high-quality 3G coverage in the home. T-Venture Holding Accel Partners.Ubiquisys Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: The Stella Building Windmill Hill Business Park Swindon. Director Chief Financial Officer Founder. Atlas Venture. Atlas Venture. As CEO at IPWireless. T-Mobile Venture Fund I. ZoneGate also introduces a fast and efficient way of opening the Internet to mobile users and delivering new revenue streams to operators. BlueLithium Partner. Vice President. Chief Executive Officer Chris has a formidable track record in the communications industry. DSL. Chief Technology Officer. Advent Venture Partners. Advent Venture Partners General Partner. Speaker Bio: Chris Gilbert. The Company's ZoneGate access point is a plug-and-play consumer device that provides enhanced coverage and speed without additional CAPEX/OPEX for the mobile operator. Advent Venture Partners. Chief Operating Officer. Products and Services ZoneGate The ZoneGate femtocell solution addresses the urgent demand from mobile operators for cost-effective. Engineering Title Chairman Former President. The Company was a Red Herring Top 100 Private Company.ubiquisys. And the big advantage over WiFi is that it offers mobile users brilliant mobile coverage in the home using their usual 3G handsets. wireless broadband player into a mainstream cellular provider. phone ports and USB.

Recent News Date 07/29/08 06/23/08 04/28/08 04/22/08 04/01/08 Announcement Expanded Reseller Network Received Additional Funding from U. Army CERDEC and DARPA To Present at Key Industry Events Named New CEO. making it an ideal portable power source for the computing.. emergency and disaster response. communications. Army’s Research Development and Engineers Command and Communications. The XX25 has also passed a series of MIL-STD-810F tests — a standard approved for use by all Departments and Agencies of the U. which certified it safe to be worn by soldiers in the field and used to power portable devices. Department of Defense — which measures the environmental reliability of equipment for military use. Incubic Venture Fund Managing Partner. The XX25 was the first fuel cell to receive a limited Safety Assessment Report from the Army Power Division of the U. communications and sensing devices used in critical mobile and remote operations ― such as military missions. a proprietary heating technology company with products in electronics manufacturing. weighs just and Bindco. Venture Partner. OnPoint Technologies Director. such as military missions. BI New Energy. Keith was CEO of NHT (Now Hear This). Star Ventures Management OnPoint Technologies.Electronics Research Development and Engineering Center. remote surveillance.S. Products and Services XX25 fuel cell delivers up to 25W of continuous maximum power. Avnet and Cadence.UltraCell Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 399 Lindbergh Avenue Livermore. VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Flextronics International. Chief Executive Officer Keith Scott brings more than 15 years of CEO experience to UltraCell. The Company’s product is used in critical mobile and remote operations. He served as CEO for venture-backed supply chain companies: Openshelf. Star Ventures Management BI New Energy. Previously. which was an investment of Flextronics. Speaker Bio: Keith Scott. to a 18L tank that can provide uninterrupted power for days or weeks. CA 94551 (925) 455-9400 (925) 455-7750 He also was Sr.7 lbs and is about the size of a hardback book. Espirito Santo Tech Ventures . and field research and exploration. The Company provides XX25. commercial foodservice and natural gas distribution equipment. Prior to UltraCell. and sensing devices. OnPoint Technologies. Keith was SVP Sales and Marketing at Alien Technology. OnPoint Business Overview UltraCell produces reformed methanol fuel cells for mobile power applications. a portable power source for computing. Mr. UltraCell offers fuel capacity options for the XX25 that range from a compact 250 cc cartridge. Sevin Rosen Funds. emergency and disaster response. Star Ventures Management . Expanded Board of Directors Automated Fuel Cell Assembly Process In Company's Ohio Manufacturing Facility Management and Board of Directors Management Keith Scott Bob Zapotosky Frank Beafore Ian Kaye Directors Ronald Codd Nicholas Colella Jeanne Bayless Jens Christian Mathiesen Jason Rottenberg Al Joseph Title Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Vice President. STAR Ventures Assistant Managing Director. remote surveillance.ultracellpower. and field research and exploration. Sevin Rosen Funds. Advanced Technology Title Independent Consultant Vice Chairman. Scott holds an MBA and a BA from UCLA. He was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Red Rock Ventures where he held interim CEO positions for portfolio companies and assisted in deal generation and evaluation. He also served as board member for SpinCircuit. both of which were acquired. a high-end home theater equipment manufacturer. Scott served as CEO of Metcal. Mr. Ohio Operations Director. Inc. Keith has over 20 years experience in software and supply chain management companies.S. a leader in the RFID market where he was responsible for building their go to market strategy. which provides about nine hours of operation at a weight of about 350g. Sevin Rosen Funds. a product life cycle management software company.Sociedade de Capital de Risco.S. Tessera Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 01/30/07 03/01/05 03/15/04 Round 3 2 1 Amount $10 11 ND Valuation ND ND ND Investors BASF Venture Capital. The BankInvest Group New Energy Solutions Managing Director. one of the world's largest providers of electronics manufacturing services.

CDMA. Booz. a software radio access network that generates. and service providers. Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating Officer Chief Strategy Officer Chief Technology Officer Executive Vice President. Steve had internships at IBM. The Company’s Anywave system also provides a range of radio frequency hardware configurations that deliver coverage for outdoor applications. tailored RF coverage solutions for: outdoor macro urban and rural. enterprise/campus applications. receives. It easily scales up or down to deliver costeffective. MA 02142 (617) 864-1711 (617) 864-1697 www. and processes GSM. as with traditional radio access networks (RANs). such as pico cell solutions for businesses and institutions. entirely in software – not Business Overview Vanu engages in the development and commercialization of software radio for the wireless infrastructure industry.Eng. system integrators. Chief Technology Officer Steve Muir has been involved with Vanu since 2001. and iDEN in software. This innovation leads directly to a number of important distinctions and carrier benefits when compared with systems from traditional telecom equipment manufacturers. He has been involved in numerous research projects in the areas of networking and operating systems. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Principal. in Computer and Information Science from the University of Pennsylvania. Speaker Bio: Steve Muir. Business Development Chief Scientist Title Professor. and disaster recovery. Recent News Date 07/15/08 04/24/08 04/18/08 03/20/08 03/18/08 Announcement Teamed with Mavenir to Introduce Dual-Mode Wireless Network Solution with VoIP Core Announced Launch of Professional Services Group Anywave Base Station Named Product of the Year Joined GTL Limited to Conduct Shared Active Infrastructure Field Trials in India Introduced the Anywave MultiRAN Management and Board of Directors Management Vanu Bose Rob Anglin Andy Beard Steve Muir John Winn John Chapin Directors Clayton Christensen John Guttag Reed Hundt David Karger William Strasior Title President. The Anywave system is a future-proof. Charles Ross Partners Research Director. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chairman. and processes GSM. degrees in Computer Science and Electrical and Information Science from the University of Cambridge in England. Allen & Hamilton Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 07/05/07 Round Seed Amount $8 Valuation ND Investors Charles River Ventures . and B. Products and Services Anywave® software portability enables multiple wireless standards to operate simultaneously on a full breadth of hardware configurations.Vanu Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: One Cambridge Center Cambridge. Prior to joining Vanu. Steve possesses a Ph. wireless infrastructure that generates. indoor pico cell for enterprise. including cellular access points in the home. receives. when he joined the company as a member of the engineering staff. iDEN and more. The Company also provides designing and consulting services to wireless device manufacturers. including IP network infrastructures and security architectures for software radio systems. Harvard Business School Professor. such as cell urban or rural networks or pico cells for high density traffic areas. single-purpose hardware. femto cell for residential and mobile cell sites for disaster recovery. DEC/Compaq and NEC. Chief Executive Officer. The Company's products include Anywave. outdoor pico cell for high traffic gap fills. CDMA.vanu. HP. The Company offers its products and services for carriers in the United States. residential applications.D.A. and M.

bridge loans. a non-regulated specialty finance company. distributions / warehouse equipment. yet is cost effective and value-add for its portfolio companies and their stakeholders. Co-founder President. TWR3 Managing Director. The Company also provides entrepreneurial services. and deep knowledge of technology lifecycles. printers and printing presses. and advice on ways to save money on infrastructure spending. The Company offers this service at no cost. The Company works with start-ups that have received their first round of financing all the way up to pre-IPO companies. subordinated term loans. Sample types of financings that we provide include senior secured term loans. Velocity Financial Group offers vendor independence. such as business development. Chapel Hill and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Math and Computer Science from Middlebury College. ranging from one-off leases to lease lines and customized structures. subordinated term loans. telecommunications equipment. and equipment loans and leases. In addition. Debt Solutions for Entrepreneurs Velocity Financial Group serves companies that have received venture capital financing from top-tier investors. bridge loans. Specialists in Technology Finance The Company's target customer base spans industries and includes companies that generate annual revenue of between $20 million and $1 billion. diagnostics / surgical equipment. the Company is 'vendor and technology neutral. acquisition finance. The Company offers senior secured term loans. and equipment leases. Jan's tenure at Comdisco Ventures was preceded by a five year track in investment banking. point-of-sale systems. Prior to starting Velocity. networking equipment.' providing the best equipment at the best price for the client's needs regardless of manufacturer. American Capital Strategies . Jan assumed the co-head role of Comdisco Ventures during 2001 through 2003. Jan began his career as an account officer with Chemical Bank (now part of JPMorgan Chase) in New York. Each facility is customized based on a company's intended use for the capital and its stage of growth. The Company has both new and used equipment alternatives and specialize in the ability to upgrade and modify assets during the lease as the customer's technological needs invariably grow or Business Overview Velocity Financial Group.velocityfg. flexible financing structures. IL 60631 (773) 243-1260 (773) 243-1254 www. desktop and laptop computers. most recently as a vice president with the technology group at Montgomery Securities (acquired by Bank of America/NationsBank). Vendor Neutral As an independent lessor. Suite 420 Chicago. Co-Founder and President Jan Haas is a co-founder of Velocity Financial Group and serves as our president and head of the Ventures Group. Products and Services Diverse Equipment Types The Company provides financing solutions for a large assortment of equipment types: core infrastructure servers. Speaker Bio: Jan Haas. Equipment Acquisition Consulting Assits clients in evaluating options. a fixed-term investment fund that acquired and managed distressed pools of loans and leases. HR and insurance counseling. Jan founded and served as comanaging partner of Cedar Boulevard Capital. acquisition finance. Prior to Cedar. Recent News Date 07/24/08 04/17/08 11/09/07 08/28/07 Announcement Appointed Krajewski National Sales Manager Vande Moore Named Chief Financial Officer for Velocity Financial Group Velocity Portfolio Company Acquired by Leading Telco Appointed Anderson Chief Legal Officer Management and Board of Directors Management Frank Cirone Jan Haas John Vande Moore Charles Neff James Anderson Directors Mark Fikse Richard Finocchi Robert Grunewald Title Chief Executive Officer. at which point he acquired the remaining assets of Comdisco Ventures to form Cedar Boulevard. The Company offers lease programs that fit every customer's requirements. Jan ran the East Coast office for Comdisco Ventures from 1999 through 2001. semi-conductor equipment and material handling equipment. Velocity Financial Group offers equipment acquisition consulting services.Velocity Financial Group Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 8501 West Higgins Road. Co-Founder Chief Financial Officer Chief Credit Officer Chief Legal Officer Title Principal. software. manufacturing assets. simply as part of the value-add that it brings to its customers. Jan received his MBA degree from Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina. American Capital Strategies Executive Vice President. The Company provides the knowledge and support required to make sound decisions regarding technology assets and offers creative financial solutions around those assets. The Company makes its investments in the form of a loan or a lease that is complementary to more traditional sources of capital from banks or equity sponsors. obtaining optimal pricing and assessing when used equipment is appropriate. equipment loans. real estate leasing services. provides capital equipment financing and working capital to middle-market and venture-backed companies in North America. providing flexible financing structures for entrepreneurs.

Inc. Clear Technology Vertical/Solution Automotive: Retail Web Site Financial Services: Complex Project and Portfolio Management Contract Management Business Rules Management Financial Services BPM Example Customers Ford Motor Company Pacific Life/Mass Mutual Nokia/ Lockheed Martin IBM Siemens Norwich Union Recent News Date 05/19/08 05/05/08 04/24/08 02/22/08 02/20/08 Announcement Acquired Privately Held Evolutionary Technologies International Acquired Privately Held Clear Technology. Chief Financial Officer Mr. Fallon has completed more than a dozen acquisitions. Speaker Bio: Sean Fallon. Operations Vice President. government. Versata's offerings combine the time-to-market strengths of a packaged enterprise application and the competitive differentiation of custom software. and continuous adaptation are vital to competitiveness. Under Mr. integrated operations throughout the US and Europe. Versata has completed eight acquisitions including the go-private transactions of Artemis International Solutions and Gensym. Fallon’s leadership. and scalability with a low total cost of ownership. Versata establishes financial stability in these companies. Texas based global technology and software company that solves complex problems for the world's largest Business Overview Versata is an Austin. improves customer success. Versata develops solutions that deliver business results. performance. TX 78730 (512) 874-3000 (512) 874-8900 www. Through its family of companies. TenFold Announced Agreement to be Acquired by Privately Held Versata Acquired NUVO Network Management. During his career. scalability. Mr.Versata Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 6011 West Courtyard Drive Austin. Inc. insurance. Versata’s industry-specific solutions provide targeted functionality designed specifically to address the most challenging business problems within an industry. retail. Mr. Sales . Fallon leads Versata’s financial process that brings an intense focus on profitability and investment. Versata solutions are used by customers to address challenges in financial services. and help launch businesses in India and China. Products and Services Example products and services delivered by Versata family of companies include the following: Company Versata Software Versata Software Artemis Intl.versata. manufacturing. and other fast-paced industries where sophisticated applications. Solutions Nextance Gensym Corp.3 for Implementation of Business Rules Management and Board of Directors Management Randall Jacops Sean Fallon Christopher Smith Frank Kopas Title Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Vice President. and thereby creates a platform for profitable and sustained growth. Fallon has helped lead Versata to profitable and sustained growth over several consecutive years. Mr. Versata’s M&A program targets underperforming businesses that have created leading technologies and gained Global 2000 customers. automotive. Fallon is the Chief Financial Officer for Versata Enterprises. Announced Versata® 6 BRMS Version 6. logistics.

Tags use a non-invasive frequency so they can be safely applied to the interior or exterior of a product packaging. During his tenure as CEO. Stevens holds a PhD. allowing you and your customers to close the loop on your supply chain.visible-assets. Speaker Bio: John Stevens. The most recent Visible Genetics Inc. and logistics products. He has 20 years of entrepreneurial business experience and has founded four other technology-based companies all with successful international products. software. Chief Executive Officer. obtained all necessary FDA clearance (IDE and Open Label approval) to proceed with its current FDA approved HIV genotyping program. Under his leadership VGI developed its full product line of DNA sequencers. Chairman Chief Executive Officer. Founder. Regulatory Affairs Vice President. HepC.5206 www. of Canada. University of Toronto (Tenured Full Professor). Suite 106 Business Overview Visible Assets offers supply chain tracking solutions. and has held positions at University of Pennsylvania (Associate Professor). created manufacturing facilities with all necessary cGMP quality systems. had over 37 US patents issued or allowed with another 35 patents pending. Manufacturing. The tag can record all manufacturing pedigree data and maintenance activity for easy access by a field technician. The Company’s open source software systems track the product arrival and departure data. took the company from zero to annual revenues of $10. They can therefore be used in hospitals or other workplaces where higher energy frequencies are not permitted. Chief Executive Officer and Chiarman Stevens is the founder and major investor in VAI. FL 33156-7189 (305) 670. Recent News Date 05/07/07 01/01/07 Announcement RuBee Technology Leader. kits (HIV. Healthcare Vice President. in biophysics from the University of Pennsylvania (1974). Dr. HepB). Tracking can begin at point of manufacture and continue in real time through to end user. he was responsible for a highly successful NASDAQ IPO. Products and Services End to End Supply Chain Tracking VAI's combination of communications.Visible Assets Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: One Datran Center. Announced Investment From Epson Electronics America Received The 2007 Frost & Sullivan North American Technology Innovation of the Year Award in the Field of Supply Chain Visibility Solutions Management and Board of Directors Management John Stevens Jay Pierce Jason August Norm Bellefontaine Robert Griffin Pete Abell Craig Weich Title Founder.5201 (305) 670.9 mm. processing power and energy management allows the Company's technology to work well in any work environment. Corporate Counsel Chief Financial Officer Vice President. established world wide sales and support. electronic lock systems. and 500 customer sites. with over 200 worldwide employees. The Company offers RF t-Tags. Product Management Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 05/07/07 Round ND Amount ND Valuation ND Investors Epson Electronics America . 9100 South Dadeland Blvd. He served as Chairman and CEO for five years. (VGIN). The Company serves various companies needing knowledge of their product's location and physical status. Technology. Products such as computers and industrial or consumer electronics can have tags directly attached to the mother board or other component. and was director of the Eye Research Inst. a Biotech company specializes in DNA sequencing and genotyping. Business Development Vice President.

Hummer Winblad General Partner. Chargeback Virtual Appliance Virtual Appliance Suite for Systems Management Recent News Date 08/06/08 07/30/08 07/22/08 07/15/08 07/08/08 Announcement Announced Beta Availability of Capacity Analyzer 2. The Company develops tools to simplify management of virtual environments. and storage. VKernel´s Capacity Bottleneck Analyzer Virtual Appliance immediately builds a list of current RAM. Sales Director. VKernel´s Chargeback Virtual Appliance allows IT to provide its end user departments with instant reports about resource consumption and how much it costs. Prior to founding Ecora. and VMware Employees Named a Byte and Switch "Top 10 Storage Startup to Watch" Named Dan Kelly Chief Financial Officer Named Gene Fay Vice President of Sales Management and Board of Directors Management Alex Bakman Dan Kelly Gene Fay Tom Knobloch Dave Repczynski Tim Eckles Christian Simko Directors Mitchell Kertzman David Barrett Title Founder. Mr. It also predicts future capacity bottlenecks and alerts you when trends exceed customizable thresholds. IT organizations must charge back users for the resources they actually consume (CPU.S. Sales Operations Director. memory. Polaris Venture Partners . He also worked for IBM. in Computer Science and a minor in Business Administration from the American University in Washington D.C. The Company offers a virtual appliance for capacity and chargeback.0 Introduced New Partner Programs for Consultants. a small company that developed a very innovative monitoring solution for Lotus Notes. when not resolved. Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Vice Business Overview VKernel offers a virtual appliance that monitors and tracks resources on ESX servers to enterprises. memory. Service-Oriented Solutions Providers. CPU. Mr.VKernel Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 222 International Drive Portsmouth. Polaris Partners Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 01/29/08 Round 1 Amount $5 Valuation ND Investors Hummer Winblad Venture Partners. NH 03801 (603) 610-4300 (603) 610-4301 www. network. Bakman holds a B. clusters and resources pools.vkernel. In the new virtual datacenter where all hardware is shared. Bakman founded Ecora Software Corporation. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Prior to founding VKernel. The Company reports on various resources. including CPU. cause performance problems or even downtime. Speaker Bio: Alex Bakman. VKernel Virtual Appliances share a common database backend eliminating the need for every virtual appliance to rediscover your network. Marketing Director. Mr. Market Communications Title Managing Director. storage and network bottlenecks in your VMware infrastructure. This saves time on deployment and gives you immediate value from the products. Bakman founded CleverSoft. The VKernel Virtual Appliance Suite for systems management lets you solve both your capacity bottleneck and cost visibility/chargeback problems at the same time. Products and Services Capacity Bottleneck Analyzer Virtual Appliance Able to instantly identify capacity bottlenecks on hosts. storage and network). Product Management Director. which provides configuration auditing and analytics solutions. Capacity bottlenecks.

proprietary algorithms and expertise in building sophisticated network planning solutions. Hank also has a successful track record in worldwide sales. SVC Information & Communications Mustang Funds. metro and core) and all technologies including IP-based and legacy technologies. OnePlan provides an integrated "big picture" look at the network with consistent network representation across all layers (access. Product Development. Techno Venture Management. President and Chief Executive Officer Hank brings over 30 years of accomplishments in the telecommunication and information technology industries. bandwidth intensive (video. Before joining VPIsystems. VPIsystems currently has 157 employees and is venture-backed. with graduate work in Computer Science and Business Overview VPIsystems is the acknowledged leader in the rapidly emerging and growing market for integrated network planning software. as well as mergers and acquisitions. Techno Venture Management AlpInvest Partners. marketing. Raytheon Commercial Ventures. Cisco Systems Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 04/01/06 12/15/04 12/01/02 07/01/00 Round 4 3 2 1 Amount $8 9 7 20 Valuation ND ND ND ND Investors Cipio Partners. He has held positions of executive leadership responsibility in high technology companies ranging from being a member of the founding team of a company developing remote network management software to managing P&L in Fortune 500 global organizations. he successfully turned two other under-performing companies into sustainable. Star Ventures Management. VPIsystems leverages a strong history of innovation. Asia (Australia) and a development center in Minsk. Its powerful "what if" analysis capabilites allows CSPs to utilize their network investments in the most cost-effective manner. VPIsystems is based in New Jersey. Chief Financial Officer. Techno Venture Management ND NIB Capital Private Equity. Siemens Venture Capital. The Company's Operations Support System (OSS) accelerate efficient transformation of communications service privider (CSP) networks optimizing them for delivering highly demanded. Executive Vice President. Hank served as Chief Executive Officer of NexTone Communications. TVM Capital General Partner. The uncertainty of adoption rates and usage patterns coupled with the extreme complexity of these new networks makes traditional planning tools and trending methodologies obsolete. business development and professional services. Weiss. OnePlan is a unique end-to-end flow through network planning system desinged to help manage the uncertainties and risks associated with these major investments. revenue-generating businesses. SVC Information & Communications Mustang Funds. Belarus. Products and Services OnePlan With the introduction of bandwidth intensive (video. Recent News Date 08/18/08 04/21/08 04/17/08 03/24/08 03/03/08 01/10/08 Announcement VPIsystems Maintained Leadership Position Among Next-generation Network Planning Solutions Selected as Finalist for Billing & OSS World Excellence Awards Simplified Carrier Ethernet Deployments Entered Reseller Agree\ment with NEC Announced OnePlan to Optimize Sky Link's Wireless Network Presented Conference Session at INTERNET TELEPHONY® Conference & EXPO East 2008 Management and Board of Directors Management Hank Firey Tito Sharma Russ Green Yufei Wang Directors Tom Anthofer Friedrich Bornikoel John DiBello Pascal Luck Casimir Skrzypczak Title President.vpisystems. Peck & Greer Private Equity . The system acts as a unifying source and serves as a single repository for all network planning information. high-speed data) services. From 1998-2003. He took this struggling provider of telecommunication software to market leadership in Session Management for voice and video over IP networks. Chief Operating Officer. Professional Sales Chief Technology Officer Title Managing Partner. Cipio Partners. with offices in Europe (Germany). Customer Advocacy. Star Ventures Management. Managing Partner. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) must invest heavily in their network and service infrastructure. Operations Senior Vice President. Founded in 1997. NJ 07733 (732) 332-0233 (732) 332-0516 www. T-Venture Holding. high-speed data) services. Core Capital Partners. Siemens Venture Capital. Cipio Partners Chairman. Speaker Bio: Hank Firey. Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Operations Research from the University of Maryland. Core Capital Partners.VPIsystems Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 943 Holmdel Road Holmdel. Core Capital Partners Former Senior Vice President. TVM Capital Managing Director.

Mr. Marketing. an operating system for networked devices. Hudson Ventures Intel Capital Himalaya Capital Ventures. and Chief Executive Officer of Nematron Corporation (Amex: NMN)..). Newlight Management President. The Company offers Storage Builder. and platform re-targeting services for Certified Business Overview Wasabi Systems engages in the development and sale of software products and development tools that address the converging requirements of voice. Mr. where he led the turnaround of the industrial computer and operator interface company since June 1996. and the acquisition of six companies. Inc. Himalaya Capital Partners Founding Managing Partner.0 Offered More Options. and video network infrastructure products. Main Street Suite 1520 Norfolk. Certified BSD. original equipment manufacturers. VA 23510 (757) 248-9601 (757) 299-8075 www. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Hampton Roads Technology Council and was recently named KPMG 2007 High Tech Entrepreneur. Mr. Logan has an impressive track record spanning more than 20 years of leadership in the embedded systems and technology fields. volume manager. The Company also offers consulting and development.(formerly VenturCom. Speaker Bio: Frank Logan. wireless appliances.wasabisystems. Logan served as Interim President and Chief Operating Officer of Ardence.Wasabi Systems Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 500 E. a compact software RAID implementation. Inc. WasabiRAID software RAID stack. Products and Services Wasabi Systems develops programs for over 50 commercially available OEM products with unit shipments in the 100’s of thousands. Logan Steve Malan Ray Freer Rena Berardi Kellie Prince Directors David Henkel-Wallace Li Lu Robert Raucci Peter Venetis Kirby Wadsworth Title President. and an integrated NAS reference design kit. and a mention in Virginia's Hampton Roads "Rising 25" businesses. and enhanced BSD-family operating system designed for advanced network and network storage devices." Michigan's Leading Edge Technology award. Platform. Journaling Filesystem. Before that. President. OSD Engineering Title Chief Executive Officer. Logan holds a BS in Economics from Purdue University where he graduated with honors. which Mr. Newlight Management. he served as Chairman. Logan's vision and accomplishments have earned a variety of industry honors. Mr.1: Improved Performance & Significant Feature Enhancements Responded to User Requirements for Easy-to-Manage. The Company's clients include developers of networked devices. as well as silicon venders and microprocessor designers. The Company starts with an industry leading Open Source foundation that is regularly synchronized with and contributed back to. including The Ernst & Young Michigan "Entrepreneur of the Year. Control Engineering's Editor's Choice. storage devices. two turnarounds. The Company adds to this its internally developed storage software components including its chassis management. Recent News Date 07/28/08 05/29/08 04/07/08 04/02/08 03/10/08 Announcement VMX 2000sx iSCSI SAN Appliance Certified on VMware ESX Server 3. WasabiRAID. Acopia Networks Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 08/25/03 09/09/02 02/05/02 09/07/00 Round ND ND 1 Seed Amount $2 ND 4 1 Valuation ND ND ND ND Investors Himalaya Capital Ventures. Wasabi Certified BSD is a tested. data. a software solution that enables value-added resellers. Chief Executive Officer. and system integrators to deliver iSCSI and NAS networked storage appliances. Zembu Labs Founding General Partner. His experience encompasses the founding of two software startups. Logan founded in 1998. a robust journaling file system including snapshots and replication software.5 Storage Builder® for NAS v3. certified. Quadrapoint Acquisition Senior Vice President. and embedded systems. which utilizes write-ahead physical block logging to increase the recovery speed of the Unix file system. At the core is Wasabi Certified BSD embedded operating system. Inc. Chief Executive Officer Chief Storage Architect Vice President. Business Development.He also led the acquisition of three other software companies while Chief Executive Officer of Nematron. Provided Greater Flexibility Added 10Gb Ethernet Support to iSCSI SANs Storage Builder® for iSCSI SAN v4. directing VenturCom in its corporate development efforts after it acquired Chesapeake Bay Systems. Low-Cost Tiered Storage Management and Board of Directors Management Frank G. Praxis Capital Ventures Loeb Investors . President and Chief Executive Officer Frank Logan serves as President and Chief Executive Officer at Wasabi Systems. Manufacturing Engineering Corporate Controller Director.

in Economics. his J. The Product’s proprietary gasification process involves conversion of organic and inorganic materials into vitrified slag. George was Chief Executive Officer of CMGI. a unit of Bertelsmann A. liquid metal and a synthesis gas mixture of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2). G. Finance Vice President. and municipal solid waste into synthetic natural gas and electrical energy. Before joining BMG Direct. MTDC President. Mr. Flagship Ventures Partner. Phi Beta Kappa.5 Million in Funding from Pinnacle Ventures Management and Board of Directors Management William Davis George McMillan Scott Fraser John Harper Jeff Leech Jason Hardebeck Directors Jim Matheson Scott Brown Walter Bird Michael Lucy Title Founder. and large volumes of 300 BTU syngas. Massachusetts Technology Development. Mr. McMillan was President and CEO of The Palladium Group. Chief Financial Officer Welcomed Jason Hardebeck as Vice President of Market Development Secured $ 2. where he served as President and Chief Executive Officer for more than 4 years.. deploys. He also guided Renaissance through 13 consecutive quarters of rising revenue and accelerating profit and earnings per share performance. Mr. and integrates waste gasification technology that converts construction and demolition waste. President. There he helped guide the firm from 15 members to more than 300 professionals. based on availability of sufficient feedstock and power purchase contracts. the technology and management consulting firm. His career includes combined experience in supply chain management. and convert these feedstocks into approximately an energy source. Chief Financial Officer. cum laude from Harvard Law School and his A. Director Chief Operating Officer. a technology and strategy consulting firm he helped found. He joined CMGI in July 2001 from BMG Direct. scrap tires and shredded carpet. VantagePoint Venture Partners Vice President. Chief Executive Officer. Engineering Vice President. VantagePoint Venture Partners . and technology directed professional services. with demonstrated excellence in both financial and business operations. where as both Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer Mr. MSW. he successfully repositioned the financially distressed internet company into a billion dollar leader in supply-chain management. George served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Renaissance Solutions. Director Senior Vice President.ze-gen.B. Speaker Bio: George McMillan. Chief Executive Officer. and through three public offerings of its shares.A. with distinction from the Harvard Graduate School of Business. Such a process will convert a large amount of waste into small volumes of unleachable slag and metals. Products and Services Technology Strategy Ze-gen has completed conceptual design of a product module designed to process multiple feed stocks such as C&D. from Stanford University. Ze-gen facilities can be expanded in Business Overview Ze-gen develops. Prior to joining Palladium. media. Market Development Title General Partner. McMillan earned his M. Recent News Date 06/24/08 04/29/08 04/29/08 04/22/08 01/10/08 Announcement Presented High Quality Synthesis Gas Results Added Jefferson Tester and Merton Flemings to Scientific Advisory Board Welcomed George McMillan as Chief Operating Officer. Ze-gen’s modular and redundant design would allow for shutdowns without interruption of power generation. MA 02110 (617) 875-1062 ND www. Operations Vice President. Northeast Gas Markets Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 09/19/06 08/17/06 Round 2 1 Amount $1 7 Valuation ND ND Investors Renewable Energy Trust Flagship Ventures.Ze-gen Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 70 Franklin Street Third Floor Boston.B. McMillan has served in executive capacities for more than 20 years. The process can be used for the conversion of a wide variety of solid wastes such as C&D.D. McMillan joined the company as a Director in November 2004. Prior to joining Ze-gen as its COO and CFO.

Before MarketSoft. The Product for sales teams. Sources high-quality. ZoomExec. GMs and c-levels).9 million companies. legal and investor relations. a VC-backed software developer of Internet-based network management solutions. ZoomInfo PowerSell to meet the prospecting and lead generation needs of sales and marketing teams. Price was CFO of NextPoint Networks. Integrates with your CRM system (PowerSell is fully integrated with Salesforce.5 million executivelevel contacts (including VPs. Accesses profiles for 42 million people and 3. company and position all free. and jobs. as well as managing human resources. Provides quick. 3. Connects with decision makers using ZoomExec's multiple search criteria. a medical software developer of clinical information management systems. sales and marketing. The Company’s products include ZoomInfo.9 million companies . for people by name and for jobs by industry. Manages your data with workflow tools and sends targeted email campaigns with industry. people. and accesses all of the free stuff available in ZoomInfo. Products and Services Zoominfo. Venrock. where his leadership was instrumental in the organization's growth and ultimate acquisition by NetScout Systems. Chief Executive Officer. products. Searches for companies. Price's most recent positions were SVP and CFO of MarketSoft. easy and affordable access to profiles. Price earned his Bachelor's Degree from Northeastern University and is a licensed CPA in The Company's product for individual sales reps. including contact information. where he led an IPO and sale to Cardinal The Company's free business information search engine for accessing fresh. where he helped the company raise venture capital and emerge as a leader in the Enterprise Marketing Management space with consecutive quarterly revenue growth. ZoomExec PowerSell PowerSearch Recent News Date 05/20/08 05/12/08 03/17/08 02/13/08 02/13/08 Announcement Bizographic Advertising Business Unit Formed new company Announced Partnership with AIRS Integrated PowerSell with Business Overview Zoominfo operates business information search engines. Larger Customer Base and Strong Website Traffic Management and Board of Directors Management Jonathan Stern Bryan Burdick Michel Decary Bill Price Michael Souza Chip Terry Title Founder. Uses advanced search criteria to identify contacts and leads. credentials. The Product for recruiters. and business research industries. and education. Price was also a senior audit manager at Arthur Andersen serving Fortune 1000 organizations with audit. geography.Zoominfo Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 307 Waverley Oaks Road Waltham. tax and financial consulting services. Sales Intelligence Business Unit Financing Activity (US$ in millions) Date 07/15/04 Round 1 Amount ND Valuation ND Investors Ascent Venture Partners. Chief Scientist President Co-Founder. such as job title. he is responsible for the overall financial health of the organization. SVPs. The Company serves recruiting. MA 02452 (781) 693-7500 (781) 693-7510 Promoted Bryan Burdick to President 2007 Marked Record Growth for ZoomInfo with Increased Profitability. Sales Vice President. Chief Financial Officer Bill Price has a proven track record building successful software companies. diversity. hard-to-find candidates using more than 20 different search criteria. which helps to find information related to executives. As ZoomInfo's chief financial officer.zoominfo.9 million companies and jobs. Prior to ZoomInfo. Accesses profiles and contact information for 42 million people and 3. company.from the Fortune 1000 to SMBs. General Manager. Speaker Bio: Bill Price. for 1. Finds decision makers and builds pipeline. Commonwealth Capital Ventures. and ZoomInfo PowerSearch that enables people search with various that provides information on industries. comprehensive and objective information on over 42 million people. services. Senior Scientist Chief Financial Officer Vice President. He has also served as CFO at MediQual Systems. Flagship Ventures. Vulcan Capital . companies.

The Company spun off from the University of Maryland in 2006 to commercialize the work of Steve Hutcheson. Currently. Chairman Chief Operating Officer . Speaker Bio: Scott Laughlin. the Company's products are designed to achieve lower costs. including TellMe (Nasdaq: MSFT). Board Member Chief Technical Officer. Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Subsequently. Board Member Mr. Recent News Date 07/07/08 06/26/08 06/11/08 03/10/08 03/10/08 Announcement and iLike. Mr. Mr. Laughlin received his AB from Princeton Business Overview Zymetis is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing novel enzyme products for the emerging bio-refining industry. in addition to Zymetis. a program that spins out companies based on University IP. and Saber Seven. MD 20742 (888) 996-3847 (301) 314-9592 www. Announced Support for Zymetis Expanded Technology as Newest University of Maryland Incubator Company Management and Board of Directors Management Scott Laughlin Steve Hutcheson. Affiliate Classroom.D. Derived from unique organisms. Ph.zymetis. Mr. improved yields and higher manufacturing efficiencies in the conversion of cellulosic biomass to usable sugars. then moved to LinkExchange.Zymetis Address: Phone #: Fax #: Website: 387 Technology Drive College Park. Zappos. Xythos Software (Nasdaq: BBBB). the Company is focused on the production of affordable next-generation transportation fuels. Currently. The Company is currently part of the Maryland Technology Advancement Program. Laughlin was the inaugural Director of the University of Maryland’s VentureAccelerator. Supporters Went the Extra Mile to Get Tax Credit Economist: Better Living Through Chemurgy Won 2008 Maryland Incubator Company of the Year Martin O'Malley. Laughlin serves on the Board of Directors of LM&O Advertising. Steve Davey Title Chief Executive Officer. Chairman and Chief Technology Officer. First Juice. He has served as an advisor to or investor in several early stage technology companies. Governor of Maryland. Laughlin worked at Microsoft as a Group Program Manager before returning to International Data Group as a Partner in their venture capital group. a company acquired by Microsoft in 1998. Scott Laughlin began his career at International Data Group.

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