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Science – Geography
General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural
thinking Competence Understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia Sustainability
Curriculum OBJECTIVE (what & how) EXPERIENCES other

WEEK/ LINKS (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)


Week 2 ACHASSK087 Recognise that Africa is made Introduction: First lesson in the series Introduction: YouTube video
15 facts about Africa [Video
Lesson up of many different countries. Welcome to Africa file]. Retrieved from:
1 Each student must select either o Over the next three lesson the students will each plan a
Egypt, Tanzania or Kenya to trip to Africa. During these three lessons the students will tch?v=
explore. create a detailed project about Africa, including where qb8VebjRfBk
Africa is located, the types of landforms and animals
Identify and discuss in groups found in Africa and how they would get there from Perth. Word cloud, using a word
their knowledge about Africa and Formative The fourth lesson will be a presentation were students cloud creator such as Word
create a word cloud via group Assessment: will present their online project to the class. Art. *Students are to save
and screen shot a copy of
collaboration, and post it to the Word Art snipped o Ensure students can differentiate between countries and their word cloud and add it
classroom Google Slides and recorded on continents – refresh their memory by having a world map to their Explain Everything
website. the online class up on the screen. App and to the shared online
power point o Begin a teacher led whole classroom discussion classroom PowerPoint. They
will use a snipping tool.
Create a map of Africa outlining (Google Slides).  Has anyone been to Africa before?
the students’ country they have  Was anyone born in Africa or have family members Online PowerPoint such as
selected to research and post it who were? Google Slides to be utilised
to the classroom Google Slides by the entire class
 What are some things that come to mind when you throughout all three lessons.
website. think of Africa? Teacher will also refer to this
 Watch a video about Africa for assessments.
Diagnostic Activity 1
Assessment: o Students will in groups create a word cloud outlining Interactive online quiz:
Results recorded everything they think they know about Africa. The word Kahootz quiz
in a quiz. Used at cloud needs to be in a shape that they associate with
the beginning of Africa.
the lesson to o Students will then participate in a short Kahootz Quiz
determine testing their knowledge of Africa.
students’ prior
knowledge of the Activity 2: Interactive world map
topic. o Direct students to the National Geographic MapMaker information:
and ask them to locate Africa. https://mapmaker.
o Begin a teacher-led discussion:
 What do you notice about the continent of Africa?
 How many countries do you think Africa has? Google maps website links
assessment: of the three countries that
 What oceans surround Africa?
Observe student students can choose from
 What other continents are close by? for their project:
responses to
o Students will be asked to select an African country from
questions posed
during discussion the three options provided (Egypt, Tanzania or Kenya).
time. Assess o Based on their choice, students will then explore the URL
participation link associated with that country which is found on the /maps/about/behind-the-
levels and lesson page (the link will direct them to an interactive scenes/streetview/treks/sam
website where they can watch a video, see images and buru-kenya/
scaffolding is go on a virtual tour of their chosen country). Egypt:
o Using the Explain Everything Application ask students to