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1. Write comments on the following situations. Use the Past

Perfect Simple as in the model: (4P)
E.g. mum/ phone at home- Helen/ leave for school.
When mum phoned at home, Helen had left for school.

a) Victor/ arrive at school- the classes/ start.

b) Dad/ come home- mum and the children/ have lunch.
c) The teacher/ come into the classroom- the students/ clean
the blackboard.
d) The postman/ ring the bell- Mrs. Brown/ open the door.
e) I / meet Jane- she/ buy that new dress.
f) Tom/ enter the Internet café- the clock/ strike 10 p.m.

2. Choose the most suitable word or phrase for each space.(4P)

A. Where is no room on the bus. There are …a….. people.
a) too many, b) too much, c) not enough
B. I’m still very hungry. There was………food.
a) too much, b) not enough, c) enough
C. Have we got………drinks for this party?
a) enough, b) too many, c) not enough
D. John didn’t buy the CD. It cost……
a) too many, b) enough, c) too much
E. We can’t go to the library today. There is…….money.
a) too many, b) enough, c) not enough
F. Yuk! This sandwich is disgusting. There’s …………salt in it.
a) too much, b) enough, c) too many

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Total: 10