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Teacher:​ Jessica Buckle  Date:​ 11.7.17 

Subject: US History  Observation:​ #1 

Objective:    Agenda:  
● Students will be able to explain the  ● On the screen: 
ideas and conflicts that led to their  ● Complete warm-up 
chosen revolution and results of that  ● Complete final product of project 
revolution  ● Practice presentation 
● Exit Tickets 

Misc/HW:    Next Observation​: TBD 

Time  Teacher  Students  Comments 

1:50  Greets students at the door    Excellent practice 

  As class begins reminds  Students are a bit slow to  Excellent job in previewing the 
  students of what they should  get started  lesson...would recommend to 
be doing    aware of increasing structure in 
    the role/activities 
  Reminds student of the 4  Students complete   
  minute warm-up  warm-up (handout)   
  Checks ID’s of students    First time I have seen this...thank 
  Timer goes off    Excellent use of accountability 
Peruvian Revolution of  Students respond   
  1800’s...Elijah- phone a  Richard- Jose de San   
  friend- with  Martin...Simon Bolivar   
  students and hands out     
  candy with correct answers     
  Has students open CB to     
  sections in the google    Excellent visual and review of 
classroom for roles for    roles...students are given the 
today’s activity...shows chart  Students follow along and  opportunity to experience all role 
  on the board- the facilitator,   answer  throughout the week 
  conflict manager, reporter,  questions...students raise  Excellent strategy to have 
  and resource manager  hands when asked  students be accountable for their 
  Asks for all students to be    roles by raising their hands 
  ID’d by raising their hands      
2:05  Has students get in    Would recommend, for this 
  groups...students are counted    class, to assign areas for groups 
  down to their locations  Elijah B shares role  to move to to increase efficiency 
  Meets with groups to CFU     
and progress...targets conflict  Students answers  Excellent use of the charts for 
managers  questions...students wear  students to review their role 
    their badges.    
      I have noticed 5 students leave 
      the class, how do you keep track? 
      Do you know who left? 
  Explains to students next     
2:29  step and tells students to be  Students are speaking over  How can you improve student 
  prepared to share with each  teacher  awareness of instructions when 
group for their specific role...    they are given? Have you heard 
has resource managers tell    of power teaching? 
  how time is left     
  Shouts to class that they     
2:43  should clean up and put  Students are slow clean up    
  room back together and that  and start on exit ticket  How have you reflected on 
  they should have their exit    rectifying this issue? 
ticket ready to work     
on...counts down     
  Exit Ticket topic:      
  How can I as your teacher help  Students write and show   
  you do better on your assignment?   teacher as they walk out of  Would recommend that the 
    class  questions be placed on the screen 
  Checks exit tickets at the     
door...    Would a google form be better? 
Commendations  ● Multiple options (menu) to select the project of their choice 
● Opportunities to take on new roles and challenge for each student 
● Many opportunities for student discussion/collaboration 
● Student centered instruction 
● Structured routines and expectations 
● informal assessment through proximity (CFU) 
● positive relationships  
● Proximity throughout class 
● welcoming room environment 
● Multiple q/a sessions for individuals to CFU 
● Detailed and research based lesson plan 

Recommendations  ● Develop a catch and release strategy to get students attention and 
gradually release to their activity (power teaching/whole brain teaching) 
● Consistent system to allow students to leave class during instruction 
(sign-out routine, hall pass, etc.) 

Next Steps  ● Let’s discuss the amount of strategies or routines that you have 
implemented and discuss the ones that are a priority for you.