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After receiving a cease and desist notice from the city of Garden Ridge Texas they were sent a reply
response notice informing them that they had no authority to demand I cease and desist using the title
Community Emergency Response Team Garden Ridge Natural Bridge which in no way could be affiliated
with the city of Garden Ridge or show a government running organization of the city of Garden Ridge.
searches were done at both the Secretary of State and the national level for registry of the name Garden
Ridge for protection under law as a registered trademark none could be found. It was further stated
that by using the name Garden Ridge is a geographic location of the physical location of the community
Emergency Response Team was strictly used for identification of a geographical reference separating it
from other community emergency response teams in the Comal County area. It was further stated that
should the city of Garden Ridge Police Department continue to harass Michael Paul all legal remedies
would be sought. Upon receiving from the assistant district attorney in Bexar County a packet of
information supplied to the attorney defending the charge of impersonating a public servant placed
against Michael Paul, Michael Paul found evidence of a bolo produced by Garden Ridge Police
Department notifying other agencies and the General Public that Michael Paul is committing fraud and
all information concerning Michael Paul should be forwarded to either the Garden Ridge Police
Department for the Comal County Sheriff’s Office for investigation. The reply letter to the cease-and-
desist sent by Garden Ridge clearly stated that at no time had any reference ever been made or
inference to be made or presented to anyone reporting the Michael Paul’s Community emergency
response team was in any way affiliated with the city of Garden Ridge yet the police department will put
a bolo making it appear and so Mr. Paul is a criminal committing major fraud on the citizens of the state
of Texas.

Therefore suit to file for damages against the City of Garden Ridge for defamation of character and
injury caused from being falsely arrested based on a notice made by the Garden Ridge Police
Department to the public and bolo to other law enforcement agencies entitled Possible Scam which
was taken to appear as a report of criminal activity even though it’s entitled POSSIBLE scam. The way
the notice is presented with Mr. Paul’s photograph and a statement there is no affiliation with any
EMERGENCY RESPONSE ORGANIZATIONS was an act by the Garden Ridge city and its police force the
interfere with Mr. Paul’s legal right to solicit for donations after he applied for and was granted a Texas
Secretary Of State registration for a Public Service organization to legally solicit for donations. As a
unexpected result the City of Garden Bridge’s action has caused the illegal arrest and detention and
subsequent prosecution in district court against Mr Paul for impersonation of a public servant when I
stopped to offer voluntary assistance to EMERGENCY responders as an act of good Samaritan and not as
an official employed by any governmental authority which is required to respond at all times in all
instances. Where as I would only assist when no other responders had arrived. If the fire department
had arrived first I would ask If any assistance was needed and I if it wasn't would depart the incident. As
a volunteer firefighter who is under no requirement to be licensed in the state of Texas to voluntarily
assist the Community to protect lives and property freely giving of my labors and receiving no
compensation. I DO firmly believe that Garden Ridge was provided the knowledge I was soliciting for
donations from a disclosure of False information from the City of Schertz when a patrol officer testifies
my Brother had informed him I was not affiliated with CERT, I was thr9wn off the team in New
Braunfels, In was told not to solicit f9r money and that I was arrested for it before. My brother said he
did speak with the officer but had never made those statements. After filing a motion for rehearing and
writing a letter to the Schertz Police chief the officer was discharges from the police force and my
rehearing was not granted. I was never allowed to clear my name in open court from the fals3
statements. Because I had never solicited in the City 9f Garden Ridge or in Comal county I was shocked
when I received a cease and desist notice from Garden Ridge who was claiming I was inferring on
other's I was affiliated with the City and that they received several reports of my soliciting in their city. I
sent their attorney a RESPONSE and a notice of my own. These records are attached and are to be
considered as entered into this affidavit in their entirety. These records are the exact records sent to
Garden Ridge. I am attesting und3r penalty of perjury that these statement I make today there 2 of
March, 2018 are true and factual as I know them to be made in the county 9f Bexar, state of Texas.

Respectfully submitted by affiant,

/S/ Michael Thomas Paul

Propia Persona, Suii Iuris, Attorney In Fact

9123 Easy St. San Antonio, Texas 78266-2647

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