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selected works
front cover, Rantapod 2006
Sarah Tecchia Gallery, 2007 installation view
on iPod.
Back flap, Faux Conceptual Art 1993 (detail)
Faux Buren.
G.H. Hovagimyan
selected works 1978-2009

G.H. Hovagimyan is an experimental artist working in a variety of forms. He was one of the first
artists in New York to start working with the internet in the early nineties. His work ranges from new
media and hypertext works to digital performance art, video art, photography and multi-media

His works have been exhibited at , MoMA, Mass MoCA, The Whitney Museum, The Walker Art
Center,Jeu De Paume, MAC Marseille, MAC Lyon, Pompidou Center, Lincoln Center, ICA The
Clocktower, The Kitchen, The Alternative Museum, Eyebeam Art & Technology Center, List Visual 1
Arts Center, La Gaite Du Lyrique, Stuttgart Kunstverein, Steim Institute, the Moscow Center for
Contemporary Art, Postmasters Gallery, Pace Digital Gallery and Sara Tecchia Gallery.

He has also exhibited works in major festivals and art fairs including; Art Basel Miami, Pulse Miami,
Art Cologne, Split Film Festival, Conflux Festival, Video Dumbo, Scope Art Fair, Frieze Art Fair, Art
Under the Bridges Festival, Avignon Numerique, NewMediaFest Cologne, The Documenta,
Interferences, 2nd International Festival of Urban Multimedia Arts, Les Musiques, Marseille and Prix
Ars Electronica '98 where he won an award for his collaborative work with Peter Sinclair.

His works are in the collections of The Walker Art Center, The Whitney Museum, The Alternative
Museum, Computer Fine Arts Collection and Perpetual Art Machine.

Table of Contents
P 2. Rich Sucker Rap 1978 (video) Installation view, 2009 Robodok Festival, Amsterdam

P 4. See/Saw 2010 (interactive seesaw) LMCC Governor's Island Spring residency, New York, NY

P 6. Plazaville 2009 (HD Video & Computer Database) installation view Pace Digital Gallery,New York

P 8. 9/11 Silent Memorial 2008 (intervention with custom barrier tape) intervention Conflux Festival, New York

P 10. Artists Meeting Art Machine 2009 (mixed media) installation view Pulse, Miami

P 12. A soaPOPera for Laptops/iMacs 1997-2005 (performance & mixed media) installation view Jeu du Paume,

P 14. Shooter 2001 (lasers and intereactive immersive sound environment) Eyebeam, New York
P 16. HD Rants 2004 (digital video performance) installation view, Art Cologne 2009

P 18. Art Dirt 1996-98 (streamed video talk show) List Center for the Arts, MIT,Cambridge, Massachusetts

P 20. Rantapod 2006 ( video performance, podcast)

P 22. Art Direct/ Faux Conceptual Art 1994 (website & objects) collection of artist

P 24. Hey Bozo (Use Mass Transit) 1994 (20 Billboards) commisioned by Creative Time & MTA, New York

P 26. Sit On 1993 (mixed media) collection of artist

P 28. Terrorist Advertising 1993 (website & billboard)

Left side: See/Saw, (Interactive seesaw). Top 1962, (1960 Motorola radio with embedded
MP3 player). Both from LMCC Governor's Island Spring 2010 residency
Plazaville 2009 (HD video,116 minutes) is presented as a projection/installation piece. Movie scenes are continually re-
assembled and presented in random order via custom software; individual scenes can be downloaded via iTunes and It was commissioned by New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. (aka Ether-Ore) for its turbulence website and
Pace Digital Gallery. Above, movie posters; right, installation view Pace Digital Gallery, New York
9/11 Silent Memorial 2008 (intervention, custom barrier tape, video, digital photos, youTube) With Thomas Hutchison at
World Trade Center site. Conflux Festival, New York
Artist Meeting Art Machine 2009 (mixed media 12' x 8' x 4') with computer and digital components)
Group collaborative art piece and critique of the art market. DIY hack dispenses art created by Artist
Meeting members. Above, back view of Art Machine; left, installation view Pulse, Miami.

A SoaPOPera for Laptops/iMacs 1997-2005 in collaboration with Peter Sinclair. (mixed media with computers) Computers
use text-to-speech and speech recognition to sing songs and talk to each other. Above, laptops were placed on vehicles
as robot performers, exhibited at MAC, Lyon, MAC, Marseille. Right, iMac installation view Jeu de Paume, Paris.

Shooter 2001 in collaboration with Peter Sinclair. (mixed media 15' x 15' x 8') Interactive installation with
lasers as switching triggers. The piece is an immersive sound environment that pushes the use of lasers
beyond the expected light show. Installation view Eyebeam, New York.
Art Dirt 1996-1998 internet video talk show (30 episodes) focused on early Digital Art. Installation view List Visual Arts
Center, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Preceding spread left, HD Rants in collaboration with Brian Caiazza. Right, Palm Rants 2004-2006.
Above, Art Direct 1995 (website). Right, Faux Conceptual Art 1993 (detail, mixed media). Faux Conceptual Art has
three components, a website, a boxed set of proposals, and faux objects. It sits as a bridge between
Conceptual Art and Web Art.
Hey Bozo (Use Mass Transit) 1994 (20 billboards) uses words in confrontational, rap style. This prize winning piece was
wildly successful, featured in main stream press and on national TV .

Above, Steps to Success 1993 (mixed media 12" x 41" x 31").

Left, Sit On 1993 (mixed media 92" x 42" x 28").
Reverse, Terrorist Advertising 1993 (website and billboard).
HD Rants 2004
HDV video performance in collaboration with Brian Caiazza