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Models listed by Faction

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List of Spells
List of Special Abilities

Dawnguard Sentinels charge into the enemy as an overwhelming tide of cleaving blades.
These heavily armored knights use their great swords to expertly carve through any
Cryx adversary willing to stand against them. Sentinels embody sheer determination in flesh and
steel and view themselves as the timeless essence of their order.

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Protectorate of Menoth
Retribution of Scyrah Statistics
Convergence of Cyriss
Dawnguard Sentinel stats are about what you'd expect for heavy(ish) infantry: slow speed for
Retribution troops, high MAT, average DEF and slightly above average ARM.
Four Star Syndicate
Highborn Covenant
Puppet Masters Weapons and Attacks
Searforge Commission
Great Sword – A fairly standard average P+S weapon on its own, but its special
Talion Charter
abilities make it outstanding. On a charge, they can take out light warjacks/warbeasts
and maybe the odd heavy!
Weapon Master

Special Abilities
Defensive Line – Arrange your Dawnguard in small clumps or triangles with the odd
Circle Orboros model behind and a slight gap between the front two so everyone can attack. This
Legion of Everblight
way, you have to lose two Dawnguard to lose the ARM bonus.
Trollbloods 'Jack Marshal – Useful when you consider the number of myrmidon options the
Minions Retribution has compared to infantry. Because the Sentinels (unlike the Invictors)
Blindwater Congregation don't have Flank, this is mostly useful to remove some focus strain off your warcaster,
Thornfall Alliance unless you take the Sentinel UA as well.

Available Attachments
UA: Officer & Standard Bearer
WA: Soulless Escort

Newbie Page
Thoughts on the Dawnguard Sentinels
Faction Overview
General Strategies
Dawnguard Sentinels are a
Scenario Play
specialized heavy melee unit. They
Tournament Analysis
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Tournament Analysis
are a bit on the slow side compared
Army List Builders
to other Retribution units, but what
Army List Archive
they lack in speed they make up for
Theme Forces
in power. Defensive Line keeps them
Glossary of Abbreviations
pretty safe from blasts and grants a
58% chance to survive a typical
POW 10 shot, giving them a good
chance to actually use those wicked
Rules for Editors blades. They're still single-damage
Pages which need work infantry though, so avoid models
How can I help? with Sniper or other auto-damaging
How to Edit effects.
Their 'Jack Marshal ability adds some
Other strategic value to the unit, though
Mk I Archive
their lack of a specialized Drive or
Terrain Archive
Flank limits its usefulness. Still, it's
quite powerful with their unit

Inviolable Resolve boosts their already high ARM (granting a wonderful 83% chance to
survive POW 10 hits).

Vyros 2
The ARM bonus Deflection gives against magical- and ranged attacks can help the Sentinels
survive until they get into melee. Twister can help block line of sight to the Sentinels so they
cannot be shot by AoE's turn one or two

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Mirage adds to their threat range, sometimes just enough to make the difference between
getting and receive a charge. It also combines nicely with the Sentinel UA's granted

Quicken increases their threat range and adds some survivability against ranged attacks.
Shatter Storm may seem strange on a melee unit, but Reach lets them pop targets from safe
distance; good against swarms of closely-packed models (just make sure you resolve your
attacks in the right order).

Kinetic Field grants additional ARM against ranged attacks; what's not to like?

House Syheel Artificer

Force Barrier gives them more DEF against shooting and immunity to blast damage, which is
potentially game-breaking against an army relying on shooting or deviating AOEs.

Inviolable Resolves gives them a good ARM boost and fearless, and Crusader's Call gives
them a good boost to threat range when charging, which can be very usefull due to their small

Theme Forces this is a member of

Issyria1 - Dawnbringers
Vyros1 - Dawn's Talon
Vyros1 - Legions of the Dawn
Vyros2 - Guardians of the Gate
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################## Retribution Index

Warcasters Garryth - - Issyria - - Kaelyssa -
- Ossyan - - Rahn - - Ravyn - -
Thyron - - Vyros 1 - - Vyros 2
Warjacks - Light Aspis - - Chimera - - Gorgon - -
(Light Myrmidion) Griffon
Warjacks – Heavy Banshee - - Daemon - - Hydra - -
(Heavy Myrmidion) Manticore - - Phoenix - - Sphinx
Discordia - - Hypnos - -
Warjacks - Colossals Helios - - Hyperion
(Colossal Myrmidion)
Units Dawnguard Destors - -
Dawnguard Invictors (UA) - -
Dawnguard Sentinels (UA) - -
Battle Mages - - Houseguard
Halberdiers (UA) - -
Electromancers - - Heavy Rifle
Team - - Houseguard Riflemen
(UA) - - Mage Hunter
Infiltrators (UA) - - Mage Hunter
Strike Force (UA) (UA) - -
Stormfall Archers
Special Weapon Attachment:
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Soulless Escort
Special Unit Attachment:
Solos Arcanist - - Dawnguard Destor
Thane - - Dawnguard Scyir - -
Ghost Sniper - - Artificer - -
Magister - - Houseguard Thane
- - Mage Hunter Assassin - -
Soulless Voidtracer
Eiryss1 - - Eiryss2 - - Skeryth
Issyen - - Narn - - Nayl
Warcaster Attachment: Sylys
Journeyman Warcaster: Elara
Battle Engines Arcantrik Force Generator


Retribution Mercenary
Mercenary None at present
Mercenary Different types of
Warjacks Mercenary warjacks can
only be taken by specific
Mercenary models ...
which means there's too
many permutations to list
here (in any sort of
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meaningful way).

However, note that the

following Retribution
mercenary models can
warjacks/warbeasts (in
addition to the
Mercenary Warcasters
listed above):
Dahlia Hallyr &
Mercenary Nyss Hunters • Lady
Units Aiyana & Master Holt
Mercenary Lanyssa Ryssyll •
Solos Madelyn Corbeau •
Dahlia Hallyr &

Note: To field a mercenary warcaster with Retribution (ha ha ha ha), you need to be
playing a game which allows 2 (or more) warcasters.

Or see the Retribution Theme Forces


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