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Shaft Power Meter (SPM)

Permanent power measuring system

for fuel / propulsion efficiency

The Shaft Power Meter is the cost effective solution when reliable shaft power measurement is
required. The system is easy to install and requires no electronic parts on the shaft. The system
operates absolutely contact free.

Features Benefits
nnRPM, Torque and Power signals nnEasy installation
nnReliable data nnCost effective
nnFuel / propulsion efficiency nnPlug & play by crew
nnKey component for fuel performance nnNo installation on shaft
system FPS 2.0 nnMaintenance free
nnPLC based system with web based visuali- nnExpandable to fuel performance system
VD 7-951 e 08.2017

zation via Ethernet

nnData storage on SD card
System description

Because of non electronic parts on the shaft the system is maintenance free and absolute robust and reliable.
As a feature of the fuel performance system - FPS 2.0 - it can calculate all important data as well as KPI values
to optimize your ship performance and fuel efficiency and ship propulsion performance.
The Shaft Power Meter can be extended with the fuel performance systen (FPS).
The connection to any ships automation system can be done easily with analog signals (0 / 4-20 mA). Available
outputs are: RPM, Torque (kNm) and Shaftpower (kW) through analog or / and RS485 NMEA signal interface.

Key features
Free space of installation sensor bracket
contactless to shaft (min. 1,5 m)
nnNo electronic parts on the shaft
nnNo wear and tear
nnEasy to install system
nnIncl. 0 / 4-20 mA output for Diameter shaft
rpm, torque & power (optional)

nnOptional display
nnEasy expandable to a Fuel
Performance System (FPS)
Distance ship frame to shaft

nnOptional LCD remote display

nnWeb based configuration /
visualization via Ethernet Bracket with holder for sensors
and converting box

Bracket plate for welding

Installation on ship frame requested

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nnPower supply: 24 VDC

nnPower consuption: >2 A
nnMin / max shaft diameter: 200 / 1200 mm
nnMax speed of shaft: 800 rpm

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