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- 3D Geotec
- A rea scan
- Tunnel saw

Amberg Navigator

Amberg Navigator – Touch and build

Amberg Navigator consists of two components: the Amberg
Tunnel software for defining the project in the office and the
Amberg Navigator Tablet software for use in the tunnel.
You can put together the optimal Amberg Navigator Tablet
software package by selecting the needed tasks from a broad
range of available options. As an alternative, these five soft-
ware packages are available to cover the most frequently-used
ƒƒGuidance Basic
ƒƒGuidance Plus
ƒƒControl Profile Basic
ƒƒControl Profile Plus
ƒƒInnerlining Basic

Operative and economic benefits for the client

ƒƒIncreased tunnelling performance through minimisation
of idle time
ƒƒThe system is quickly ready for use
ƒƒLicence fees only for the selected tasks
ƒƒReal-time scanning analysis and direct stake out of critical

Optimise tunnel construction – reduce cost and time

Amberg Navigator
Software overview
Tripod Console
ƒƒManual positioning of the total station on ƒƒManual positioning of the total station on
a tripod a console
ƒƒNo entry of point numbers is required ƒƒMeasurements with prisms or reflectorless
ƒƒMeasurements with prisms or reflectorless measurements are supported
measurements are supported (e.g. conver- ƒƒMeasurements of check points and measure-
gence points) ment in two faces

Tripod automatic Move to new console

ƒƒAutomatic positioning of the total station on ƒƒMove the console with the heading status
a tripod ƒƒChecking of temporary check points to
ƒƒMeasurements with prisms (min. 3 control avoid positioning errors
points visible) ƒƒMax. check point deviations are freely
ƒƒMeasurements of check points and measure- definable
ment in two faces

Temporary control points Last console

ƒƒPositioning on a previously measured

ƒƒSetting of temporary control points can be

done by the tunnelling crew console
ƒƒMeasurements with prisms or reflectorless ƒƒTotal station is briefly removed from the
measurements are supported console and then set up again,
ƒƒMeasurements of check points and measure- e.g. for blasting work
ment in two faces
* All positioning methods are always included when purchasing a single task.

Single point Point check

ƒƒSingle-point measurement without conti- ƒƒContinuous measurement of single points
nuous measurement (tracking)
ƒƒDisplay of deviations from the theoretical ƒƒDisplay of deviations of all measured points
profile from the theoretical profile
ƒƒDeviation display in interpolated sections

Profile measurement Layer thickness

ƒƒAutomatic profile surveying at pre-defined ƒƒReal-time evaluation of layer thickness data
stations direct after measurements in the tunnel
ƒƒSaving measurement values for analysis in ƒƒ2D profile visualisation of the layer thickness
Amberg Profile data
ƒƒFree definition of point accuracy and of the ƒƒFree definition of lower and upper bound
number of iterations values for the layer thickness analysis
ƒƒRequires Profile measurement task
Profile free
ƒƒAutomatic profile surveying on free defina-
ble stations directly in the tunnel

ƒƒFree definition of profile start and end point

ƒƒFree definition of the distance interval on
the profile

Area scan Blast round scan

ƒƒControl of Leica MultiStation with a tablet ƒƒControl a laser scanner and total station or
ƒƒScanning of an area which is defined based a Leica MultiStation with one tablet
on 4 points ƒƒGeoreference scan data direct in the tunnel
ƒƒDefine the scan resolution on the tunnel ƒƒScan processing direct in the tunnel and
surface stake out of critical areas afterwards with
ƒƒStores data for analysis in Amberg Tunnelscan the total station
ƒƒView deviation to design in profile-, map-
and 3D-view in real time for quality control
Line scan
ƒƒControl a laser scanner and the total station
with one tablet
ƒƒTask which is optimised to collect several

scans from one TPS Setup in the tunnel

ƒƒ Georeference scan data direct on-site
ƒƒComprehensive data processing in the office
with Amberg Tunnelscan shaft

Blast pattern Contour
ƒƒSetting out of blast patterns at the ƒƒDisplay of the excavation profile at the
tunnel face tunnel face
ƒƒDeviation from the target points ƒƒSupport of interpolated sections
ƒƒSection definition of different blast patterns ƒƒDefinition of radial offsets
ƒƒAutomatic targeting of the points

Rock bolt Arch

ƒƒAutomatic setting out of radial rock bolt ƒƒAutomatic positioning of steel arches with
drilling points predefined distance dimensions (horizontal
ƒƒDisplay of the radial deviation and vertical)
ƒƒSaving set-out points in the log file for ƒƒStationing adaptation of the arch is possible
documentation purposes in the tunnel
ƒƒMeasurements with prisms or reflectorless

Tunnel disc Tunnel saw

ƒƒTracking a prism in the center of a tunnel ƒƒTracking a prism in the center of a tunnel
disc and store distinct wall points saw
ƒƒRecord efficiently wall points, e.g. of a steel ƒƒPermanent transfer of radial deviation to the
arch machine guidance system
ƒƒOptionally, define a search point to turn the
instrument to a predefined position

Dome faces Pipe umbrella

ƒƒSetting out of patterns at the tunnel face ƒƒAutomatic and reflectorless setting out of
with different stationing offsets for each drill position points on the tunnel face and
point orientation of the drilling rig with a prism
ƒƒDeviation from the target point ƒƒConsideration of the longitudinal slope
ƒƒTo build curved tunnel face (e.g. SCL work) and horizontal alignment of the actual pipe
umbrella axis

Drill rig manual Drill rig automatic

ƒƒMeasuring of drill rig prisms of any drill rig ƒƒAutomatic measuring of drill rig prisms of
manufacture any drill rig manufacture
ƒƒShow absolute coordinates for the position ƒƒMachine management with calibration values
and orientation of the drill rig in Amberg Tunnel
ƒƒShow absolute coordinates for the position
and orientation of the drill rig

Drill rig alignment laser Bolting

ƒƒPosition of a drill rig by the alignment laser ƒƒAutomatic stake out of wall point (reflector-
concept less) along the tunnel surface
ƒƒTransfer the laser line data to the drill rig by ƒƒSaving set-out points in the log file
USB-stick or manually (e.g. Sandvik) ƒƒBoom guidance (prism) to the design direc-
tion of drill hole

Formwork Segment joints

ƒƒAutomatic alignment of crown-arch and ƒƒAutomatic setting out of joint points
invert formwork ƒƒMeasurement of segment joint points with a
ƒƒPilgrim step procedure is supported prism for quality assurance purposes
ƒƒSetting out with reference to a block axis

3D Geotechnical points Pole

ƒƒMeasures 3D points from Amberg Geotech- ƒƒTracking a prism on a pole and store distinct
nics (reflectorless, with standard prism or floor points

Leica mini prism) module efficiently ƒƒRecord efficiently floor points over longer
ƒƒStores measurements for a direct import to distances in a tube heading
Amberg Geotechnics
ƒƒStores measurements for adjustment of 3D
coordinates in gsi16 format

Amberg Navigator
Software packages
Guidance Basic
Blast pattern Contour Rock bolt

Guidance Plus
Blast pattern Contour Rock bolt Arch Pipe umbrella

Control Profile Basic

Profile measurement Single point Point check

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Control Profile Plus
Profile measurement Single point Point check Layer thickness

Innerlining Basic
Profile measurement Formwork Segment joints

Hardware requirements

Amberg Navigator Tablet Total station

Operating system Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 Leica 1200 Series TPS1200, TS30, TM30*
Platform 64-bit (required for scanning tasks) Leica Viva TS15, TS16
Processor 1 GHz Leica Nova MS50, TS50, TM50*,
Memory 2 GB RAM MS60, TS60
Hard disk capacity Hard disk with 1 GB free disk space License for Leica total GeoCom Robotics
(for installation) station GeoCom Scanning**
Communication Distance <10 m: Bluetooth
Tablet – Total station Distance <100 m: long range Bluetooth *
Target lock and PowerSearch is not supported
Screen min. 7” **
Required for Leica MultiStation Scanning task

Amberg Technologies has been developing specialised system solutions for the infrastructure industry for more than 35 years. The
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