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A1 Wordlist Unit 2

Here is a list of useful or new words from Unit 2 of Voyage A1 Coursebook. You can insert your own translation.
Words marked with a key ( ) all appear in the Oxford 3000.
adj = adjective conj = conjunction phr v = phrasal verb phr = phrase pron = pronoun v = verb
adv = adverb det = determiner n = noun pl = plural prep = preposition

a, an   /ə, ən/ She’s an engineer and he’s a chef.

about   ​prep ​/əˈbaʊt/ Tell me about your family.
airport   ​n ​/ˈeəpɔːt/ The offices are near Ciampino Airport.
apple   ​n ​/ˈæpl/ ‘What are these?’ ‘They’re apples from England.’
Argentina  ​n ​/ˌɑːdʒənˈtiːnə/ This is my friend Romina. She’s from Argentina.
bag   ​n ​/bæɡ/ What’s in the bag?
book   ​n ​/bʊk/ There are thirty students and fifteen books.
building   ​n ​/ˈbɪldɪŋ/ What’s the name of that building over there?
bus   ​n ​/bʌs/ What time’s the next bus?
chef   ​n ​/ʃef/ Pedro isn’t a student. He’s a chef in a restaurant.
class   ​n ​/klɑːs/ The students in my class are really friendly.
company   ​n ​/ˈkʌmpəni/ ENI is an electricity company in Rome.
doctor   ​n ​/ˈdɒktə(r)/ He’s a doctor at a hospital in Cancún.
email   ​n ​/ˈiːmeɪl/ Thanks for your email.
engineer   ​n ​/ˌendʒɪˈnɪə(r)/ I’m an engineer for a telecoms company.
English  adj  /ˈɪŋɡlɪʃ/ We’re in an English class together.
friend   ​n ​/frend/ This is my friend Pieter.
garden   ​n ​/ˈɡɑːdn/ It’s a small house, but it’s got a garden.
guy   ​n ​/ɡaɪ/ I’m with my friend Pedro in this photo. He’s a nice guy.
hospital   ​n ​/ˈhɒspɪtl/ They’re nurses at a hospital in London.
Italian  adj  /ɪˈtæliən/ She’s a chef in an Italian restaurant.
Italy  ​n ​/ˈɪtəli/ I’m Gio from Italy.
job   ​n ​/dʒɒb/ ‘What’s his job?’ ‘He’s an engineer.’
key   ​n ​/kiː/ Are these your keys?
language school   ​n ​/ˈlæŋɡwɪdʒ skuːl/ He is a teacher at a language school.
laptop  ​n ​/ˈlæptɒp/ I’ve got an old laptop.
letter   ​n ​/ˈletə(r)/ I write letters to my friends.
Mexico  ​n ​/ˈmeksɪkəʊ/ He’s a teacher at a school in Mexico.
museum   ​n ​/mjuˈziːəm/ The Palace Museum is in Beijing.
near   ​adv ​/nɪə(r)/ It’s on Cromwell Road, near the Science Museum.
next to   ​adv ​/ˈnekst tuː/ It’s next to the City Hall.
nice   adj  /naɪs/ Have a nice day.
notepad  ​n ​/ˈnəʊtpæd/ It’s a notepad.
nurse   ​n ​/nɜːs/ He’s a nurse at Westmore Hospital.
object   ​n ​/ˈɒbdʒɪkt/ This is an interesting object.
o’clock   ​adv ​/əˈklɒk/ Is the film at eight o’clock?
office   ​n ​/ˈɒfɪs/ Where are the ENI offices?
pen   ​n ​/pen/ This is a pen.
phone   ​n ​/fəʊn/ It’s a new phone.
photo   ​n ​/ˈfəʊtəʊ/ In this photo I’m with Nevin.
restaurant   ​n ​/ˈrestrɒnt/ He’s a chef in a Spanish restaurant.

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A1 Wordlist Unit 2

river   ​n ​/ˈrɪvə(r)/ London is on the River Thames.

road   ​n ​/rəʊd/ Madame Tussauds is on Marylebone Road.
Romania  ​n ​/ruˈmeɪniə/ This is a photo of my house in Romania.
school   ​n ​/skuːl/ I’m a student at a language school in Vancouver.
shop assistant   ​n ​/ˈʃɒp əˌsɪstənt/ Kumiko’s a shop assistant.
sister   ​n ​/ˈsɪstə(r)/ She’s Tibor’s sister.
square   ​n ​/skweə(r)/ The restaurant is on Church Square.
station   ​n ​/ˈsteɪʃn/ Madame Tussauds is near Baker Street Station.
street   ​n ​/striːt/ The Metropolitan Opera is on 65th Street.
student   ​n ​/ˈstjuːdnt/ My name is Tai. I’m a student in Hanoi.
tablet   ​n ​/ˈtæblət/ It’s a phone, not a tablet.
taxi driver   ​n ​/ˈtæksi ˌdraɪvə(r)/ Yanni’s a taxi driver.
teacher   ​n ​/ˈtiːtʃə(r)/ She’s a teacher at a language school.
Thailand  ​n ​/ˈtaɪlænd/ They’re in Thailand for a week.
there   ​adv ​/ðeə(r)/ He’s there on business.
these   pron, pl  /ðiːz/ These are my friends, Jana and Milos.
this   pron  /ðɪs/ What’s this in English?
those   pron, pl  /ðəʊz/ Where are those people from?
time   ​n ​/taɪm/ What’s the time?
train   ​n ​/treɪn/ What time is the next train to the university?
umbrella   ​n ​/ʌmˈbrelə/ That’s an umbrella.
university   ​n ​/ˌjuːnɪˈvɜːsəti/ Hannah and David are students at Columbia University.
waiter   ​n ​/ˈweɪtə(r)/ Thierry’s a waiter.
wallet   ​n ​/ˈwɒlɪt/ This is my wallet.
week   ​n ​/wiːk/ I’m in Italy for a week.
who   /huː/ ‘Who’s that?’ ‘It’s my friend, Lynne.’
Numbers 11–100
eleven   /ɪˈlevn/
twelve   /twelv/
thirteen   /ˌθɜːˈtiːn/
fourteen   /ˌfɔːˈtiːn/
fifteen   /ˌfɪfˈtiːn/
sixteen   /ˌsɪksˈtiːn/
seventeen   /ˌsevnˈtiːn/
eighteen   /ˌeɪˈtiːn/
nineteen   /ˌnaɪnˈtiːn/
twenty   /ˈtwenti/
twenty-one   /ˌtwentiˈwʌn/
twenty-two   /ˌtwentiˈtuː/
thirty   /ˈθɜːti/
forty   /ˈfɔːti/
fifty   /ˈfɪfti/
sixty   /ˈsɪksti/
seventy   /ˈsevnti/

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A1 Wordlist Unit 2

eighty   /ˈeɪti/
ninety   /ˈnaɪnti/
a hundred   /ə ˈhʌndrəd/

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