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Running SAP HANA on MS Azure

Geert Vandendorpe, Managing Director oXya Benelux

Will Bratton, SAP on Azure Technology Lead (EMEA)

Rik Holvoet, CIO, BekaertDeslee TECHday 2017


• oXya Introduction
• Why SAP on Azure
• SAP on Azure Offering
• Customer Successes: BekaertDeslee
• Next Steps TECHday 2017 2

WE RUN SAP oXya is a leading provider of Run Management & Cloud Delivered Services for SAP We enable and protect SAP and S/4HANA implementations TECHday 2017 .

Assigned Teams of Experts Cost Efficiency Satisfaction "All Inclusive” Pricing and Services 98% of Customers “Completely Satisfied” NO “Vendor Lock-in” (30 day termination) Trusted Advisor Status On-Demand Infrastructure / Systems Seemless Integration with Integrators SAPience.KEY DIFFERENTIATORS Commitment Agility Platinum SLA Commitments (standard) Secure/Simple Transition to the Cloud Customer-centric. Unique Delivery Model Hitachi Designed. and Managed No Compromise on Quality On/ TECHday 2017 . Built.

CORE SERVICES – AT A GLANCE SAP Technical Consulting Run Managed Cloud Delivered Service for SAP Service for SAP UCP TECHday 2017 .


on-going services with SLA guarantee on SAP availability • Cloud Service Provider – Customer licensing MS Azure through oXya • Premier support contract . SAPience. supporting high incident reaction times on MS Azure by Microsoft.) • oXya provides SAP management for migration & setup TECHday 2017 . …. marketing. special offers. SAP certified architecture design. oXya – Microsoft PARTNERSHIP • Silver partner for Cloud Services since 2014. especially in supporting SAP environments based on MS Azure infrastructure • Microsoft provides pre-sales support (pricing.

be TECHday 2017 8 .1989 2016 2015 2016 To Azure Microsoft providecommitment you the most performant .To provide youand thescalable cloud for and most performant yourscalable SAP applications cloud for your includingincluding SAP applications HANA HANA SAPience.

Microsoft Cloud Platform for SAP®software Microsoft Analytics and Microsoft Productivity & Mobile Insights for SAP®software Solutions for SAP®software TECHday 2017 9 .

Deploy entire Keep environments the corresponding development and test SAP system for recovery purposes SAP systems audit- environments with the landscapes to Azure without additional cost proof without ability to stop the and deliver on cloud. running costs and environments any time first vision always available Benefits Minutes instead 40-75% of days 60% TCO cost savings faster provisioning less storage costs Higher Agility Lower Costs Less Complexity Higher Innovation SAPience. SAP ON AZURE .SCENARIOS AND BENEFITS Development Production Disaster Scenarios Archiving and Test environments Recovery Archive data and Quick provisioning of “All in”.be TECHday 2017 10 .

be TECHday 2017 11 .MICROSOFT’S INTERNAL SAP ESTATE 665+ 2014 June/2017 Summer-2018 3% 39% 37% 61% 60% 100% SAPience.

maxDB • SAP recommends adding „Simple • SAP sells smooth transition to S/4HANA Scenarios“ (S/4HANA scenarios) to by first migrating Netweaver to HANA Netweaver on HANA installations (still only an intermediate step) (counting as S/4HANA installation). Counting 3. February 2015 (that are supported by SAP) • Currently only solutions and functions • Still fully supported up until at least 2025 for few industries • Customers have a database choice: • Only runs on SAP HANA: No support Runs on SAP HANA.500+ customers already TECHday 2017 12 . Oracle. SQL Server. DB2.SAP NETWEAVER VS S/4HANA Current New SAP NetWeaver Transition • SAP‘s current technology foundation • Successor of SAP Business Suite (used by the majority of their customers) • Still pretty new: Has been announced • Solutions and functions for all industries. SAP for traditional databases announced ASE (Sybase).

g. *Ev3. SQL SAP ASE IBM SAP ASE IBM Oracle MaxDB DB2 Oracle Server (Sybase) DB2 (Sybase) Oracle Windows Server Linux (SLES. Additional certified SAP solutions: • Business Objects • TREX • SAP Content Server • SAP Live Cache • SAP Hybris Commerce *Ev3 – to be certified for NW Q4/CY17 SAPience. TECHday 2017 13 . CRM. GS1-5. M64s-M128ms. SCM. SolMan etc. RHEL) Linux Azure VMs: A5-A11. Business Suite (ERP). BW. D(S)11-15. D(S)v211-15.NETWEAVER/ANYDB – CERTIFIED ON AZURE SAP NetWeaver based solutions e.

be TECHday 2017 14 .7TB 2TB 2TB 3.5TB 1.HANA OPTIONS ON AZURE SCALE-UP SCALE-OUT 256GB 432GB 768GB 1TB 1.8TB 4TB 6TB 8TB 12TB 16TB 20TB OLAP/ OLTP OLTP OLAP HANA Large Instance HANA Virtual Machine SAPience.

COMPARISON HANA LARGE INSTANCES HANA memory requirements TECHday 2017 15 . M & G-SERIES Highly dynamic More static SAPience.SAP HANA ON AZURE .

Cloud + HANA is the HANA driver HANA Reduce IT TCO Market 45% ✓ Select Scope Variants: D Transformation to S/4HANA and Cloud: Consolidation or (selective) Re-implementation or Greenfield S/4HANA Finance S/4HANA Central Finance S/4HANA EM for SMB S/4HANA EM Public Cloud S/4HANA SCM Greenfield. Conversion to S/4HANA Brownfield. Cloud is the driver Reduce IT TECHday 2017 16 . Test/Dev Non-SAP. Migrate part to HANA Any DB Brownfield. Solutions Industry Add-ons Custom Brownfield. Industry Add-ons S/4HANA ✓ Industry Add-ons C Lift and Shift/Migrate to Cloud. Market: 10% Custom SAP HANA Non-SAP. Reduce Embedded Oracle/DB2 Licensing: Analytics Analytics Conversion to S/4HANA Market 40% Any DB or BW/4HANA ERP. Cloud is the driver Non-SAP Reduce IT TCO. Analytics As-a-Service Custom B ✓ Analytics Lift and Migrate to Cloud Industry ERP. Business is the driver Significant Business Value. ERP. Reduce IT TCO Market: Net New <5% SAPience. Migrate to HANA Non-SAP.SAP ON AZURE – ROADMAP FOR SAP ERP A ✓ Lift and Shift to Cloud SAP anyDB S/4HANA On premise As-a-Service As-a-Service Multi-Vendor Migration to HANA.

be TECHday 2017 17 . Recovery start PRD) (DR at minimal cost) SAPience. SAP HANA EXAMPLE INFRA SAP APPL Layer Backup Vault TDI Performance & High Availability secured for 99. RTO=0 scalable on- 1 Gbit/s demand redundant Azure IaaS/VM HANA Large Instances connection AD/Monitor Enterprise Storage - SAP Backup w/ Fiori Vault snapshot backup ASCS APP 10 Gbit/s Servers Servers HANA HA redundant (Cluster) (Scale) (System Replication/SYNC) connection MPL MPLS Azure Backbone Network Corporate Network S WAN WAN Azure IaaS/VM HANA Large Instances AD/Monitor Azure Datacenter US DR HANA DR RPO = DR (ASYNC Replication) 15mins RTO = mins Azure Site (stop PREP.99% HA and RPO=0.

be TECHday 2017 18 . DR Prod DevTest DR DR/Prod Prod DevTest Prod DevTest Prod Prod Prod DevTest Prod DR Prod DevTest DevTest Prod DR DevTest Prod DR Prod HANA Prod Prod DevTest Training HANA HANA HANA SAPience.

BE 19 TECHday 2017 . 2.600+ people 350 + mio € Member of Haniel employed turnover (DE) worldwide 600 mio people worldwide are Headquarters & sleeping on our 22 units R&D centre in products wordwide Waregem.

… Design DRP PRD BE ES US InTune CZ CN MX TR AU AR Virtualisation Active Directory System Center Azure Cloud On premise 20 TECHday 2017 .

Looking forward. Senior VP and CTO SAPience. and provides the flexibility we desire in order for Nortek to grow.“ Richard Cammish.” Hinrich Mielke. We are excited to be an early adopter of running SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure since it is an important capability in helping us realize our vision for The Connected Enterprise and advanced data analytics. CIO “SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure gives us extraordinary IT benefits. the platform provides the added benefit of allowing us to harness all of the power of TECHday 2017 21 .” Sujeet Chand. VP of Information Technology “The Microsoft Azure platform provides us the scalability. which helped decrease costs and increase reliability. Director SAP “SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure met our immediate goal of finding a path out of the datacenter. With Azure. we needed a cost-efficient and agile infrastructure to deploy SAP S/4HANA Finance. Plus. “At Alegri.“ Tom Holzem. we managed to provision the development and production systems in just 2 months and run it at a 30% reduction in cost. overall performance was similar or better than our on-premises SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA integrated with our SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution. security and level of services needed to confidently run our most demanding SAP HANA and Big Data applications.

▪ Overall experience is similar or better to on-premises SAP BW on SAP HANA in production. on-premises Servers on Windows Server in Azure ▪ Communications between SAP Business Suite/HANA on Azure (Large Instance) and SAP SCM/SQL Server in Azure were as expected ▪ Overall performance was similar or better than current on-premises SAP BS/HANA integrating w/ on-premises SAP SCM/SQL Server solution ▪ SAP HANA Enterprise Edition (1. ▪ Performance of SAP HANA Studio for data modeling from desktop was instantaneous and creation/running of data models met expectations.5TB) ~27% better on SAP HANA on Azure (Large Instance) ▪ Data loads were up to 20% faster on Azure (Large Instance) ▪ SAP NetWeaver ABAP Application vs.5TB) Queries: ▪ GS5: 5X faster than SAP BW on Oracle ▪ SAP NetWeaver ABAP Application ▪ Azure (Large Instance): 20X faster than SAP BW on Oracle Servers on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) in Azure Data Loads: ▪ GS5: 1.Customer Background Test Results ▪ SAP BW on HANA (1.5TB) ▪ Acceptable data load and reporting/query times to/from SAP HANA on Azure (Large Instance).5-2X faster than SAP BW on Oracle ▪ Azure (Large Instance): 2-5X faster than SAP BW on Oracle ▪ SAP Business Suite (ECC) on HANA ▪ SAP transactions that were database intensive performed (1. TECHday 2017 22 .

Q&A Network) 5. DR. Non-Production) 2. 6. Modernization scope & assumptions (Production. Current hardware specifications 1. Quote for Microsoft stack switching risks (Uptime. Current software utilization 3. Sizing. network) 2. & ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN SESSION SAP on Azure Quick Assessment & Architectural Design Session with Microsoft GBB & Partner Inputs from customer • SAP Early Watch Report Session Delivery (= 2 hours or 2 days) Deliverables or 1. Grand system design (e. DB. SAP.QUICK TECHday 2017 23 .g. Automation) 3. HA/DR/security. Migration methodologies to minimize downtime and 4.g. DB Metrics (e. 2.Written “To-Be” SAP architecture (Server. Current SAP system analysis 1. OS. storage. RPO/RTO. Backup/Archival needs Customer to share information on Microsoft and Customer to discover Customer to start to engage with their current SAP/LOB systems how Microsoft Cloud and Technologies can best help their SI partner(s) to execute with Microsoft GBB modernize customer’s SAP/LOB systems cloud modernization SAPience.Planning of phased migration 3.g. DB volume) 4.ROI analysis (e. Availability/security needs 5. Non-SAP) Performance.

Thank you! 24 TECHday 2017 .