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Date: Class: Unit:
3/1/2018 World History Totalitarian Governments in

LESSON TOPIC: Stalinist Russia
Standards: 10.7: Students analyze the rise of totalitarian governments after World War I.
Write informative/explanatory texts, including the narration of historical
events, scientific procedures/ experiments, or technical processes.
OBJECTIVES: Students will be able to describe how Stalin created a totalitarian government in
Russia by taking SketchNotes or Cornell notes during a Peardeck presentation.

DO-NOW: Students will be given time to complete the warm-up for the day. After
(BELL WORK) (7 five minutes, four students will be called on at random to answer.
-Teacher: Review objective and agenda
2 min
-Students will make connections to what they are learning and why it is

-Teacher: Will pull up Quizizz Unit Review Game
10 min -Students Will answer questions reviewing what they’ve learned over the unit

-Teacher: Will instruct students to take out notes from the previous day and any
materials needed and will continue the notes on Stalinist Russia via the Peardeck
26 min presentation.
-Students: Students will complete SketchNotes/Cornell Notes and participate in
answering questions and class discussion.

10 min -Teacher: Will instruct students to take out their American Empire handbooks
and open their secret journal. Teacher will instruct students to add notes based
on the discussion of Stalinist Russia to the notes they have already taken for each
category on the simulation, Fascist Italy, and Nazi Germany.
-Students: Students will add to their secret journal by adding similarities and
differences of Stalinist Russia based on the notes and discussion.

Student’s will reflect on their work for the day and complete the Exit Ticket.
5 min

ASSESSMENT: Formative, informal assessment will take place as students play Quizizz letting the
teacher know how students are progressing in their knowledge of the material as
well as through students answering of questions via Peardeck, discussion, and
what teacher observes students noting.
Date: Class: Unit:
MODIFICATIONS: Students are given the choice to use Cornell Notes or SketchNotes based on
their individual level of learning. Cornell notes are effective in helping students
break down material and highlight key points. Sketchnotes uses dual coding
theory in order to make learning personal, help create meaning, and help
students synthesize skill sets by promoting verbal and nonverbal learning for
every student at their individual level of learning. Peardeck allows all students to
participate in class discussion while lowering the affective filter that results from
calling on students.

MATERIALS: Warm-Up, Quizizz, Peardeck Presentation, SketchNotes handout, colored
pencils, Exit Ticket
TECHNOLOGY: Students will be using their chromebooks for playing Quizizz and participating
in the Peardeck presentation.