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Federal Budget

Government funding is a very important and controversial topic in the United States
because of the amount of national debt that there is. The goal is to help the economy grow while
obtaining American values. America was founded on allowing people to have rights and access
to resources that can and will improve their lives. A major decision that the government has to
make is how money is spent in the U.S. Government spending can be both a good and a bad
thing and that is why it can be such a topic of argument. In the process of choosing the federal
budget many things are to be taken into consideration like how it will affect citizens and their
incomes and taxes.
The Department of Treasury is an agency that controls the money flow in the entire
government. This agency gets around 1.8 billion dollars of funding on average but we have
changed that number to 3 billion. This is because of how important the treasury is to the

The HHS is called Human and Health resources. This program has a high priority
because it ensures that people that are less fortunate have access to resources to help them
with their needs. Some common agencies in this category are like Welfare and Section 8. This
requires a certain amount of funding per year and we have given a budget of 2 billion dollars a
year to ensure that there is enough money to keep everything running the way that it should.

Homeland Security’s purpose is to protect the homeland. This includes ending violence
and crime inside of the country. Due to recent threats from North Korea we realize that the
chance for war is higher than ever so we have increased the funding to 42 billion ensure that
we have the right amount of defense in case of any attack. We have made the budget for
Homeland Security 55 billion dollars per year. This money goes towards buying weapons and
paying for soldiers.

Department of State and Other National Programs controls relations with foreign
governments. This in very important to our country because it keeps us on good terms with
some countries and it allows us to have access to resources that we can not get ahold of in the
U.S. We have made the budget of this program 1 biillion dollars per year. We slightly raised it to
ensure that there is enough money to properly ensure all national trading and funding.

Environmental Protection Agency controls human and environmental health. We have

decided to increase the budget of this agency to 11 billion dollars per year. This gives us extra
money to ensure that in case of any incident we will be covered completely.

The Social Security Administration works to administrate Social Security to people that
are retired or etc. This is such an important part of the U.S because it directly affects the lives of
the elderly citizens. The money comes from their years of working but still must be supplied from
somewhere so we have decided to raise the budget to 16 billion.