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Education Undergraduate Society

University of Lethbridge
4401 University Drive West
Lethbridge, AB T1K 3M4

November 6th, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

The Education Undergraduate Society arranges and provides Professional Development

workshops for education students at the University of Lethbridge. This letter is written at the
request of Alana Millard who attended the following seminars during the months of
September, October, and November of 2017:

Stephen Dann: “Lego Serious Play”

Want to learn how to incorporate Lego into your classroom? Stephen Dann, a visiting professor who is
certified instructor in Lego Serious Play, will provide students with a short experience that shows the
power of metaphor through Lego Serious Play.

Laurie Hawkins: “Living and Working Overseas: Life as an Expatriate Educator?”

Have you ever considered teaching in another country, perhaps overseas, but never really knew the
process to do such? Then this PD session is for you! Laurie Hawkins has been an International educator
for 21 years serving as a teacher, school administrator, recruiter, presenter, and Director. Laurie will
talk about the different kinds of International Schools, opportunities for Professional Development,
recruitment, salary and benefits, non-residency status, and some of the joys and challenges of immersion
in a country far different than home!

Kristina Larkin: “Using your Education Degree Outside the Classroom: An intro to Community
While we are all passionate about education as B.Ed. students, not all of us feel a calling to the
classroom, or don’t find the right opportunity right away. There are many different opportunities to use
your education to support learning among children, youth, and adults in community and non-traditional
settings, where an Education degree is a valuable asset. Learn about pathways for educators who are
considering pursuing their passions outside the walls of a school, from the experience of Kristina Larkin,
a Uleth B.Ed. graduate engaged in community education.

Chris Mattatall: “Lessons I Learned in Prison: Teaching, Learning and the Human Condition”
Dr. Chris Mattatall spent six years in a maximum-security youth prison as a teacher and creator a black
light theatre company that toured the province with young offenders. Come and listen as Dr. Mattatall—
storyteller and teacher—shares insight into how prison shaped his understanding of teaching, learning and
the human condition. During this PD Session, we will also be celebrating World Teachers’ Day!
Jillian McGinley- “Reducing Stress Yoga Session”
Feeling overwhelmed with assignments? Having a hard time focusing? Do you know what will help?
YOGA! Come and join us with a relaxing yoga session provided by our EUS/ULSU representative, Jillian

Ever Active Schools: “Health and Wellness Initiatives in Schools”

Ever Active Schools is an initiative that assists school communities in creating healthy school
communities. Through fostering social and physical environments that support improving the health and
learning outcomes of students in Alberta. Join Brian Torrance as he discusses an overview of
comprehensive school health and dig down into some specific health and wellness initiatives in schools.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at
or at (403) 329-2442.


Leah Benson
Director of Professional Development
Education Undergraduate Society
University of Lethbridge