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Stockpile & Cut-off Module

Four-X Analyser™
The module re-schedules the mining sequence,
Maximise Economic Performance taking into account all the constraints and setting
Four-X Analyser is a suite of strategic mine
in Four-X Analyser and optimising the stockpile
planning tools designed for professional mine
utilisation and cut-off strategy. The process uses
planners. There is a growing range of modules
a Whittle adaptation of the Lane approach to
which can be added to Analyser, further
stockpile and cut-off optimisation.
increasing its performance and utility.
It can be used to:
The Stockpile & Cut-off Module provides
comprehensive grade-stockpile and cut-off • Determine the optimum usage of grade

optimisation with the objective of maximising stockpiles in order to maximise NPV.

NPV. • Determine the optimum cut-off strategy for
This module allows a stockpile and cut-off maximisation of NPV.
optimisation to be performed on a mining The use of stockpile and cut-off optimisation can
sequence produced in Four-X Analyser, or lead directly to improved NPV.
imported into the system.
The stockpile and cut-off module includes a
whole value chain model, extending its
use beyond optimisation, to a vast
range of ‘what-if’ analysis and
advanced design techniques.
Professional mine
designers can experiment
with different stockpile,
processing and mining
configurations and rapidly
analyse the impact on
different parts of the
value chain and the total
economic impact.
Advanced techniques
include the optimisation
of comminution functions
and autoclave times.
The simple operation of
this module belies the
analytical potential it
provides mine designers.

Foundation Modular and Scalable

Project management
Stockpile & Cut-off is just one of a growing range
Data importation
of advanced modules which can be added to the
Stockpile & Cut -off Opt.

Model manipulation
Discounted Pit Shells
Push Back Chooser
Express NPV Output

Advanced Analysis

Foundation architecture of Four-X Analyser. This

Buffer Stockpiles
Milawa Algorithm

Multi -analysis
Push Back 50

Pit slope modelling

Multi -element

Mining Width

scalable approach allows the Four-X AnalyserTM


Pit optimization

Economic /
strategic mine planning suite to adapt and evolve
Analysis and graphs with individual users requirements. A whole new
Data export range of mine planning analysis possibilities is now
3D interactive model
visualisation available to mine planning professionals.

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