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Search Dawnguard Scyir - Retribution Solo

Ranking above Captains and

Thanes, Scyirs are trusted to
Models listed by Faction lead large, mixed task forces
Models listed by Expansion that include all branches of
List of Spells their own order as well as
List of Special Abilities other warriors of the
Retribution. Most are sons and
daughters of nobility who have
proven themselves to be the
elite of the elite, the pinnacle
of Dawnguard martial
Cryx coordination, with tremendous
skill at coordinating
myrmidons alongside their
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Protectorate of Menoth myrmidons alongside their
Retribution of Scyrah subordinate soldiers.
Convergence of Cyriss
Four Star Syndicate Basic Info
Highborn Covenant
Puppet Masters
Searforge Commission
Talion Charter
SPD Above Average
MAT High
RAT Below Average
DEF Average
ARM Above Average
CMD High
Hitpoints Medium Solo
Circle Orboros Base size Small
Legion of Everblight
Weapons and Attacks
Blindwater Congregation Greatsword - An average P+S weapon, made better by the Flank bonus (see below).
Thornfall Alliance Reach

Special Abilities
Commander - With his high command he will make sure everyone stays in place.
'Jack Marshal - He can take some myrmidons and ease focus strain and/or provide
independent support.
Newbie Page Coordinated Strike - The Scyir and any myrmidons he's marshalling ignore
Faction Overview Dawnguard models when drawing LOS and may move through them.
General Strategies Drive: Reroll - Lets his myrmidons re-roll a missed attack.
Scenario Play Flank [Retribution Warjack] - Bonus to hit and damage when attacking something
Tournament Analysis
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Tournament Analysis engaged by one of your myrmidons.
Army List Builders Iron Sentinel - Gain a DEF and ARM bonus when next to a myrmidon.
Army List Archive
Theme Forces
Glossary of Abbreviations Thoughts on the Dawnguard Scyir

Dawnguard Scyir in a nutshell

The Dawnguard Scyir is a melee combat solo that provides excellent command support for
Rules for Editors troops. He is also meaty and pretty tough to kill for his cost. The Scyir and his marshaled
Pages which need work myrmidon (usually a Griffon) should be able to kill other light 'jacks and beasts on their own.
How can I help?
How to Edit The Scyir benefits from myrmidons with Reach, both under him and under his caster, to gain
Donate his Flank bonus. He works well with most of Retribution's infantry, providing CMD to save
you from Abominations and their ilk. If you're not running a high CMD warcaster, consider
Other bringing a Scyir to keep your units from fleeing. The Scyir is very good in melee when
Mk I Archive flanking an allied myrmidon, and tough to kill when gaining his bonus from Iron Sentinel.
Terrain Archive Since the Scyir is often a low priority model, he will often get his damage out for multiple
rounds, gaining back his points quite easily. He has pretty good threat range for a melee
solo, with high speed and reach. Use him to clear out jamming models with his high MAT
(especially if flanking).

Though many do not find value in the Scyir anymore, he and a Griffon are still good for their
points. Try before you buy.

Combos & Synergies

Griffon - is every Scyir's best friend. Reroll helps ensure the Griffon does its damage.
Reach helps ensure the Scyir gets his flank. Both together are quite durable for their
Stormfall Archers, Houseguard Halberdiers, HouseGuard Riflemen - these units have
low CMD, so benefit greatly from his high CMD and Commander.
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Thyron - Thyron has this spiffy new buff called Storm Rager. Apply liberally for high
mat high pow weapon master substitutes. Sure there are better targets, but he's still a
great one. May want to keep his Myrmidon under Thyron though for the cleave.
Garryth - for some odd reason, Garryth has pretty low CMD. A Scyir will let him
attack Abominations without fear.

Tricks & Tactics

The Scyir is also a Dawnguard, so his marshaled myrmidon will be able to run/charge
over him. Also works with Dawnguard Destor Thanes.
The Scyir gains Flank from any myrmidon, not just his marshaled one, so be sure to
send in a battlegroup myrmidon first, then send the Scyir in to flank that myrmidon
and use Reroll, then send in his marshaled myrmidon.
Be sure to end in base to base with at least one myrmidon for your Iron Sentinel

Drawbacks & Downsides

His ARM is a little low without Iron Sentinel, so he has been known to take a shot
and leave his myrmidon inert.
Very dependent on order of activation for both his Flank and Drive:Reroll. He is not
great against Haley2, for example.
Without something to Flank, he is not doing enough damage, so he is quite
dependent on keeping Myrmidons alive.


Theme Forces this is a member of

Issyria1 - Dawnbringers
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Vyros1 - Dawn's Talon
Vyros1 - Legions of the Dawn
Vyros2 - Guardians of the Gate


################## Retribution Index

Warcasters Garryth - - Issyria - - Kaelyssa
- - Ossyan - - Rahn - - Ravyn -
- Thyron - - Vyros 1 - - Vyros
Warjacks - Light Aspis - - Chimera - - Gorgon -
(Light Myrmidion) - Griffon
Warjacks – Heavy Banshee - - Daemon - - Hydra
(Heavy Myrmidion) - - Manticore - - Phoenix - -
Discordia - - Hypnos - -
Warjacks - Colossals Helios - - Hyperion
(Colossal Myrmidion)
Units Dawnguard Destors - -
Dawnguard Invictors (UA) - -
Dawnguard Sentinels (UA) - -
Battle Mages - - Houseguard
Halberdiers (UA) - -
Electromancers - - Heavy Rifle
Team - - Houseguard Riflemen
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(UA) - - Mage Hunter
Infiltrators (UA) - - Mage
Hunter Strike Force (UA) (UA)
- - Stormfall Archers
Special Weapon Attachment:
Soulless Escort
Special Unit Attachment:
Solos Arcanist - - Dawnguard
Destor Thane - - Dawnguard
Scyir - - Ghost Sniper - -
Artificer - - Magister - -
Houseguard Thane - - Mage
Hunter Assassin - - Soulless
Eiryss1 - - Eiryss2 - - Skeryth
Issyen - - Narn - - Nayl
Warcaster Attachment: Sylys
Journeyman Warcaster: Elara
Battle Engines Arcantrik Force Generator


Retribution Mercenary
Mercenary None at present
Mercenary Different types of
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Warjacks Mercenary warjacks
can only be taken by
specific Mercenary
models ... which means
there's too many
permutations to list
here (in any sort of
meaningful way).

However, note that the

following Retribution
mercenary models can
warjacks/warbeasts (in
addition to the
Mercenary Warcasters
listed above):
Dahlia Hallyr &
Mercenary Nyss Hunters • Lady
Units Aiyana & Master Holt
Mercenary Lanyssa Ryssyll •
Solos Madelyn Corbeau •
Dahlia Hallyr &

Note: To field a mercenary warcaster with Retribution (ha ha ha ha), you need to
be playing a game which allows 2 (or more) warcasters.

Or see the Retribution Theme Forces

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