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A publication of
The South Dakota Republican Party
PO Box 1099
Pierre, SD 57501

March 2018

A Message from
South Dakota
Republican Party
Dan Lederman:
Taking the Pulse of
the Republican Party It has been a great year to be in the GOP! And the outlook continues to look up!

door- I’m happy to relay that the South Dakota Republican Party has had an
The county organizations that make
impressive round of fundraising for an off-year, raising over $100,000 to fund
up the South Dakota Republican knocking,
our activities. Candidate recruiting has rarely been better with the GOP fielding
party are not just the backbone of stamping
candidates in nearly every Legislative District in the state with a month to go
the party, but it’s heart and hands as and stuff- until petitions are due. And our County GOP organizations are meeting with
we do the job of political parties - ing mail, success and growing their base.
activities such as voter registration, making
volunteer organization, candidate calls, But it’s not any one person who has made this happen – it has been all of
recruitment and fulfilling our mis- putting us working together towards a common goal of good government through
sion of electing Republicans. up signs. Republican Leadership. many
The GOP is fortunate to have among signs! We still have work to do to. We’re still fighting Democrats who think we’re
it’s county leadership many loyal not taxed enough, and left-coast Liberals who want to bring California-style
It was fun and I made good friends. proposals to the state. They don’t share our values of family and the individual
and long-time county leaders such
and think we’re too conservative. But the South Dakota GOP and it’s candidates
as Doug Knust, Charlene Corne- Later, I became involved in the
are here to stand strong, do what’s right, and to lead the way.
lius, Mike Mehlhaff and others who party organization in 2011 when my
came up through the ranks starting father told me to stop complaining 2017 was a good year for the SDGOP. And 2018 is going to be GREAT!
as volunteers interested in politics, about the party and do something
and eventually who found them- about it. It’s been enlightening,
selves asked to serve in a Republican rewarding, and often frustrating.
Party leadership role. There is so much to do and not
enough hours.”
People just Like Dave Roetman of
Sioux Falls: Dave has been a strong leader for most importantly a level of objectiv-
“For many years, I was a volunteer Minnehaha County, and has been ity to do the job. County
for Republican candidates, going extremely active at the State level as Party’s
well, serving the He really did hit the ground run- new office
party in several ning, and always looking to the next has been a
Sioux Falls, SD

project. Lederman has defended the wonderful
Permit No. 32

US Postage

Minnehaha GOP from blatant at- change and

In fact, one could tacks from leftist organizations - he’s we have had
say that Dave had a got our backs. We have real accom- many com-
direct role in some plishments and are setting higher pliments.”
of the party’s latest expectations for what the party can
changes. and should be doing. We can be a With a major project like a new of-
force with which to be reckoned.” fice done, that doesn’t mean that the
“I called Dan Pennington County organization
Lederman a bit And the GOP is fortunate to have is sitting still - they’re already on to
over a week before strong leaders all across South the next major project.
the Presidential Dakota - including Marguerite
Inauguration last McPhillips who leads the Penning- As Marguerite notes, “Our board is
year seeking his ton County GOP. working hard on our Lincoln Day
support to draft Dinner April 14th at the Rushmore
someone to be State Marguerite’s County organization Plaza Civic Center at 5 pm. Please
Chair. Lederman in the west has been busy setting up contact our office at 605-348-8396
South Dakota Republican Party

said “I’ll do it.” That a new and improved location with for tickets. Hope to see you there.”
was unexpected. better access for the county’s Repub-
Pierre, SD 57501-1099

But it didn’t take lican voters. And it’s great county organizations
long to recognize like Marguerite’s that keep the Re-
PO Box 1099

Lederman has the McPhillips told Republican Rally publican Party moving forward!
Paid for by the

skills, connections, that now that they’ve got the new
experience and location in place, “the Pennington
News from the Republican National Committee
Heading into the crucial midterm congressional elections, As opposed to the crumbs and the threat of Armaged-
the Republican National Committee continues to excel in don, the Republican National Committee is packed
promoting its message and raising money for candidates. with good news!!! While a number of their state
The RNC raised over $130 million dollars in 2017, more chairman have said the DNC is selling hollow promises
than twice what the Democratic National Committee and its flimsy 50 state plan is built on tooth picks, your
brought in. Also, the RNC is flush with cash while the Republican National Committee is engaged, involved,
DNC’s debts mean it’s barely solvent. Donations continue informed. The data warehouse contains 202,568,813
to pour in from small-dollar, first-time donors, which is a registered voters with 60 years of election results! Al-
sure sign that President Trump’s successful policies appeal ways improving, at the end of 2017, in conjunction with
to mainstream Americans. Data Trust, the voter file development process under-
went significant upgrades. The accuracy in 2016 election was already astound-
After one year in office, President Trump can boast of incredible, conservative ing. For example: in the Trump vs Clinton vote in Michigan the predicted
successes. He slashed hundreds of burdensome Obama regulations, including Trump win as 0.2% and projected turnout: 4,806,396 actual turnout: 4,789,450
revoking the mandate in the disastrous Obamacare. He also ushered in the big- the difference being 16,946 and 0.35%.
gest tax cuts in a generation. This has reaped huge rewards for the American
people, with millions of workers receiving bonuses and salary increases, and A bit on the outstanding fundraising that we have had under Chairman Ronna
hundreds of billions of corporate dollars repatriated back into the USA. The McDaniels’ leadership; in 2017 $14,365,221 was raised which was 205% more
economy continues to soar, and unemployment rates are at the lowest they’ve than what was raised online in 2016, 1139% (not a typo) more than what was
been in over 17-years. raised online in 2013. 480,747 total online donations with 358,936 NEW do-
nors online. Republicans are engaged and committed! The RNC has drafted a
This is all great news, but Republicans cannot rest. Democrats are banking 56 page ‘State Party Finance Training” packet detailing how to build a success-
everything on winning majorities in Congress in the upcoming midterm elec- ful State Party finance operation. Always looking at the big picture with an eye
tions. They continue to obstruct everything the President does. They care only on making success work from the bottom up!
about their radical leftist base, not about what’s best for our country. Nowhere
was this more evident than at the State of the Union speech. When President There were 925 MILLION emails sent (yes, you saw them too!) 45 million
Trump talked about honoring the national anthem, uniting together for a more emails hitting inboxes and NOT spam folders due to the improved best
stronger America, or even touting the record low unemployment rate for Af- practices and leveraging new tools. The RNC is invested in social media as
rican Americans, the Democrats refused to applaud. Instead, they sat on their well. 535,000 NEW followers on Twitter alone. (Do you tweet?) How about
hands and sneered. Their hatred for President Trump far exceeds any affection this: 12,500,000 minutes of video on GOP Facebook……..that’s a lot of pop-
they may have for our country. corn Friends.

Historically, the party that controls the White House loses seats in midterm As we have witnessed the Democrats are fired up! With the balance of ‘power’
elections. That’s why the RNC continues to fight on with the unofficial mantra being held by Republicans by a narrow margin in the Senate and House, each
of “Defy History!” Republicans have success on their side, and we must run on state is being targeted. In the presidential race, Trump won 12 Democrat dis-
that. There are reasons for optimism. The generic ballot poll now has Repub- tricts while Clinton won 23 Republican districts.
licans running equal with Democrats. Also, most of the crucial congressional
elections are in states with Democrat incumbents, meaning they must play I have been asked to be a part of the Evangelical Engagement Board which is
defense. We must attack Democrats and make them explain why they voted for made up of 14 conservative Bible believing members of various faiths from 12
Washington DC to have more money rather than giving it back to the Ameri- states. Our objective is to assist the national field program to win the conser-
can people. That’s a winning argument. We must continue to fight because the vative faith vote and build a national engagement program. This effort will aid
midterm elections threaten to derail everything Republicans have, and hope in the election of targeted Republicans in 2018 and play a significant role in
to, accomplish. I encourage all the party faithful to unify together for the GOP, the reelection of the President in 2020.
and for our great country. God bless the United States of America.
It is indeed my privilege to represent our great state and I thank you sincerely
Sincerely, for this honor.

Ried Holien Blessings, Sandye Kading
National Committeeman for South Dakota National Committeewoman for South Dakota

Campus Update from the
College Republicans
Your next gener- help support our young women and
ation of Repub- encourage them in their conservative
lican leaders views.
have been hard
at work over The CR Leadership team has been
the past several working hard with chapter chairs
months, and we across the states to ensure that our
have the results chapters have the resources and sup-
to prove it! port they need.
CERS: College
South Dakota CR’s have raised almost Recently, University of South Dakota Republicans
$14,000 from fundraising efforts. We CR’s debated their College Democrats held their
did a 1,000 piece mailer along with counterparts and did a fantastic job in convention in
many phone calls and donor meetings. showing why South Dakotans choose April at the
We are so thankful for the support of the GOP when they look for leaders! Bakery in Sioux
so many South Dakotans. Falls to elect
Augustana University College Re- new officers.
Your College Republicans have been publicans are also very active, and in Selected were
actively working with many campaigns recent months hosted a beautiful 9/11 Chairwoman,
at all levels of government to elect memorial to remember those killed in
Emily Novotny,
Republicans across South Dakota. the terrorist attacks.
Vice Chair -
CR’s are in the process of chartering I have worked to make connections Lilli Jasper,
our fourth official chapter at Black with Republican leaders across the Treasurer -
Hills State University. state and will continue to advocate Luke Bartl, and Secretary - Ally Bradner
for republican ideals on campus and
We are looking to form partnerships motivate students to get out and help Picture: Your CR Leadership team, From left to right: Bradner (SDSU),
with local county women’s groups to our candidates get elected. Novotny (Augustana), Jasper (SDSU), and Bartl (Augustana)
Report: It
has been a
very good
2017 saw some momentous changes Dakota Democrats were holding
in how the South Dakota Republican their Annual Statewide Meeting
Party does business. Dinner at the same time and the
same venue.
For the first time in nearly 50 years,
I’m looking forward to the Party shifted away from a slated
choice of State Republican Party
The end result of the GOP’s counter-
programming? Democrats shut their
seeing each and every one Chairman and returned to a grass
roots model of the chair being
doors and took heavy criticism from
the media at the same time your
of you at the Republican directly selected by the County
Party representatives. And along
South Dakota GOP garnered positive
coverage in an environment that isn’t

Convention in June! those lines, the County parties have
assumed more responsibility in the
always friendly to those with an “R”
behind their name.
day to day operation of the GOP.
The State GOP continued it’s efforts
As an early cost savings measure, at outreach and expanding the
the party retooled and ran as a fairly party base at the South Dakota State
lean organization during 2017 in Fair when it held it’s first ever State
preparation for the important 2018 Fair Straw Poll to poll registered
election cycle. And he proof is in the Republicans about their candidate
pudding. preferences in the upcoming 2018
elections among the GOP candidates
By the end of 2017, the Republican running in 2018.
Party had raised over $100,000 for
the 2018 elections, at the same time As a result of the people who signed
maintaining a high level of public up to take part in the informal
Check the box and select advocacy and party activity. measure, the South Dakota GOP
Dakota Campaign Store Early in the year, the party
increased it’s e-mail mailing list
by nearly 1000 e-mail addresses
For your next campaign or printing project! assisted the South Dakota College of Republicans actively concerned
Republicans with a re-organization about the future of the State of South
effort of their central statewide


Rusch Dakota. In addition, the GOP again
District 17 Senate
Clay & Turner Counties
e Russell Family (from left): 12-year old Julia, Lance and Starla, 17-year old Grant,
14 year-old Madison, and in front is 10-year old Warren.

Supporting Community, Protecting
P.O.Box 184
Hot Springs, SD 57747
governing body. gained many positive news stories
Family and Growing Jobs

highlighting that we’re the party of
During this period of time, the

• RESPECTED “In the race for District
24 State Senate, I’m
been a solid vote for
conservative government,
and will always uphold
• MILITARY rights.”
our second amendment

party also took advantage of a book
Find Art on-line at - District 24 resident
Mike Rounds


tour by New York Times bestselling All during the year, the party has
author David Horowitz, and held been engaging with the media, and
a massive Freedom Rally at the never has it been more poignant
South Dakota’s headquarters for campaign materials Ramkota Expo Center in Sioux than when Chairman Dan Lederman
Signs • postcards • banners • door hangers • and more! Falls. It just so happened that South told his own story.

In mid-October, Lederman
explained how as the child of
Democrat parents, he re-examined
his beliefs, and embraced
conservative philosophies. And
just like President Ronald Reagan
did in his younger days, he found
the Republican party was open and
welcoming to those whose beliefs
aligned with it’s own.

As Lederman says in the article, “It’s
OK to change political parties in
Call 605-690-6853 Today! America.” And the Republican Party
is where people want to be.
the South
Dakota GOP
& Hunting the
State Bird

South Dakota has always been
The hunters in attendance broke
synonymous with hunting and
into four groups and met with
the sportsman’s life. So it’s natural
great success at this location
that one of the activities the party
tucked along the western river
takes up on an annual basis is the
breaks of the mighty Missouri
“Governor’s Club Pheasant Hunt,”
where members and supporters
of the State Republican Party
The event was important for
gathered together in fellowship
Republican County organizations,
this past October at Northstream
as for those counties who had
Outfitters just west of the Pierre/
met their fundraising quota,
Ft. Pierre area to hunt the Chinese
County Chairmen were awarded
Ring-necked Pheasant, our State
free passes to the event to use
for additional fundraising
opportunities for their individual
At the annual hunt, over fifty
county, to award to donors
hunters joined such dignitaries
or volunteers who had gone
as United States Senator Mike
above and beyond, or to attend
Rounds, Secretary of State
Shantel Krebs, Attorney General
Marty Jackley, Public Utilities
The Party would like to extend
Commissioner Chris Nelson,
special thanks to everyone who
candidates for Congress and
participated and helped to make
Attorney General, state legislators
this key event in helping the GOP
and many others on a full day
fund it’s activities in the 2018
of trap shooting and pheasant
cycle a rousing success.

Another 25 people were in
attendance to assist in the event
with guiding and blocking,
helping to manage the record
turnout for a Republican
/krissefiegen sponsored hunt.

The day started with a safety Northstream Outfitters did not
/krissefiegen session, as well as introductions disappoint on the number of birds
of elected officials and candidates. and quality of hunting.
US Senator Mike Rounds was
particularly generous with Paid for and authorized
his time and assistance to the by the South Dakota
Republican party for the event. Republican Party
In the year and a half has followed, ban abortion after 20 weeks. The ifications that will be needed. We
WASHINGTON UPDATE the U.S. House of Representatives House also passed the Resilient received a lot of good feedback.
passed more than 460 bills – far Federal Forests Act, which would Additionally, I’ve introduced a se-
surpassing recent averages. More pair a responsible budget fix with ries of reforms I’d like to see includ-
than 90 of them have made it forest management reforms to dra- ed, such as legislation to improve
through the Senate and earned matically improve the health and the wetland determinations pro-
President Trump’s signature to resiliency of our forests. cess, better ensure fair CRP rental
become law. Among these were payments, and expand sodsaver
a series of bills that repealed We also passed the CUFF Act, provisions nationwide. I’ve also put
costly Obama-era regulations. which I introduced, that would forward a bill to permanently allow
One empowered states to defund make sure wanted felons and parole the hay harvested on certain CRP
Planned Parenthood. Another violators would no longer have acres to be donated to ranchers
strengthened Second Amendment access to certain Social Security suffering from drought or fire.
protections. Yet another aimed benefits. Another bill I introduced
to improve rural call quality and that would expand the Black Hills In addition, I am pushing legisla-
another expanded whistle-blower National Cemetery outside Sturgis tion that would prohibit the IRS
protections within the Department also passed the House. from rehiring an employee who
of Veterans Affairs. has been fired for certain forms of
And most importantly, we de- misconduct. Reforms to the Indian
In addition to what’s already livered the largest tax cut in U.S. Health Service as well as legislation

A New Era reached President Trump’s desk,
the House has passed a series of
history to the American people – a
piece of legislation that has result-
to crack down on sex trafficking
and the websites that often facilitate

by Rep. bills to crack down on sanctuary
cities and illegal immigration as
ed in a healthier economy, a flood
of jobs returning to the U.S., wage
it are also top priorities.

Kristi Noem well as legislation to repeal and
replace Obamacare. We passed
growth, and increased take-home
Without question, this has been
quite a term, but we’re taking
provisions to ensure those permit- advantage of the momentum and
This congressional term started ted to carry a concealed handgun But more work remains – partic- working with President Trump to
with the inauguration of Presi- would be able to bring it to other ularly when it comes to the Farm usher in a new era of American
dent Trump, ushering in a new era states that permit concealed car- Bill. This last summer, I joined the prosperity.
focused on making America great ry and the Pain-Capable Unborn House Agriculture Committee in a
again. Child Protection Act, which would field hearing to discuss the mod-
this coming June are set and
Working behind the scenes to communicated to those who
make sure the GOP locomotive are attending as precinct
committeepeople. Dave is an
is running on time! integral part of the GOP Team,
and we’re fortunate to have his
knowledge & experience at our
While the South Dakota Many know Dave Roetman as disposal.
Republican Party is primarily Chairman of the Minnehaha
a statewide volunteer and County Republican Party, but A newer addition to Republican
grassroots organization, there Dave also does double-duty and Party staff during the legislative
are many functions of the party serves as the State Republican session is our on the ground man
that wouldn’t happen without party’s Finance Director. But in Pierre, Eric Leggett.
the dedicated staff members who that’s job description hardly
make sure the “I’s” are dotted, does justice to the functions that Eric is no stranger to the
the “T’s” are crossed and that the of the party, and is often on the
Dave assists the party with. legislative process, having twice
trains are running on time. scene to assist with county party
organizations with elections, and served as Republican intern in
In addition to fundraising, the legislature, as well as making
to ensure that they’re in accordance
Dave is the primary contact of his own run for the legislature in
with party bylaws.
the party for data management the past.
and voter lists. If a candidate
Roetman has served the party in
is seeking access to the State In the intervening years, Eric
this capacity during several election
Republican Party’s GOP Data has done campaign work in
cycles in recent years, and helps
Center, Dave handles the other states, but South Dakota -
keep the ship running smoothly.
agreement process, and provides specifically Sioux Falls - is where
the access to the party’s voter his heart is, as he, his wife &
You’re likely to be hearing from
database. their family make their residence
Dave in the coming months
as arrangements for the 2018 there.
Dave also provides much of the
State Party Convention in Pierre
internal institutional knowledge Eric has been on point during
session helping the GOP return
to having an active party staffer
on site at the State Capitol to
assist with media, photography,
communications, and to provide
whatever support the GOP
Legislators and the party requires
during the three month period
the legislature is in session.

Eric directly works with the
GOP Caucus leaders for both

the House and the Senate
in assembling notes on the
important issues and legislation
of the week in the form of the
SDGOP Majority Report.

A new project Eric will be
working on for the party will be
to working to reactivate county
parties that have gone dormant -
Thank you for supporting seeking to organize 4 counties in
4 weeks.
our Republican Party. It’s always important to bring
new voices into the party to gain
experience, and in the coming
weeks, we’re looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish
with this new project.
Paid for by Kristi for Governor, Inc.
For counties looking to book speakers for GOP and
community events, contact the campaigns of our statewide

First Name Last Name Office Seeking E-mail Address
Dusty Johnson Congress Reid@dustyjohnson.
Shantel Krebs Congress shantel@shantelkrebs.
Neal Tapio Congress
Lora Hubbel Governor hubbelcampaign@
Marty Jackley Governor marty@martyjackley.
Terry LaFleur Governor tlafleur2@hotmail.
Kristi Noem Governor info@kristiforgover-
John Fitzgerald Atty General fitzgerald456@gmail.
Charlie McGuigan Atty General
Jason Ravnsborg Atty General jasonforsouthdakota@
Lance Russell Atty General lance_russell@yahoo.
Rich Sattgast State Auditor sattgast2010@yahoo.
Steve Barnett Secretary of
Contact the GOP Josh Haeder State Treasurer
Ryan Brunner School & Public ryan.brunner@gmail.
PO Box 1099 429 Kansas City Street PO Box 299 sioner
Pierre, SD 57501 Suite #4 Sioux Falls, SD 57101 Kristie Fiegen Public Utilities kristie.fiegen@gmail.
605.610.1479 Rapid City, SD 57701 605.521.2331 Commissioner com
GOP Action on
Legislation in Pierre
During the legislative session, the grassroots of the South Dakota Repub-
lican Party faced legislation unfriendly to the party, and helped to deliver
a message to our State Legislature that the South Dakota GOP is alive and

Through e-mails and telephone calls, we were able to effectively commu-
nicate to legislators that, while well intentioned, House Bills 1305 and
1259 were the wrong course to chart for South Dakota.

House Bill 1305 was designed to let non-Republicans choose who would
represent the Republican Party in elections by allowing them to vote in UPCOMING EVENTS
our primaries. House Bill 1259 was set to remove the process of nominat-
ing Constitutional Office candidates from the GOP State Party Conven- On March 22nd the Aurora County Republicans will be hold-
tion. ing their Lincoln Day Dinner in Stickney, SD at the Stumble Inn.
Festivities begin with a Candidate Meet and Greet at 5 pm.
Through your efforts, these measures were resolved in our favor.
SDGOP Central Committee Spring Meeting in Deadwood at
I would like to thank the sponsors of the legislation for bringing these the Lodge:
topics up, as it’s a good reminder that there are a lot of good people who March 23rd - Legislator Reception 7 pm at the Lodge
all have good intentions. March 24th - Business Meeting at 10 am at the Lodge
March 24th - Leadership Institute/RNC Data Workshops, Noon -
We’re not Democrats who are forced to be in lockstep with a liberal na- 4 pm at the Lodge.
tional party. We are a party of individuals, and we have a lot of different March 24th - Meade County Lincoln Day Dinner at the Sturgis
opinions on how to improve and grow. So we propose improvements to Auditorium to follow Business Meeting at 5:30 in Sturgis. Trans-
the process and discuss them. portation will be provided to and from Deadwood Lodge.
March 25th - Farewell Brunch Location TBA
It’s always valuable to talk about how we can bring more young people
into the process, and in one of the bill debates, it was an important point.
On April 5th the Brown County Republicans will host their Lin-
Many of us were once young Republicans. And as we graduate to being
coln Day Dinner at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel. The event
“not quite so young Republicans,” we always need to have an eye towards
will host a slate full of speakers; including Senator Mike Rounds.
the future of our party.
SD National Committeeman, Ried Holien, will serve as our Mas-
As we move towards the 2018 elections and beyond, these were good ter of Ceremonies. Social starts at 5:30, Dinner and speakers at
conversations to have. Just as families discuss the events of the day at the 6:30.
family dinner table, the Republican party is our common ground, and we
all care about our larger Republican family. April 12th is the Yankton-Clay County 2018 Lincoln Day Din-
ner. 5:00 social hour 6:00 dinner/program. A Prime Rib Dinner
Ultimately, we are all Republicans and we have the same goals in mind. will be served at JoDeans, 2809 Broadway Avenue, Yankton, SD.
Party officials look forward to working with our representatives in Wash-
ington, our elected officials in Pierre and our grassroots across South The Pennington County Lincoln Day Dinner is scheduled for
Dakota as we all work together for a strong Republican party and a better April 14th at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, starting at 5 pm.
South Dakota Please contact the office at 605-348-8396 for tickets.
Do you want to be
a Precinct Committeeman or
If you would like to become a Committeeman or Committee-
According to Republican Party Bylaws:
woman for your voting precinct (there’s one of each), you must
fill out the below form, and turn it into your County Auditor F. Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen: The precinct com-
before March 27th at 5PM. mitteemen and committeewomen have the following duties:

Committeemen and women have rights of convention participa- 1. Under the supervision of the county chairman, they have the complete
tion and the responsibility to assist the party with certain activi- responsibility to conduct the political campaign in their precinct, such as
ties. compiling and updating voters lists; contacting voters; registering non-vot-
ers; and general voter contact activities.
Acting as one of the GOP’s representative in your community
also affords members the ability to choose County GOP Leader- 2. Serve as voting members of the County Central Committee.
ship at election time.

You MUST submit your own Declaration of Candidacy for Precinct Committeeman or Committeewoman to be eligible to vote at the
Republican State Convention June 20-23rd in Pierre.

To check which precinct you live in, you can check with your County Auditor or go here:

To find out who has already filed as a candidate in your precinct, you can go to the Secretary of State’s Website at, and look for
the 2018 Candidate List under Elections & Voting.

If there is more than one Committeeman or more than one Committeewoman in your precinct, the position will be chosen at the June
Primary Election among the voters in your precinct.

The South Dakota Republican Party believes that the fundamental principles of the Republican Party are rooted in the Declaration of
Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of South Dakota. The Party supports the preservation of
our Republic, its ideals and institutions for the good of all Americans and adamantly opposes the erosion of these cherished freedoms.

The South Dakota Republican Party believes the strength of our nation lies with the individual and that each person’s dignity, liberty and integrity
must be honored. The Party supports our heritage of religious freedom and personal responsibility.

The South Dakota Republican Party believes in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, gender, age or

The South Dakota Republican Party recognizes the free enterprise system and the work ethic of our people as the foundation of our economic
success and security.

The South Dakota Republican Party believes the 21st Century requires continued responsible leadership. Leadership must neither burden
nor hinder individual rights and efforts. Leadership must also be mindful of the Republican Platform and the fundamental principles of the
Constitution of the United States of America. We believe the most effective and responsible government is government closest to the people.

The South Dakota Republican Party believes the proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot
be performed by individuals or private organizations. The best government is that which governs least.

We believe South Dakota is a great place to live, raise and nurture a family, and provide opportunity for everyone. To these ends, and for the
people of South Dakota, the Republican Party offers, pledges, and commits itself to the Republican Party platform.
- from the 2016 South Dakota Republican Party Platform


The knowledge and experience
we've gained over two decades
makes Borns Group
a valuable consultant and advisor. South Dakotans have always believed in small government, low taxes and
fiscal responsibility. That’s why we were CNBC’s #1 State for Business in
2013, Barron’s Magazine’s Best Run State in America in 2012, and why
Call us today with all of your our state has one of the nation’s best business tax climates.
political mailers. We can help It’s been an honor to be a part of the Republican leadership that has
you get results. helped shape our great state. I’d appreciate your support for a second
term as Governor.

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Aberdeen ❘ Watertown ❘ Sioux Falls ❘ Minneapolis ❘ Boston  Budget Balancing Conservative
888-437-2383 ❘  Hardworking 4th Generation Farm Family
Paid for by Shantel Krebs for Congress
Paid for by Daugaard for South Dakota. Linda Mickelson Graham, Treasurer.
South Dakota
GOP Calls on
Candidate for
Governor, other
Democrats to
come clean on
hidden campaign
May, Adam, Gerdes & Thompson LLP offers superior legal
In February, South Dakota representation from the foremost South Dakota attorneys.
Republican Party Chairman Dan Our clients can be assured their legal matters will be
Lederman called on Democrat
candidate for Governor Billie Sutton handled with expertise and the utmost professionalism.
and other Democrats receiving
money through National Democrat
fundraising organization ActBlue 503 S. Pierre St - PO Box 160 - Pierre, SD 57501
to provide full disclosure to South
Dakota voters of who exactly is 605.224.8803 or call Toll Free 800.636.8803
funding their campaigns in light of
a recent decision from Republican
Secretary of State Shantel Krebs
that the campaign fund bundling
organization ActBlue is not actually
a Political Action Committee.

“The Secretary of State’s office
notified the out of state campaign
bundler ActBlue that they are not
a Political Action Committee for
reporting purposes,” Lederman
said. “As a result, they are
terminating the ActBlue PAC, and
requiring that contributions be
recorded correctly.”

Lederman continued, “In his most
recent campaign finance report filed
about two weeks ago, Democrat for
Governor Billie Sutton reported
that he collected over $184,000 in
donations through ActBlue, without
reporting the original source of the
funds. According to the Secretary of
State, they’re not a PAC, so Sutton
should have reported each donation
over $100 individually, instead of
hiding it behind ActBlue as the
single donor.”

“The South Dakota Republican
Party is requesting that the
Secretary of State enforce their
decision on not just Democrat
candidate for Governor Billie
Sutton, but on all campaigns who
made reports in the past few weeks
where they did not provide the
individual donor disclosure that law
requires,” Lederman said.

“We are looking forward to some
long overdue transparency from
the Democrats on how money is
funneled to their candidates from
out of state groups.”
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