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Stephen Mitchell
From : Sent : : Subject: aStephen zzWhlttie 07 July 2003 11 40 AM Stephen Mitchell & Asst FW Sradshaw et a'


Can we talk about thie, plus the logs, and what we may say . . . . when you've with P9 ----- Original Message----From Re-ir Marsh
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Sent- 06 July 2003 16'21 zzstep',e n ZzDdhittlF To sUb'ect : RE HradThaw et

stephen, No - that isn't the prDcess " aft--r I drSCU? .?sc the sCnry with the Day Editor I dad say tr" alce sure the 1--id to the PSOb J1s wadened tc :_ :~cluee tc : g ;tory . As well as AS's cal_, a ^rodicer was ass7-anee to make sure .he Ibid had teen r,rdened . I cen ,andersLana how she . cal-l was merel_y' a 's,"+mea that tie --id put in b " - )DG was a lull one ar~d that her =hat t :~e MoD acknowl.eae .s :hat we did widen the Lic co-,firmir:~J onF . 7'm still puzzled . b .;= seem -o think ic .- eas~ratle that tney didn't t'nemsei,zes ask fcr d~t3J.l.s . +6haC were .. they plann7 " n7 tD brief the `7ini^L .= r aLcut ^ T'm al= eCi .t .), per.tur'ne,d by the F'se^r-s . from _ne MoD . .ca - which the letter ciaims to n=_ cor".praiensi :=_ - no call is :.ogger " end there must .jrms =hat-_ a Minister wLll ne cn Che fi. .icw .i.r,c_ morning w ;iich .or.f hs'» been one sin, he was . 7-icidental-lv, I ,,as not aware that Downin ; Street aad sta ;-ped maicnq e-7ening ~-hec~; ca1Js' since 'they had never infcrm~=-7 ms that they were ne longer makirg t_i-lese calls, ilI h ;,,: ass,:" .'°i°_d th=_y still took pl .ace and were park of the procRss .
-----Orioinsl i1c_?2ce'---"pn°_' zZ7SY'1tt7.e .1 From, 27-Stc ^o' :es~in H2rsn

.9~3E se-.t : 06 " '^  C'3 7 Sub]ect : RE : Hca=lsha "rJ et

al yr_u say to _~, rinc tlhe Mot, ~-r_ teJ. :,

Ke^ .nr, Thanlcs fDr eleryLhin,3 . C,ut= ~ y.ist checlc' CiJ . then obcut the story in reasonat,_? 3e :ai.1' 5
_-_-Orl7'ngl . Ye55ang-____ '',r " .on : Ke~rn Marsi-,

Sent : C : ju1Y 2003 20 3 7 " . " -$t-rhen zNialt_le Su.b-ec'_ : Ri :- °radshaw et The ans+:er ie YES .

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Unequ=-rocall,' . you need to co intc cne At the very 7ea?t (3n6 .
extend 'he nazi to

I h?ve estat,_shod cur chronology 2nr ~,t ia this (nct .hat . detail - though T have moze, includi-.g names i_` you wart) . th,re are al " ao fcll" ow-~,lp and chas ",n_a ca11w) : ]" 730 - " we bid for Ge3fP Foon ;'~,.3a :n _ncram -, :~ cluster bombs
1530 - F.narew Si11 :.gan called questrons about his S9 :~D st--ry a senior iKoD preps

officer to

183f,+ (rot sure, of prec :.se _2,me 'z,,-,t : .t was ;hcrtly after the 13 .10 caJl :.'e30+ a.~~~e) a producer called to re-inforce chat we were extending the h_d to .: .ncl,lde the G3.-.1 . iaan st_crv ?0 :0 (_sa) - :4oD c=-ne back t;o day that it woulc be Adam Ingr .an and ae wciid talk about cluster bombs (after consultatian with the FCC) hut the t^1MC7 story was s :1.1] . being cons :.dered 214 : ,ishl - MoD can.e back to confirm that Adair, -Lnq .- am would do bath . . Plus - an! ob ;ec_i-~e reading of tlla Ingram iat_r-riew would indicate t`,at he civen eno~lgh info-mar_ :cn about the Gilli7an story to reply i,n detail . -~ad :~e4n

g~~~l ~O I )I I


You might alsc ask what happened to Campbell's so-called truce . .And =xpress . da .sa,oFointment that letters fr .oir, members c,' the Gcvernment to BBC personne1 routJnely released to the pcess .


our are now

The sad thing is in all o ;, this - ~s t :at we can't reveal why we know we . publish 'o hum F:
-----Origir .al Message: ----From tz3tepnen zzWhatae
TZ) . :1n ER- Maxst, Sa7. .Ltr

we--e right -_o

Cc- Ma'-'k Danaz,rr ; Richard sar .iaroo}: and " ?Ar sert : 07,107/03 --et 47 S~hDect : 3radsha ".r e' al "e71n








ye,. are besr-`na up - . : can image wl'-at it is like at that end .
1" aaterdr,y Se lies

You r".ay ha7e no' :_ced that Hen 3radsna .: . : nnw a~t_r me with a public letter on the g-,iaeLines tna`_ had beer. breacheclal] .ected :.v) . I battfld him c+acl : hut .l 3us " come beck vja.Y_h t :7e following :

"la ynu are To, prepared tc address the nuai~ner o£ ser,a,ous issves I =ataoa, perhaps 7,r-.l co "ilc just try to answer one o-` my auestionc_ Did the n£sC put tthe speclfic and gra7e allec_at_on made tiy F.ndrew Gilliaan on the Today programn=- on May ;9 'to th;e Gccernm,ent oefore :t was ~roadcart, as claimed by John Flumprnreys in nie ~ .ni .erv :.ew with me on Saturday . Please nc more d~ssemL_i .nq, just a simple yes or no As things -tant, . nu :^phreys . _n ef .-tect, accused re of 1_ " .ing when I stated that =he allega+-ior: had not bee-. put to the Gc ",re ::rur.e ;.t before broadcast . . .I am still wa_ting for an arxF "wAr to -_]-,i_ s'rrpls quc :^_ :cn ' " Can yo-a help me with a reply?

~ _ ~ncr.

-~A , :Z?n 'ahittie ; _I-rn~ .l,er, F .ct-tor .tal 33= Henry Wood Fouse BHc * 0<^C -', :g 5553


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