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Councilor frowns over ‘desecration’ of charred body story on

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P10.00 Volume 29, No. 214 WWW.MINDANAOGOLDSTARDAILY.COM March 12, 2018 Monday

Beja had 2 options:

Lawyers of
Myles off
to Dumaguete
to defend

Resign or get fired


A GROUP from the Na-

tional Union of People’s
Lawyers is scheduled to
be in Dumaguete today to
defend Cagay-anon Myles
Albasin and five others ac-
By HERBIE GOMEZ 31,” said COWD chair- about the falling out. said she already made up cused of being communist
Editor in chief
man Eduardo Montalvan. Montalvan said what her mind and will face the rebels in Negros Oriental.
Correspondent “My answer to that was happened was that Engr. music.” The lawyers would
file counter-affidavits on

‘No’ -- that was mine, Beja went to a former After being informed
ISMISSED personally. It is the board member of the COWD that Beja had a change of behalf of the suspects who
Cagayan de Oro that decides that option board, lawyer Emmanuel mind, the COWD board have been detained and
Water District and not me alone.” Gaabucayan, when she voted to dismiss Beja. charged with illegal pos-
general manager Rachel At first, Montalvan learned that the directors Montalvan said at session of firearms.
Beja had the option to re- was reluctant to talk were about to send her a least two COWD di- A Mass Communi-
sign by May 31 before the to this paper about the notice of dismissal. rectors -- Soc Anthony cations graduate at the
utility’s board of directors board’s decision to Montalvan said, del Rosario and lawyer University of the Philip-
unanimously decided to dismiss Beja for “loss of “When the board was Mateo Delegencia -- had pines-Cebu, Albasin was
give her walking papers. trust and confidence.” But ready to give her that talked to Beja about the arrested with five others
“She asked if she can in another interview over option, she decided not to resignation option before by the military in Barangay
BEJA just resign effective May the weekend, he spoke (resign) anymore... She See FIRED/p.11 Luyang, Mabinay, Negros
Oriental in March 3.

Oca worried bickerings could affect COWD operations Albasin is a grand-

daughter of the late Sam-
my Cantal, commissioner
By NITZ ARANCON of Arnis Philippines for
Region 10 who had trained
MAYOR Oscar Moreno Cagayan de Oro’s arnis
over the weekend called on team under the Advanced
Cagayan de Oro Water Dis- Scientific Skills Efficiency
trict officials and employ- Training program during
ees to observe profession- the Emano administration.
alism amid what he called Albasin’s mother Grace,
as “internal bickerings” a former editor-in-chief of
that he feared could affect a daily newspaper here (not
the utility’s operations. Gold Star Daily), said her
Moreno said he hoped daughter is not a mem-
“that the men and women ber of the New People’s
of COWD will observe Army, asserting that she
professionalism in the was in Negros Oriental for
highest order. We cannot an “immersion” with the
allow the operations of farmers.
COWD to be mired by She also denied that
internal bickerings.” the younger Albasin was
The mayor said this af- armed and that the suspects
ter COWD chairman Edu- and soldiers exchanged
ardo Montalvan confirmed firepower.
that Engr. Rachel Beja was The preliminary in-
dismissed by the water dis- vestigation into the case
trict’s five-person board of against the younger Al-
directors for “loss of trust CHARRED. A group of men carry a stretcher with the charred remains of one of those who died in a fire that broke out in San Nicolas, Puntod at
basin and the others have
and confidence” and that around 1:57 am Saturday. (photo by nitz arancon) See DEFEND/p.11
her assistant, Engr. Bien-
venido Batar Jr., took over
as COWD general manager Calizo committee to investigate
‘desecration’ of body after fire
effective March 1.
Beja has gone to the
Civil Service Commission
to question the COWD’s By LITO RULONA The fire, some two of one Melody Cerillo.
decision. and NITZ ARANCON
hours after midnight, also Calizo said the body
Moreno said the deci- hurt at least four people. subsequently fell and
sion of the COWD board THE city council’s com- Councilor Romeo Cal- slammed against the
“was purely its own, and mittee on police, fire and izo, the committee’s chair- ground as a result.
based on grounds the public safety would con- man, said he was informed “Bisan patay na kana,
Board had independently duct an inquiry into what a by Councilor Zaldy Ocon mas maayo gihapon nga
assessed.” councilor saw as a desecra- that fire fighters turned a ma-observe ang protocols
He said he respects tion of the dead following steel pipe into a hook to in retrieving bodies kay
the independence of the the fire that killed five peo- bring down a charred body tawo gud gigapon na bisag PRESS CLUB INDUCTION. The new set of officers of the Cagayan de
Oro Press Club headed by the group’s new president Ruffy Magbanua
COWD board, “and I ple in San Nicolas, Baran- from the second level of patay na,” Calizo said. are sworn into into office on Friday night. (photo by joey nacalaban)
See AFFECT/p.11 gay Puntod on Saturday. what used to be the house See INVESTIGATE/p.5
Mindanao PAGE Gold Star Daily

Monday, March 12, 2018

Editor: Cong B. Corrales
Pontillas relaunches anti-illegal drug campaign in Gingoog city
By LITO RULONA address the drug abuse It aims to transform and program and have adopted Barkada Kontra Droga Department of Education,
problem, the Dangerous develop the individual to the program locally known Program by adapting said NGOS, religious sectors
NEWLY promoted and Drugs Board launched the be the catalyst within his as “Pinagtibay kampanya, program and localizing and this station shall spear-
installed Gingoog City Po- Barkada Kontra Droga in peer group in promoting a barkada kontra droga, Ali the activities hence called head it creation. In school
lice Office police director 2004, they re-launched the healthy, drug-free lifestyle na Sugpuon na.” “Pinagtibay na Kampanya.” it shall be one of the clubs
Supt. Ariel Philip Pontillas program for massive edu- thru participating in vari- “Wala gyu’y pagkulang It also aims to train the that the students have to
has launched an anti-ille- cational anti-illegal drugs ous wholesome activities kung permamente atong young people in advocat- choose every school year.
gal drugs campaign called campaign. and engaging positive al- educational campaign then ing a healthy, drug-free Outside the school, the
“Barkada Kontra Droga “It is a preventive ed- ternative endeavour in the arrest suspected persons lifestyles and to encourage target members shall be the
Program” in Gingoog City ucation and information company of his friends,” involved in illegal drug productive use of time and out of school youth who
last Friday. program created to count- he said. distribution,” Pontillas said. alternative activities. are catalyst within their
Pontillas said with the er the dangers and disas- Gingoog City Police Sta- The program aims to With the support of the peer groups in advocating a
government’s desire to trous effects of drug abuse. tion strongly supports the establish and enhance the Local Government Unit, healthy, drug-free lifestyle.

Cotabato cops will not

negotiate with commies
KIDAPAWAN City — especially so when the We will never exchange
Police in North Cotabato prisoner is a member of the somebody who has long
will never negotiate with a rebel organization. been wanted by law to our
rebel group that abducted Reports are circulat- colleague who was abducted
the deputy chief of one of ing that the New Peoples’ by the NPA,” said Ajero.
the municipalities in the Army (NPA) Front 53 But Ajero said they
province. wanted to release Insp. would never interfere with
Supt. Leo Ajero, deputy Menard Cui, deputy chief the recent negotiations
chief of operations of the of police of the munici- being done by the Diocese
Cotabato Police Provincial pality of President Roxas, of Kidapawan and some
Office, said it is never their in lieu of a certain Mylan non-government organiza-
policy to talk or work on Andas, a tribal leader who tions for Cui’s safe release
the release of any of their was apprehended by the from his captors.
men who would be held police in Magpet town in “We do appreciate such
captive by any rebel group. 2017. initiatives,” he stressed.
Also, the PNP will nev- Andas, reports added, Cui was abducted in
er exchange a captive po- held a top post in the NPA Barangay Tuael, President
lice to a criminal element in North Cotabato. Roxas last Dec. 28. (min-
that they apprehended, “No, that won’t happen. danews)

WFP gives
food aid to
Marawi city
MARAWI City — Farm-
ers affected by fighting
in Marawi are to receive
food assistance from the
United Nations World
Food Programme (WFP)
through the P12.4 million
(€300,000) contribution
from the Government of
Italy to WFP.
With the contribution,
WFP will support 1,600
displaced farmers and their
families over a period of
three months, providing
them with food assistance
in exchange for their par-
ticipation in agricultural
activities to restore com-
munity assets.
WFP, in collaboration
with its partners, will also
implement training in sup-
port of rice and corn pro-
NATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. A Zumba dance was held at the Misamis
Oriental Provincial Capitol ground aims to pay tribute to all women last duction, bio-intensive and
Friday. Photo by Joey P. Nacalaban gardening. (wfp)
Development stages of adolescence
By: Marilou A. Ellevera, Teacher III
Ala-e Central Elementary School
Adolescence, these years from puberty has sharpened considerably. But because
to adulthood, may be roughly divided into they are still relatively inexperienced in life,
three stages: early adolescence, generally even older teens apply these new-found
ages eleven to fourteen; middle adoles- skills erratically and therefore may act
cence, ages fifteen to seventeen; and late without thinking.
adolescence, ages eighteen to twenty-one. If teenagers can be said to have a
In addition to physiological growth, seven reason for being (besides sleeping in on
key intellectual, psychological and social de- weekends and cleaning out the refriger-
velopmental tasks are squeezed into these ator), it would have to be asserting their
years. The fundamental purpose of these independence. This demands that they
tasks is to form one’s own identity and to distance themselves from Mom and Dad.
prepare for adulthood. The march toward autonomy can take myr-
Puberty is defined as the biological iad forms: less overt affection, more time
changes of adolescence. By mid-adoles- spent with friends, contentious behavior,
cence, if not sooner, most youngsters’ phys- pushing the limits—the list goes on and on.
iological growth is complete; they are at or Yet adolescents frequently feel conflicted
close to their adult height and weight, and about leaving the safety and security of
are now physically capable of having babies. home. They may yo-yo back and forth be-
Most boys and girls enter adolescence tween craving your attention, only to spin
still perceiving the world around them in con- away again.
crete terms: Things are either right or wrong, Until now, a child’s life has revolved
awesome or awful. They rarely set their mainly around the family. Adolescence has
sights beyond the present, which explains the effect of a stone dropped in water, as
younger teens’ inability to consider the long- her social circle ripples outward to include
term consequences of their actions. friendships with members of the same sex,
By late adolescence, many young- the opposite sex, different social and eth-
sters have come to appreciate subtleties of nic groups, and other adults, like a favorite
situations and ideas and to project into the teacher or coach. Eventually, teenagers
future. Their capacity to solve complex prob- develop the capacity for falling in love and
lems and to sense what others are thinking forming romantic relationships.
Monday, March 12, 2018 3

“Accounnng &[Updated]
Financial Analysis”
Wednesday, March 21

P2,150 up to March 17th - Early Bird • Financial Statements
P2,400 March 18th onwards • Cash Flow Analysis
Inclusive of Seminar Materials, Lunch & Snack and
• Rules of Accounnng
Cernficate • Chart of Accounts
• Journals & General Ledger
• Inventory Cost & Valuanon
•Internal Controls –
Asset Protecnon
• Financial Statement Analysis –
• Fixed Assets
• Accounnng Sooware CONG. JULIETTE UY of the 2nd District of Misamis Oriental,
CONG. MA. LOURDES ACOSTA-ALBA of the 1st District of
and CONG. ANN HOFER of Zamboanga Sibugay, Chairperson of
the Committee on Higher and Technical Education of the House
of Representative enjoyed light moments after the hearing of the
Committee at the University of Science and Technology of Southern
Philippines, recently.
The House Committee tackled the Fate of the Bukidnon State
University-External Studies Centers in Cagayan De Oro City,
Bukidnon and Misamis Oriental. (advt)
Money Matters
Gold Star Daily

Monday, March 12, 2018

Editor: Ben Balce
Senate eyes scrapping minimum capital for foreign retail enterprises
THE Senate aims to further alization Act by scrapping the neighbors in terms of attracting ing 17 percent of the region’s further lowered to $5 million be- some of their products locally.
open the country’s retail sector minimum capitalization require- FDIs in the retail industry, with total; Malaysia’s $2.5 billion, fore the current minimum paid On the other hand, Board of
by removing the $2.5-million ment for foreign investors for only $101.5 million worth of sharing 13 percent; Indonesia’s up capital level. Investment (BOI) Legal and
minimum paid up capital for them to enter the local market. FDIs in sector of wholesale and $2 billion, sharing 10.6 percent; Despite eliminating the mini- Compliance Service Director
foreign retail enterprises to op- Gatchalian said this bill tar- retail trade and repair of mo- and Vietnam’s $1.97 billion, mum capitalization for foreign Atty. Marjorie Ramos-Samanie-
erate here. gets to attract more foreign di- tor vehicles and motorcycles in sharing 10.4 percent. investors, Gatchalian said the go said the Department of Trade
During the advocacy forum rect investments (FDIs) in the 2016. The lawmaker said since the investors are “required to main- and Industry (DTI) supports the
on retail competition of the Eu- retail sector by removing the The country only shared 0.54 country further cut the minimum tain in the Philippines the full liberalization of the retail trade,
ropean Union-Philippines Busi- barrier to entry for foreign play- percent of the total FDI inflows paid up capital to $2.5 million in amount of its capital or the un- but she stressed that the coun-
ness Network Friday, Senator ers as well as creating more jobs in the region in the retail sector. 2000, only 22 foreign retailers sold amount of such capital”. try’s micro and small enterpris-
Sherwin Gatchalian said the for Filipinos. This is lower compared to entered the Philippine market. He said foreign retail enter- es should still be protected from
Senate Bill No. 1639 aims to He noted that the Philip- Thailand’s FDI inflows in retail The minimum requirement prises shall also employ Filipi- the influx of foreign retailers.
amend the Retail Trade Liber- pines lagged behind its ASEAN amounting to $3.2 billion, shar- then was $10 million and was nos in their stores and source (PNA)

Peso ends week flat against

US$; Stock Exchange down ADB allots P3.6b for Davao
THE peso ended the week
steady against the dollar even as
the country posted a higher trade
deficit in January this year.
domestic economy because of
its sustained expansion.
On the external front, the
trader said investors are await-
city transport modernization
But the Philippine Stock Ex- ing the non-farm payroll report THE Asian Development Bank do because when you are mod- during peak hours in the city’s V. Ramos.
change index (PSEi) shed anew. from US later in the day. (ABD) has set aside a budget of ernizing public transport system, downtown area, since its for- In an interview at the sidelines
The local currency finished Another factor that made $70 million or P3.644 billion for it’s a lot of details, a lot of is- mer mayor, Rodrigo R. Duterte, of the Economic Briefing, City
the week at 52.03, same as its investors wary is the reported the Davao Public Transport Mod- sues to think about. We’ve gone became the first Mindanawon Planning and Development Of-
close Thursday, which a trader meeting between US President ernization Project, designed to im- through that now, so we are look- president. fice (CPDO) head Ivan Cortez
said was within expectations Donald Trump and North Korea prove public transport infrastruc- ing at what those bus terminals Aside from the new bus sys- said that the city is proposing a
given the trade report on the leader Kim Jong Un, scheduled tures and services in Davao City. can look like,” he said. tem project, Dominguez added government subsidy of P110,000
Philippines. around May this year. During the press conference He added that they are also the ADB has also supported sev- for every operator and P85,000
The Philippine Statistics For the day, the peso opened for the 51st ADB Annual Meet- making a study of the project’s eral major initiatives to improve that covers the six-month income
Authority (PSA) on Friday re- weaker at 52.12 from the previ- ing and Economic Briefing at the impact on the community. the quality of life of the Mind- of every driver.
ported that exports grew 0.5 ous session’s 51.98. SMX Convention Friday, Kelly “We still got this technical anawons, including, among oth- He added a different set of
percent year-on-year in January It traded between its closing Bird, country director of ADB work to complete. We are cer- ers, the ongoing socioeconomic government subsidy would be
2018, lower than the 22 percent level and 52.14, resulting in an Philippines, said the budget tainly focused on it and we are and community development provided for drivers who would
growth same month in 2017. average of 52.09. would cover the cost of the High aware of the government’s time- projects. be employed in the bus system.
Imports last January, on the Volume of trade reached Priority Bus System (HPBS), the line, we hope we will get that to He added the Bank’s country Cortez added that the consult-
other hand, grew 11.4 percent $592.1 million, up from the local government’s attempt to the NEDA board this year,” Bird assistance to the Philippines at ants hired by ADB are expected
though slower than the 12.2 per- $453.7 million a day ago. decongest the city. added. the strategic, operational, and ad- to submit the feasibility study to

1/8 PAGE
cent growth a year ago. The trader expects the peso to Bird explained that they are Finance Secretary Carlos G. ministrative levels also helps the Department of Transportation
Thus the balance of trade in range between 51.90 and 52.20 completing the design of this Dominguez said they expect the government implement the Bru- (DOTr) by end of this month.
goods in the first month this year to a dollar next week. new bus system and that they are bus modernization project to im- nei Darussalam-Indonesia-Ma- The DOTr agreed to exclude
posted a higher deficit of $3.32 The main equities index, eyeing to complete this year for prove the public transport infra- laysia-Philippines East ASEAN the city government from the
billion from year-ago’s $2.47 meanwhile, slipped for the sec- submission to the National Eco- structure and services in the city. Growth Area’s (BIMP-EAGA) jeepney modernization and sup-
billion, which the trader said ond-day in a row and gave up nomic Development Authority The city has been attracting a development project that was ac- ported its plan to push through
was not bad given the higher 0.11 percent, or 9.34 points, to for approval this year. number of investors and tourists, tually started during the adminis- with the bus system project, Cor-
importation requirements of the 8,372.51 points. (PNA) “There’s a little bit of work to causing major traffic congestion tration of former President Fidel tez said. (MiNdANews)

Rotary Corner
Monday, March 12, 2018

Youth Leaders Making a Difference in the Millennial World

The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) 2018
Pres. Rossa Katrina B. Quiblat, Rotary Club of Malaybalay
This year’s keynote speech lit the
campers interest as they listened to
the talk on“Making A Difference As
A Way of Life” by Ms. Lou Sabrina
S. Ongkiko. “Sabs”, a 2016 Ten
Outstanding Women of the Nation
awardee, initially wanted to become
a doctor so she studied biology in
Ateneo de Manila University. Today
she teaches Science and English
to grade six students at Culiat
Elementary. She came to inspire,
enlighten and give a new perspective
on what “different” meant, on how
success should be measured and
how it is to become the better
version of yourself everyday to
make a difference in people’s lives.
She shared inspiring stories with so
much passion, dedication and love
for what she believes in, teaching
as a wotrk of heart.
Money Matters
Gold Star Daily

Monday, March 12, 2018

Editor: Ben Balce
Chelsea Logistics bids for dev’t of Davao city, Panglao airports
CHELSEA Logistics Holdings tain the two airports while imple- with no cost to the government minimum performance stand- passengers according to CLC. benefit to the community will start
Corporation (CLC) has submit- menting various improvements according to CLC President and ards,” Damuy said. The firm projects that airport next year,” Damuy said.
ted its unsolicited proposal for to meet future passenger and CEO Chryss Alfonsus Damuy. The DOTr will be evaluating traffic will increase to 8 to 15 Davao International Airport
the development and manage- aircraft movements for a conces- “However, for economical the unsolicited proposal which was million passengers in Davao and is expected to accommodate up
ment of the Davao and New sion period of 30 years. viability of the project, the suc- submitted on February 5, 2018. 1. 5 to 2.1 million passengers in to 30 hourly aircraft movements
Bohol (Panglao) international The modernization of both ceeding works after the develop- The proposed reconfiguration Panglao by 2050. with the construction of a new
airports to the Department of Davao and Panglao international ment of Phase 1 shall be subject and expansion of passenger ter- “If the government approves the full parallel taxiway providing
Transportation (DOTr). airports would involve 3 phases to the traffic growth require- minal buildings are expected to CLC proposal in 2018, improve- improved airfield safety and ef-
CLC will operate and main- amounting to at least P67 billion ments and compliance with the provide convenience to the airport ment of passenger experience and ficiency. (PNA)

DTI, Pilmico tie-up

to help backyard
Pilmico Foods Corp inks
farmers develop Bukidnon’s farmers’ coop
DEPARTMENT of Trade and to grow their business,” said By FRANK E. DOSDOS, JR.
Industry (DTI) and Pilmico Aboitiz. Correspondent
Foods Corp. are partnering to
support the growth of small- Aboitiz added that these train- PILMICO Foods Corporation,
scale agriculture-based enter- ings will help backyard farmers the food agribusiness subsidiary
prises in the country, particular- to become more competitive in of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc.
ly those involved in food, swine, the market. has signed an Inclusive Sourc-
and poultry businesses. Topics included in its train- ing Agreement with Matibugao
DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez ings are livestock raising and Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries
and Pilmico Chief Executive animal nutrition, basic and ad- Farmers’ Cooperative (MARB-
Officer Sabin Aboitiz signed vanced baking, microfinancing, FC) during a simple ceremony
the memorandum of agreement and packaging and labelling. held at Mulberry Hotel in Ca-
(MOA) Friday, linking Pilmi- For his part, Lopez said the gayan de Oro on March 7, 2018.
co’s flagship program Mahalin partnership is in line with DTI’s “True to our purpose of ad-
Pagkaing Atin with the agency’s thrust of Trabaho, Negosyo, vancing business and commu-
Negosyo Centers. Kabuhayan or providing jobs, nities, we continuously look
Aboitiz said Pilmico wants to business, and livelihood oppor- for synergies that will help pro-
tap the network of entrepreneurs tunities to Filipinos, particularly mote the agriculture industry,”
and potential entrepreneurs to in the countryside. said Chief Operating Officer of
expand its Mahalin Pagkaing He said with the support from PILMICO Tristan Aboitiz.
MOA SIGNING. Pilmico’s Tristan Aboitiz and MARBFC’s Benjamin Magtajas affirms the agreement with a hearty
Atin program through DTI’s the private sector, this empower Aboitiz said that their partner- handshake with Pilmico VP for Government and External Relations Cristopher Camba, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon
over 800 Negosyo Centers na- people in rural areas to engage ship with the Mantibugao Agrar- Mayor Clive Quino, and DA, R10 Director Carlene Collado looking on. (Supplied photo)
tionwide. in more economic activities. ian Reform Beneficiaries Farm-
Under the partnership, Pilm- Pilmico’s Mahalin Pagkaing ers’ Cooperative is a culmination the Agreement with MARBFC with a local farmers’ group. Un- Agrarian Reform Beneficiar-
ico -- the food subsidiary of Atin started in 2014 visiting 36 of the hard work of their partners formalized the partnership that der the agreement, Pilmico will ies Farmers’ Cooperative in the
Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. cities and municipalities in 24 from the agriculture department, has been worked out through be directly sourcing corn from presence of Christopher Camba,
-- will be providing trainings in provinces in the country. the local government of Manolo the support of the Department of MARBFC, which will serve a Aboitiz Equity Ventures VP for
food, swine, and poultry busi- Under the program, the com- Fortich, Bukidnon and most im- Agriculture (DA) Corn Program portion of Pilmico’s corn require- Government and External Rela-
ness. pany has benefitted 857 indi- portantly, MARBFC. Team and the local government ments for its various feeds prod- tions, Mayor Clive Quiño, Mano-
“With our DTI partnership, viduals and cooperatives with “I am honored that Pilmico is of Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. ucts. Through the partnership, lo Fortich, Bukidnon, and Direc-
Mahalin Pagkaing Atin ben- livelihood kit which include a part of this pioneer project and She said that the inclusive farmer-beneficiaries are provided tor Carlene Collado, Department
eficiaries can now level up their 988 piglets, 18,576 ready-to-lay we hope that the successful roll- sourcing for corn – a primary in- with better market opportunities, of Agriculture Region 10.
business game. They will get hens, 52 bakery starter kits, and out will serve as an example for gredient in producing animal feed thus improving farmer welfare,” Pilmico Foods Corporation,
training and seminars on how four hog scales. (PNA) more of these kinds of partner- products – project aims to further she explained. the food and agribusiness subsid-
ships in the future,” Aboitiz said. support the local farming industry, The agreement was signed by iary of Aboitiz Equity Ventures

DMCI Holdings Inc. Corporate Communications

and Media Relations supervisor
Anna Carreon said the signing of
“This is the first time the agri-
business company has ventured
in an inclusive sourcing program
Tristan Aboitiz, COO, Pilmico
Foods Corporation and Benjamin
Magtajas, Chairman, Matibugao
Inc., has been producing high
quality animal feeds products for
more than twenty years.

nets P14.8b in 2017 Widening trade deficit not

a cause for worry: Neda
DMCI Holdings, Inc., a diversi- ers rose to P14.8 billion in 2017
fied engineering conglomerate, from P12.7 billion the previous
expects modest growth this year year, following the restatement
after recording a 16-percent in- of earnings from DMCI Homes.
crease in profit in 2017 on the The prior year results of the
back of coal energy, real estate, wholly-owned subsidiary were NATIONAL Economic and De- this side by side with the MISSI Authority (PSA) on Friday re-
construction and nickel mining restated to reflect its shift in ac- velopment Authority (NEDA) (Monthly Integrated Survey of ported that total imports rose
businesses. counting policy from completed Undersecretary for Policy and Selected Industries where vol- by 11.4 percent to $8.54 billion,
“If we hit (again) 16 percent contract method to percentage Planning Rosemarie Edillon ume of production index) of while export grew 0.5 percent to
this year, we will be very happy. of completion (POC) method, said the country’s widening manufacturing grew more than $5.22 billion.
(We grow) 16 percent year-on- which was done to align with trade deficit was not a cause for 20 percent. This means those These brought balance of
year,” DMCI Holdings Chair- current accounting practice in the worry. imported goods were really used trade in goods to a $ 3.32-billion
man and President Isidro Con- real estate industry. Edillon said strong demand in the production,” she said in an deficit in January 2018, higher
sunji said in an interview. Net income contributions for intermediate and capital interview on the sidelines of an than the $2.47-billion deficit
Consunji is optimistic that from Semirara Mining and goods drove imports growth. economic conference on Friday. during the same month last year.
“Especially if you analyze The Philippine Statistics (PNA) EDILLON
the real estate business “should Power Corporation jumped 15
be good” this year, as sales re- percent from P6.9 billion to P8
mained high despite higher
prices brought about by increase
billion due to higher average coal
prices and gross electric output.
Investigate Another victim was
identified as Ken Marie
to jump, too, so she could
catch them.
ordered a thorough inves-
tigation into the fire.
From page 1
in construction materials and oil All-time high real estate sales “Connie” Nandong, 24, of Barasan said initial in- “It’s unfortunate kay
prices, weaker peso and higher led to a 47-percent surge in net He said one reason could Claveria, Misamis Oriental. vestigation showed the fire daghan ang nahimong ca-
interest rates. earnings for DMCI Homes from be lack of equipment. She was Mark Kenneth’s started at the ground floor sualtoes. Kusog kaayo ang
“I think our real estate (busi- restated earnings of P2.4 billion He said the committee common law wife. of the Cerillo house. aso unya dugay nakamata
ness) will increase because of in 2016 to P3.6 billion last year. would summon Bureau SFO3 Imelda Barasan The victims on the sec- ang mga biktima,” he said.
demographic, economic cycle of Net income contributions from of Fire Protection, police said four residents were ond floor may have died of He said it was a relative-
the country,” he said. core business D.M. Consunji, Inc. and barangay officials, and rushed to the Northern suffocation, she said. ly small fire but it claimed
Consunji also sees strong rose 11 percent from P938 million witnesses so that the panel Mindanao Medical Center “Kini silang siyam mao many lives.
growth from DMCI’s coal pro- to over P1 billion on lower operat- could find out what went after they suffered burns ang occupants sa maong Investigators said the fire
duction business segment this ing costs and favorable settlement wrong during the retrieval all over. balay,” she said. started at the kitchen of the
year. of pending claims. operations.
“For 2018, our financial per- Nickel firm DMCI Mining
They were identified as The head of Cerillo fam- two-story Cerillo house and
The fire, the third here Melody Cerillo and her ily, Edward, said he was it quickly spread because it
formance will likely be more Corporation recorded P113 mil- this month when the BFP
modest because of tapering elec- lion in net earnings last year, a daughter Mary Joy Cerillo, sleeping in another house was made of highly combus-
marked Fire Prevention niece and sibling Terrie Jun when the fire broke out. tible materials.
tricity rates and the unresolved reversal from a net loss of P65 Month, killed members of
issues in our nickel mining and million in 2016, after a signifi- and Lilibeth Cerillo. He said he suspected Lauzon theorized that
the Cerillo family identi- The 46-year old Melody that “electrical overloading” faulty electrical wirings
water businesses,” he added. cant drop in operating costs and fied as Louie, 10; Michelle,
DMCI Holdings reported to shipping 525,000 wet metric tons said she jumped to safety caused the fire. cause it but investigators
13; Mary Grace, 12; and when the fire broke out BFP regional director were looking at other pos-
the local bourse that its net in- of nickel ore from its old inven-
Mark Kenneth, 21. and waited for her children Senior Supt. Lynde Lauzon sibilities.
come attributable to sharehold- tory. (PNA)
Gold Star Daily

Monday, March 12, 2018

Editor: Herbie Gomez
‘Storm Beja’ brewing Five questions
THE week ended with a bang -- with the • In February last year, she sent a IT’S almost spring in some parts of
announcement that the general manager draft of the then proposed joint ven- the globe, making spring cleaning the
THE GOLD STAR DAILY is published by the Min-
danao Gold Star Daily Corp. at Gusa Highway,
of the Cagayan de Oro Water District, ture agreement between the COWD most appropriate activity for the sea-
Cagayan de Oro City. Telefax: (08822) 73-33-66, Engr. Rachel Beja, and the Manny V. Pangilinan-owned son despite the fact that Pinas has only
73-27-30, (088) 855-1737; 855-1743,
was fired by the board Metro Pacific Water Investments Corp. two—sunshine and rain, Ms. Behavin’
INSTITUTE of directors of the to the Office of the Government Cor- sunny and rainy, hot
856-4795 utility effective March porate Counsel for review. The board, and cold, dry and wet,
MEMBER 1. according to Beja, felt it was a display with that last word
Founded by ERNESTO G. CHU The reason given of “disrespect” towards the COWD preferred by lovers
President Emeritus
was “loss of trust and board for the general manager to consult who still have to move
EDITORIAL confidence.” Well, the principal and statutory law office forward from their
Herbie that is subjective, and of government-owned-and-controlled conscious couplings
Herbie Gomez, Editor in Chief that explains why people corporations.
Cong Corrales, Associate Editor Gomez for Valentine’s Day.
Ben Balce, Deskman
want details. The public, the • Beja said the COWD board This year’s Val- Netnet
Catherine Chu,RN, Lifestyle Editor city’s water consumers, are well within frowned over a budget meeting of the entine’s was also Ash Camomot
their right to require the COWD to give water district’s managers in Cebu last Wednesday, inspiring the
ADMINISTRATION the details and, perhaps, come clean. year. This, she said, was also seen as religious Pinoy to hear Mass and have
Guadalupe Jimenez Chu, President
What is happening in the COWD “disrespectful.” an ashy cross on his forehead before
Alfonso Y. Lim, Vice President for Production is not the internal affairs of a private • In December last year, the COWD mating, er, meeting the love of his life at
Gladys Elaine J. Chu,Vice President for Marketing entity. First, while it looks, sounds and threw a thanksgiving party for its a candlelit dinner in the most romantic
James Go, Vice President for Circulation smells like a private company, it is a “partners” and, according to Beja, the place in the world that his wallet can af-
Catherine Chu,RN, Administrative Director public entity with directors appointed by board’s chairman, Ed Montalvan, was
Lissa Rosalynn C. Lagura, Finance Officer
ford. Could he and his date then proceed
Ruchelle Bangis, General Manager
the mayor of Cagayan de Oro. Second, disappointed because he was asked to to a more romantic place for “dessert”?
Flordelis Paler, Circulation and Advertising whatever happens within impacts on the give a welcome speech when what he Hmmm. That was the question.
Atty. Melanie Mae C. Cabanlas, Legal Counsel commodity we call treated water. Yes, supposedly wanted was to be the main With that cross on his forehead, how
Cagayan de Oro’s water supply. speaker. Beja said that, again, was seen to enjoy the “wet dessert” sans the guilt
Registered with the Securities and Exchange
Commission (CS201028440) on June. 23,
So far, Beja has given three reasons as “disrespect.” that the religious Pinoy automatically at-
2010. Entered as second class mail matter at for the COWD’s drastic decision to That’s Beja’s version of the story, taches to pre-marital “coupling.” That’s
the Postal Service Office-Region 10, October terminate her services: See GOMEZ/p.7 another question.
1989 and Region 11 with Permit no. PR-XI
Lovers may have to go through

Getting out from poverty

96-08 on Dec. 12, 1996. Extension Offices
Manila: Unit 1603, 16/F, IPI Buendia Tower, some spring cleaning, too, now that
501 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Pasay City, Mobile Pinas’ version of divorce may finally be
No., 09175494885; 09228638541, Telefax.: showing soon in a theater near you. The
(02)856-0740; email: goldstar_manila@yahoo. NAAWAN, Misamis Oriental – When I raised by the farming family was organ-
com; Cebu: (Adrian Lee) Gold Star Cebu
ultimate question for spring cleaning,
Bldg. 626 La Tressas Drive, Tres de Abril, was in the grades, one of the first songs ic, that is, free from contaminants of any according to Marie Kondo, is, Does it
Cebu City; mobile no.: 0918-941-3920, tele- I easily learned to sing was kind, be it medicines, vitamins or other spark joy? So, hold your bitter, er, better
phone nos: (032) 2625474, 2624557; Davao: “Bahay Kubo.” The song farm inputs. half and ask, Does the love of my life
(Ruben M. Dongzal) cor. Fr. Selga & Malvar,
Sicat Bldg. Davao City, Tel. nos.: 082-4402057
goes: Some guys who pretended to be spark joy? Now, that’s the third ques-
/ 0932-619-9703 / 0905-121-4868. email: Bahay kubo kahit nationalists accused the early American tion. munti occupiers of idealizing to us this song, It was International Women’s Day
Ang halaman doon so that we remain undeveloped and de- last Thursday, which brings us to the
BUREAUS / AGENCIES ay sari-sari: pendent to the USA on many things we fourth question: Should there be an In-
Singkamas at need to survive as a nation. ternational Men’s Day, too? You know,
BETH DELA CRUZ - 0917-714-3761, 0922-884-8796, talong, sigarillas at I believe otherwise. The bahay kubo in case you need more Days to celebrate
William Adan mani, is a sensible model of a sustainable and
RALPH FRANCISCO - 0917-704-4623, aside from the usual.
METRO MANILA Sitaw, bataw, self-reliant development. A nation that Valentine’s Day is for lovers, when
ADRIAN LEE - 032-262 5474, 032-262 4557, patani. is self-reliant in food production in a that day’s intimate activities bear fruit,
AMOR BARLISAN - 0906-275-2936, Kundol, patola, upo’t kalabasa healthy environment is the most ad- they move forward to Mother’s Day for
CAGAYAN DE ORO At saka mayroon pang labanos, vanced and developed of all nations. mothers and Father’s Day for fathers,
EDGAR DICHOS - 0916-168-0049,
mustasa, The Western model of development who will then become grandmothers
STEVE BRIAN N. PARBA- 0906-348-7018, 0906-6752-038 sibuyas, kamatis, bawang at luya that puts heavy emphasis on material and grandfathers 25 years later, thus,
BING TENORIO - 0917-793-3999,
sa paligid-ligid ay panay na linga. consumption is destroying our planet. It there’s Grandparent’s Day. Since all is
BUKIDNON Then and until now, every time I is responsible for global warming and fair in love and war, there should also
AICKA TENORIO - 092O-2115-114, hear the song the imagery in my mind the many disasters spawned by climate be Daughter’s Day, Son’s Day, Grand-
TERRY BANGAL - 0922 -3156-008, is that of a cool small house made of change we are currently experiencing. daughter’s Day, Grandson’s Day, and so
DANGCAGAN, BUKIDNON light local materials – of bamboo and Yet, it is the model that is copied every- on and so forth, ad infinitum, ad nause-
LALAINE SUDARIA - 0926-354-3702,
nipa shingles, alongside a rice field near where. am.
GLENN L. UY - 0917-112-6041, a murmuring brook. Now, I love to be As our leaders endlessly hark of Still, last Thursday’s celebration of
MALAYBALAY entertained by the thought that the small lifting the poor from the quagmire of International Women’s Day was most
EFREN CELOCIA - 0975-640-8038,
LIBONA, BUKIDNON rice field was free of pesticides and acid- poverty, we need to ask on the model of important now that the likes of Harvey
DANILO MANIT - 0935-226-1566, ic fertilizers and the brook was clear of development they are aiming at. Is it to Weinstein are finally facing the reper-
EVIE TIPON - 0905-888-1999,
the leaches of those pollutants and thus increase the level of consumption of the cussions of their insatiable sexual appe-
MARAMAG, BUKIDNON abounds with fish, shells and shrimps. people to the leaders’ level, or, perhaps, tite that somehow morphed into sexual
OSCAR LEDESMA - 0916-910-0019, The range chicken, pigs and vegetables See ADAN/p.7 harassment and sexual assault.
EVELYN CASANILLO, 0916-834-6159, The #MeToo and Time’s Up move-

Mandate to fail ments are encouraging women to

NORA SORIÑO - 0919-796-9292,
ILIGAN include in their spring cleaning the shoo-
HENRY SALAZAR - 0926-014-2978, ing away of potential sexual harassers
ELDIE AGUIRRE - 0919-285-7530,
GENERAL Santos City -- At the Feb. Corn Administration. This government and assaulters whom they can hopefully
DIGOS 27 Senate hearing, the senators heaped policy, while originally the mandate avoid now post-Harvey.
EDGAR CATANE - 0909-701-3523, blame on the NFA (National Food Au- of RCA, was absorbed by the National There are women who can be one
BREN MASANGCAY - 0920-549-5712, thority), particularly Grains Authority that abolished RCA of the boys but there’s a chance for the
PAGADIAN on Chairman Jayson and by the NFA from the NGA. familiarity and friendliness to be misin-
AVEL GALORIO - 0908-7398-848,
L. Y. Aquino, for the To carry out this policy, the original terpreted by men, thus, women have to
MARIE IVY AYENSA SABELO - 0917-962-0246, shortage of NFA rice mandate was to purchase palay and corn draw the line between mere banter and
LEMIE LEGARTE - 0915-637-1644,
supply and for the directly from the farmers; added later sexual harassment which may lead to—
GINGOOG price in the market to was the importation or rice to augment gasp!—sexual assault.
NONOY LERIO - 0950-277-7917, spike by announcing the required level of NFA stock. The Should women wear chastity belts
FLOR DEGUINION - 0918-708-2225, the shortage. NFA “… shall sell and dispose of these and armor then? In case their friendly
TANDAG, SURIGAO DEL SUR Is the blame justi- commodities to the consumers at areas gestures are absorbed as foreplay by
ROSE MUÑEZA - 0910-537-5103, Pat Diaz fied? of consumption at a price that is within men. Tsk tsk. That’s the worst and most
BASIR ALIPOLO - 0917-467-1384, A senator told Aquino their reach”. destructive level of lost in translation.
MIDSAYAP, NORTH COTABATO to resign. Malacañang admonished NFA *** Hollywood actor Aziz Ansari was
SALVADOR G. HIMULATAN- 0929-798-3600,
KIDAPAWAN to do its work well. Are Aquino and the The policy is good. But has NFA the slapped with the most shocking reveal
TENG DATU - 0910-4033-386, 0926-3370-937 other NFA officials sleeping on their resources and power to implement it? when an encounter which he labeled as
job? To carry out the policy, NFA is man- “completely consensual” later proved
TOTOY MUÑOZ - 0975-418-2734, *** dated to compete with rice traders and to be not that consensual per his date’s
ZAMBOANGA CITY The primary mandate of the NFA is middlemen by (1) purchasing palay and interview with the website
JUN LAZO - 0947-712-3696,
BALINGASAG, MISOR “… to stabilize the price of palay, rice corn directly from the farmers and (2) After going through the ritual of
and corn …” as stated in Section 1 of selling the rice and corn at prices within seduction and foreplay, she said she told
Republic Act 3452 creating the Rice and See DIAZ/p.7 See CAMOMOT/p.11
Gold Star Daily

Monday, March 12, 2018

Editor: Herbie Gomez

Disruption of poverty measures
I DEVELOPED a mnemonic this does not really require rocket that, the older feature phones are a resource that is everywhere, just lighting and that could lessen the
device so that we could easily science and all it takes really is being sold practically for a song. in case you have not noticed. For demand for electricity from the
remember the five poverty indica- some kind of imagination along In case you have not noticed, many a long time now, there has been a grid. All these considered, perhaps
tors used in the Multidimension- with some determination. And of the families that are supposed to prevailing wisdom that we could you would agree with me that in
al Poverty Index (MPI) this does not have to happen be poor have satellite antennas on not produce biogas from human theory, it would be possible to
namely Floor, Assets, overnight, because tiles their rooftops. waste because it is not as potent as graduate Filipino families from
Cooking Fuel, Electricity, could be installed as these With floors and assets now animal waste, and so therefore we below the poverty line, if they
Toilets and Safe Water are made available. What is set aside as possible obstacles to had no alternative but to blend ani- could gain access to these services
(Facets). As an incurable important is to know that the the graduation out of poverty that mal waste with human waste. That or functionalities.
optimist, I believe that it installation of tiles is not just would only leave four challenges is not really a problem in the rural Come to think of it, the tech-
is theoretically possible for aesthetic reasons and in- namely cooking fuel, electricity, areas but that is definitely a problem nology of Dr. Intal is not only
to physically or virtu- stead it is also for safety and toilets and safe water. Not that I in the urban areas where poultry good for society because it could
ally “graduate” families Ike Señeres health reasons, and perhaps will again claim to be an incur- and livestock are banned. But now, reduce poverty, but it is also good
from below the poverty that is the reason why the able optimist but it seems to me thanks to a technology developed for the environment because it
line, provided that they could United Nations included access to that all these four challenges are by Dr. Nars Intal, that is no longer could clean our rivers and other
gain access to the five services or floors as one of the MPI indicators. “within the commerce of man” and a problem. That is because enzymes waterways, aside from removing
functionalities as enumerated in The assets that could be owned therefore these could be supplied could now be mixed with human the bad odours. Of course, it is also
Facets. Again as an incurable op- by a family as defined by the MPI easily, more so that these four are waste to produce biogas faster than good for food security. Down the
timist, it seems that I could freely could include radios, telephones, generally addressable through the ever. That should take care of our line, we could say that it is good
interpret how these services could bikes, refrigerators or cars, among use of appropriate technologies. need for affordable cooking fuel. for our economy because it could
be delivered or made available as others. The choices could vary, Take cooking fuel for instance. For As we all know by now, re- reduce the cost of foreign exchange
the case may be. I am confident but main point being is for the as long as I can remember, Filipino newable energy could already needed to import the raw materials
that no one would challenge my family to acquire or gain access families have been cooking with be produced using solar, wind, for the LPGs. It is not yet clear
interpretation because if they do, to another asset on top of, or aside Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) hydro, dendro and other sustain- how it is possible, but there could
it would just enable me to identify from what they already have. Well, and there seems to be no way out able solutions. And for as long be large amounts of carbon credits
a possible advocacy partner. this too is a non-brainer because of it, it seems that it is a perpetualt as there is affordable electricity, that could be earned from this ex-
In theory, a family could gain everyone knows that nowadays, trap that has ensnared us forever. it would already be easy to pump ercise. The biggest advantage of all
access to a decent floor if their appliances are so easy to acquire, I beg to disagree because after up water for the toilets and to filter is that we will be creating wealth
present floor that is made with more so because the second hand a long and patient search, I have clean and safe water for drinking, from waste and disrupting the way
dirt, dung or sand is replaced by market is so robust. Aside from finally found the technology that washing, cooking and bathing, that we measure poverty.
wood, cement or synthetic tiles, that, the prices of smart phones would enable Filipino families to among other needs. Needless to
as the case may be. As I know it, have gone down, and aside from produce biogas from human waste, say, biogas could also be used for E-mail:

Karma, Sereno and other officials

THE quo warranto case seeking comment I will make. going to be repeated to us some- it was the turn of Adoni-Bezek Sen. Leila de Lima worked hard
the setting aside of the appoint- Second, the sub judice rule now how. to be defeated and captured, his to shame and humiliate Gloria by
ment extended to Chief Justice applies to the Calida petition. Sub This is something that is writ- own fingers were severed from his preventing her from leaving the
Maria Lourdes Aranal judice simply means that if ten in the Bible, in its Galatians hands and feet, compelling him to country at the start of Noynoy’s
Sereno by the then Pres- a matter has already been 6:7, which precisely intones: “… subsist on crumbs likewise. term, even if Gloria needed urgent
ident Noynoy Aquino brought for adjudication Do not be deceived: God cannot We will always remember, of foreign medication.
already reached and had or resolution to the courts be mocked. A man reaps what he course, that Sereno was installed as But Leila subsequently went
been filed with the Su- (even to the courts which sows…” Inevitably, God is going the replacement chief justice by the through the same pain and suf-
preme Court by Solicitor are of lower rank than the to make everyone account for then President Noynoy after Chief fering and humiliation that she
General Jose Calida. Supreme Court), its merits whatever they have done, making Justice Renato Corona was ousted heaped on Gloria. What then is the
I will not dwell on or lack of it can no longer be sure that whatever pain or blessing in a Senate impeachment trial. In lesson in all these? Whatsoever
the legalities or on the finer Batas discussed publicly. The rule we imparted to others would come the same manner that Sereno took one did to another, that would be
points of law which Calida’s Mauricio requires to leave the resolu- back to us in more ways than one. the seat from Corona, it would repeated to him. To whoever will
petition raised, and I have a num- tion of the case to the courts alone. There are many incidents seem that she is bound to suffer replace Sereno, it would be wise
ber of reasons for not doing so. Be that as it may, I couldn’t showing karma’s effects that could the same fate -- she, too, would for him or her to pay attention to
First, my daughter, Maria Luisa help but look into the issue of be read from the Bible. One of be ousted. what we have tackled here. There
Mauricio, was one of the lawyers “karma” -- or the oft-acknowl- them is the story of Adoni-Bezek, The same thing happened to would be no harm if Sereno’s
of the Office of the Solicitor Gen- edged phenomenon which assures a king who used to cut the fingers President Gloria Arroyo. She had replacement would take time to
eral who had a hand in the prepa- that whatever one did or has sown off the hands and feet of the kings President Joseph Estrada jailed. consult with God first, through
ration and filing of the petition would certainly come back to him whose kingdoms he had subdued, But, Gloria was detained too, on His Word from the Bible!
in that case. I am sure many will or her sooner than later -- affecting making the hapless monarchs eat orders of Noynoy. At this point,
say I will be necessarily favoring Sereno’s case. Indeed, whatever from the crumbs that fell from his Noynoy is expected to be jailed, E-mail: batasmauricio@ya-
my daughter and the OSG in any we did to another human being is table. According to Judges 1, when too, for a number of reasons. Then,

Gomez for COWD to open up.

Hell hath no fury like a
be rich is not to have more
but to have less. The truly
to worry about parking,
burglary and road accidents.
milled rice at P27 per kilo tor in regulating the prices
From page 6 and well-milled rice at P32. of palay at the farms and
woman scorned. And by all rich have very few needs If he would just avail of the Farmers have to take their rice in the market. The NFA
and none of the reasons she indications, this brouhaha and possess less. Thus they mass transit system or take palay to NFA buying stations mandate is mandate to fail.
cited seem to be compelling is headed Metro Pacific’s are free from useless worries a taxi to his destination, he On the other hand, rice Since the Senate hearing
grounds for dismissal from and city hall’s way, or so it and unnecessary concerns, wouldn’t have to worry most traders and middlemen have was in aide of legislation,
service. In fact, the three seems. Pastilan. and have not much to fear. of the above. more funds and flexibility. the senators should have
reasons, especially the last Yet the levelling up of The more we have the They buy palay directly from focused on the NFA mandate
one, seem very petty and the farms at prices higher rather than on blaming Aqui-
make the COWD board Adan consumption has become the
game of the day. Consider
lesser our freedom will be,
the poorer we become. We
than the NFA price – raising no and other officials for the
look like a body of jealous,
From page 6 or lowering their prices ac- failure of NFA to maintain its
one from a farming commu- are possessed or enslaved by cording to the demand of the rice stock and its mission as
unjust and capriciously one-half or even just one- nity who turns into an OFW. what we have. competition. Evidently, they mandated. The same must be
malevolent child bullies that fourth of it? His parents sold their little The worse among the dictate the prices both at the said of Malacañang.
demand constant recogni- An authentic Earth and farm and work animals so he poor are the slaves. farms and in the market. Unless NFA is given the
tion, acknowledgment and life-saving development de- could leave and pursue his Evidently, too, concern- resources and flexibility to
homage unless, of course, mands that people reduce dream. After a year of toiling (William R. Adan, Ph.D., ing palay, the traders and compete in the open market,
if we are missing out on their consumption. It may in an infernal land, he takes is a retired professor and for- middlemen, outbuy NFA it will fail in its mandated
something. That is only one now be totally impossible for a vacation dragging home mer chancellor of Mindanao quantity-wise and quali- mission. Better to abolish it.
side of the story and until us to go back to a bahay kubo a huge TV set, a Karaoke, State University at Naawan, ty-wise. Since they buy
the COWD tells the public way of life. But it can still be a microwave, high-end cel- directly from the farms, they (Patricio P. Diaz was ed-
Misamis Oriental.) itor in chief of the Mindanao
what just happened, serious approximated, to begin with lular phones for his siblings corner the good-quality pa-
questions would continue lay. It is most probable that Cross in Cotabato City and
a willful honest-to-goodness and a lot of other things to
to hound the utility and its implementation of an agrari- adorn their little house. Diaz what the traders and middle-
men reject the farmers take
later the Mindanao Kris. He
is the recipient of a “Lifetime
From page 6
board of directors. At this an reform program. The rest An upcoming urbanite to the NFA buying stations. Achievement Award” from
time when the COWD’s lips which is dominantly in the who keeps on adding to what Hence, in the market, NFA the Titus Brandsma for his
are still sealed, there is re- realm of education and law the reach of the consumers.
he has is seldom aware of But does NFA have rice is just for Class D and “commitment to education
ally no way the reasons can enforcement will simply what he is up to. Once he enough funds, facilities and E consumers estimated at 10 and public information to
be weighed to determine if follow. buys, for instance, a car he flexibility to compete? At million out of the more than Mindanawons as Journalist,
the COWD board really did Becoming rich is not a has to spend for its annual present, NFA purchasing 100 million Filipinos. Educator, and Peace Advo-
the right thing or not. And bad aspiration at all. Un- registration, insurance, fuel price of palely is limited to *** cate.” E-mail: patponcedi-
so, there is no other way but known to many, however, to and maintenance. He has P17 kilo and sells regular So far NFA is a non-fac-
Gold Star Daily

Monday, March 12, 2018

Editor: Cong B. Corrales
Initiatives in food security to expand to 33 villages of Marawi city
ILIGAN City — The suc- be under the cash-for-work As residents heave a sigh ture and the Department as land preparation is has been keen in pushing
cess of the convergence program of the Department of relief upon their return of Agriculture and Fish- finished. for the realization of this
initiative in five baran- of Social Welfare and De- to their communities, re- eries in Autonomous Re- Rice, corn, and vegeta- project.
gays of Marawi City has velopment (DSWD). suming their livelihood or gion in Muslim Mindan- bles are some of the seed- According to the WFP
prompted concerned agen- The convergence ini- sources of income remains ao (Armm), and the local lings planted by farmers. National Program Officer
cies and organizations to tiative involves the de- a challenge. government, together Although the expansion Baicon Macaraya, the con-
expand the project to 33 velopment of farmlands The program begins with international or- of the convergence initia- vergence initiative aims
barangays to contribute and fishponds to jumpstart with farmers preparing ganizations such as the tive is still in its planning to address food security
to the food security of the farmers’ and fisherfolks’ the land through the cash- World Food Programme stage as definite timeline issues in Marawi and al-
recovering war-torn city. production respectively. for-work intervention of (WFP) and the United and beneficiaries are yet low farmers to contribute
The proposed inclusion This project is fur- the DSWD. Agencies Nations - Food and Ag- to be decided, the Task to the city’s recovery by
of 33 barangays is expect- ther underscored as 40% such as the Department riculture Organization, Force Bangon Marawi field producing food that will
ed to engage around 15,000 of Marawi’s economy is of Agrarian Reform, the then, distributes seed- office manager, Assistant be readily available for
individuals, who will also linked with agriculture. Department of Agricul- lings to farmers as soon Secretary Felix Castro Jr. returning families. (pia x)

No lavish
grad rites:
Farmers’ kids urged to Briefly
VP turns over livelihood package to farmers

Deped exec avail of agri scholarship MARAWI City — Vice President Leni Robredo turned
over a package of livelihood subsidies that included an
abaca processing equipment to 22 farmers in Piagao
town, Lanao del Sur, late last week.
COTABATO City — The Taken through Robredo’s Angat Buhay antipoverty
Cotabato City schools di- flagship program, the livelihood resources consisted of
vision office here of the an abaca stripping machine, 66 sacks of organic fertil-
Department of Education is izer, 44 sickles and two sprinklers. (pna)
reminding parents, teachers
and school administrators Tagum, Davnor score wins in arnis
to observe simplicity and OROQUIETA City — Tagum City and Davao del Norte
prudence in the conduct of showed their dominance in arnis by capturing seven and
graduation ceremonies for five gold medals, respectively, in the ongoing Batang
school year 2017-2018. Pinoy Mindanao Games held at the San Vicente Bajo
Dr. Concepcion Fer- covered court.
rer-Balawag, Cotabato City The Tagum eskrimadors garnered seven golds with
schools division superinten- three silvers and three bronzes, while over-all solo
dent, emphasized Depart- leader Davao del Norte seized five golds, three silvers,
ment of Education Order and three bronzes. (pna)
No. 25 series of 2017 that
prescribes guidelines on Crime group leader shot dead in Socot
closing exercises or pro- POLOMOLOK, South Cotabato — An alleged crime
grams scheduled between PADDIES. A ricefield in the eastern part of Zamboanga City is already on “heading” stage and farmers are group leader was shot dead in a brief firefight with
hopeful to having good harvest ahead. PNA file photo by Teofilo P. Garcia Jr.
April 2 and April 6. government forces along the highway here, police
Speaking over a local ZAMBOANGA City — allowance per semester also allied courses that you officials said.
radio station, Balawag said Children and relatives of aside from studying with can choose,” she said. Chief Insp. Aldrin Gonzales, Police Regional Of-
it was clearly stated in the farmers are urged to avail free tuition fee. She said for those who fice-12 spokesperson, said killed in a brief firefight
department order that is of the government schol- She said children of are interested to avail of was Benzaid Nilong, 49, leader of the Nilong private
prohibiting extravagant arship program to earn a farmers can also enroll in the scholarship program armed group operating in this town and in nearby
attire, extra ordinary venue degree in agriculture for agricultural allied courses they can visit the DA office municipalities.
or making graduation rites free. such as agri-business, veter- near them. Senior Supt. Franklin Alvero, South Cotabato po-
an opportunity for political Melba Wee, Department inary medicine, agronomy Meanwhile, she said lice director, said prior to the firefight, they received
leaders to speak, politiciz- of Agriculture (DA) assis- and others for free. that the Bureau of Fisher- intelligence report that a private armed group would
ing the event. tant regional director for re- “Studying agriculture ies and Aquatic Resources stage a robbery along the Koronadal-General Santos
“We can have a simple search policy, planning and course doesn’t mean you (BFAR) has also schol- City Highway, particularly in Barnagay Pagalungn,
but meaningful graduation regulatory, made the call will only study on how to arship program for the this town. (pna)
exercises,” Balawag said following observations that cultivate crops. There are children of fisherfolk. (pna)
as she appealed to parents children of farmers barely
and teachers to comply reli- finish college studies. R.A. 9048 Form 10.1 (LCRO)
giously with the department Wee said they can avail
of order. of the scholarship program Republic of the Philippines
Instead of focusing on through agency’s Agricul- Municipal Civil Registrar Office
Province of Misamis Oriental
extravagant moving up or ture Credit Enhancement MUNICIPALITY OF JASAAN
graduation rites, Balawag Fund (ACEF).
urged teachers to focus “This scholarship pro- NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION
more on teaching values to gram has been there for
children like simplicity and years but there are only few In compliance with Section 5 of R.A. 9048, a notice is hereby served
to the public that ANN MARGRETHE GANZAN HOJAS has filed with this
penny-pinching. or no takers at all,” Wee
office a Petition for Change of First Name from “MARGRETHE” to “ANN
She explained that all said as she urged parents to MARGRETHE” in the birth certificate of ANN MARGRETHE GANZAN HOJAS
expenses for graduation ex- “encourage your children to who was born on July 26, 1967 at Jasaan, Misamis Oriental and whose
ercises shall be charged to study agriculture.” parents are ANDREW D. GANZAN and IMELDA J. TAPONGOT.
school’s maintenance and Wee said through ACEF, Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written
operating expenses and not each of the scholars is enti- opposition with this Office not later than March 20, 2018.
on contributions from parents, tled to P2,000 monthly
including souvenirs. (pna) allowance and P1,000 book Municipal Civil Registrar
MGSD March 5 & 12, 2018

Republic of the Philippines Republic of the Philippines

Tel. No (086) 826-1789 Office of the Municipal Civil Registrar

Publication Notice March 01, 2018

Publication Notice RA. 10172
R.A. 10172

In compliance with the publication requirement and pursuant to OCRG In compliance with the publication requirement and pursuant to OCRG
Memorandum Circular No. 2013-01, Guidelines in the Implementation of Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1 dated January 16, 2013. Guidelines in
the Administrative Order No. 1, series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice is the implementation of the Administrative order No. 1, series of 2012(IRR
on R.A. 10172). Notice is hereby served to the public that CHARLIE
hereby served to the public that ANGELIC KWIN CABAÑA MONTEROS has LODONIA SATORE has filed with this office a petition for correction of entry
filed with this Office a petition for Correction of Entry in Sex from “MALE” in sex from “FEMALE” to “MALE” in the certificate if live birth of CHARLIE
to “FEMALE”, in her Certificate of Live Birth who was born on January 25, LODONIA SATORE at MCR office Libona, Bukidnon and whose parents are
1989, at Surigao City, Surigao del Norte, whose parents are Menchie Cabaña ROMEO SATORE and LOURDESITA LODONIA.
and Felicisimo Monteros. Any person adversely affected by the said petition may file his/her
Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written written opposition with this Office not later than MARCH 16, 2018
opposition with this Office not later than March 19, 2018.


City Civil Registrar Municipal Civil Registrar
MGSD March 5 & 12, 2018
MGSD March 5 & 12, 2018
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Gold Star Daily

10 Monday, March 12, 2018

Editor: Cong B. Corrales

Siargao’s Sugba Lagoon reopens; number of guests limited

GENERAL LUNA, Siar- a resort managed by the clogged up and had to be
gao Island — A popular municipal government, condemned. This prompted
tourist destination in Del aims to mitigate the pollu- the local government unit to
Carmen town in Siargao tion caused by the growing close the lagoon for main-
Islands that had been closed number of tourists. tenance and rehabilitation
for maintenance and facility Del Carmen Mayor Al- works, Lipio said.
upgrade works reopened fredo M. Coro Jr. said ear- She said the number
last week, town officials lier that the shutdown was of tourists that visited the
said. extended due to extensive lagoon last year reached
But Leilani C. Lipio, repairs and construction 31,000.
municipal tourism officer, of new facilities. Further- Lipio said that since
said via mobile phone that more, he said the temporary Sugba Lagoon’s delicate
they now limit the number closure was to allow the ecosystem has been put at
of guests to Sugba Lagoon environment to recover. risk by the growing num-
to 100 per day. “We can do repairs, ber of tourists, the local
Sugba lagoon lies in fix everything in prepara- government wanted to in-
the island village of Caub, tion for the bigger crowds crease efforts in preserving
a 30-minute boat ride from during the summer season. its beauty.
the Del Carmen port. One This cycle is necessary to SUMMER GETAWAY. Tourists enjoy the turquoise-colored waters of Sugba Lagoon in Del Carmen, Siargao “We have seen the prob-
has to navigate through a sustain the area,” the mayor Island as the summer begins to sizzle. This quite place has become a must-visit for every tourist in the island. lem of food waste coming
MindaNews file photo by Roel N. Catoto
vast expanse of mangroves said. from the tourists,” she said,
to get there. Lipio said the extension equipment that they pur- eco-septic tanks with a ca- here,” she said. adding that selling of food
Lipio said the recent was also due to the delay of chased in Manila.. pacity of more than 2,000 Last January the sew- onsite is now prohibited to
shutdown at the lagoon, shipment of the eco-septic “Right now the two liters each are on their way erage system at the lagoon visitors. (mindanews)

Police continue pursuit

ops against kidnappers
ZAMBOANGA City — rio Ungok, 46, a resident Galvez said that two
Pursuit operations by gov- of Barangay San Nicolas, days later, the kidnappers

FOR INQUIRIES: ernment troops continued in

a bid to rescue the remaining
Galvez said Rosales was
have demanded P10 million
in exchange for the release

Advertising and Subscription

hostages from suspected positively identified by his of the victims.
kidnappers in the hinter- employer, Tata Subebe, a She said the kidnappers
lands of Zamboanga del resident of Barangay San used the cellular phone of
• Tel. Nos. Norte, the police reported.
This, as the kidnappers
Vicente, Sirawai town.
Rosales was one of the
one of the five victims and
relayed the ransom demand

(088) 855- 1737 killed one of the five hos-

tages they seized when
five timber cutters from San
Nicolas, who were reported
at around 10:30 am last
Monday, to Jojo Ebalde,

(088) 855-1736
pursuing policemen and missing last Monday. a chainsaw operator and a
soldiers caught up with The four others were the resident of San Nicolas.
them at around 10:30 am following: Roger Jung-an, She said the ransom
last Wednesday that trig- 36; Jomar Maglangit, 26; demand was lowered to
gered a 10-minute firefight Reymond Purisima, 14; P75,000 or at P15,000 each

• Mobile Numbers: at sitio Kabatunayan, Ba-

rangay Panabutan, Sirawai,
and, Jomar Mantangan, 25
all residents of San Nicolas
hostages when the kidnap-
pers made the second call

Zamboanga del Norte. village, Sirawai. later.
Chief Insp. Helen Gal- They went to Sitio Maa- Sirawai Mayor Gamar
vez, Police Regional Of- sum, Barangay San Nicolas Janihim has convened the
0926-9670-439 fice-9 information officer,
identified the slain hostage
on March 3 to cut timber
but failed to return home
Crisis Management Com-
mittee to find solution to

0917-771-2384 as Mario Rosales alias Ma- since then. the kidnapping. (pna)

0999-996-6764 Cotabato hosts Senate public

hearing on charter change
• Email us at: By TENG L. DATU
Cotabato City Bureau Chief
ing with representatives and as long as we are not de-
participants from various prived of our self-determi-
COTABATO City — The sectors, regarding proposals nation,” said Sofia Paguital,
Senate committees on Con- to amend or revise the 1987 member of the civil society
stitutional Amendments, Philippine Constitution here group Mindanao People’s
Revision of Codes and recently. Caucus.
Laws; and Electoral Re- Sen. Francis Pangilinan, Assemblyman Zia Alon-

Serving people for 29 years forms and Peoples’ Partic-

ipation conducted a joint
regional consultation hear-
chair of the Committee
on Constitutional Amend-
ments, Revision of Codes
to-Adiong said changes in
the constitution “should
include anti-political dy-
and Laws and concurrent nasty provisions that must
vice-chair of the Committee be supported by a good
on Electoral Reforms and political system.”
Peoples’ Participation, led Majority of the partic-
the hearing. ipants in the consultation
Most of the represen- favors a constitutional con-
tatives from the academe, vention (Con-Con) over a
indigenous peoples’ com- constituent assembly (Con-
munities, people’s organiza- Ass) should there be a final
tions and civil society orga- decision that the constitution
nizations expressed support be amended or revised. A
to change the text of the Con-Con is made up of elect-
1987 Philippine Constitu- ed delegates and can propose
tion provided “it will reflect both amendments and re-
the collective aspirations of visions, while a Con-Ass is
the people of Mindanao.” convened by Congress to
“We are not against what- propose amendments. (with
ever na gusto ng gobyerno, reports from bpi armm)
Gold Star Daily

Monday, March 12, 2018

Editor: Cong B. Corrales
A RETURNEE’S LIFE: a new life.

From fighting to farming

Cotabato City Bureau Chief
Muril, now 27, re-
SUMISIP, Basilan turned to farming. He ear-
— Wiril Muril joined lier received a processing
the Abu Sayyaf kid- machine for cassava from
nap-for-ransom group the Armm government.
when he was still 21 years the hands of the govern- This helps him earn a liv-
old. ment. ing for his wife and seven
A resident of Baran- “Akala ko wala na children.
gay Baywas in Sumisip, talaga akong tsansa na During the Armm
Basilan, Muril said he makapagbagong buhay,” People’s Day in Sumis-
had to join the group to he said. ip recently, the regional
get the much needed sup- When he heard about government distributed
port because his family government’s reformation sacks of rice and other
was involved in a rido program for members of essential goods for the
(clan war). rebel groups, he and 83 of returnees. The Armm
“Walang training sa his comrades considered government also prom-
amin, kapag may baril ka, surrendering. ised to build core shel-
pasok ka na,” he said. “Hindi ko naisip na ters, complete with solar
He recalled being part matakot dahil malinaw panels, and water con-
of kidnap-for-ransom op- ang batas ng gobyerno nection, for them.
erations, which made him na kapag nagbalik-loob Muril now enjoys his
realize that it was not the ka sa kanila, bibigyan ka life as a returnee.
jihad that he wanted to be ng tsansa na maayos,” he “May magandang kal-
part of. added. sada, tubig, maayos na
“Ang jihad sa Islam, In July 2017, the Au- bahay. Yung nagigising
maganda. Noong nakita IPIL-IPIL. A farmer loads ipil-ipil leaves on to his cart in Basilan. The leaves are used as feeds for farm tonomous Region in Mus- ka ng alas sais, at nakikita
animals. MindaNews file photo by Keith Bacongco
ko na may kidnapping, lim Mindanao (Armm) mong nandyan ang kal-
may harassment ng com- kikita ang jihad,” he said. thing good for oneself, But what stopped him initiated a series of psy- sada, nandyan ang tubig,
munity, pumapatay ng For him, jihad was family, and the commu- from leaving the group chosocial interventions at hindi ka natatakot,” he
civilian, hindi ko na na- when a person does some- nity. was the fear of being in to help the returnees start said.

Fired some were on serious mat-

ters that could be used as
Batar took over March
1 but despite that, Beja
that the situation will be
resolved in a friendly man-
inahanglan ba di-ay tag
abogado o professor?” he
advocacy is not terrorism.
From page 1
bases for administrative continued reporting for ner soon,” reads part of asked rhetorically. Mindanao spokesperson
the COWD board voted to and criminal charges.” Moreno’s statement. Lao said reforms in the Amalin Baroma told The
boot the engineer out of the work.
The source said Beja’s COWD director Dele- Meanwhile, the chair- COWD would start if the Gold Star Daily that the
water district for good. attention was called by man of the city council’s mayor is stripped of the 21-year old Albasin was
Beja was voted out of gencia said he has opted
the COWD board on sev- not to talk about the contro- public utilities committee, legal authority to appoint in Negros Oriental to “im-
by the five-person COWD eral occasions and there Councilor Teodulfo Lao members of the water dis- merse” with marginalized
board chaired by Mon- versy because Beja brought
were even times when it her case to the Civil Ser- Jr., criticized the COWD trict’s board. He called it farmers and that she has
talvan and composed of turned “personal” -- she board’s decision to boot “kinara-an” and “wala not been involved in any
Delegencia, del Rosario, vice Commission.
was yelled at by Montalvan “She already filed a Beja out of the water dis- ma mosibo ning bag-ong armed group, specifically
Concepcion Quiblat and in front of people. trict. henerasyon sa pangina- the NPA.
Dr. Hilly Roa Quiaoit. case and so, we would
Montalvan, for his part, rather discuss our rea- Rather, he said, the hanglan sa water supply.” Even when she was still
Del Rosario, a relative cited one case: he has been members of the COWD studying at Xavier Uni-
of Beja’s, reportedly deliv- sons before the Civil Ser-
serving in the COWD vice where we would be board composed of Mon- versity High School here,
ered the notice of dismissal
to the engineer with the
board for three years al- defending our position,” talvan, Mateo Delegencia, Defend Baroma said, Albasin was
ready and until recently, Soc Anthony del Rosa- From page 1 already active in rallies.
hope that he could broker Delegencia said.
“I have not seen financial Beja, who has worked rio, Concepcion Quiblat been set next week. “At her very age, Myl-
a settlement at the eleventh statements which I asked and Dr. Hilly Roa Quiaoit Meanwhile, women’s es has already been very
hour. But at the end of the in the COWD for 26 years,
from her every month.” has submitted a March 6 “should resign.” rights advocates here con- active and vocal without
day, he was the last one to He said he has long All the COWD direc- demned the arrest of Alba- fear to express her views
sign the document. petition to the CSC region-
been asking Beja to furnish al office for it to review the tors unanimously approved sin even as they demanded against women oppression
Beja’s dismissal from the COWD board copies of Beja’s dismissal. her immediate release, and exploitation,” Baroma
the COWD was a result of decision of the five-per-
the utility’s monthly finan- son COWD board that “Dili man competent saying that human rights said.
in-fighting and bickerings cial statements but his calls sa ilang katungdanan nang
that heaped up for a period removed her as the utility’s
fell on deaf ears. general manager. mga membro sa board of
of at least three years. Montalvan said, “The directors sa COWD kay
There was “bad blood” reasons she (Beja) cited dili man sila experts sa
between her and Montal-
van, said a highly placed
were the straw that broke Affect water services. Sila unta
the camel’s back but there From page 1 ang mi-resign,” Lao said.
COWD source who asked were more.” But Lao was soft on the
not to be identified so as Other COWD officials recognize that the mem- new COWD general man-
not to further strain rela- opted to keep mum. bers’ loyalty is not owed ager, Engr. Batar, saying he
tionships in the workplace.
“That was one of the
Beja’s successor, Engr.
Bienvenido Batar Jr., said
to the appointing power,
but rather to the company
has competence and years
of experience if the COWD
Why go for one city?
root causes but there were he feels uncomfortable. (COWD).” “unlike the inexperienced
other reasons. I’m afraid “I feel a bit awkward be- This, he said, is a fun- directors of COWD.”
To serve you wherever your business takes you
there was enough basis cause she’s there while the damental rule in corpora- “Walay experience un- has always been our strategy. Gold Star Daily
for the dismissal,” said the COWD operations and tions. sa-on ang mag-manage
source. “Rachel (Beja) did control were tasks given The COWD directors ug pag-decision sa water
can promote you in 20 cities and 24 provinces,
things without the knowl- to me by the board. Who are appointed by the city services sa Cagayan de with one placement we give you the entire
edge of the board. Some would not feel awkward in mayor. Oro. Kay ngano, kon mag-
were on small matters, a situation like this?” “I do hope, however, pa-agas tag tubig, nagk-

From page 6

him, “I don’t think I’m ready She added that it “took actor for a comedy musical the item he’s buying. The bulletproof bracelets, ti- version was directed by a
to do this, I really don’t think a really long time for me for “Master of None,” and woman’s trail, on the other ara, and the Lasso of Truth woman, Patty Jenkins.
I’m going to do this. And he to validate this as sexual she said, “It was actually hand, is the longest and which could make liars and But it’s this constant re-
said, ‘How about we just assault. I was debating if painful to watch him win most crooked line, with gossipers reveal nothing but peat of men versus women
chill, but this time with our this was an awkward sexual and accept an award. And no particular entrance and the truth. that may keep their differ-
clothes on?’” experience or sexual assault. absolutely cringeworthy that exit for her shopping spree. But “Wonder Woman” ences alive, with women
He then began watching And that’s why I confronted he was wearing the Time’s That may also explain the was a movie and is a fic- always fighting for gender
a “Seinfeld” episode with so many of my friends and Up pin. I think that started a difference on how they view tional character, a figment equality and their rights.
her, and she said in the inter- listened to what they had to new fire, and it kind of made intimacy, with her believing of imagination of its creators Women are emotional
view that’s when she realized say, because I wanted valida- it more real.” he can read her mind, and who, by the way, were writer and since they know how it
what happened: “It really hit tion that it was actually bad.” There’s this diagram of he believing he understands William Moulton Marston feels to be hurt, they end up
me that I was violated. I felt She watched the TV cov- the difference between a what she needs. a.k.a. Charles Moulton and avoiding the point of hurting
really emotional all at once erage of this year’s Golden man and a woman when “ Wo n d e r Wo m a n ” artist Harry G. Peter. In a man’s feelings. How to
when we sat down there. Globes where Ansari made they shop. The man’s trail somehow empowered case you haven’t noticed, break it to him gently? That’s
That that whole experience history as the first of Asian is shown as a straight line women. There’s something both Moulton and Peter are the fifth and hopefully the
was actually horrible.” descent to win as best TV from a mall’s entrance to about that armored plate, men. At least its latest movie last question.
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Circulo de Ta
She Said Yes:
Four Places
Arte Kamanga
to Visit
Presents ‘Pitik’
Exhibit At Museo de Oro
When In
Wedding And Debut Expo 2018
Forming part of

Xavier Ateneo Arts

mmaaiinn aattttrraaccttiioonnss
in Bukidnon.
is a
Bukidnon. The
town’s tourism
tourism officer
Mrs. Judith
Judith Laspiñas
is a key instrument
Festival, in celebration in
in the
the promotions
promotions of of
of the National Arts not
not only Quezon’s
only Quezon’s
Month, artists' group rroocckk wwaallll cclliim
Circulo de Arte aanndd BBlluuee W Waatteerr
collaborated with Cave,
Cave, but also to
but also to this
festival which is also
which is also
Museo de Oro to put
considered aa prelude prelude
up the “Pitik” exhibit. before
before the the gathering
The streets streets of of the the of
of tribes
tribes come
come March. March.
M u s e o d enamed
municipality named Oro
Qa suuseei szztoo
Q a nn t iicnnu r att hthoeer Under
Under the the leadership
Oscar Esteban
province of
of Bukidnon
Bukidnon A of
of Mayor Mayor Gregorio Gregorio
a d i
F nl odi rfrom s c oon
i sn dcLondon!
e ,nssiidd eYes,
nYes, edIdnI LLllaauurreenn G G uee aanndd
packed the
the my
interview, explainedsugar
bags overcapital
overcapital two
two hhiiss w wife C
i f e Caarrm meenn Nowadays, some
weeks ago
ago and decided
the andexhibit is
is filled
decided filled to
is Capistrano
Capistrano Gue, Gue, the the avail catering
a b ofor culture
Steph inin
u t l oholidays.
United as
v e : “ POnly the
itik Manobo
Manobo people people or or
dom showcase packages for
dom for the showcase
the holidays. Only Lumads of
Lumads of the locality the locality
is a Binisaya word weddings, debut
a couple
their indigenous
of closests
indigenousclosests friends ways
roacnasl l aways
a couple friends are
are highlighted
highlighted for for
to h i
b co h t h t l aatne s parties or any special
t o b o t h l o c a l knew
and family
family members
members knew ndd the
the world
world to to see.
see. Also Also
foreign ‘ h
my e
my trip
a r t
andb e
and the
a t
the news
’ The[ i n
So why Pitik?
news known
known and and adopted adopted occasion to avoid
that I’m
that in England
I’m in England are
are may part
may have
parthave ofof as Datu
as Datu Makapukaw Makapukaw
The group wanted to the hassle during
the 77totribes
come to be
tribes a or
be a surpriseor group
surprise group for the
for the ofof ii nn 22 00 1111 ,, M M aa yy oo rr
rest of
of my
indigenous that
my friends. people
people question
You who
You may
the event. However,
rest friends. may Gue
Gue has has created created aa
have spread
are spread across past
have missed visualization
me across
for the
the the
the The exhibit was
federation ofof made
tribal 10, led by Xavier The N planning
a t i o n a lis following not that the theme, art as a catalyst for
two but
but herehere area
area are of
are aof
a possible
leaders in the
in Londonwith town
the town the
to Center for Culture C o m m i s seasy. i o n That f o r Aisn i why ng Sining, values education.
couple of places Heldthat I every
recom- Second,
Second, The
The London Eye.
Eye. Next
Next is is The
The Big Big Ben.Ben. It’s It’s Lastly,
Lastly, the
the Westminster
Westminster Ab-
Ab- You You can
cannget get to these 33 See
See you
you next
next week,
week, Ur-
they of
couple wantplaces tothatanswer
Held every
I recom- further
further progress
progress of and
and Culture and some the Artsare A l a b
looking g Stoi nthese ing.
mend youthe town The London Eye is
is aa gi- aaand the Arts
16-storey Gothic(XCCA). clock bey
beywhich whichis isjust
aroundthe the majormajor tourist attractions in
tourist attractions banLifers! Happy Holi-
the when
mend when you
questions: visit
the town
London. The
continue Arte Eye improving
improving gi- 16-storey Gothic clock
Performances from (NCCA) leads
for perfect the central
T h e London c e l e b r a t i othe nin banLifers! Happy
Xavier Ateneo’s Holi-
comes alive as tower and
and UK UK national Big
Big Ben. Ben. It’s
It’s formally
formally called suppliers
called central London using days
days from
from United
United King-
does your aliveheart as they they
beat ant
the Ferris
a ethnic
n e w gathering
the tower national
celebration of the aims trains
using the Panaghugpong King-a
First of
of my
my the
list isis various
London’s southbank
southbank of
of the
the River
symbol, Glee Club,
symbol, which houses the
which houses Xavier the
the Collegiate
Collegiate t oChurch
Churchh e lpof of abullet
l thtrains e to
i r ofofpromote
the Under-
Under- dom!
dom! festival,
for? For whom? and
composed festivities. of RiverThe
XU UKand other
parliament. tools
The for
Eliza- St. National
the Peter
Westminster. With a
is n d
ground. p
You o p u
can ljust
a r itake
these ztake
What dances
II know
know Why?” andit’s
andit’s Thames
M a n o inb
a n o bHigh London.
oLondon. p
o p eSchool e It
It hasllee
has UKand other tools for
parliament. The Eliza- thea large,
It’s Manobos. needs.
Gothic WithThere
abbey is clear
ground. are
You can these people
that the tribes
comprised people of like
Senior their
beth way of
of life, tothe b
the y a
the plaza s h
large, o w c
surrounded a s i n
abbey g artistic
or the creation
indigenous of
weird but which
sports which the tribe would the gettribe to oo XU Tower,
beth way home
Tower, home life, to
Dance the
the plaza surrounded a a 20-minute
or the
20-minute walk
walk from
indigenous from the
Manobo the ofof Quezon
QQeuuneeand tzzooa nnair-con-
weird but you would get to 32 sealed and air-con- church suppliers, who can For more
productions of
For more of my of my UK trip,
know London perform
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Extra Info opening

Holidaze With Bukidnon Folks In New York

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Sunggod Ta
Ta Kamanga
Miss Earth 2017 Winners Visit FDC Misamis
Through preparation
preparation for for the the and Debut beliefswill existed.andf o
once existed. debut.eFrom Hair and
Regional Director Director May May year’s
year’s farm farm exploits
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Time is one of the f orr m m e iissnn’’tt jjuusstt aa
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Consul General
people ofMaria
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Quezon The-
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people and modernization
event organizers, singers, DJs,
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ABA Christmas
Christmas PartyParty ments
ments later.
later. Happy
Happy holidays, the friends,
holidays, one and only
friends, are all present in this event.
also served as the
also served as the chancechance and major thanks
and major thanksKevinfor
for read-Abdala, a
for thethe group’s
group’s offic-
offic- Three
Three margaritas,
margaritas, 22 pina pina ing! Get to know
ing! Get to know me
me better:
well-known event Through this big event, future
ers for CY 2016-2017 to coladas,
ers for CY 2016-2017 to coladas, several hors several hors http://www.Mindanaoan.
http://www.Mindanaoan. bride and groom and also
stylist blog in Cagayan
take aa bow
bow andand be be rec-
rec- d’oeuvres
d’oeuvres and and aa plate plate full
full com
com Quick
Quick note:
note: my my blog debutants will ensure a fun and
The members
members of of thethe As-As- ognized for all the amaz- of delicious food
ognized for all the amaz- of delicious food later, I was later, I was has
has been
been on
de #1Oro
on the
the #1 spot and
spot inin
also this
sociation of of Bukidnons
Bukidnons in in ing event would not be hassle-free planning experience.
ing work
work they’ve
they’ve done.done. ready
ready to to call
call itit aa night.
night. II was
was Top
Top Blogs
Blogs PH’s
PH’s Travel
Travel and and
America (ABA)(ABA) chose chose an an To Shirley Guray-Soto, happy to
To Shirley Guray-Soto, happy to see the ABA mem- see the ABA mem- Leisure
Leisure categorysuccessful
category for
for aa few
few without This will be a 3-day expo from
extraordinarily cold cold win- win- Jovito
Jovito Yabo,
Yabo, Jr., Jr., Emilita
Emilita bers
bers again
again (including
(including Nanay Nanay days running.the
days running. Thanks! participation
Thanks! March 9-11. Expect nothing but
ter day
day to to celebrate
celebrate their their Sabana,
Sabana, Leonila Delfin, Julie Nabong, who was my
Leonila Delfin, Julie Nabong, who was my and helped of pure excitement and hassle-free
Christmas party. I had 4
Christmas party. I had 4 Wendelina Obenita,
Wendelina Obenita, Gen Gen seatmate
seatmate and and my my foodfood part- You
You can
can also
also find
findame wedding and debut planning for
part- C r t here:
me ehere:
l Events.
layers ofof clothes
clothes on, on, includ-
includ- Maier,
Maier, Lalaine
Lalaine Agbayani,
Agbayani, ner ner--wewekeptkepton onbugging
buggingthe Instagram,
Instagram, Twitter and
the and you and your partner as they
ing a heavy coat to com-
ing a heavy coat to com- Eva Ramirez, Pearl Kiel, waiters to come to
Eva Ramirez, Pearl Kiel, waiters to come to our
our ta-ta- Snapchat
bat This event is introduce you new trends. And
bat the
the painfully
painfully chilly
chilly New
New Melquiades Taveros, Edna ble first whenever
Melquiades Taveros, Edna ble first whenever they had they had // Facebook:
Facebook: http://www.fa-
York weather.
weather. Thankfully,
Thankfully, Sacayle considered as get a chance to enjoy 30-50% off.
Sacayle andand Victor
Victor Isidore
Isidore goodies
goodies like like fried
fried macaroni
the party
party was
was fun,fun, the
the peo-
peo- Barroso,
Barroso, Marilou Velez and cheese and spicy beef
Marilou Velez and cheese and spicy beef blogger
blogger andand mymy YouTube
the largest expo
ple were welcoming -
ple were welcoming - so and Antonio so and Antonio Alkuino
Alkuino -- you
you tacos
tacos straight
straight from from the the kitch-
kitch- vlog:
vlog: Yo u fi n a l l y h a ve m a n y
because this time all
Miss Earth
welcoming that2017
that was Karen
II was even Ibasco
even all and aaFDC
all deserve
deserve pat Utilities,
pat on the Inc.’s
on the en) butVP
en) but for Assets
frankly II was
was mostly and
mostly Miss Philippines Air 2017 Kim de Guzman,
com/mindanaoan1 reasons why you
Miss Philippines Watershould visit
2017 Jessica
asked to be Management
one of the judg- Valentin Nepomuceno recently led a tree planting Marasigan, Miss Earth 2017
exhibitors Karen
are Ibasco, Miss Philippines Fire 2017 Nellza Bautista
asked to be one of the judg- back! Congratulations are happy because I got to wit-
activity at the power
plant site of in
FDC Misamis
happy because
I got
in Vallanueva
to wit- and Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism 2017 Vanessa and register!
Mae Castillo What
after the are
es of
of the
the impromptu
impromptu carol- carol- also order to the new ness my aunt Emilita get Til next ish! Safe
ish! across travels,
order to Oriental.
the new ness my aunt Emilita get Til nextplanting
a tree Safe Mindanao.
activity All site
at the power plant waiting
of FDCfor? Visit
Misamis them
Power at Ayala
Corporation in
ing contest
contest alongside
alongside two two set set of
of officers,
officers, whowho were
were recognized
recognized for for her
her work work as as everybody!
everybody! Vallanueva town, Misamis Oriental.
wedding suppliers Centrio Mall, Activity Center.