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TLE – ICT 9.

Fourth Periodical Examination Name: ________________________________


I. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the best answer and write on the space provided. (1 point each)

_____1. Appears at the start and at the end of a flowchart.

a. Terminator b. Process
c. Decision d. Connector

_____2. Refers to an action to be done

a. Decision b. Arrow Lines
c. Connector d. Process

_____3. A major process that could be broken up into simpler processes developed into another flowchart.
a. Connector b. Sub-process
c. Decision d. Process

_____4. Process that can answer yes or no.

a. Arrow Lines b. Decision
c. Terminator d. Sub-process

_____5. It ensures that the processes are linked logically and correctly on several pages.
a. Terminator b. Sub-process
c. Connector d. Decision

______6. Keeps the flowchart clear.

a. Arrow Lines b. Connector
c. Process d. Terminator

______7. It is a diagram that uses graphic symbols to depict the nature and flow of the steps in a process.
a. Flowchart b. In-Process Chart
c. Process Chart d. System Chart

_____8. What is the other name for flowchart.

a. process diagram b. flow diagram
c. line diagram d. graphical flow

_____9. Which of the following is not used in flowchart decision process.

a. yes or no b. true or false
c. go or no-go d. pass or fail

_____10. A process is represented by what shape.

a. oval b. diamond
c. rectangle d. triangle
II. MATCHING TYPE. Write the letter of the matched letter on the space provided. (2 points each)

_____1. In-process measurement a.

_____2. Decision b.

_____3. Terminator c.

_____4. Process d.

_____5. Connector e.

III. FLOWCHARTING. Create a flowchart of the following conditions. (10 points each)

1. How to create an email account.

2. How to download apps from the app store.

3. How to watch videos online.