Expression of Certainty Nur : I m not in a good mood today. My white shirt is stained.

I think it s better to use it for a cloth or something. Nayla : No! Don t do that. Try my hints. First, put a paper towel under the stain. Then, spray the stain with hair spray. After that, rub the stain gently with a clean cloth. Continue rubbing until the stain is completely gone. Nur : Are you sure? Nayla : Positive! I ve already tried this tip several times and it works for me. Nur : OK then, I ll try it. Thanks so much, Nayla. Procedural Text

Keeping Fit
Wati cares about keeping fit. First of all, she joins health club where she usually exercises after work. Next, she is always careful about her diet. She never eats fast food with lot of fat and sugar. Then, she never smokes cigarettes. Finally, Wati sometimes consumes multivitamins to supply energy because she is a very busy woman. She does a lot of activities all day long. That·s Wati, she tries to keep in shape and stay healthy. 1. What are three things that Wati does to stay healthy? 2. Why does she do all these things? 3. Give your opinion about Wati¶s life style. Match these words with the meaning! care join consume supply shape stay

a. to make something have a particular form. b. to stop in one condition, keeping one condition. c. to feel that something is important d. to eat e. to become a member of something. f. to add or supply something

The paragraphs below are not in correct order. Your job is to arrange them into their correct order. a. Then, move the rope quickly up and down. A wave a. moves along the rope, but the rope itself does not move forward. b. A thin rope, 4 m long a tree or post.

3. To make oriental fried rice. pepper and salt. «««««««««««together onion. d. d. as high as your waist. pepper and salt. c. Be careful when you ««««««onions. Chop up the leeks into very small pieces. tie one end of the rope to a tree or post. if you like. Break in and stir in one or two eggs. Hold the other end and stand about three and a half meters away. First of all. Father ««««««. pour the eggs and green peas.beef and fish in the yard. eggs. pepper and salt.up garlic into a very thin pieces. leeks. 9. At twelve o·clock. Cut up meatballs and chicken fillet into small pieces. «««««««the oil in a frying pan. pour the ground garlic. chillies and terasi. you must «««««««. chicken fillet. How to Make Oriental Fried Rice Preparations: 1. 4. adds a spoonful of oyster sauce. Don·t forget to ««««««««. 5. 1. lettuce and tomato. meatballs. frozen green peas soaked in hot water. Then. 5. First of all. 2. Mrs Woro is very famous for her delicious ««««brownies. Put the leeks into the mixture and a plate of rice. the knife is very sharp. 4. 8. fry the chicken fillet and meatballs.rice for lunch. Fry What do we do fist? What ingredients must we prepare? Why must we grind garlic. 3. 3. 4. b. «««««««. After that. 7. 10. Stir the mixture well.the fried rice with cucumber.. 2. you will need a plate of rice. 5. How to make it: a. garlic. pepper and salt together? What do you do with frozen green peas? How do you chop up the onion leaf? cut chop bake grind peel heat garnish cook grill 1. . Making waves. and a spoonful of oyster sauce. 2. 6. up vegetables into small pieces. Grind together garlic. «««««««««the spices until aromatic. serve oriental fried rice on a plate with hot sauce.c. Finally. ««««««.

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