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300 Word Statement

A selection of no less than nine ICT tools were used in the ICT integrated curriculum

project. These tools were selected to complement the curriculum sequence, create further

learning opportunities and motivate students, and fall roughly into three categories. The

first category merely assisted in facilitating the lesson, and included Google Docs and the

overhead projector. The second category operated as a learning tool for students, and

included all applications and websites that students were given to assist in gathering data,

such as Google Docs, Survey Monkey, Quicktap Survey & Form Builder, QR Stuff (QR stuff,

2017) and SurveyPocket. Whilst these served a functional purpose in collecting data, they

also created a new element in the project. The applications gave students various means of

collecting data which helped students explore and discuss the efficacy of information

gathering techniques. This related directly to the curriculum (School Curriculum and

Standards Authority [SCSA], 2014, ACMSP068) and allowed for significant restructuring of

the task. The third category of ICT tools, which included Google Docs and Numbers, were

used to table and graph the data resulting from the surveys. These were chosen for their

professionalism, ease of use and clarity. They also allowed for the compilation and

comparison of the data and graphs. This relates directly to the curriculum (SCSA, 2014,

ACMSP070) and gives students a professional looking product which displays all the results

of their inquiry-based task.

All ICT tools used throughout the project were appropriate to the curriculum, year

level and the task. They helped facilitate the lesson, supported and streamlined the task and

created further learning and discussion relevant to the curriculum.

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