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Lesson Plan N°:

Course: 6th jrs Teacher:

Book: Date: 19th 21st March

Aim/Lesson Topic:
Use of grammar in context.
Tch hands in cards with different situations in which ss could use the structures that they’re
supposed to know from the previous year. Ss play improvised roles in pairs.
Ss are expected to speak relatively fluently but making mistakes. Tch won’t correct or
interrupt them. However, once they’ve finished speaking the rest of the class brainstorm
ideas to improve the answer. (different structures the speaker could have used)
Warm up: Your friend has terrible stomachache.
(First 15’) You meet a new friend on a study trip and he asks you about your erliest memory
You’re having a pyjama party with friends and they’re all telling stories about memorable
You meet an old friend and start to remember all the things you used to do together.
You have an appointment with a nutritionist for the first time
You and your friend are planning the ideal holidays

UNIT 1: Be extreme!
Extreme Sports: base jumping – free running – rock climbing – skateboarding – skydiving –
windsurfing – bungee jumping – tower running – free diving – ice climbing – bodysurfing –
snowboarding – abseiling – hang-gliding – kayaking –
Vocabulary p. 6: a cliff – waterfall – to ride a wave – to race up – to dive – a diver – to tap –
Class a tap – chest – parachute – to bend / bent / bent – to attach – to beat / beat / beaten –
development to involve + ing
Phrasal verb: to turn back

Ss have already looked the words up, so we play a game with pictures.
Ss stand in two lines and tch shows them pictures. The aim of the game is to go around the
classroom following a coloured path, but they can only move forwards once they correctly
guess the vocabulary. The team whose members complete the path first is the winner. The
other team has to pay forfeit.
Mindfulness activity

Material/Resources: DVD, CD, i tools, IWB software, etc.

Use of photocopies:
St’s book pages: Exercise N°:

Group discussion:
Ending up
Which one is the best/ most difficult- exciting- dangerous of these sports and why?

Workbook p. 4
Tch’s aims

Aim/Lesson Topic:
Warm up: Vocabulary revision:
(First 15’) Tch shows pictures on the TV and ss have to write the correct vocabulary on the board.

Grammar: Present Tenses Review p. 9

Present Simple – Present Continuous – State verbs - Present Simple Passive
Grammar database p. 120


present-simple-p tch plays the video and ss write the answer using the interactive screen.

State verbs (same activity as in 5th Jrs)

Material/Resources: DVD, CD, i tools, IWB software, etc.
Use of photocopies:
St’s book pages: Exercise N°:

Ss are divided in two groups, one for state verbs and one for dynamic verbs; tch has
Ending up
previously hidden sentences in the classroom and other parts of the institute. Ss have to look
for the sentences that match their category.

Oral presentations: Extreme sports.

Writing their opinion about 3 of the extreme sports discussed to present the following class.
(Aply the use of the verb INVOLVE)
Tch’s aims