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Energy is the power used by humans to perform daily activities.

The energy is divided

into several kinds, among others, is mechanical energy, electric energy, and heat
energy. Energy obtained from natural resources such as water, gas, oil, geothermal, and
others (President of Indonesia, 2006).

The human population is increasing every year, therefore more and more human
beings who need energy to do your daily activities. Contrary to a growing population, there
is energy obtained from limited resources such as fossil fuels. Because a lot of people who
need and use of fossil fuels is causing the depletion of petroleum reserves, resource
scarcity, and the onset of inflation that is very detrimental to the State.Then as a user
of energy, people should be aware of using energy to taste or as needed (Indartono, 2005).

Electrical energy is one kind of energy. In general, people in need of electrical

energy which can be used to turn on the electronic device. Many people are using it
with electrical energy wasteful or not according to needs such as switching on
the laptopwhile he was taking a shower or turn the music on a laptop while he was
sleeping. It is certainly not good, there will be impacts arising if the electrical energy used
in wasteful among others was could not over the Division of power evenly so that it
can cause the shutdown of electricity, not can the passing activity everyday that requires
electronic device or tool that requires electrical energy like laptops, TVs, and lighting, and
can not be over the activity of institutions such as hospitals, schools, offices, factories, and

According to the precepts of the 2nd, as a fair and civilised human beings, we need
to acknowledge the equality of every human being. Related to electrical energy used
by humans. One of them, the electrical energy used in the home. Everyone has equal rights to
use the electrical energy, but need to use electricity for human consciousness with
the necessary in order to achieve a balance in the settings of the electrical energy used
by each person.

According to the precepts of the 5th, for the sake of social justice for all the people
of Indonesia, every person must respect the rights of others in getting the electrical energy in
a fair manner i.e. evenly and not excessive or according to the needs of the wearer. People
must realize that power should be used sparingly and not get used to using
electricity are wasteful.
According to the pharmaceutical perspective, if the electricity used in a wasteful, it
will cause an electrical shutdown that will have an impact to the manufacture of
the drug cannot be run, drug dosage storage with a certain temperature can be damaged
or can no consumed, and more.

Energy crisis can be solved in different ways, among others, is to use the solar
power energy derived from solar radiation, geothermal power that energy comes from the
magma within the volcano, a wind power energy comes from wind turbines. All of that can
be used as a power plant. Energy crisis can also be solved by using a biodisel as
substitute of diesel and bioethanol can be the replacement of gasoline (Indartono, 2005).

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