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PRM – Plant Resource Manager

FieldConnex Advanced Diagnostics

Integrated physical layer diagnostics for fieldbus
Availability + Diagnostics = Predictability
YOKOGAWA + PEPPERL+FUCHS = Process Plant Peak Performance

Plant Resource Manager (PRM) is a Pepperl+Fuchs is the global leader

key platform for the Yokogawa in intrinsic safety interfaces, fieldbus
VigilantPlant Asset Excellence initiative. and HART solutions, remote I/O,
An online and centralized automation AS-Interface, and purge/pressurization
asset management system, PRM helps systems. Our solutions are employed
both operators and maintenance per- in a variety of industries, including oil
sonnel prevent downtime, and reduces and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical,
maintenance costs for operational refining, wastewater management,
excellence. automotive production, and printing
With PRM and intelligent field devices,
operators and maintenance personnel With the most comprehensive line
can monitor the condition of plant of industrial automation products
assets remotely. PRM’s diagnostic available today, Pepperl+Fuchs is
functions detect early signs of uniquely qualified to provide solutions
performance deterioration such for hazardous locations and complex
as valve sticking and impulse applications.
line blocking. By limiting Pepperl+Fuchs is honored to partner
excessive preventive maintenance and with Yokogawa, and looks forward to
enabling more predictive and proactive many more years of success through
maintenance, PRM opens the way to our relationship.
Asset Predictability.
Complete Device Integration via Fieldbus

Simplifying Plant Automation

All field devices connect to the host system via FOUNDATION fieldbus™ H1. This fieldbus transmits data with high
accuracy and power via a single two-wire cable to up to 31 devices per segment. FieldConnex® provides the
infrastructure: power supplies, installation equipment and accessories for a reliable connection between any field
device and the Yokogawa CENTUM system. The entire installation is continuously monitored by the Advanced
Diagnostic Module integrated in the FieldConnex power supply.

Create Benefits for

End Users and Plant Operators

• Minimize installation
• Speed up comissioning
• Increase plant uptime
• Simplify verification of explosion protection

Engineering Companies
• Reduce planning effort
• Eliminate unnecessary engineering
• Document the complete segment for plant hand over

Maintenance Teams
• Plan work proactively
• Reduce number of outages
• Maximize device usage
Case study comparing capital and operational
expenditures with 1,200 instruments:
Fieldbus Diagnostics

without with
Results 4...20 mA ADM ADM

Construction and commissioning

times in man days
46.5 21.5 1.6
Operational maintenance times
in man days
37.5 12.5 1.6

Case study from Pepperl+Fuchs Technical White Paper: “Advanced Online Physical Layer
Diagnostics” 12/2006 #198641

Advanced Physical Layer Diagnostics

The key to superior plant performance: full diagnostics integration

Everyone involved with fieldbus on a process plant

can reduce cost and effort when utilizing Advanced

• Plants go online faster: Segment commissioning – on the

critical path to plant start-up – is reduced by more than
80%. The commissioning wizard automatically creates
comprehensive and accurate documentation for plant
Plant performance depends more and more on up-to-date handover and future reference.
information from field devices. This information organ-
ized in PRM, enables proactive plant upkeep, reduces • No surprises with online warnings and alarms:
maintenance cost and keeps the plant performing at The fieldbus physical layer remains in plain sight – plant
peek levels. To utilize increased asset health information, up-time is increased.
the communication media must run absolutely error free.
• Fieldbus maintenance proactive – with detailed
The Advanced Diagnostic Module (ADM) monitors the diagnostic information available with a few mouse
physical layer health to ensure maximum availability of clicks and without the hassle of handheld tools.
the fieldbus infrastructure. It detects degrading conditions
or faults occurring on the fieldbus itself. It is integrated into
the fieldbus power supply and continuously monitors the
physical layer. Any change in the installation such as a
worsening ground fault caused by water ingress is detected
before the change becomes critical to plant performance.
Intuitive status icons change The Device Viewer window displays
colors depending on the diagnostic real-time diagnostic and trend data for
conditions. Maintenance personnel field devices.
can easily focus on specific seg- Right-click to access full details about the
ments that require attention. physical layer via DTM-Works.

Integration of the ADM in PRM

Monitoring the physical layer is now an integral part of PRM.
And configuration of the ADM is just as easy.

Physical layer in plain sight without the configuration hassle

Now physical layer diagnostics is integrated into the intuitive look and feel of PRM.
Operators and maintenance personnel can get to the right information at the right
time, enabling proactive responses to system messages.

Automated configuration
Software tools read PRM‘s plant engineering data and automatically generate the
configuration for the ADM. The physical layer of the fieldbus as presented by the
ADM now appears as a managable asset in PRM.

Continuous monitoring
The system is now set up for online physical layer diagnostics. From commission-
ing and online monitoring to review and interpretation by maintenance teams,
everything is ready to get the plant started and keep it online. Historian and integrated
oscillosopes are included for in-depth analysis of your fieldbus segments.

Actionable information
The ADM is now fully integrated into PRM. Plant personnel find Operator Guide Message
and Maintenance Guidance Message in the usual places. The FieldConnex® Diagnostic
Manager is only one mouse click away, providing details to the segment in question with
actionable information: data on potential problems and possible remedies.
The Advanced Diagnostic Module

Advanced Diagnostics Module (ADM) for FOUNDATION fieldbus™ by Pepperl+Fuchs

The FieldConnex® Advanced Diagnostic Fieldbus-specific triggers enable the

Module (ADM) for the FieldConnex fieldbus engineer to troubleshoot
Power Hub system provides real-time complex errors that would be
monitoring and local data storage of otherwise hard to find. The ADM
physical layer values for up to four and Diagnostic Manager supply
fieldbus segments. It automatically everything necessary for quick
triggers alarm messages and allows diagnosis and a faster repair time.
easy node commissioning and remote The ADM communicates via the
access for troubleshooting. industry-standard RS485 network to
The Advanced Diagnostic Module, in provide a robust independent network
conjunction with the Diagnostic ensuring that your physical layer
Manager, allows live monitoring from structure is not affected by tools
the control room or remotely by an connected directly to the segment.
off-site fieldbus expert. To aid in Unlike other monitoring systems, ADM
troubleshooting, the ADM offers always remains passive and
specifics on network characteristics independent of the segment. It frees
such as crosstalk/noise, signal up your host inputs and ensures the
jitter, and resonance and can maximum bandwidth is available on
pinpoint exact problems on the each segment, while ensuring the
physical layer. A powerful integrated most accurate monitoring and
oscilloscope provides a detailed view analysis of your fieldbus. It allows
on network communication and sig- access even if the segment is down.
nificantly enhances troubleshooting.
Options to take control of FOUNDATION fieldbus™

Applications and Features

Solution Features and Measurement Selection of Physical Layer Diagnostics

HD2-DM-A Plug-in module for FieldConnex Power Hub system supporting four segments Bulk power health
with remote access Segment voltage and current
DM-AM-KIT Mobile module for single segment check-out and troubleshooting Ground leakage or fault
KT-MB-DMA Stand-alone module and motherboard for upgrade of any fieldbus segment Segment noise
DTM-FC.AD* Diagnostic Manager – Professional Edition Device signal level
for the FieldConnex Advanced Diagnostic Module Signal polarity
Signal jitter
- Wizard for commissioning including automated documentation
- Detailed measurements and monitoring per device and segment Selection of communication statistics
- Integrated oscilloscope for detailed view and troubleshooting Segment live list
- Remote diagnostics included CRC error counter (Cyclic Redundancy Check)
Frame error counter
Approved plugin for PRM ver 3.02 and FieldMate R1.02.10
Number of received frames

Advanced Diagnostic Mobile Advanced Stand-alone Diagnostic FieldConnex Power Hub

Module HD2-DM-A Diagnostic Module Module KT-MB-DMA with special plug-in con-
integrated into the DM-AM-KIT for upgrading existing nectors for PRM.
FieldConnex® Power Hub available for single fieldbus systems Integrated Advanced
segment monitoring Diagnostic Module.
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