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Lesson Plan N°:

Course: Teacher:
Book: Date:

Aim/Lesson Topic:
Question revision
Warm up:
One ss comes to the front and the tch shows a picture of a character.
(First 15’)
The rest of the class has to guess the characters by asking questions.
Developing writing skills

Tch hands in a photocopy with true or false activities and shows a power point presentation
with a composition describing a character. While they listen, ss have to cross true or false.
After each paragraph, tch asks ss about the information included in them.

Tch gives ss a fact- file of a character and they work in pairs writing a composition similar to
the one on their compositions’ booklet.
Paragraph 1
Who is he/ she?
How old is he/ she?
Where is he/ she from?
Physical Description.
Brothers? Sisters? Pets?
Can / can’t.
Paragraph 2
What time does he/ she get up on a school day?
What does he/ she usually have for breakfast?
What does he/ she do after school?
What time does he/ she go to bed?

Tch supervises every work team and provides the necessary help.

Material/Resources: DVD, CD, i tools, IWB software, etc.

Use of photocopies:
St’s book pages: Exercise N°:
1 Together with the children draw a ‘snake-track’, which is a simple long line with a start
and a finish, on a large board. Make one for every 4-8 children. Along the line draw black
dots (about 50) and colour every seventh dot red. Put the counters at the start, one for each
child. The object of the game is to be the first player to reach the finish.
2 Make 20-30 picture cards with people on for each group.You can use magazine pictures
or the children can draw them.
1 Put the children into groups of 4-8. In turn, the children roll the dice and move their
counters along the track.
Ending up
2 If a child lands on a red dot, he or she takes a card and turns it face up for everyone to
see. The child then describes the person on the card, giving as many details as possible, for
example, This is a man. He's 43years old. He’s got brown eyes and short hair. He’s wearing
jeans and a T-shirt. The child may move his or her counter one dot forward for every correct
sentence. Allow a maximum of five sentences per person. If the child makes a mistake, he or
she must move his or her counter one dot back.
3 The game is over when a player has reached the finish or when all the cards have been

Homework: Booklet P 1 and 2

Tch’s aims

Aim/Lesson Topic:
Recycling questions.
What does…… like?
Warm up: What is….. like?
(First 15’) Tch reminds ss the structure of the questions by asking one by one What are you like? What
do you like?
Then, ss work in pairs asking each other about different characters.

Tch introduces countries using the World Cup 2018 theme.

*Countries: Singapore – Spain – Canada – Japan – England – India – Scotland – Kenya –

Class Australia – France – Mexico – The USA (for recognition)
Tch sticks flashcards of the flags shaped as football t-shirts on the board and asks ss if they
know what countries they are. Once they complete the names of the countries, ss colour
the flags and match with the corresponding country on their notebooks.
Consolidation activity: Ss memorize the spelling of the countries and play hangman on the

Material/Resources: DVD, CD, i tools, IWB software, etc.

Use of photocopies:
St’s book pages: Exercise N°:
Spelling competition:
Ending up Ss are divided n groups and play a spelling competition. Every time they make a mistake,
activity every child has to dance the hockey pokey
Composition 1
Tch’s aims

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