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Solution Procedure for Gas Cap Expansion Problem

1 Find Bo, Bg and Rs for Pi and at 2000 psi.

2. Calculate the Reservoir Pore Volume in the Oil Column

N*Boi / (1-Swi) = Reservoir PV

3. Calculate how much of that is filled with gas to reach a

critical gas saturation.

4. Find how much free gas has been evolved out of the oil.

Original gas in solution less remaining gas in solution = Free

gas liberated

5. Recognize that total gas produced either came from solution

or Gas Cap.

Assume all gas liberated was produced, or if gas produced =

less than gas liberated rest went to gas cap.

6. Deduce how much came from the gas cap?

7. Remaining gas cap gas = Original Gas in Cap less what was
produced or plus what migrated in.

8. Account for change in gas volume factors.