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A deep dive in the S/4 HANA conversion at

Joris Cuypers – Elia
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David Pierre – Flexso Project
Manager TECHday 2017

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Elia (S/4)HANA roadmap

S/4HANA conversion approach

Key learnings TECHday 2017

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be TECHday 2017 4 . Your logo Elia SAPience.

Your logo Flexso TECHday 2017 5 .

Your logo Goals of this presentation Understand how a real S/4HANA project looks like Get inspired on your own S/4HANA roadmap Learn from our experience • Functional • Technical • Project TECHday 2017 6 .

be TECHday 2017 7 . Your logo S/4HANA roadmap at Elia Elia (S/4)HANA roadmap SAPience.

be TECHday 2017 8 . Your logo S/4HANA Revolution 5 years ago Last year Today Tomorrow Fiori Coming home & satellites Simpli. LoBs Embedded fication Analytics Business Suite S/4HANA S/4HANA S/4HANA ECC on HANA 1511 1610 1709 SAPience.

Your logo S/4HANA Core ingredients SAP HANA S/4 Simpli- Fiori ficatio n TECHday 2017 9 .

Your logo Elia (S/4)HANA roadmap POC BI on HANA POC ECC on HANA GO-live Business S/4 1511 (2016) S/4 1610 (2017) S/4 1709 (?) (2012) (2014) Suite on ECC •Technical system •Technical system (2018) • Sidecar scenario •Technical success HANA (2015) conversion conversion •Move to production • SLT & BODS •Stepping stone to S/4 + •Incl. SAP PPM 1610 • SAP & non-SAP data •Standard apps •Limited business •Business workshops •Validate resolution of •Business already errors benefits “roadshow” per LoB accustomed to Fiori UX •Significant BI benefits •Validate PPM support SAPience. 25 Fiori apps •Re-run conversion in •Custom Elia apps risk mitigation step • TECHday 2017 10 .

Your logo S/4HANA 1511 business roadshow LoB FI CO MM SD PS PM HR Top New / AS IS / TO BE What is Relevant Custom code TECHday 2017 11 . obsolete process S/4HANA Fiori apps impact tions functions mapping SAPience.

Your logo Relevant Fiori apps ST03 TECHday 2017 .

be TECHday 2017 . Your logo Real Fiori demo’s on Elia system SAPience.

Your logo S/4HANA 1511 business roadshow TECHday 2017 14 .

Your logo S/4HANA conversion approach TECHday 2017 15 .

be TECHday 2017 . Your logo S/4HANA conversion approach SAPience.

Your logo System requirements & infrastructure Run SAP Maintenance Planner Install SAP Fiori Frontend Server (aka “FES” aka “Gateway”) Check system & add-on compatibility Perform component upgrades where required (Upgrade to SAP ECC EHP7) ? TECHday 2017 .

be TECHday 2017 . Your logo S/4HANA Readiness Check System & add-on compatibility Relevant Fiori apps suggestions Data aging & archiving opportunities Custom code analysis SAPience.

Your logo Prechecks TECHday 2017 .

. .be TECHday 2017 . removed •BP modelling •BP role concept SAPience.. Your logo Business Partner conversion Impact Blueprint Conversion •New transaction BP •Archiving •Master Data cleansing •Transactions XD01. XK01.

Your logo Business Partner conversion TECHday 2017 .

Your logo SAP Fiori impact TECHday 2017 .

be TECHday 2017 . Your logo SAP Fiori impact SAPience.

1 SP14+ TECHday 2017 .5+) ATC / CI / SQLM Simplification Custom code Production database metadata runtime data SAP Service Market Place Custom ABAP code Usage Procedure Logging Existing SAP ECC system SAP Solution Manager 7. Your logo Custom code preparation & conversion Analysis system (NW 7.

be TECHday 2017 . Your logo Custom code preparation & conversion SAPience.

be TECHday 2017 . Your logo SUM phase & beyond -> a normal upgrade Lot’s of waiting SPDD/SPAU Custom code conversion (remaining items) Regression testing Activate innovations / Fiori apps step by step SAPience.

Your logo Key learnings TECHday 2017 .

be TECHday 2017 .5 Assess Fiori impact 7.11 SRM CRM Inventorize custom code impact 7 EHP2 7 EHP4 SAP “S/4HANA Customer Care” program SAPience. Your logo Perform S4 assessment before starting Check system compatibility Solman More add-ons more problems 7.5 Data archiving may be important S/4 MDM HANA BW 1610 7.2 PI Portal 7.4 7. TECHday 2017 . Your logo Engage your business ! Check for relevant S4 Fiori apps ! • Asset Management • Warehouse Management S4 Analytics: self-service realtime dashboarding toolkit in Fiori ! • KPI modeler Create business cases through S4 simplifications • Cash Mgt & Liquidity planning (SAP TRM) BPC embedded • Asset Accounting • Fiori Asset Management • Fiori Warehouse Management • Improved MRP run • Budget functionalities • .

workload influencers. quick win TECHday 2017 . SYCM. estimation & optimizations. test. quality and risk management Tools SAP & Flexso migration toolset (ATC. SQLM. Solution Manager CDMC. Your logo S/4HANA conversion approach @Flexso Methodology Assessment & preparation. dependencies SAPience. Flexso upgrade approach & SAP Activate. lead time. SWLT. UPL. …) Timing & metrics MoSCoW.

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