Siebel Questions 1) What is Static Toggle? 2) How to configure Static Toggle? 3) What is Dynamic Toggle?

4) How y configure Dynamic Toggle? 5) What is Thread bar? 6) What is MVG? 7) How will u configure Primaries in MVG? In How many Ways u can set Primary for an mvg? *8) what SSAPrimaryfield? Tick the primary field of an MVG that is the SSA primary field 9) How will u improve MVG Performance? 10) what is shuttle aPPlet? 11) what is checkin & checkout? *12) can i check out for a single project(this Q may be asked in different angles) Alow lock 13) i have checked in project but still i want to maintain lock on local can u? how? 14) Have u made any changes to the data object layer?what r Those? 15) can we extend siebel db? 16) can we create a new table? what types of tables? *17)can we split M:M relation into 1:m ? 18) can we create a forieghn key column in a table ? How? 19) what is intersection table? why it is? what it contains? does it contains any user data? 20) Performace considerations for MVG? 21) Difference bet'n MVG and Pick applet? 22) Difference bet'n Join and Link?

Launch the Web View Layout Editor in Siebel Tools to have the template file and the applets window open.Data (Public) 2.System. 3.Denormalized 4. 29) Do u know about User Properties. 38. � A. 6. 27) What is the difference between Static & Dynamic PickList. explain the execution of this scenario. and Applet both. 1.Extension 5.of records displyed in list applet? 33)in howmany ways we can perform checkout? 34)what is an archived file ? what exactly it contains? 35)How will u launch client Application from Siebel Tools? 36) do we use 2 cfg one for call center and another one for PM 37. Types of columns? Columns: 1. When do we go for BC level user properties .Data (Private) 3. 5.23)what are differenct Access Control Mechanisms? 24) What are different types of Data? 25) How you control Access to Data? 26) What is the Diff between Mvg & Pick Applet. what is the difference between Join and Link? What is the difference between EIM and EAI? How do you import List of Values? What are Pre defined Queries? Suppose there is a search spec on BC. What steps do you have to perform in order to bind applets to a view template? Choose two. 2. Drag the applets from the list onto the placeholders in the view template � B. 4. 28)What is Association Applet & When will u use it. 30) Have u ever used user properties? where & why? 31) What is Drill down? how many tpes ? how will u Configure? 32)How can u change the no.

7. 15. What does position represents in Siebel? 4. Where do we find it ? 8. Explain when we use the following scenario's: Base table having extension columns Extension table have extension columns Which one do you prefer. Ans: MVG : [ Link----->MVL----->MVF----->MVG Applet ] 1:M : 1. Create MVL b. 10. Identify the List Column/Control that references the MVF. How do you assign responsibilities to employees in Siebel? . Create a SVF Field in the Many Side BC to Reference the Foreign Key Column. Explain? 1.e a. 5. What is implied Join. 4. Create the Link or Select the Existing Link. Go to 'Parent BC' and Specify the MVL i. Create MVF for each field in the child BC to be added to parent BC. 2. 13. Verify the Relationship is 1:M a. How do you recognise that a particular table (Base table ) can be extended? 9. b. 6. Invoke 'MVG Applet' in the MVG Applet Property and Set Run Time Property to True. 3. Identify or Create an MVG Applet to display records from child BC.detail view and MVG. How do you configure a MVG. How do you configure a Pick applet & MVG. What are the different types of Columns. Go to Child or Many Side BC and Verify the Foriegn Key Column b. How many type of siebel Data model extensions are there? 12. What is the difference between Master. Compile and test. what are different types of Tables? 11. Enable User to Invoke the 'MVG' Applet a. How do you control visibility in Siebel? 2. 14. What is the difference between an organization and division in Siebel? 3.

x version? 13. How do you set up employees in Siebel? 6. What is nameserver? What does it do? 27. How does your b/c and view related? 15.5. What is seed data in Siebel? 23. What is position type field in position applet? 9. How is load balancing maintained in Siebel? 29. How do you create intersection table? 21. account contact do in Siebel? 10. What do you mean by virtual business comp. What does install. How is Siebel 7. How is Siebel 7.ksh files do? 25. Is it required to install gateway server before installing a Siebel server? 26. Why do you need to create employees at the database in Siebel? 8. What is the relationship between a view and a b/o? 16. What is the new layer in Siebel 7. What is Resonate? 28. What does an opportunity. in Siebel? 14. How is tools architecture constructed in in Siebel? 12. How is the opportunity related to an account? 11. What is Siebel file system? .ksh and imprep. Why is it not recommended to modify existing base tables? 17.x architecture different from Siebel 6.x data model is different from Siebel 6.0 data model? 22. What is s_party table? 24. What happens if you create an employee in Siebel application and forget to create the employee in the database? 7. Can you create an extension table with an intersection table? 20. What is an extension table and how is it related to base table? 19.x? 30. How do youcreate extension table to an interface table in Siebel? 18.

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