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Water Inquiry

For this inquiry you are to answer three (3) essential questions. Use the sub-
questions to help guide your understanding. Include other important
information along the time line where important.

1) Where does "my" water come from? (from the river to the tap)
• What is Calgary’s watershed? Include a map.
• What tests are done to the water before entering Calgary’s water
system? Describe each tests.
2) What happens to the water when it gets here?
• How much water does an “average” Calgarian use in a day?
• What are the top 3 uses of water in our city?
• List & briefly describe two concerns about water usage.
3) Where does "my" water go? (from the tap to the river)
• How is water prepared to go back into the environment?
• Where does our water end up? Include a map.

You are to make a timeline of events that outline how water travels and
what happens to the water as it travels.
Include visuals where necessary to help enhance information.
This timeline can be digital or physical (paper).
You are allowed to work individually or with a partner.

You may use the following websites to help you in your inquiry:

Government of Alberta's List of links:$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agic7079
Online Reference Centre
AB Govt's Water for Life
Water Quest
City of Calgary Water and Wastewater Website:
City of Calgary Wastewater Treatment Plant
City of Calgary Water Treatment Plant

Name(s) ____________________________________________
Question/Topic: _______________________________________
Inquiry Rubric

Criteri “Needs “Almost “Decent” “Awesome” Score

a Improvement There”

Many major Some Most included Included events
events are events events are are important and
excluded, and included are important or interesting. No /8
too many trivial and interesting. major details are
Conten trivial events major One or two excluded.
t are included. events are major events Answers the
Quality Inquiry is missing may be inquiry
answered with Inquiry is missing. convincingly and
limited ability answered Answers powerfully
vaguely or inquiry
superficially appropriately
The timeline The The timeline The timeline
contains timeline contains at contains at least
minimal contains at least 15 20 events related /4
Quanti events. least 10 events related to the topic being
ty of events to the topic studied
facts related to being studied
the topic
Facts are often Facts are Facts are Facts are
inaccurate for accurate for accurate for accurate for all /4
Accura events most (about almost all events reported
cy of reported on 75%) of the events on the on the timeline.
Conten the timeline. events timeline.
t reported on
Quality - Content lacks - Content - Content is - The content is
of logical does not written/shown presented clearly
Produc sequence of create a with a logical and concisely
t information. strong progression of with a logical
(Cartoo - It does not sense of ideas and progression of
n, enhance the purpose. supporting ideas and /4
Timelin viewing, - It is information. supporting
e, reading, or interesting - It sustains information.
Movie, listening in some the audience’s - Chosen format
Power experience. parts. attention for is very effective
point - Poor choice in - Chosen the most part. in answering the
etc) format and/or format is - Chosen question.
quality of not very format is - The
product convincing appropriate in viewing/listening/
detracts from and is only answering the reading
the answer somewhat question. experiences are
that is effective in enhanced due to
presented. answering visual, audio, and
inquiry other elements
included in the
final product.
Additional comments:

Total /20