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The following is a list of what has been updated, starting with 1.9.3.

Current Script Caretaker: aRTy (GitHub/PoE Account: aRTy42, Reddit: -aRTy-)

from aRTy, Eruyome

* Uncertain mods in the affix overview no longer cause multiple lines with
identical entries. This happened when a hybrid mod brought multiple variants to one
part/line, but the other part/line was unambiguous.
* Flat +Def on non-armour pieces (like belts) is now handled correctly.
* Fixed an issue that could cause long .ini file write time.
* Fixed a bug about mismatching data of similarly named uniques.
* Fixed the double range display for unique items. The format "(a-b) to (c-d)" was
displayed as "a-c|b-d" instead of "a-b|c-d".
* Fixed the MapModCount for tier 1-5 maps with the hybrid mod "Monster Life / Stun
* Fixed a bug with GDI+ causing FPS drops even if it was disabled. Having it
enabled might still cause issues for you. (by Eruyome)

from Eruyome, aRTy

* Added a fix/workaround for the new and optional GDI+ tooltip causing FPS drops.
* Fixed ItemInfo/TradeMacro currency rate fetching/parsing (and ItemInfos currency
stack conversion to chaos equivalent).
* Fixed MapModWarnings not working.

from aRTy, Eruyome, dein0s, esunder

Three big new features:

1) Full rework of ItemInfo affix parsing (aRTy)
2) GDI+ display option (Eruyome and esunder)
3) Reworked .ini handling (mostly dein0s)

These changes are quite extensive and will likely bring a few bugs that were not
found. This is a beta-release for that reason. Please report issues, preferably on

### 1) ItemInfo affix parsing:

* The script handles potentially ambiguous mods completely different now. Multiple
possibilities are shown when the script considers all of them fitting. This means
in particular that hybrid mods are now almost fully supported. Please report items
where the scripts results seem wrong. (A few cases currently remain unhandled,
these will be fixed later. See the end of section 1 for details.)
* Flasks mods are supported now.
* The user settings were reworked. Most "Display" settings were removed and
replaced by new ones. Tell if you miss anything.
* Ingame tooltip changes:
* Implicit value ranges are shown now.
* The detailed affix overview has a header now (which can be disabled in the
* Long notation of double ranges ("added damage" mods) is the default now.
(settings option)
* A new notation for "multi tier ranges" has been introduced. These are shown
when multiple mods overlap in a way that makes it uncertain which tier combination
was actually rolled. They show the worst case range and best case range for the
roll. Contrary to "double range" mods this does not mean that you can certainly get
to the top roll (via Divine Orbs), it means your actual roll range is somewhere
within the displayed ranges.
* All these notations aswell as new abbreviations get a 1 line info at the end of
the tooltip when they are present.
* The top section with basic information and DPS calculation for weapons was
rearranged. It includes a warning now when a low itemlevel lowers the item's max
socket number. Furthermore Q20PhysDps got added.
* Currently unhandled affix cases:
* Weapons with #% increased Physical Damage, +# to Accuracy Rating and 5-10%
increased Light Radius. (up to 4 mods mix)
* Tower shields with #% increased Armour, #% increased Stun and Block Recovery
and +#% Chance to Block. (up to 5 mods mix)

### 2) GDI+ display:

* You can enable GDI+ in the settings menu, which results in a tooltip using the
GDI+ graphics library. This alternative tooltip allows colour customization and

### 3) Reworked .ini handling:

* User defined settings will now persist between new version updates (proper INI
file updating instead of overwriting).
* The script should now run correctly regardless of the selected keyboard layout,
previously non-latin layouts like russian caused errors related to hotkeys on
script start.
* AdditionalMacros hotkeys, their states and other configurations should be changed
in AdditionalMacros.ini from now on.
* AdditionalMacros.txt was moved out of the user folder and shouldn't be edited
anymore. The subfolder CustomMacros with it's user created/added/edited scripts
serves its old purpose from now on.
* MapModWarning states should be changed in MapModWarnings.ini.

### 4) Other notable changes:

* The changed API endpoint is fixed.
* New AdditionalMacros:
* Ctrl + Alt + C opens an item on for an advanced affix breakdown.
* Ctrl + Alt + Enter sends "/whois <lastWhisperCharacterName>" when keys are
released (not when pressed).

### 5) Minor notes and bugfixes:

* Fixed Chance To Poison / Increased Poison Damage that was swapped.
* Chance To Bleed's data file was missing a | character so a value was not read
* 3.0's new increased Cast Speed mod for ES shields was missing.
* 3.0's new increased Attack Damage mod for AR/EV hybrid base shields is now
correctly considered as a prefix and not a suffix.
* Adapted rewording of jewel Bleeding suffix and jewel Poison Duration suffix.
* Fixed MapModWarning for "Monsters cannot be Stunned".
* Map Info: Lair Map upgrades to Mineral Pools (not Spider Forest).
* The gem quality info for Summon Skeleton gets displayed now (by not expecting
"Summon Skeletons").
* Fixed a bug with increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills: There are two
almost identical progressions, but the script only knew one. This is not a new
change, but simply was never noticed. It is now correctly differentiated between
'on weapon' and 'on other item type' which shifts the T2 to T1 breakpoint from
37/38 to 36/37.

from aRTy

Improvements for 3.0 mods: All new ailment mods should now be supported. Old Energy
Shield mods should now all be fixed.
Flat defense mods on hybrid armour bases are supported, hybrid life mods are
not (if you see .5 prefixes, it's likely hybrid life).
Fixed some gem quality information and changes to gem names.
Updated Divination Cards and Uniques with data from the wiki.

from aRTy

Updated Divination cards with data from the wiki. Note that a lot of information is
still missing.
Updated and corrected Unique data from the wiki.
Added the quality information for the new 3.0 gems.
Fixed a few weapon mod matching issues. Not all new 3.0 mods are supported yet,
Adopted the new wording for the two map mods concerning "Elemental Ailments" (no
longer "Status Ailments"). This includes rewording in the MapModWarnings.txt.

from aRTy

Imported new unique data from the wiki.

from aRTy, Eruyome

Reworked AdditionalMacros (by Eruyome). Refer to the ReadMe section at the start of
the AdditionalMacros.txt file.
Improved several technical aspects regarding file downloads and updates (by
Added most unambiguous new mods and updated existing ones. NOT included: The new
hybrid mods and mods that overlap (such as
the new "increased fire/cold/lightning damage" prefix on weapons that
combines with the suffix).

from aRTy, Eruyome, Nightblade

Map parsing: MapModWarnings can now be customized. Like AdditionalMacros the file
is put into the user folder and
can be accessed via the context menu "Edit -> Map Mod Warnings".
New feature: Item highlighting (by Nightblade & Eruyome). The AdditionalMacros now
come with a function that fills the search bar at
your stash or at vendors. While hovering over an item, use Ctrl+F for a
specific or Ctrl+Alt+F for a broad search term.
Jumping into the search bar with Ctrl+F while not hovering over an item is
AdditionalMacros: Added more functions and enabled more functions by default.

from aRTy

Map mod parsing improved. Includes mod warnings for unpopular or difficult mods.
Map data: Tooltip now includes "Boss Arena: Yes/No". Updated most difficulty and
layout ratings with the wiki's map article.

from aRTy and Eruyome

New feature: Map affix parsing which includes mod counting, so you no longer have
to guesstimate 8-mods. Since this was a big chunk of code and
is probably not completely bug-free yet this is a beta-release. If you want
to test it: Please do! (and report any oddities you find).
Included some Leaguestone fixes and further updater optimizations. (by Eruyome)
Updated Uniques and Maps with wiki info (with thanks to cirf for updating all the
articles about shaped maps).

(deleted because bugged)

from aRTy

Updated Uniques, Divination Cards and Maps with the current wiki info.
Fixed Atlas info: Grotto Map and Dungeon Map now list each other as connected.
(with thanks to "paulcdejean" on GitHub)
Fixed a bug that only occured when ItemInfo was used via the TradeMacro: The
predicted Q20Dps was off due to a rounding error.

from aRTy

Updated Uniques, Divination Cards and Maps with the current wiki info.
(Be still attentive when checking uniques since the wiki is not fully updated

from Eruyome, 4GForce, aRTy

New features: Auto-updater and global user settings. (by Eruyome)

The update notification window now comes with a button "update". This feature
allows the script to download the new files
from GitHub and extract them to a folder of your choosing. In the right
click menu "PoE Item Info Settings" you can tick
options to skip the folder selection (and thus always using the default
generic folder "POE-ItemInfo") aswell as
not creating and asking about a backup folder (which occurs when
overwriting an existing folder with the update).
If you are not interested in keeping old versions and basically want
the update with ask few clicks as possible,
you probably want to tick both options.
Global user settings means that the script no longer stores its config files
and the AdditionalMacros file in the script folder
itself, but instead creates and uses files at "<MyDocuments>\PoE-
ItemInfo\". This means that the script will no longer
overwrite your settings and AdditionalMacro file with the defaults with
every update. By using file hashes the updater will
detect when an update introduced changes to the defaults and only then
update the user files. In that case your former
user files will also be backed up in that case so you can easily copy
modifications into the new file again if you want to.

Made several fixes and changes to pseudo-mods. (by 4GForce and Eruyome)
Added a new default command to the AdditionalMacros: Winkey+D will now minimize PoE
to the taskbar. Contrary to tabbing out or similar
commands this will make PoE stay minimized while using other windows, instead
of having it pop-up again behind them.
Fixed the tiers for the flat ES mod for shields. The legacy tier "136-145" was
still being used as T1, which is now fixed so
that "107-135" is considered T1.
Made some adjustments to the handling of Implicits. (by Eruyome)

from aRTy, Eruyome, 4GForce

Fixed an issue with the file encoding of the config file and adjusted the handling
of it. If you had weird characters instead
of the three dots for abbreviating mods, try this release.

from Eruyome, aRTy, 4GForce


(unless you updated in the last 2-3 months already)

New feature: Currency ratios fetched from Using the script on
currency other than chaos calculates the
conversion of the whole stack into chaos and displays the ratio. All four
leagues are displayed.
This feature is enabled by default. The data gets refreshed when starting or
reloading the script or
when using the function while the data is older than 3 hours. (by Eruyome;
special thanks also
to dev rasmuskl for the API and assistance)
Added two functions to the AdditionalMacros: "setAfkMessage" and "CloseScripts" (by
Added missing gem quality infos (Blade Flurry, Blight, Scorching Ray, Vaal Breach).
Unknown mods and special essence mods now display that they are unknown or from
essences instead of leaving a blank line. (by 4GForce)
Fixed a bug that sometimes caused pseudo mods from an earlier item to show up if
the current item had none. (thanks to 4GForce)
Fixed a bug with data fetching for uniques. The last release was missing data for a
few body armours and many jewels.
Fixed several errors in the data for maps about vendoring and atlas connections.
Updated Maps, Divination Cards and Uniques with the current wiki info.

from aRTy, Eruyome
Included an update notifier for the script (by Eruyome).
Updated Maps, Divination Cards and Uniques with the current wiki info.
Included the name change of "Armory Map" to "Armoury Map" (again), because it got
partially reverted with v2.5.02.

from aRTy
Fixed a bug with added elemental damage for bows that got introduced in 2.5.01.
Moved the pause function key binding to the "AdditionalMacros" file so that people
can change the key more easily.

from aRTy
Updated maps and divination cards with wiki info.
Added gem quality info to cast while channeling.
Fixed a bug that sometimes caused item types of rares to be mismatched if their
randomly assigned name contained a keyword
for that item type.
Corrected the data for the unique "Prismatic Eclipse" that was missing two mods in
the last release.

from aRTy, Eruyome
Updated Uniques for PoE v2.5.
Uniques now only show those values on the right side that actually have a range to
roll. This should simplify comparing your rolls.
The method of pulling the unique data was changed, so a few errors might have
slipped in. Please report any errors you find.
Items now show pseudo mods below the affix details (by Eruyome). Update autohotkey
if you get an error about a nonexisting function StrReplace (in that case your AHK
installation is more than 1.5 years old).
Included the name change of the "Armory Map" to "Armoury Map".
Fixed a bug that caused item flavour text or usage hints to appear at the bottom
line in some cases.

from aRTy, Eruyome, Arkaf
Changed Direct3DWindowClass to POEWindowClass and the relevant .exe names, so that
the script works again.
It should support both standalone and steam version and both 32 and 64 bit.
Currency stacks of 1000+ in the currency tab should now read correctly for the
currency conversion function.
(thanks to Arkaf and iulianov who commented on this)

from aRTy
Minor fix for map matching (Ivory Temple Map and Vaal Temple Map were detected as
Temple Map)

from aRTy and Eruyome
Updated Maps. Added shaped maps and included information from the wiki where
Corrected the data for the "Cast Speed" affix, which is higher for staves since PoE
Fixed item type detection for magic items (by Eruyome)
Added or changed several functions and data storing methods so that the "PoE-
TradeMacro" can build
on top of this script (by Eruyome)

from aRTy
Updated Uniques.
Maps have updated Boss descriptions, general notes and ratings for difficulty (1-5)
and layout (A-C).

from aRTy
Compiled new map info from various sources, see the forum thread for details.
Updated Divinations cards with wiki information.
Uniques not updated yet, because there are lots of things to fix and holding back
the map update until everything is done seemed stupid.

from aRTy
Basic support for the new value range format ("#-#" was changed to "# to #"). The
script will continue to display its results as before.
Map and Divination card information was not updated yet. This will follow in a few
days once there is enough on the wiki.
Fixed how the "AdditionalMacros" file was included to support shortcuts to the
script from the start menu and task bar.

from aRTy
New feature: Gem quality info. Full 20% quality effect and effect per quality point
get displayed.
Completely restructured jewels: Separated both the affix parsing code and the data
This change should have no visible impact ingame. Please report bugs if you
notice any.
Corrected a few value ranges and detection errors for jewels. Legacy Crit
Multiplier for jewels in standard did not get a special
detection though, you will get something like "n/a (0) <new value range> T0"
Added Tora crafts "increased Trap and Mine damage" and "increased Trap Throwing and
Mine Laying Speed"
Updated Divination Cards with wiki infos

from aRTy
The new label "Map Drop" introduced in PoE v2.3.2 is now accounted for and thus no
longer breaks parsing items.
Added new file "AdditionalMacros.txt" in the main folder. The user macros that used
to be at the very end of the ahk-file
are now located here, for easier access. Added detection for the Steam
version exe-file. The user macros are disabled
by default, if you want to learn more about them, check the opening post in
the forum thread.
Removed script function "Valuable Evaluation", meaning uniques and gems are no
longer tagged as "Valuable" in the
last line, which was controlled via txt files. Lootfilters fulfill this role
Similarly, drop only gems are no longer tagged, also because lootfilters and
since there are almost none since
gems became available from vendors. If you miss one of these functions,
please give feedback in the forum thread.
DPS display: Fixed how additional ele/chaos damage was detected. It used to break
for certain mods, which made the section display blanks.
Fixed Divination Card detection that got broken with PoE v2.3.2 (the game now
labels them with "Rarity: Divination Card"
instead of "Rarity: Normal")
Fixed "Stun Recovery" that got renamed to "Stun and Block Recovery" with PoE
Updated Uniques, Maps, Divination Cards with wiki infos

from Underbent, magus424
Major update to the maps data file, thanks to yet another data script from
This should fix incorrect map vendoring information and give more divination
card drop infos.
Added Shavronne's Gambit to uniques, which was still missing (pointed out by

from aRTy
Uniques: Included more of the new 2.3 uniques. Updated implicits for Sceptres and
Manually adjusted the display for a few more uniques (notable: Ventor's
Gamble and several Jewels)
Updated Divination Cards
Updated Maps

from underbent, vdorie, aRTy
Improved data thanks to underbent's additions to the data fetch script:
This means divination cards are now updated to today's wiki infos
and uniques with decimal point values (like 0.2% leech) no longer truncate
the displayed value to 0
Manually cleaned up the display for uniques with style variants (Doryani's
Invitation, Atziri's Splendour, Vessel of Vinktar)
The modifier/text column for uniques is now 10 characters wider than for other
items (if truncation is used, which is the default),
as uniques don't need the space for displaying mod tiers but tend to have
longer or more complicated wording.
Included a fix from vdorie to how the base level of blue items was determined
Included a fix from underbent so that the warning info of equipped items that you
no longer meet the requirements for is not
displayed in the info script window anymore

from aRTy
Added "Has Fated Variant" line to info for respective uniques
"Max Sockets" should no longer show up on non armour/weapon items
Fixed Drillneck data that got lost due to an odd wiki entry

from /u/trecko1234 and /u/netarc:
Merged with the latest version from Bahnzo by aRTy

from aRTy
Armour matching with RegEx. MaxLife fix & cleanup

from underbent/master
Two bugfixes and support for master signature mods
from R3ality
Added the Unique version of maps to the base map info. Mainly for making use of
Chance Orbs
Added the name of each Unique Map as a comment line before its definition to
simplify readability for future changes
Fixed Olmec's Sanctum Unique Map base type (was changed to Catacomb Map in v2.0.0)
Added Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack's Den
Added The Perandus Manor. Could use more detais, wiki article was rather short

Uniques.txt updated
Added ability to "Pause" the script.
This allows users of other scripts
that look for the clipboard change to
operate. Simply press the "Pause" key
to pause, and then "Pause" again to
re-enable the script. Key can be
remapped to whatever key the user
may like in the section at the very
end of the script.

Uniques.txt updated
Fixed issue with maps showing affixes

Fixes for items with Prices/Notes

Added last max life tier. by Jeykey1990
Changed name of Mine map to Abandoned Cavern
Added Chateau Map
Updated crit multiplier values on jewels
Added "increased Sttack Speed with Daggers" mod on jewels
Updated Uniques.txt
Rewrote the web scraper used for getting
the Uniques.txt
Available at:

Fixed issue with CritStrikeChance for spells
reported by grinvader

Addition of Divination cards by Sieberkev
A couple map updates

2.0.5 by XiMMiX
Fix regular amulets with "Talisman" in their name (bug reported by Bahnzo).
Fixes "Increased Physical Camage with Claws" (bug reported by vicrv)
Fixes "increased Critical Strike Chance with Two Handed Melee Weapons" (bug
reported by vicrv)
Fixes "increased Physical Damage" on jewels (bug reported by vicrv)
Updated Uniques.txt

2.0.4 by XiMMiX
Added "increased Totem Damage" affix (bug reported by vicrv)
Fixed Global Crit Multi on Jewels (bug reported by vicrv)
Updated uniques.txt

2.0.3 by XiMMiX
Added handling of "increased Maximum Energy Shield" affix on Jewels

2.0.2 Bug Fix and Unique update by XiMMiX

Fixed itemlevel requirement for Glyphic affix on 1-handers (bug reported by Patwor)
Updated Uniques.txt

2.0.1 Bug Fixes by XiMMiX

Fixed typo in FlaskChargesUsed
Fixed buugs reported by FleshRocket

2.0 Jewel Support by XiMMiX

I've added support for jewels to the script.

There is a known problem with the suffix count in those cases where we don't know
if the item has 1 or 2 suffixes. At the moment the output says the item has 2
suffixes but it should be "1 or 2". But otherwise the code should work.

The second problem is that I haven't yet been able to test very much, especially
the complex affixes. I'm planning to test all edge cases with complex affixes, but
would appreciate any help with testing the simple affixes.

1.9.8a from XiMMiX

Cleaning up indents on max life detection to make things readable again
Bugfix for max life detection on bodyarmours missing the new T1 roll (bug reported
by didii)
Show tiers on magic items (bug reported by didii)
Added detection of flat chaos damage on weapons, rings and amulets.

Final (?) darkshrine updates
Uniques updated &
Talisman Support, by XiMMiX

Darkshrine Updates by XiMMiX

Updates to show correct life tiers for Gloves/Boots/Rings
and correct physical damage for Gloves.
Various Map corrections

More Darkshrine Updates +
Uniques updated by XiMMiX

Darkshrine Updates by XiMMiX

More Darkshrine updates by XiMMiX

Further Darkshrine updates by XiMMiX

Darkshrine affixes added by XiMMiX
Added current info to the "About" screen.

Updated info screen
Maps updated with new vendor info &
Divination Cards which can be found
within map.

Fixes for base item level: sirmanky
Added code at very end of script giving examples of quick key
combinations to add some easy macros.

Updated Uniques list: Hixxie
Sockets corrected: Portent
Various fixes to tiers: Slinkston