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Q.1 Complete the following dialogue.

I. Customer: I want some olive oil.

Shopkeeper: (a)___________________________.
Customer: I need 2 litres.
Shopkeeper: I’m sorry,(b)___________________________ in the stock.
Customer: Then give me a little less.
Shopkeeper: (c)___________________________ left in the canister.
Customer: Give me as much as you have and (d)________________________________________?
Shopkeeper: Just Rs.500 please.
(a) (i) How much are you needing? (ii)How much do you need?
(iii)How much did you need? (iv) How more do you need?
(b) (i) I don’t have some (ii)I am not having any
(iii)I didn’t have so much (iv) I don’t have so much
(c) (i) There is hardly half a litre (ii) There was hardly half a litre
(iii) There were hardly half a litre (iv) There will be hardly half a litre
(d) (i) how much money will I charge? (ii) how much money did you charge?
(iii) how much money will you charge? (iv) how much money had you charged?

II. Deepti: Why do ___________ so sad?

Rohit I ______________________ my wrist watch.
Deepti: Where _______________________ it?
Rohit: Somewhere in the playground. I ____________ know exactly.

Q.2 Choose the best word(verb) from the options given to complete the following passage. (3)
Yesterday I (a)_________ to my friend. I’m fond of her but she (b)______________ too much about her
health. These days she (c) _______from constant headaches. I (d)__________her about a new medicine
that I (e)________of from my doctor. She said she (f) ________ try it.
(a) (i) talk (iii) was talking
(ii) am talking (iv) will talk
(b) (i) worries (iii) worried
(ii) has worried (iv) worry
(c) (i) suffers (iii) was suffering
(ii) is suffering (iv) has suffered
(d) (i) will tell (iii) tell
(ii) was telling (iv) told
(e) (i)hear (iii) had heard
(ii) have heard (iv) heard
(f) (i) could (iii) can’t
(ii) would (iv) can