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Detailed Lesson Plan in English 5

1. Define and identify adjectives.
2. Use adjective words to describe noun.
3. Recognize adjective words in the sentence.
A. Topic:
Using adjectives
B. Materials
Pictures, Cartolina, PowerPoint
C. References
English for You and Me

Value Focus: Show kindness to other people.

III. Learning Task

Teacher’s Activity Pupil’s Activity
1) Preliminary Activities
A) Drill
This morning we are going to have a game.
I will divide the class into four groups.
What are you going to do is to arrange the
scrambled letters that will best described
its given picture. Each group have a leader
to present their work. The group that got a
correct answer will declare as the winners.

1. fnnuy clown 1. funny clown

2. fsreh fish 2. fresh fish

3. lveoyl girl 3. lovely girl

4. soemhnad boy 4. handsome boy

B) Review of Past Lesson
Last meeting, we discussed about noun.
Just a quick recap, what is noun? (Pupils raised their hands)
Yes, (name of pupils). Noun is a naming word.
Any question regarding our topic last
meeting? None

Underline the noun in the sentence.

1. Angelo is playing a guitar. 1. Angelo is playing a guitar.
2. Rosa is drinking a water. 2. Rosa is drinking a water.
3. Baguio City is the summer capital of the 3. Baguio City is the summer capital of the
Philippines. Philippines.
4. The pencil is long. 4. The pencil is long.
5. The table is square. 5. The table is square.

It seems that you understand our last topic.

C) Motivation
1. What the good person do? 1. Help others, respect etc. . . .
I have here a picture

2. What do you see? 2. There is a boy helping the old woman.

3. What did a boy do? 3. The boy helped the old woman.
4. Are you also willing to help people who 4. Yes.
need a help?

Very Good.

2) Presentation of Activities

A) Introduction
1) Unlocking of Difficulties
Directions: Give the meaning of the
underlined word in the sentence.

1. I’m begging from you. The underlined 1. a) To ask in Charity

words means.
a) To ask in charity
b) A poor old woman
c) Extreme poverty

2. A kind-heart man always receives a 2. b) Good

a) Cruel
b) Good
c) Violent
2) Present the short story.
Read the story to the pupils.

Once upon a time, there were two

friends John and Roy who went to a farm
to plant sugarcane. Each of them carried
food for their lunch and bottle of water.
Roy went ahead afterwards met an old
woman. “Please give me a food for I am
hungry”, the old woman begged. Go away,
old woman, I have no food for you! Roy
shouted the old woman.

Meanwhile, his friend John was

washing his face in the stream when he saw
the old woman, “Please give me food for I
am hungry,” the old woman begged.
Immediately, John opens his bag where he
kept his food and shares it to the old
woman. Then he gives her water the
woman thanked John for the food. Then
she said, “You have a kind heart so I will
give you a reward. Go to tree with a large
stone under it. Remove the stone and you
find a bag filled with money. John
surprised but he thanked to the old woman
and went to the tree after she described.

He found the large stone, removed

it and found a bag filled with money. He
was so happy and went running back to the
old woman and thanks her again. But the
old woman was gone. “Thank you the old
woman, thank you Lord” John shouted to
the wind. Then he went back home and
happily bought delicious food and nice
clothes for himself and his family. A kind
heart man always receives a reward it may
not always money, it may be admiration,
respect and love from others.

1. What is title of the story? 1.The Boy With A Kind Heart

2. Who are the characters of the Story? 2. John, Roy and the Old Woman
3. How would you describe John in the 3. John has a kind heart
4. What did the woman ask for? 4. Asking for food
5. Why do think John helped the old 5. Because John has a kind heart.
6. Is the John a good boy? Why? 6. Because he help an old woman and
7. What have you learned from the story? 7. Do not be greedy, be kind to other
people and help them as long we can.
8. If you see someone begging food to 8. Give some food for them to eat.
you. What would you do?
B) Teaching/Modeling
I have here sentences.
1. The old woman begged.
Class, what kind of a woman who begged old
for food?
The word old describes or it modifies a
What do we call the word woman? a name of a person

2. You have a kind heart so I will give

you a reward.
What word that modifies heart? kind

3. Go to tree with a large stone under it.

What kind of stone was described? large

4. He went back home and happily

bought delicious food and nice clothes
for himself and his family.
Class, in question number 4 what are the delicious and nice
words that describe foods and clothes?

Class, the word that I’ve underlined here

are called adjectives.

Adjectives is a word that modifies or

describes a noun and its pronoun. Giving
more information about the noun or
pronoun's definition. Essentially, a
'describing' word. They tell how things
look, feel, taste, sound and smell.


Red Hot Sweet Noisy Smell

Fat Soft Bitter Soft y
Pretty Cold Sour Loud Fresh
Shiny Delici Quite Sting
ous y

(The teacher will post sentences on the


The blue flag is up.

The cat has a long tail.

Mother has a happy face.

The encircled words are adjectives. They

described the underlined words which are
nouns. In these sentences, the adjectives
come before the nouns.
(The teacher will post another set of
sentences on the board.)
The boy is tall.

The leaves are green.

I am sad.

Look at the adjectives. They come after the

be-verbs am, is and are. Adjectives may
come before the noun that it describes or
after the be–verbs am, is and are.

1. What have you learned? 1. We learned about using adjectives.

2. What is adjectives? 2. Adjectives is a describing words.
(random answers from pupils)
Perfect! It seems that you have already the
whole grasp of our topic for this day. Now,
we let us put this into practice.

C) Guided Practice
Group activity
Class I have here a sentences let us find the
adjectives of each sentences.

Direction: Encircle the adjectives in

each sentence.

1. They live in a beautiful house. 1. They live in a beautiful house.

2. Lisa is wearing a sleeveless shirt 2. Lisa is wearing a sleeveless shirt today.
3. She wore a beautiful dress. 3. She wore a beautiful dress.
4. He writes meaningless letters. 4. He writes meaningless letters.
5. This shop is much nicer. 5. This shop is much nicer.

3) Independent Practice
Each group must complete these activities.

Group I
Identify the adjective used in the sentence
and color the box of the correct answer.

1. The architect design the beautiful house. 1. Beautiful

Beautiful House Architect

2. The big turtle swims slowly. 2. Big

Swims Slowly Big

3. The weak dog jumps low. 3. Weak

Weak Jumps Dog

4. I love the black cat. 4. Black

Love Cat Black
5. He loves fresh strawberry. 5.
Loves Fresh Strawberry

Group II
Write an adjective on each blank to
complete the sentences. Select your
answer from the box.

Green Round

Tall Sweet White

1. Sugar is ________________. 1. Sweet

2. Sampaguita is a _____________ 2. White
3. The ball is ______________. 3. Round
4. That ____________ tree is narra. 4. Tall
5. The worms eat the ___________ 5. Green

Group III
Underline the correct adjective in each

1. Look at that (pretty, delicious) dress. 1. Pretty

2. Mercury is the (tall, smallest) planet. 2. Smallest
3. The candies are very (sweet, angry). 3. Sweet
4. The elephant is the world’s (weak, 4. Largest
largest) land animal.
5. Joe is a (nice, large) little boy. 5. Nice

Group IV
Direction: Write a sentence with each
adjective listed below.
1. Cold (Pupil’s answer may vary)
2. Soft
3. Slow
4. Blue
5. Happy

IV. Evaluation
Encircle the adjectives in the selection.
One sunny day, my little puppy jumped onto our couch and played with his new
toy. I like to watch him play and it made me happy. Soon, my playful puppy yawned.
He was tired puppy. I picked him up and laid him on his soft, round bed. Soon my
sleepy puppy was snoring away.

V. Assignment
Bring a Picture of your favorite cartoon character and list down at least 5 words that
would best describe your favorite cartoon character.
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