There shall be 20 papers in Honours in Three Years I I

Degree course, two papers each in semester I, semester II, semester III and semester IV and twelve papers in the 3rd year, six each in semester V and semester VI. Each paper canies 50

i i


marks out of which 40 marks set in the University Examination and 10 marks in the. Internal Assessment test. +3 FIRST YEAR ARTS SEMESTER-I. PAPER~ (AH-1.1.1)


Time - 2Hours

There shall be three units and candidates are required


to answeron~ longquestion from each unit along with an annotation from the drama text in Unit-III. The questions shall have alternatives.Marks are given againsteach unit.





.. Unit~

History Utermure of
(FrornRenaissance to Eighteenth century)-12 marks . : Forms of Literature ;.12 marks (Basics of Poetry, Drama and Novel: different forms of ..



PO$y, Dramaand Novel). ' Unit~1I (A) Shakespeare-TwelfthNight


Ben Jonson-Volpone- 11marks (8) One annotationwith alternatives 5 marks





Hudson. iii.mileLegouis. I. The following poems are to be studied: i.A ENGUSH(HONOURS) .An Introduction the Study of Literature to 5.1. ii. and published byDepartment of EngOsh.2) POETRY FM-10 + 40 TIME.A Historyof EnglishLiterature 3. Albert.H.A Study of Literature H.Shakespearean Comedy - (i)The'Anatomyof Poetry 00 The AnatomyofDrama PAPER-II(AH-1.1 Unit-l Heard Melodiesed.J. W.COURSES OF STUDIES Suggested Reading: 1. Rees .. Allthe World'sa Stage On HavingArrivedat the Age ofTwentythree AValediction:Forbidding Mouming UponW~stminsterBridge B.' S. Sengupta .2 Hours' There shallbe three units and candidates are required to answer one longquestion fromeach unitalongwithan annotation fromthe poems inUnit-I. R.A ~istory of Englishliterature 4.C. iv.A Historyof EnglishLiterature E.Shakespearean Comedy' MatjorieBoulton 7. 6. . Legouiand Cazamian .B. Marksare given against each unit.The questions shall have alternatives. 2. Ravenshaw University.Charlton.

M. BooksSuggested 1.. 3. COURSES OF STUDIES v. Ode to the West.AENGUSH (HONOURS) . preferably Iambic or Trochaic metre. GrahamHough Romantic Poets BhabatoshChatterjee. 4.Scansion of a passage of poetry. C.. Unit-lf< Rhetoric and Prosody Rhetoric {Simile. (Four lines) ..Bowra Romantic Imagination 2.--.~ Epithet. 6. Chakravarty. Metaphor Metonymy. Synea:toChe. vi.4 marks. explain any four carrying2 markseach.. Prosody. and Alliteration)Candidates are required to .Rhetoric and Prosody . - B. Wind To Autumn The candidates are required to answer one long question carrying 11 marks and an annotation from the poems carrying 5 marks in this unit.The Mind andArt of John Keats W8$hennari-John Keats BernardBtackstone. Oxymoran. Unit-ll John Keats -The Eve of St. TRIfIIfe. Pe~. . Hypelbote. 5.The ConsecratedUrn M. Agnes' One long question from the text carrying 12 marks.

. G.Martowe the Overreacher M. (Negative Capability. HISTORY LITERATURE. Objective 12marks Correlative. History of Literature Books as suggested in Paper-I Boris Ford. Unit-III LiteraryandCriticalTerms DisSociation of Sensibility. 4.The Modem Writer and His Wortd E.". Bardley .Elizabethan Wortd Picture 5.Affedive FallaC?'. Wilson Knight . 7. ed. OF TIME. A. 3. Tillyard . Pathetic FaJla~.ShakespeareanTragedy 6.PeliCan History of English Literature Vol. . Abrahms A Glossary of Uterary Terms A Dictionary of Uterary Terms BA ENGUSH (HONOURS) .C. Books Suggested 1. 2.2.Fraser . .JI Or.W. Hours 2 CmT~ALTERMSANDTRAGEDY FM-10+40 Unit-l Unit. Intentional Fallacy.H. Shakespeare -Othello Martowe -Edward II One long question from the drama text canying 11 marks and an annotation from the texts canying 5 marks. .S. 8. Modem period) One long question canying 12 marks.Wheel of Fire Heny Levin .) Questions shall havealtematives.-7 G. Historyof Literature(fromthe Ageof Romantics to .3) .. COURSES OF~TUDIES SEMESTER-II PAPER III (AH:'1.M.

4) POETRYANDFICTION FM. .EnochArden One long question carrying 12 marks is to be answered - in this unit. 2. Lord Tennyson. Questions shall havealtematives. AlexanderPope The Rape ofthe Lock. by the Departmentof English) The following poems areto be studied: TlME. Swift -Gullivel's Travels.A ENGUSH (HONOURS) .2.. 3.The questionsshall have altemat!'!~.Alexander Pope Walter Allen . PAPERIV(AH-1. Ulysses' DoverBeach TheDarkling Thrush PiedBeauty.English Novel. Unit"l. 6. 5.10+40 Unit-I Heard Melodies(ed. 4... 3. Unit-III Or.2 Hours 1. Robinson Crusoe One long question carrying 12 marks is to be answered in this unit. Dawnat Puri A River One long question from the poems carryin9'11marks and an annotation carrying 5 marks are to be answered from this unit.. 000 B.Book I & Book II Daniel Defoe. Books Suggested 1. 2.. Alternative questions shall be set from each text. er.o!:::: COURSES OF STUDIES . Ian Jack. Augustan Satire George Tillotson .

R.2 Hours There shall be three units and the carldidates are reQl. Unlt-. Bogard. - From Ibsen to Brecht Drama: Critical Essays .Modem J. carrying equal mark.3. Shaw Sl Joan Or Galsworthy: Justice - Unit':'U Ibsen An Enemy of the People - Or John Osborne .oj / COURSES OF STUDIES +3 SECOND YEAR SEMESTER-III (PAPER-2. Taylor-Anger and After B.40 TIME. ed.5) (DRAMA) FM.ired to answer one question from each unit.Tara Or Vijay Tendulkar .Look Back in Anger Unit-III Mahesh Dattani .A ENGUSH (HONOURS) . Questions shall have altematives.S8kharam Binder Books Suggested Raymond Williams .

My Days Unit-III (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Indian EssayistsA Call to Youth. B.M. Gandhi Books Suggested .Nirad Choudhury Freedom .~. Gandhi. Radhakrishnan What is Culture-Nehru My Mother.- --- ------ COURSES OF STUDIES (PAPER-2. canying equal marks.J. each unit (three in totaOis to be answered. Friendship.My Experiments with Truth Or R. K.I Bacon .40 TIME. Of ..K Narayan .3.6) (ESSAYS & BIOGRAPHY) FM.Dr.Krishnamurty The Great Sentinel. Of Marriage) Unit-II .Essays (Of Adversity. - .Seventeenth Century Background Hugh Walker .A ENGUSH(HONOURS) .2 Hours There shall be three units and one long question from .Essays and Essayists Basil Willy . Unit. Of Studies... Of Power.

r-- / !"" .Pride and Prejudice Or Emile Bronte .A Handful of Rice Sooks Suggested Walter Allen .AENGUSH (HONOURS) . Narayan .K. carrying equal marks.Wuthering Heights Unit-II.A Tale of Two Cities Or .. .- / COURSES OF STUDIES SEMESTER. Wright-Jane Austen B. Dickens .2 Hours There shall be three units and candidates are required to answer one question from each unit. Hardy The Woodlanders R..4. FM-40 Marks TIME.English Novel Andrew H.7) (NOVEL) .English Teacher - Unit-III Or Kamala Markandaya -.IV (PAPER-2. Unit-I Jane Austen .

Questions have alternatives.Thomas Hardy H. .EariyVictorian Novelists David Cecil.S. K.R. Duffin.The IronicVision I ~ (PAPER-2.Thomas.8) (ESSAYS) FM.Hardy .4. Essays -.lyengaar-lndian Writings in English M.K Naik... ~nit-I Modem Essays (Publishedby Orient Longman) The folloWingpieces to be studied - (1) (2) (3) "- What I Belieye Indifference Our Home in SpaCe India's Contributionto Wor1dunity What I found in my Pocket Emerson's. (4) (5) Unit-II (1) Self-Reliance B.. They !:!!iTy equalmarks.. COURSESOFSnJDlES David Cecil.40 TlME-2 Hours Candi~ates shall answer three questions choosing one shall frQmeach unit.C. .AENGLISH (HONOURS) .

V (PAPER. The Secorid Coming.40 TIME. Ramanujan. Leda and the Swan. Kamala Das.. Unit-I Eliot's Poems (Love Song of Alfred J Prufrock.2 Hours Candidates shall answer three questions.' .B. Derozio & Dom Moraes poemsto be selected) - BA ENGLISH(HONOURS) . Marina) W.Jay~nt Mohapatra. The HollowMen./' COURSES OF STUDIES (2) . Yeats (Sailing to Byzantium. Rhapsody on a Windy Night. canying equal marks. Johnson .9) (POETRY) FM. Among School Children) Unit-II Unit-III Indian Poets (Ezekiel.5.Essay on Milton +3 THIRD YEAR ARTS SEMESTER. Compensation PoJitics (3) Unit-III Dr. one from ea~ unit.3.

40 TlME.2 Hours Candidates shall answer three questions.A Reader's Guide to W. FM. Eliot Elizabeth Drew .S. equal marks.e. CRITICISM) .A ENGUSH(HONOURS) .heLast Romantics T. Eliot: The Design of His Poetry Graham Hough . one from each unit carrying altematives.The Poetry and Plays of T. Yeats Bruce King.T. Old English Practical Criticism of a poem Report writingl script writing B.The Lonely Tower Untercker .Three Indian Poets (PAPER-3~.II Unit-III Language groups.5.COURSES OF STUDIES Books Suggested Grover Smith .T.10) (LANGUAGE GROUPS AND PRACTICAL .S.R.Henn . Questions shall have Unit-I Unit.

' equal marks.Practical (PAPER-3.A ENGLISH (HONOURS) ..COURSES OF STUDIES Books Suggested A.. '. one from each shall have.Advanced VerSe' Criticism .Baugh .11) (NOVEL) FM.III Saul Bellow ..The Victim .1 E. carrying altematives'.M Forster'.A Passage 'to India' Or George Eliot -Silas Marner .~A History of English Language .40 C8ndidatCi'sshall an~rthree unit. So Many Hungers B.5. ' " Mosby and Thomas Appreciation Cox an.Wife Fall Apart Unit. Questions Unit. Or Bharati Mukherjee Unit-III Chinua Achebe -Things Or Bhabani Bhattacharya. Time-2Hours questions.d Dyson .C.

They shall write two shortnotes in Unit-IIcarrying 5 marks each.12) (DRAM~) FM. .The Importance of Being Ernest .~ .Ebam Indrajit . .. one from each unit.A ENGUSH (HONOURS) .-.The Or Dumb Waiter Unit -Iii Girish Kamad . Questions shall have alternatives.Badal Sircar (PAPER-3.13) (LITERARY ESS~Y & COMPOSITION) The candidates are required to write a literary essay in Unit-Icarrying 20 marks.Maugham-Sheppey Unit. Questions shall have alternatives..S.Jestions.40 Time.All My Sons Or Harold Pinter .2Hours The candidates shall answer three ql. B.5. Or W.II Arthur Miller.. Unit-IIIcarries 10 marks. COURSESOFSTUDIES (P~P~-3.5. carrying equal marks.Hayavadana . Unit-I Oscar Wilde . .

Preface to LyricalBallads Matthew Arnold . Expressionism. III.A History of Literary Criticism Ge"orge Watson - Literary Critics B. II. Unit-I Unit-II Unit-III Aristotle's POfJtics(Chapters I. carrying alternatives.14) (CRITCISM) .5.A ENGUSH(HONOURS) . one from each unit.H. Questions shall have Candidates shall answer three questions. FM-40 Unit-I Unit-II Unit-III " DialOgue WritiAg/Story Building.from S. (PAPER-3. Oedipus Complex. Stream af Consciousness. COURSESOFSTUDIES TIME-2 Hours Literary Essay Short notes on Modernism. FM-40 TIME-2 Hou~ equal marks.Thl:t Study of Poetry Books Suggested Wimsatt and Brooks . Butcher's edition) Wordsworth ." . Naturalism.

Narasimahiah.hitman W 'How Beautiful is the Rain.COURSES OF STUDIES SEMESTER-VI (PAPER-3.Wallace Stevens Because I could not Stop for Death. one from each unit.MargaretAtwood.D.e Red Wheel Barrow.Longfellow .6.15) POETRY FM-40 Marks Time-2 Hours Candidates shall answer three questions.Dooryard Bloomed. .William Carlos William Unit-II An Anthology of CommonwealthPoetry-edC.Emily Dickinson Th.After Applepicking.A ENGLISH(HONOURS) .~obert Frost. (Poems to be selected) Dereck Walcot Unit-III Precis I Notemaking B.Judith Wright. Questions shall have alternatives. carrying equal marks. Peter Porter. Leopald Sedar. Unit-I Lilacsthe. Anecdote of a Czar.

BIOGRAPH¥-& SHORT STORY) FM.6. Practical criticismof a prose passage" Creative writing (Writing a poem or a story) Books Sumested . A. M.A ENGUSH (HONOURS) ~ . Baugh . Unit-I Sefore the Footlight . Questions shall have alternatives. ayar.Questions shall have alternativ~.COURSES OF STUDIES (PAPER-3.40 Marks " TIME.ed.16) (LANGUAGE AND COMPOSITION) FM.C. Unit-I Unit-II Unit-III Mid~le English. carrying equal marks.G. N The Never Never Nest .<1) B. carrying equal marks..17) (ONE-ACT PLA'Y. one fromeach unit. . Post Renaissance Borrowings. one from each unit.2 Hours Candidates shall answer three questions.40-Marks TlME-2 Hours Candidates shall answer three questions.Advanced Prose Appreciation (PAPER-3.A History of English Language Mosby and Thomas .6.

Riders to t~e sea.A Farewell to Ghost (first5 stories) (P~~-3. Questions shall have altematives.My Story Unit-IIIManojDas .Murder in the Cathedral . Synge .COURSES OF STUDIES (2) (3) The Death Trap The Crock.2 Hours Candidates shallanswer three questions.II O'Neill. carrying equal marks.A ENGUSH (HONOURS) . one fromeach unit.Desire Under the Elms - B.6. Unit-I J.M. the Cock and the Candle Unit-II Nehru . Or T.S Eliot .18) (DRAMA) FM-40 TlME.AnAutobiography (firstten chapters) Or Kamala Das . Unit.

E.Eugene O'Neill and the Tragic Tension T.The Crucible - Unit.COURSES OF STUDIES Or Arthur Miller . carrying altematives.19) (FICTION) FM-40 TIME-2 Hours Candidates shall answer three questions. Porter . Questions shall have BA ENGUSH (HONOURS) .Modem American Drama Martin Eslin Theatre of the Absurd.6. Gerald Gould.Chairs Or Edward Albee. - (PAPER-3. one from each unit.The Zoo Story Books suggested Doris V Falk .Myth and Modem American Drama .III lonesco . equal marks.

Lawrence .Sons and Lovers Or Joseph Conrad .Lawrence Case Book on Lawrence's Novel Carlos Baker .Hemingway Leo Gurka .-The Great GatSby Unit-III JhumpaLahiri Interpreter of Maladies Or Asha Puma Devi .D.A Farewell to Arms Or Scott F~geiald .COURSES OF STUDIES D.The Distant Window' Books SU9!l.Joseph Conrad: The Giant in Exile B.H.ested John Worthen .II Heminqway .H.Heart of Darkness Unit.A ENGUSH(HONOURS) .

carrying equal marks.S. Qu.COURSESOF STUDIES" (PAPER--3. Eliot .Tradition and the Individual Talent Or The Frontiers of Cri.6.20) (CRITICISM & THEORY) Candidates shall answer tJ:1ree uestions.AENGLISH (HONOURS) .0 B. S NewHistoricism Books Suggested WimsattandBrooks A Historyof Literary Criticism Raman Seldon A Reader's Guide to Contempolal)' Uterary Theory - - Unit-I T. Feminism. tructuralism. cJ:10osing ne q o from each unit.m "I Unit-II F.estions shall have alternatives.ARichards.R.Leavis .Four Meanings Unit-III .Literary Criticism and Philosophy Or I. New Criticism.


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